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  1. Sadly only digital version.
  2. Thought I never say it but looks like video games and trophies doesn't bring me much joy or fun anymore. For a 2 weeks I couldn't find any interest to play PS4 or PS3, I guess whole change of interests happened after I bought new gear for music recording and my mind just refuses to have fun with things that created for me and making me to create something myself instead. Well, anyway, I will listen to inner self and do what I have to.

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    2. guy who says bruh

      guy who says bruh

      Yep, video games is more like a habit for me. A bad habit to return from job and jump on sofa with gamepad in hands. There was a time I haven't touched games for months butI

      still its all coming back eventually. Glad I know how to change priorities and will work things out for myself.

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. BlackSquirrell1


      Sometimes I've left for a week, month, months, just to come back and enjoy some good fun.  Good luck with your new gear!

  3. Check out for YT, if you have partner you will ease your pain significantly. Me and guy I knew played through all spec ops in one day on all stars, when we ran into some troubles we used YT for solution.
  4. Not a fan of marvel, but rewatched Dr.Strange on blu-ray yesterday and gotta say visuals looks outstanding.

  5. Don't forget about online trophies that unobtainable nowadays.
  6. I guess they will patch game so offline scavengers will farm without internet connection, coz it's not working unless you have internet connection before you exit game.
  7. All I need is to finish races in Mad Max for platinum. This game can be used as instruction on how to not make game. Boooorrriiinnngggg.

    1. ImMagnetz


      I liked Mad Max. If you don't like it, don't bother going for the platinum. Video games are supposed to be fun. If you're not having fun, don't play.

      Just checked your profile. You have quite a bit more to do than the races.

    2. MarcusPunisher
    3. EcoShifter


      The game is designed in the way a Mad Max game should be. A couple of things could have been better, like in literally every game, but it's overall a really fun Mad Max experience and open-world. If you're not especially a Mad Max fan or openworld enthusiast, I'd probably never recommend.

  8. This month on ps plus: cash-grabbing casino with racing mini-game and dr jekyll and mr hyde but with vampires (from team that brought to you worst sequel possible)

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    2. KANERKB


      Well I agree that ps plus this month is crap, I mean they could of given away any of the layers of fear games along with maybe the forest or even re2 remake or any of the dead rising games

    3. Lorajet


      Wasn't too excited about these either.  Oh, the days when we at least got a couple of PS3 games to numb the pain.

    4. Nighcisama


      Maybe my standards for psplus are getting lower, but this month is much better for me than the past few, at least there are no crappy sports games or battle royales in it.

  9. Basically there is girlish-looking guy trying to save the day but turns out he is inside some weird-ass simulation based on events of MGS1 and the bad guys behind all of this are actually running experiment to make super-soldiers in future (based on info they gather on his mission success/fail). But whole plan falls as soon as Solid Snake (real one) shows up and shit hits the fan and Washington. And bad guys are not actually humans, they more like super powerful AI that shape societies (and all that comes with it) by manipulating with censorship and overall human thinking. So when game ends Kojima goes like, "doesn't matter if things are real or not, be a good man and respect your surroundings and stuff". P.S. MGS 4 kinda ruined core idea behind MGS 2, meanwhile MGS 3 gave us more info on "bad guys" from MGS2 and Big Boss story.
  10. I was looting during storm and some metal scrap flew right into Max and killed him.
  11. Thank you, added.
  12. 189 + 36 = 225. You good. Did you upgraded all fortresses? There is upgrade that reveals all scavenger locations.
  13. On first page in Menu check stats, there is something like "total scavenging locations completed", for example is says 100. And there is Challenge on last page in Menu says Reaper of the Harvest - 64/191. Math is: There are total 227 locations, and 4 separated challenges tied to these locations. Complete 5 scavenging locations - Low Hanging Fruit Complete 13 scavenging locations - What's Yours Is Mine Complete 18 scavenging locations - Picking the Carcass Complete 191 scavenging locations - Reaper of the Harvest If your stat says 100, that means you need to 100 - (5+13+18) = 64. Means you good. If your challenge says 64/191. You can, but I wouldn't recommend it, because if some challenge will glitch it will lock out of platinum completely.