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  1. I'll check your settings later, but can you disconnect ISP cable from router like for a few hours? Maybe your roommate fine with this?
  2. You mean your ISP wouldn't allow you to connect w/ PPPoE using your PS3 device? Ask them how you can get to NAT1 connection. My ISP offering cheap payed service for NAT1 connection, like 5$ per month. And don't forget about port forwarding, I used MikroTik router and setup firewall correctly for game to reach servers
  3. Set static IP for PS3 on router to bypass dhcp, check guides on internet by googling your router model
  4. 1 - If you have router capable of making statistic over network stability (like MikroTik) you can check if there are huge packages loss happening between PS3 and Router. 2 - You can also leave PC or something with PING command on terminal to see if router losses WiFi connection with console. Like, "ping x.x.x.x -t", x is PS3 IP. Once PS3 disconnects from PSN check terminal for stats. 3 - If there are losses you can buy cheap wifi repeater to make signal stronger. Anyway, wired connection is recommended. But, it can also happen because of your router messing things up, sadly there is no way to diagnose it if router is not having features like log file or any other test related function. It may be NAT messing up, it may be package loss, it may be firewall, it may be dhcp lease error, it may be anything...
  5. It's not CMM related, It's base game "Mastermind" about 30 Platinum awards. Your best option is to contact R* support ASAP, they will reset your progress to the point before hacker decided to mess up with your progress.
  6. Game was originally developed for portable systems and then was ported to consoles and PC year later after release. Can't recall any difference between them tbh.
  7. Anyone willing to boost COD AW PS3 HAVOC DLC I have session planned tomorrow, you can join it here:



    Hate idiots sending request to join session and not even responding to DM and not showing up. Those people really should be banned from gaming session section.

  8. Can't say same about PS4, it feels like there is input lag or something, It's still perfect on PC, feels absolutely smooth at 60+ fps. And funny thing, if you cap PC version on 30 fps, there is no input lag feel to it like on PS4 PRO. Strange.
  9. Platinum absolutely. DLC doubtful.
  10. The Cyberpsycho Sightings "Six Feet Under", "Bloody Ritual", "Where The Bodies Hit The Floor", "Demons Of War", "LT. Mower" and "Ticket To The Major Leagues" which are located in Watson are not required for this trophy. You may try to finish it as it is, but make sure you complete one job that only available at in-game evening around 8 pm.
  11. Yeah, one huge commando trying to censor everything that isn't "right" by their standards. Thanks! Just done updating, thanks everyone for help, guys.
  12. Nah, it just keeps loading forever. Like I said about ROSKOMNADZOR, they are blocking sometimes Amazon domain names and IP's which leads to problems with connection to popular services like PSN and many other. Last year we had problem, 2 weeks PSN wasn't available for Russian users. I use one ISP on my home internet connection (which PS3 shares) and different ISP for smartphone, it works on my phone like it should, but PS3 or PC just can't reach that file.
  13. It leads nowhere for me, but It works on my smartphone 4G connection. Damn ROSKOMNADZOR messing around with Internet.
  14. Nah, link is broken for me, looks like it's my ISP fault, asking friend to download it for me...
  15. For some reason I can't automatically update PS3 via Internet, it gives me 8002f82b error and also official site link is broken. I am in RU region. Here is link to update page. Is there workaround to this? BTW, I don't know how to contact support in my region. Any advice?