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  1. what about bioshock series on the ps3?
  2. I just want to do it to save time on the leveling up grind
  3. I don't know how I feel about my username to be honest. I got inspired by the Prince of Persia game so thats where it comes from and 001x is to indicate original.. what do you guys think? does my username sound ok?
  4. i did play them lol its on my second acc that I don't play anymore : I---J- trust me i did 2 times, but the fact that this account is 5 years make me not want to give up on it
  5. Technically the first ever game I played on the ps3 when I got it was nba 2k11 and that was a demo. Now don't get me wrong, I actually like batman and arkham asylum but idk why it's still buggin me out. Like I get so jealous when i see profiles that have a jrpg as their first trophy earned..
  6. ya you are prob rite..BUT if kh 3 comes right out before that I'm getting mine in a jiffy
  7. i dont think kh 3 and ff 15 will be released 2015..
  8. Personally for me,it was FF7 Remake reveal. I fanboyed.
  9. That's odd. I didn't experience any freezes. I'm actually played it off ps now. So maybe the disc ver. freezes? Look man. I understand you are trying to say. I get it, so I'm sorry if that makes you feel better? Anyways I'm not really interested platting any fps atm. Usually I just play the multiplayer. I guess heavy fire was so easy I decided to give it a shot. I also saw the average time to plat it is 4-6 hours on a trophy guide. So I did it in 2-3 hrs like I already stated. Not a big deal, this topic discussion was meant for fun, so please don't eat me :I
  10. Well that's because I didn't do it in 1 sitting, I played in short burst throughout the month. Anyways after beating the game,I pressed triangle in the main menu and that brings up the stats. It says 4 hours, but I remember I left it afk for like and hour or more one time. So ya my total time to plat was around 2-3 hours. I mean each mission won't take no longer than 20 min. If you were to see the date and time of each trophy then you would see the actual time it took to plat. What you guys are confused about is the "trophy gap" That's trophy gap. But believe me guys this game is piss easy. Ya i should have clarified,sorry. I remember going afk 1 hour or more so that's why I can't say exactly how long it took me. But def under 4 hrs.
  11. I checked my stats and I got the plat with 2-3 hours time.
  12. I just play whatever on my account,i used to be ocd about completion rates but i stopped since it was getting me depressed. If i really 'like' the game (that includes all the modes, for ex: i love call of duty mp but not really fond of single player/coop) and after beating it I will prob go after the plat (kingdom hearts) just as long it's not too time consuming ( star ocean) or near impossible (I'm looking at you persona 4 arena)..