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  1. so excited about Very Angry Lesbian: Part II

    1. MidnightDragon


      That’s the politically incorrect title. xD 

  2. I am so agreed on Fallout 4, game is unbelievably bad 😀
  3. I used to played this game a lot, when it I got used to SIXAXIS controls, somehow its addicting and fun, but...controls..just sucks.
  4. As for 17/09 you can't pre-order new COD game for unknown reason. Activision says to ask Sony support why you can't pre-order or participate in beta of new COD, Sony says to ask publisher. Rumors suggest reason of current game ban is Russian mass media reaction (game labeled as "western propaganda"). I personally think they removed game to work on censorship, like change names or flags of countries, removing references to historical events and etc (like Bethesda did with Wolfenstein in Germany). CoD MW2 back in a days was banned in Russia too, not for long, just to remove one mission. Funny thing is, it's still possible to use US (for example) account to buy this game or play beta using foreign account (don't tell Russian government about it).
  5. For me that would be Watch_Dogs for sure. Trophy list is awful, unmovtivating and some trophies are ridiculously time-consuming (Drinking game, for example). Same thing I can say about Bodycount, but that more game's fault, than trophy list. Currently I am busy with CoD:BO3 but I never getting 100% on this one due to cost of DLC and it's just not my type of a game. Any trophy lists you feel bad about going for?
  6. Resident Evil 4 taught me how to kill Italian villager with rotten egg 

  7. Went to see IT Chapter 2 yesterday, it was absolute shIT kind of movie. Stupid humor, cheapest jump-scares without any sense of suspense which makes movie more like a comedy instead of horror. God, I wasted almost 3 hours of my life to this puke. 

    1. jackmadrox
    2. PostalDudeRus


      You should see it yourself, but my opinion on this movie very negative 

      ÐаÑÑинки по запÑоÑÑ yes but actually no


  8. bruh

    1. dovah


      Or as it is said in Hawaii - brah. It may sound like a female undergarment, yet same as bruh or bro. lol

    2. PostalDudeRus


      @Genie epic female undergarment moment

  9. my god I actually played Darksiders 3 and..holy brick its such a bad game, I don't even understand how this peace of chocolate was released and sold as AAA title, damn its not even near as first Darksiders game quality EVEN whole series is kinda mediocre-outsider game but first two games were awesome and enjoyable hack-and-slash and third one? WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING??

    - You died on boss?  - restart far away from boss (WITH ENEMIES RESPAWNED) in firecamp, as its somekind of Dark Souls lol

    - Remember how atmospheric Jesper Kyd music was in second game? forget it, now you will listen to silence

    - New combat system its (I hate to say) again attempt to recreate Dark Souls "attack-dodge" system 

    THQNordic as their best, game just came out one year ago and now it's on damn ps+ which says a lot about game overall quality. 

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    2. PostalDudeRus


      @DaivRules Well, rules are rules. 12.3. Can't argue with that. But, could you just edit his post to remove one word? Not whole post?

    3. DaivRules


      Not in statuses, I can only remove, not edit. 

    4. Chocolate GiddyUp

      Chocolate GiddyUp


      PeeSnPee is the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you for the laughs.

  10. Multiplayer in this games are awesome, I hope they port game with multilpayer. It's still active on PC because how good it was. I just hope they make game run [email protected] with comfortable gamepad controls. I've played on PC on gamepad and it was..not good
  11. new PS+ games are available, I actually hate THQNordic so am thinking about to skip Darksiders 3 and play Batman, but my gf says Darksiders 3 is not that bad, kinda 5/10 game. 

  12. Playing last Spider Man for first time: 


    Playing last Spider Man for second time on NG+:

    - bruh, game story mode takes like 5 hours to beat which makes 60% of game and other 40% is same missions over and over again until you got border to hell.

    Lessons is: Take a long break before playing same game again, because you will start notice "well hidden" bad aspects of game. 

  13. Don't get me wrong, I was huge Codemasters racing games fan until I played DiRT 4. I wasn't expect this game to be miracle or something, I just hoped this game to be better than DiRT 3, and introduce something new to series because it's..DiRT 4, you know...but...let me explain: Career mode: Same f***ing concept of career mode as it was 20 years ago: Complete championship, unlock new championship, complete championship and that's it. Can they came up with something new this time? It's boring as hell. They introduced new feature called "Crew management" where you can hire members and make contracts with engineers, P.R. mangers but does it change something in your career? NO (actually yes,but no). You can't lose in career mode, yet you can lose some championship, but you will not get "Game Over,kid,start your career from scratch" screen because you made wrong chooses like accepted wrong contracts or lost championship or crashed your car. Game doesn't let you to take responsibility over your career, which makes whole career mode stupid set of boring races on same tracks (don't get me started on GeNeRaTeD TrAcKs) over and over again. I don't understand why Codemasters so conservative about something new and fun in their games. Multiplayer: Pro Tour - Somebody at Codemasters should really be ashamed after making this crappy mode. Pro Tour is matchmaking mode which connects you to players of same rank and makes you race between random players for first place. Win and your rank goes up so you can race with more experienced players. In theory its sounds cool right? Yup, but it doesn't work at all on practice. Good luck waiting for 6 hours to start one game with low rank player. And you can't invite somebody into matchmaking lobby (it's still possible tho, but it's undocumented feature). But I am glad game still have some fun aspects like: they made nice psychics mechanics with choose between casual gamer and simulation style. Singleplayer also offers DiRT academy and Joyride options, which both are fun, you can have some fun with friends in simple (non-ranked) matches online, they made a lot of cars in game. BUT those 2 major aspects I listed above damaged my overall experience and I cancelled my GRID (2019) pre-order after playing DiRT 4 and also I refuse to play DiRT Rally 2.0 ( I saw how much DLC it has and also season-pass thing) and I will never buy any Codemaster's game again.