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  1. Payed 5$ to sub for Sam Hyde videos. Never seen shit funnier than this content. Very recommended.

  2. Try to unlink and link your Twitter account again. Firstly on PS4 and secondly on Twitter itself. I don't really know if there is limit of video stored on your profile, but I had some issue with sharing videos and this helped me.
  3. I watched your video and I didn't liked it. I wanted to hear your personal opinion/experience with this game, instead of breaking down game on parts, like "Graphics - great, Music - great, Story - great, Bugs - bad". Everybody knows that, but what this game is to you? Reviewing something it's not only taking thing apart, but also drawing lines between parts with something called "personal practical experience". People want to see something unique, something that makes you different from others. Please don't make next video with same exact template as you used here.
  4. FarCry 2 Platinum 0.56%
  5. I wanted to do FarCry, but FarCry 5 and stand-alone based game destroyed my interest. Just did FC 1,2,3,4|PS3,4|PS4 and BD. Still wish to finish all DMC games, but plated only DMC3 and DMCV Also Fallout Series would be great to finish, but Shelter game kinda boring for me.
  6. 2020 - Year of a Pussy.

    "Oh, It offends me"

    "We should treat everyone equally and respect everyone"

    "You don't respect %some_race%? You are racist!"

    "This man tweeted joke about woman 12 years ago, cancel him!"


    JC, we living in some GTA-parody world nowdays. How do those people even survive outside of Internet?

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    2. PSXtreme_


      You missed the point but became the example all in the same moment.


      There is nothing wrong with standing up against a wrong...the problem is going out of your way to create a wrong to be offended by. THAT is what the OP was against. 


      #BLM is in 100% contrast to the message that Dr. King was preaching when he declared on the Washington Mall that he had a dream. His wish was that his children would be treated as an equal, not a protected class unable to participate in society without special protections or restrictions. Include in that every other "protected" minority who are supposed to be considered equals until the rubber hits the road then they need to be treated like a snowflake and not subjugated to the everyday rigors and conflicts that every one else may be faced with every day of our lives. Either we all are equal and all have to wade thru the hip-deep sewage of life or some are not up to the hardships of life and should be coddled and protected like little children or fluffy animals. 


      Tony Montana: "That's The Bad Guy" GIF - Scarface AlPacino ...


      Dictating that every person must be, not only tolerated, but have their lifestyle liked, applauded and approved of is not only impossible but totalitaristic in its nature. I treat every person as an equal...that means you get no considerations for race, upbringing, sexual nature, gender, fiscal status and that means I'm a bad guy...Ironic isn't it...


      Scarface Bad Guy Scene GIFs | Tenor


    3. guy who says bruh

      guy who says bruh


      Pay attention that I haven't said racism or treating people bad is good. You decided it for yourself. I only post hateful messeges about stupid people. Since you didn't get idea I was about to explaned it for you, but seems like guy above me did it already.

      And don't @ me. I am not arguing with someone who can't see other side of the wall.

    4. Spaz


      @PSXtreme_ They had to have a thick skin back then, because Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X faced a great deal of racism and prejudice when they were rallying for equality back in the 1960s.


      Jackie Robinson and Hank Aaron were greatly hated and shunned just because of their skin color. Yet they rose to become two of the greatest sports athletes of their generation.


      Nowadays, you got assholes who will go apeshit if you do so much as give them a remote profanity. Somebody like Lebron James, one of the greatest sportstars in recent memory, will cry and bitch on his Twitter account if something doesn't go his way. People like Alex Jones are walking conspiracy nuts, who will cry out if somebody opposes them.


      2020 is the year of the pussy because we let ourselves become pussies. America has become so pussified we're afraid to speak our mind on virtually anything because we think we might offend somebody.


      Martin Luther King Jr was a real leader. The man who is president of the United States.... is NOT a leader. The people running America nowadays are not leaders.


      Now we're raising a generation of kids who have next to no knowledge outside of the internet. Take away their internet, they have nothing.


      The year 2020 has been for me, the worst year in my entire existence on this planet.

  7. inFamous 1 is 100%. Switched to inFamous 2 and gosh, this game is much-much more fun than first one. I wish I had more time to beat it...

    1. HaserPL


      Same bro, I love inFamous 2 but I can't stand to play the first one ever again lol

    2. Spaz


      Clunky movement and those untrackable blast shards killed my enjoyment of inFamous 1.


      Cole Macgrath in inFamous 2 had more personality, gameplay was smoother, and Good Cole/Evil Cole were implemented a lot better.


      Can't forget Zeke. Far better sidekick than that lame prick older brother Delsin had in inFamous: Second Son.

    3. ihadalifeb4this
  8. PS2. Not because I feel nostalgic about this console, but because it was huge step forward from previous generation. PS2 was much more powerful than common gaming PC back in a days, also it has it own complicated architecture making PS2 ultimate gaming machine. PS2 offered great "new-gen" experience, which PS3 delivered too, but not so strong as PS2. Games changed much from generation to generation, now it's all about "graphics > gameplay", back in PS2 days it was "graphics + gameplay".
  9. I just play games, meanwhile unlocking those little icons on gaming network.
  10. Story in original MW trilogy is OK, coz it's terrorists taking control over Russian government and doing bad things in world. Game was extremly popular here, and nobody cared about political aspects of this game. Unlike CoD:MW (2019) where Russian main bad guys actions are under control from Russian government. Means Russians are biggest nowdays Nazies, and don't forget about Highway of Death mission, for some reason it's now Russians fault. But for real, real reason why Russians are bad in last CoD is because Russia is not biggest market when it comes to console video games (unlike PC) so they can portrait this country as they want, they will never do that with China (for obvious reasons) lmao
  11. Can't decide should I buy Xbox One or upgrade my PC, since I lost all interest in PSN and PS Sony consoles. Xbox One All digital sounds good, coz its cheap but I think I wouldn't use it much, unlike PC I can work on it.

    1. Copanele


      Always go for pc upgrade ofc. Way better range of games and such

    2. MidnightDragon


      Just wait for XSX since it’ll probably be BC.