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  1. Yeah, I've made mistake here, coz I clearly remember testing it on Xbox and PS3, seems like memory serving me bad.
  2. 1) Not recommended, me personally never test it, but looking via different topics on different forums you gotta go for 1TB max, any 7200rpm HDD will do, I guess. 2) Possible, just remember to install HDD correctly -> Format it, Download games and then swap to different one. You can also use secondary console as backup machine and don't forget about data transfer futures, just in case.
  3. Does Vanquish have any patches? Anybody can confirm? Downloaded from PS Store yesterday, came with version 1.0
  4. Can confirm removal for Russian store too. Was about to buy it...
  5. Those two Dead Space spin-offs, maybe Soul Calibur 2... not too much. Gotta beat my huge-a** backlog first
  6. No
  7. 50/50 They don't have control over updates, they just publish them. But being unable to answer questions why console doesn't check updates is just stupid.
  8. Had a good laugh on those memes:



  9. Somekind of trophy-cuckoldism
  10. If it's not remaster but remake I hope they kill Joel right in beginning 5 minutes 🙏 and please more minorities focused sub-stories 🙏
  11. Postal REDUX is out on PS4...guy like me must plat it ASAP!

    (hope they release second game too)

  12. More like Dragon Age Inquisition global mod lmao
  13. less gooo
  14. My thoughts, using broken English: 1 - It's really unprofitable to keep PS Stores alive for old consoles, so they just shutdown it for good. It's actually stupid because they don't announce what/how exactly they will focus on new gen consoles, because shutting down whole Store access without giving alternatives is beyond idiotic. If they would announce, like, you will be able to play PS3/Vita products on PS5 via emulation and gain access to PS3/Vita store from there, man, I wouldn't complain or be mad at all. I would just buy new PS5 and keep playing further. 2 - It's Microsoft spies messing around inside Sony company to make one of the biggest (one of three, lol) opponents to step back and let Microsoft sell more. Like they did with Nokia back in a days, sending spy and then realizing their dirty plans. 3 - As we all know, consoles are selling at price much lower than cost price (developing one unit costs more than it sells on market) and since there are not much of a PS5 games around, means even if they sell millions of PS5 units, they still need to cover development cost by selling even more games. So shutting down old PS Store not only let people focus on new PS5 console, but also will cover some manufacture spending. 4
  15. I refunded Uncharted 2 because in my region DLCs are not supported, still they removed it from my purchase list but game was playable and I managed to plat it no problem.