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  1. Thanks for playing! -from Team NINJA Get Master on all chapters on Master Ninja.
  2. Cleared Master Ninja. Finish all chapters of the game on Master Ninja. Now i have to do another playthrough cuz MN rank trophy didn't unlock for me after i got MN rank in every chapter
  3. I give this a 4, Nothing was hard at all. DLC trophies was easy. I got them all in 1-3 tries
  4. #172 - Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Dead Echo Acquire all trophies in Bulletstorm
  5. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  6. Stand REDy Get RED ending in every level of SPEEDRUN challenge Get REDy Get RED ending in every level of SPEEDRUNrt challenge.
  7. I guess you missing the last angel in Mother's womb level. After you kill Trafficking don't go left, go right and you will find the last angel, dead hosts piles and coin.
  8. Talke to Holligan after you hack all the cats