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  1. Words to live by
  2. Bro you played Hentai Vs Evil
  3. Awesome; you rock! Thanks
  4. Is there a trick to it or is it just straight forward and that easy?
  5. Oh cool, I’ll double check!
  6. It works! This was my bad! I was holding X once the game started letting me move. But if you hold X from the moment you load in, even when the game is saying “ready?” the timing is perfect. My bad, and thanks for the tip!
  7. I wish that were true but no luck
  8. I’m this case though I believe the base game, which was free, was delisted and like PT is no longer available at all. The dlc cost a dollar however, and being unable to download the core game makes playing the dlc impossible
  9. So if we bought the dlc and can’t redownload the game, can we get a refund?
  10. Oh heck yes! Thank you for the update!
  11. How strange, i have this one maxed out and almost 20k past the limit and I’m not even done with the story. I thought this was the fastest one. All my other accolades are taking forever!
  12. Any chance you can transfer saves from PS5 to ps4?
  13. Hey, I tried to kick us off on a positive note for once. Some folks just live to complain I guess. Same people every week too 😒
  14. I love adaptive triggers on the knife run because they help you know when your actually hitting some of the bigger more chaotic bosses
  15. I keep waiting for one of these to be deceptively hard to plat 😂