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  1. time + practice = skill
  2. Awesome guide, very detailed. About Soul Calibur 6 - it's easily Tier 2 game. Only fighting series I know how to play and haven't skipped a title. It's perfect for beginner, but also require time to learn how to play it in order to get platinum.
  3. Imagine thinking unlockable icons on gaming network making you unique somehow. I always thought people hunting trophies because they like unlocking things, not for showing off and caring about other people's opinion.
  4. With Iron Curtain back in Russia I totally lost interest in trophy hunting (but still game from time to time), got myself few educational books about music theory (about both theoretical and practical aspects) and ordered Jerusalem by Moore (haven't received one yet tho), went to doctors to finally fix my health issues and began to focus on more important aspects of my life than gaming. I am not saying culture isolation is great thing, but when you lose access to mass culture and it's influences it really feels like mind-cleansing, both in terms of money investments (games, movies, streaming services, etc) and hobbies prioritizes. Thanks for reading.

  5. I did installed game last time I played on HDD from disc and never had problems with it. You can go for psychical or digital game, it doesn't really matters.
  6. plat #117 doom 3 [PS3]

    platinum could be more enjoyable if they unlocked Nightmare difficulty by default

    still a good game tho

    1. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎉🎺🎊 


      I wish Nightmare was unlocked from the start in any version of DOOM 3 too. I mean we’ve all played it a million times already, just let us suffer it out from the beginning xD PS3 load times are pretty bad for that one 😴

    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. MidnightDragon



  7. If you mean this, then yes one of my pages for memes and shitposts. Glad you like stuff, thanks.
  8. But seriously, I spend less and less time on gaming, I don't have Television at home, more time on books and hobbies such as music producing and voice acting. I would say I had bad habits with gaming and trophies back in a days, but realization of how much time I waste on useless icons on gaming network made me reconsider a lot.
  9. Playing DOOM 3 BFG Edition on PS3 now, I don't get it why they bind "equip fists" on dpad, like, who needs fists ASAP during fight with demons? They could bind it shotgun or chaingun or plasmagun, you know, most useful weapons. But they choose "grenades, fists and soul cube"

  10. Sony restoring previously blocked PlayStation functions for Russian players such as PS+ games are available again, you can redeem codes and etc. (it was disabled for almost 3 weeks). Which makes me think, did they really cared about "anti-war" thing? My guess it was excuse due to ruble going down to stop sales in RU segment, because ruble is now back to state before UKR military campaign and they make changes exactly in time. Or it is just a coincidence.

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    2. Darling Baphomet

      Darling Baphomet

      As a rule, corporations do not care about social issues. They care about money. It is weird that they restored service so quickly, though. I suppose because press around the war is slowly dying down, and Sony doesn't like the hit to their profits?


      I don't think punishing regular people was ever the right way to go in this matter, anyway. Where was the punishment for US citizens back when we were invading Iraq?

    3. Dauersack


      Basically the "I support current thing" mentality on display. In todays media it would have looked suspicious had they not jumped onto the train too and at least half assed something to virtue signal, just pretending for a short while and then going back to the old status was an easy way to avoid a potential shitstorm. Big Companies generally have absolutely no real interest in any social issues, they will follow along if there is money to be made with it, or pretend to follow in order to avoid possible loss of money via reputation damage for showing their lack of interest openly, but generally one should never assume that a company actually cares.

    4. Silver-I-Chariot


      I didn't find any news about it. There were a couple of russian sites claiming that SOME people can buy games IF they have money on the psn account left AND by searching for specific games. And that they think it might be some sort of error on Sony's part. In any case, it is very very limited at the moment and I wouldn't go as far as to say psn in Russia is back.

  11. Sony joined Russophobia marathon: PS Store is not working in RU and PS Plus functions (expect for online gaming) is not available. Gonna see if it's possible to refund PS Plus coz I won't receive "free" games and whole "PS Plus" section on PS4 is just empty lmao

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    2. AJ_Radio


      I feel real sorry for you. I really do. Your government is run by a bunch of psychos so it's no surprise why the rest of the western world is trying to cut ties with Russia.


      The best you can do is sit this one out and hope for the best.

    3. PostalDudeRus


      @Jelly Soup I'm ok with everything people post here or anywhere else, it's always fun to see what foreigners post about what like is living in Russia, dunno where there taking info from tho, probably news or other propaganda sources 

      @AJ_Radio worry about yourself. Still, I am so glad that other countries run by pure and innocent people, especially US and other Western bloc members, never causing wars or invading eastern countries for resources.


      I hate "online politics professors" who understand each and every aspect of modern history and conflict reasons and can't think past what local news telling them. If only life could be that simple.

    4. AJ_Radio


      I can tell you from experience that the 'American' way isn't doing it for us anymore. Our country isn't run by pure and innocent people, far from it. England isn't much better.


      And I wouldn't rely on mainstream media. It's all propaganda and they blow everything out of context. It's been that way here for decades. Local news, while I feel it has gone downhill as well, has more passionate news reporters and journalists who have more care for the area that they're covering.


      Mainstream media just wants a story that is a big spectacle so it generates views and money. That's all they care about.

  12. I dunno if people brainwashed on Ukraine situation or something, but I see people unsubbing from me on socials just because I am Russian. And I never posted/spoke anything regarding politics. Also, level of racism/hate towards RU segment people are worst than ever, can't even see Reddit feed without someone calling RU with bad words. It really feels like discrimination/hate crime is not a thing if you from Russia nowadays. But what really surprises me that how many people suddenly became professors in politics, especially blaming Russia in all war crimes possible, but never really thought about what US or UN or NATO did to Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somali, Libiya, Syria and now, some country you know it's name.

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    2. Slava


      Normal people on the internet can't do or say anything to our government, so they pick the next target. Which usually happens to be a normal Russian guy. The ironic part is that the kind of Russian people you see on the EN sites are the ones who condemn the recent events. 


      One example I find most disgusting and nonsensical is how people shit on our protesters saying they're not doing enough. Bruh, you're targeting the only people who did something knowing they're taking a risk being arrested or beaten up. 


      To be fair, I see a lot of comments like the ones above from understanding and supportive people from different countries. I also appreciate people who offer help to Ukrainians as well as Russians. 



    3. dmland12


      As an American who opposed the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq at the time (yes, I'm getting old and I was deep in the minority here on Afghanistan at the time for sure), I fully understand that there are bound to be a lot of Russians that don't agree with their government's actions here, but are powerless to really stop it.  I wish more people would keep that in mind when interacting with others online.  It's really the least we can do.

    4. Lance_87


      All "professors in politics" are former "professors in virology", that's the worst part. I see the same passive-aggressive behaviour as before.

  13. Invasion is live if anyone intrested
  14. hope to finish MKX to 100% today, just need 5 XP levels or so

  15. I haven't played Twin Mirrors too, but Life is Strange 2 was AWFUL and I don't believe it's possible to make something worse.