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  1. Sims 4 Update Introduces Burning Piss
  2. Dragon Quest 11. I know nothing about FF15 or DQ11, but I like games with Dragons. (If there are any). Prey (2017) vs. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl
  3. Rumor: Next Silent Hill Game Will Never Happen Because Series is Basically Dead and Survival Horror Genre Killed By Shitty Games Like "Layers of Fear" and "The Evil Within". Source is reliable guys, some guy from forums said.
  4. I wish they focus on next main Resident Evil game, instead of remakes. I don't mind playing remakes, especially if they remade Code Veronica. Better idea, give us Umbrella Corps 2 lmao
  5. 8RGg4buG5t0.jpg

    1. ahmedelebiary


      And? Middle East and homosexuality don't go together, everyone knows that. 

    2. guy who says bruh

      guy who says bruh

      Means obviously they doing that for business, not to support someones views or rights. It's like saying "Yeah, I do support LGBT but not for all countries, just for some special ones I care more".

    3. SinisterPledge


      Similar to how Blizzard supports BLM protests in the US and claims to always care about injustice, but bans and takes away the prize money from someone who says "Free Hong Kong" on their stream. 

  6. CTRL+A
  7. Got myself Resident Evil 3 Remake (coz of discount) yesterday. I gotta say game starts really fast and fast-forwards events from RE3. I don't sure completely, but seems like they did not aimed to fully re-created game like RE2 Remake did, but they more tried to make their own vision of events. First hour in game was ok, but man, QTE in 2020? Jeez. I pretty sure both RE 2 and RE 3 remakes were in development at same time, stronger team made RE2 while RE3 was left for smaller team to build. And that REsistance game is pretty much outsourced thing I guess. Anyway, gonna beat this game today and see how it goes.



    I wish I had money to buy Death Stranding too. Why is everything so f0king expensive nowdays 😁

  8. I've done some small social experiment yesterday, my Instagram feed filled with black images, like, "owner of this account support #blm movement" and I've posted same comment on 3 different accounts and got 3 different type of reaction. I've commented like "how is posting black image even help to movement? if you would support BLM you would done something outside of trend, before it became popular trend as now".

    Reaction 1 - "You are racist, fuck off"

    Reaction 2 - "Agreed, I keep unfollow account doing that"

    Reaction 3 - "Man you don't get it actually its [long explanation why I should care]."

    Anyway, I cleaned up my feed on twitter and Instagram, unfollowing 90% of accounts, because I hate hypocrisy and posers.

    1. Astray404


      Each time I saw that BLM thing I thought it is for Black Mage, guess I should stop playing FF games for a while... (no offense)

    2. Litha


      Yep. Nothing but posturing. I fucked off all social media (except this, it's sort of social media) because I was sick of it.

  9. I haven't beat this game yet, but this is definitely one of the most boring games ever made. All you can do in game: Drive to location -> Scavenge resources/Fight same enemies/Pick up some collectibles. That is it. I knew this game is bullshit when it started with action-packed cut-scene (instead of playble intro for a moment?) and then they just give you weakest 6-hours tutorial possible. Nice game design, Sleepy Max for sure.
  10. Updated my profile picture to enter this month with Pride.

  11. My main music genre is Dark-Ambient or Trash/Nu-Metal, but sometimes, when nobody sees me, I listen to anime openings.
  12. Everyday I hate companies more and more. I understand that they all just big money grabbing machines, but to get me spending money on their shit they gotta do more than that. One look at Sony social account, like twitter, makes me sick. They always "support" something that goes on trend. Now people in US going apeshit about #blacklivesmatter because police killed black person, but few years same incident happend with a autistic guy killed by police same way and seems like #whitepeopledosentmatter. But I am not getting political here, it's purely US issues and they will deal with them. So what Sony,Xbox, Microsoft, Disney, Netflix and other giants do? Post hypocrite bullshit like we support [trend], so please by our [products]. That might be ok, but they allowing to seep that political shit into their games and media. Stop fucking insert your poor political views into media. They sell nowdays not only media, but propaganda shit too. I want to have fun with stuff, not to see how game trying to teach me to be gentle with people of color, LGBT community feelings, why should I care about them? Our world have bigger issues than that, believe me. And why I think they are hypocrite, you may ask? Disney release Star Wars movie with two females kissing each-other, that ok. but they completly wipe them out in Chinese movie release. Another example, go to PS Japan Twitter, see anything related to current events or something Pride (which is deadly sin btw) June related? Yup, because they are there to earn some money, man.


    That's one of reasons I won't buy PS5 btw.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Litha


      Oops, *sieg heill. Appropriately enough I'm Grammar Naziing myself.

    3. Alderriz


      The sad thing is, if you're a company or a famous celebrity, you have to make a post about it, otherwise you'll be called racist. If you make a post like this a day or two late, you're also racist. Even more sad that sometimes you will see a post like this from a person who clearly doesn't care and can't recall Floyd's name without looking it up. 

    4. guy who says bruh

      guy who says bruh

      Yup, that's 21-centry progressive commercialism for you. If you don't do like others, means you do not support community, means nobody will buy your shit. But sometimes it fires backwards.

  13. They ain't gonna announce it unless you sell that potatoes or whatever you have to farm on this month line-up