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  1. Yeah this gets talked about all the time. Daily. Hourly on these forums.
  2. I can’t speak too much in the subject since I didn’t try multiple brands but I went with this Samsung SSD with the heatsink and it’s been working great for almost a year now. It was incredibly easy to install but I followed along with a YouTube walkthrough just in case. It’s a one and done install, works flawlessly, and load times are still a dream. https://www.amazon.com/Electronics-Heatsink-Internal-Compatible-MZ-V8P1T0CW/dp/B09JHL33X7/ref=mp_s_a_1_16?crid=115RWR8IGUZNM&keywords=ps5+ssd+internal+with+heatsink&qid=1658850346&sprefix=ps5+ssd%2Caps%2C276&sr=8-16
  3. Ah I see! I had assumed the color of the graph was implied to continue “behind” or “underneath” the other colors, but I see exactly what you mean about the bottom starting “above” the bottom of the graph. Silly me! Thank you for clarifying this. Very nice touch. I just realized it works on mobile with the touch screen as well. Thank you! Sorry for the confusion on the thread, hopefully if anyone else gets confused like I did this can help clear things up for them as well.
  4. Ah gotcha! Sorry about that!
  5. Arcade Archives?
  6. Hello! This post is regarding the trophy progression graph under the “stats” tab in our individual profiles. This is the graph that shows the accumulation of bronze, silver, gold, and platinum trophies one has over time with the colored sections. Recently I noticed that these graphs aren’t exactly accurate. Mine correctly tracks my total trophies earned but the silver and gold sections are no where near correct. For example I have 6000~ silver trophies but looking at the graph it would appear I have almost 15,000. A similar discrepancy happens with my gold trophies as well. I mainly noticed this as my gold trophy count has passed my silver due to so many cheap games now days pumping out 11 golds and no silvers. With this in mind that gold section of the graph should be higher than the silver but isn’t. This isn’t a huge issue but I thought it was odd and wanted to see if anyone else had noticed the same thing, or if I was crazy and I’m somehow misreading the graph?
  7. Thanks that’s actually really helpful! Now if only I could hit those plates/ramps… shocked how high the earn rate is for these trophies. I must be abysmal
  8. Teach me your ways I can barely score 1 mil
  9. Yeah this seriously seems… not okay. Again, I’m not trying to start the EXTREMELY tired argument against ezplat games here. The other BT games are, well, games. Their low price is equal to what you get, so fine. Even visual novels with no choice at least have a story they’re telling. This is quite literally an ad that should just be on the PS Store as a trailer of sorts beneath existing BT games. Selling this as a “playable” product is wrong.
  10. I haven’t ever complained about a Breakthrough game. You get what you pay for; they’re cheap but simple and functioning Games. This though. Yikes. This is essentially a pamphlet advertising their other games to you. A pamphlet you pay to click through. I’m not sure this is right, haha.
  11. Yeah with no huge games on the horizon I figured it’s have to be a Plus game that took the crown
  12. Hey first off THANK YOU for such an incredibly polite response. Some folks get downright angry on here about easy trophy games. Your level headed response was much appreciated. As for your observation: you’re 100% right. I feel no pride at all in regards to my easy trophy games. I do pride myself on making sure that’s not all I have though. Any time someone tries to bring down my profile based on the easy games I’m confident in knowing I have hundreds of “difficult” or at least “grindy” games. I am still very proud of the variety on my profile, and am confident it holds up even without the easy games. So why do the easy games? I’m sure everyone has their reasons (you mentioned leaderboards which is probably a big one) but for me it’s trying to hit trophy level 999. I just really want to max out that level and get the little plat star icon next to my name. The moment I hit that milestone I’ll stop buying easy play games, full stop. I naturally accumulated what most would considering a “high trophy level” without ever touching easy play games, but around 2020 I got an urge to max out my trophy level and this weird obsession began. I think it just boils down to satisfaction of see that number go up with a lofty goal in mind at the end of the tunnel. With that in mind, look at it this way: I get my enjoyment split into two ways with my profile: 1: I enjoy creating this massive heap of trophies, regardless of value. I don’t care if other folks see this or care about it at all. 2: I enjoy playing ACTUAL games separate from the heap of trophies. These games I’m proud of and like to share with people and compare completion. They also have the added benefit of adding to the trophy heap as well. That’s a lot of rambling to say that the enjoyment I get from easy trophy games is a different kind than what I get from general trophy hunting in “traditional” games, and I think it’s cool that one feeds into the other! I think most folks get confused and assume easy plat players are doing it for bragging rights and place the same value/pride into “Pigeon P” as they do “Red Dead” when I don’t think that’s ever the case.
  13. I’m sorry. I beat Elden Ring first if that helps
  14. You started a new profile for your completion percentage didn’t you?
  15. I’m trying to think of a game that’s been at the very top of the “popular games” section this long. I remember Monster Hunter World held on to it for quite some time but this feels pretty nuts! Of course no new majored releases since Elden Ring certainly is contributing.