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  1. I thought it might be Japan but I can’t find it in the Japan store. The other two appear to be NA and EU. Thanks in advance if anyone knows!
  2. They’re awful, truly awful. Unfortunately I get disconnected after 2 hours no matter how I start the match. Private, solo, etc. Not to mention I’m not confident the game is accurately tracking my kills, as my main guns camo has reset to “0/400 kills” and won’t budge no matter how many kills I get. Pretty sure I’m gonna throw in the towel on this one.
  3. There is currently no “Easter egg” or main mission in Vanguard Zombies. As for if it’s good I suppose that’s up to everyone’s interpretation. It’s different! Familiar but definitely missing elements most zombie modes have. That said they are adding in a “story” and main mission “Easter egg” in an upcoming update.
  4. That’s such a relief!! Thank you! My camo doesn’t seem to track past 4000 kills? That’s the last camo unlock anyway and it says 4000 out of 4000
  5. So every night this week I’ve tried to play zombies to grind out these kills. I get my pack a punch level 3 and get to work farming a harvest objective as long as I can. Thing is, after anywhere between an hour or two, the games starts acting laggy (even know solo) and kicks me out of the game. It’s beyond frustrating loosing hours of progress. That said, I can live without the experience boost the exfil gives. I just want the kills to track. Anyone know if kills made during a match count towards the 10k zombie kills trophy if you get disconnected? Anyone else have this issue? Please tell me I’m not wasting my time here.
  6. Not true, both Outriders and Back 4 Blood auto pop from PS5 to PS4. And the saves for those are handled online like GT7 is set too. In other words, I think GT7 is very likely to auto pop from 5 to 4. (Side note: I believe Destiny and Rainbow Six Siege retroactively auto pop too, though I can confirm as I played them both on 4 first.)
  7. Is your profile pic also a milk dud?
  8. Anyone ever figure this out? I can also only download the PS5 version of the game. Can’t download PS4 on either my PS4 or 5.
  9. No luck with the price search either. I swear this game isn’t in my Japanese store! I can text search with a Japanese keyboard but don’t know what to type. Can you remember how you bought it from your store? Any tips would be appreciated, I’m obviously super dumb I guess. Never mind! Finally got it. I used google translate to figure out what characters to type and finally managed to pull it up with a character search. Still never could find it using the price search or by sorting by new. Not sure why it was so tucked away. anyway, thank you all for your help!
  10. Thank you that’s a huge help!
  11. Thank you!! I will try the price sort!! I can’t search by text as it’s not called “Sakura Swim Club” in Japanese, and I don’t know the characters to type in Japanese to find it. I’ll try that price search though!
  12. Thank you for the reply! I super appreciate the help! Although… How do I access the US PlayStation store from my Japanese account? Once I’m logged into my Japanese account the store defaults to the Japanese store. Thanks in advance again!
  13. I can’t seem to pull up the Japanese version of this game in the Japanese psn store to save my life, but I’m not into there are folks playing it and earning trophies. Any trick to getting it to pop up in the store?
  14. Thanks! I really have played a little of everything huh?! I’m pretty proud of the profile too Thank YOU for the view 🥰 It was clearly, (or rather I assumed clearly) a joke using the same assured language OP used in his post. Like “scientifically your taste is terrible!” Just like he said “scientifically these games are rated as such!” Both are meant to be playful and sarcastic. Sorry it didn’t come across that way!
  15. Today I learned that you have terrible taste. That’s just science.