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  1. Hope I can sign up I am on EST this sounds like a lot of fun!
  2. Borderlands - Remaster (physical)
  3. My Saint trophy glitched on me and gave me the Sage one as well; so the game glitched on me still looking for Pure moonlight stone thinking I have to make it to old monk to get it which I am dreading because of maneaters. To answer question I did for stones to get a good weapon and the trophies associated with them + tried to get to level so friend could pass me weapons.
  4. As I wait for COD Beta to download hoping by tomorrow night I can play some matches finally .
  5. I heard he killed himself after this happened. Sounds like cyber bullying to me
  6. just started this today it is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread Been using a PC walkthrough for all 106 secrets: here been pretty spot on and enjoy the commentary
  7. Picked this up today from Cyber Monday deal at Best Buy. Its atrocious the hover boat crap is so bad heed my warning do not play this unless you like the crow city of angels game for PS1.
  8. Vanquish god help me when I hit challenge 6