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  1. Ciao is an Italian word, ciao means Hello for them, well, it should mean hello for everybody... But, in some languages, like French, it's a familiar way to say goodbye, i don't know how we came to use it like this =p I'm not even sure if it's in French Dictionary ^^
  2. I'm not a big trophies hunter, when i start playing a game i'm going for the plat, but if it gets too long or boring and even if it's easy, i'll stop and move on, feeding that backlog every month. But i understand your feeling, because the thing is that i can't play a game if there is no trophies in it, i bought a Wii U before my PS4 because some games are really nice and i thought that i'll spend some time on the Wii U, waiting for the release of good PS4 games to get a PS4. Finally, i played them a bit, didn't finish them (Hyrule Warrior, Mario Kart, Bayonetta 1/2, Smash Bros), i ordered a PS4 and my Wii U made a good friendship with dust... It's sad, i know that i'm missing excellent games, but well, i'm having fun the way i play games. Every single person having fun in so many different ways, if trophy hunting is not fun anymore for you, find something else, that's no big deal. Sorry for my english =p
  3. I'm working on Guilty Gear Xrd - Sign Platinum, not really hard, but it takes a lot of time, the M.O.M gamemod is sick... When i'm tired of it i'm on GTAV plat, again, nothing hard, but very long, all those collectibles...
  4. Okay Trash Panic : Ultra Rare @1.88% MainMode・SweetsをECOクリアした ゴミ箱ECOパティシエールの称号をゲット!( ) Super Street Fighter IV : Ultra Rare @4.21% Speed Freak Finish each round in Arcade Mode on Medium or higher in 20 seconds or less. Too easy. Rogue Legacy : Ultra Rare @3.11% Thanatophobia WITHOUT using the Architect, complete the game dying 15 times or less
  5. I don't see any problem with this HDD. Just a question, why do you want to transfer all the 250GB from your old HDD ? I did it 3 month ago, the only things i backed up was my game save data (600mo), and i used the PSN+ cloud system because i was afraid of loosing protected data, some save can't be copied on an external device... Anyway, all your PSN games, downloaded games etc, are linked to your PSN account, so you can just re-download them after the HDD switch, and for your settings, you can just set them again manually. This is just the way i did it, that was really the easiest way to do it for me.
  6. I will someday, that's for sure, but yet i have too many games that i already bought/got free (from PS+) and didn't even play them, i'll focus on them. Cheezburgrs : Borderlands 2, you are so close.
  7. Yeah i know, i hated myself for doing the game on Normal mode, i was so pissed by that, by having 2 more playthroughs to do instead of 1, that i dropped it... I'll do it someday, maybe ^^ SolidWolf : Like jdh0921, i'll advise you to go for Strider, probably the fastest/easier plat to get in your list.
  8. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, pretty easy and quick, even if i don't have it myself ^^ It's just that i don't like this game at all, i just have to finish the arcade mode with 6 or 7 chars, but i can't do it...
  9. Yup pretty hard to find... Most of the people owning this game will keep it, this game is soooo good... And the few that want to sell it, knows that this game is rare, and that people will pay the price to get it if they really want to get it... I got the chance to find it about 2 years ago at a game store, 10€, and i really started it only last week ^^ I googled a bit and found this : I don't have the time to look closer at it and i don't know is this site can be trusted, but they seem to have 1 in stock for 12£.
  10. i agree with you, ok you have to be blind to miss that chest, BUT, if somehow you manage to miss it, you can't get it back later, making this trophy missable.
  11. My eyes can't handle this, too beautiful
  12. Just started it today =D
  13. Watched it with my GF 6 month ago ^^ Really good TV show, however, like Mcbeanstr, i think that the 4th season was pretty "bad"
  14. They probably have some rules or something and maybe they already sold too much copies of this game. They also removed FF XIII Lightning Returns for example...
  15. It does actually, you do less damage and take more damage, but it's not really that hard anyway, i did all of them on proud without much trouble.