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  1. Absolutely. I love being in the cutting edge with this stuff. And my launch day model PS4 is still running strong with 19,000 hours clocked in on it, so I trust their integrity!
  2. I’ll try Facebook! Thanks!
  3. How many platinums have you gotten this year?: 13 new plats, my lowest in many many years. How long have you been hunting trophies now?: 10 and a half years now. What was your proudest platinum this year?: Beat Saber. Normally with trophies we just kinda sit there and earn the things, but Beat Saber made me feel like I physically accomplished a feat. I feel like I improved a real skill, and honestly just felt like a better person on this side of earning the plat. That’s awesome. What was your worst platinum this year?: Division 2. One single bugged trophy (a friend in need) made the entire experience just absolutely awful in every way. The hoops folks have to jump through to snag that one trophy... ugh I do NOT recommend. What game are you most looking forward to getting the platinum for in 2020?: Probably the Last of Us 2. The first game was so amazing, and earn in the plat is a memory I still cherish it this day. Looking forward to hitting it again.
  4. Man I’d love to see this fixed but I can’t see any good place to contact them. None of the emails on their contact page seem worth reaching out to
  5. I haven’t played the Switch version. For those who have, is this looking like a pretty easy list? Is the game itself very difficult?
  6. Hey thank you so much for this info! Huge help. I was pretty confused myself. I was also about to buy Focus On You but think I’ll hold off now thanks to you! I can’t believe this is even a thing though, to be honest. Have you ever known a list like one of these to ever eventually be published completely and fixed?
  7. This must still be flavor of the month, over a year and a half later with an expansion at the top of the most play games section. 😂
  8. I can vouch for this! I was worried how this would be handled but it’s seamless and smooth. You can be working towards your World and Iceborn lists at the same time.
  9. Hey I just wanted to chime into this thread now that the latest patch has been released. It is MUCH easier to get SS ranks again now. If you had given up, come back and try again! There’s even a new HUD option that lets you track what rank you currently have in a song as you play it!
  10. Can also vouch that it’s MUCH easier to SS and S songs now. Finally got my SS on my first try of the day yesterday after attempting the trophy for over a week.
  11. Lol “Atelier Lulua”
  12. Hey, keep at it! Never give up! What did it for me is the loaded umbrella with force projection skill. Makes the last two phases almost impossible to lose on. You can watch the whole thing or fast forward to the last few phases to see what I’m talking about. But this stray finally did it for me. Beat him first try after hours of frustration before.
  13. Favorite? Not quite. I hardly log in anymore. I enjoy it on occasion when there's an event going on. It's okay. My opinion on the game doesn't cloud my ability to see if a game is, as you said, flavor of the month or not, though. The numbers don't lie, it's a popular game even after the month it was released. Regardless of what you or I think about it. Ive moved on from the game, but love coming back to the thread to see you try and stand your ground though. It's absolutely hilarious.
  14. You clearly have a hard time reading tone. I've never gotten anything but joy from following this thread. Makes me laugh every time I see your responses.
  15. Good to know, that should save me some time. Thank you!