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  1. I earned 0 trophies in past 4 weeks, Looks like I am done with trophy hunting for good. But who knows.

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    2. zizimonster


      I didn't play any video games in six months around 2016-2017 because I was fed up with Rise of the Tomb Raider when one of the trophies glitched on me. :lol:


      It's fine, you'll get back to it.

    3. PostalDudeRus


      @zizimonster not that I wish too, and even I do get back, I am not going to spend so much time playing

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @PostalDudeRus exactly. While most have beaten multiple new releases i own, ive played maybe an hour or two TOTAL of the 5+ that are "hot right now". Aside from B4B i beat. Just busy with life. It happens. I like gaming, just lack of time and interest at the moment. 

      You do you man! :)

  2. Progress towards the story, I recommend even finishing story and then doing side jobs.
  3. I am in superposition right now about PS consoles graphics, I'm kinda into PS2 and PS3 graphics more than PS4 and PS5. I'll say, less details => more imagination or something like that. Can't say why, but I prefer game not super detailed and photo realistic visually. Just reminding myself how cool DMC 3 looks or Batman PS3 games, I prefer it more than ultra detailed visuals. No nostalgic factor tho.

  4. No, especially if you never tell you actually used it. There is no way to track where XP came from.
  5. saw new GoW, quite nice parody

  6. yup, totally agree here, it's not worst or super bad, just nothing out of ordinary in this one
  7. some of my friends recommended to try it out so I bought it in GOG for like 1$ or so, man, half-way in story and game is basically: walk forward - solve simple puzzle - walk forward - shoot some guys - walk forward, one huge freaking corridor...guess I should played it back in a days, coz nowadays game aged badly
  8. Did you get tired of saying "bruh"?

    1. PostalDudeRus


      I've tired of everything

      but TBH, I'm not, thanks for asking, I just don't come to this site very often, I open this forum to see if there are any new servers shutdown news or something like that, kinda lost interest to trophies and achievements as this year began

    2. Infected Elite
  9. You support publisher. A company. They'll be OK without your support
  10. I remember messing around with MTU and setting up glitched server myself and boosted XP on same gang hideout which resets itself. Can't recall details correctly, but it is still possible to glitch and boost XP.
  11. Sorry for bad English, next is copypast from different forum. I made new topic because this one was closed. Long story short, about 1-1,5 years ago I was working on a Darksiders II master server emulator (if you ever heard about GoneSpy, it's pretty much same thing) which would allow players to unlock DS2 online trophy without any hacks, CFW or something like that. But project has been abandoned due to lack of knowledge and skills how to pass some problems I end up dealing with so I just gave up, but saved all my files and results. So, I am writing this because now I have found partner who is much-much more experienced in reverse-engineering than I am and he agreed to help me finish my work BUT he asked me to make some posts or topic on trophy hunting communities if it's gonna be helpful or should I say "useful" to community, because otherwise he is not gonna take part in it (and me too, because we both busy with other projects nowadays). Please, response will it found use to trophy hunters. P.S. Please don't get hyped or anything, there are chances it would be impossible to make tool like this, but I can't speak for now for sure. Thank you for attention.
  12. does anybody can recommend some guitar songs from video games? I'm going to setup a live twitch mini-concert with one guitar and no vocals, need some recommendations, thanks

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    2. Parker


      I've always enjoyed the Legendary Theme from Gitaroo Man. 



    3. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz


      Can't go wrong with Crazy Chocobo! Although it does have words, my bad 😝

    4. AK-1138





  13. Tried to play original Crash Bandicoot games today on VITA, man, they were so easy in 90s but now I managed to get to 50% of game and stuck, I dunno if its vita or not, but my guess I just became too old for games like this

    1. AK-1138


      Crash calluses don't last, friend.

    2. charxsetsuna


      Is getting worse at crash as you get older a universal experience or something.😂


      I had the same issue when I tried to finish the ps3 psn port of the original years ago. 

  14. anybody up for Kane and Lynch 2 Digital boost? Need 2 players for this weekends.

  15. ps plus this month:

    - some shitty battle royal ? nah

    - tennis? nah

    - plants vs zombies ? HELL YEAH