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  1. Platinum absolutely. DLC doubtful.
  2. The Cyberpsycho Sightings "Six Feet Under", "Bloody Ritual", "Where The Bodies Hit The Floor", "Demons Of War", "LT. Mower" and "Ticket To The Major Leagues" which are located in Watson are not required for this trophy. You may try to finish it as it is, but make sure you complete one job that only available at in-game evening around 8 pm.
  3. For some reason I can't automatically update PS3 via Internet, it gives me 8002f82b error and also official site link is broken. I am in RU region. Here is link to update page. Is there workaround to this? BTW, I don't know how to contact support in my region. Any advice?
  4. Yeah, one huge commando trying to censor everything that isn't "right" by their standards. Thanks! Just done updating, thanks everyone for help, guys.
  5. Nah, it just keeps loading forever. Like I said about ROSKOMNADZOR, they are blocking sometimes Amazon domain names and IP's which leads to problems with connection to popular services like PSN and many other. Last year we had problem, 2 weeks PSN wasn't available for Russian users. I use one ISP on my home internet connection (which PS3 shares) and different ISP for smartphone, it works on my phone like it should, but PS3 or PC just can't reach that file.
  6. It leads nowhere for me, but It works on my smartphone 4G connection. Damn ROSKOMNADZOR messing around with Internet.
  7. Nah, link is broken for me, looks like it's my ISP fault, asking friend to download it for me...
  8. Memes: Making memes, mostly shitposting and mostly in Russian. (I also have page on VK social network, but it's not very popular outside of Russia, so I won't leave link here). Streams: Sometimes I stream stuff, usually there are about 20~ people watching me, crazy numbers to be honest. Since I stream once per week or even less lately. Voice-over: Few month ago decided to study voice over acting, I have plans to become freelance voice actor. Music: Writing mostly dark-ambient type or sampling sounds/making sound textures from sounds I gather on field recordings trips with my portable recorder around city and beyond... ...and work, boring stuff. I found myself spending less and less time on gaming and especially trophy hunting. If I do play games, mostly some old stuff from GOG.COM, gladly they don't have achievements on every game, I am damned trophyholic and completionist and I hate it most of the times.
  9. Best Far Cry clone I've ever played. Game is stupid, has horrible plot full of holes and most boring characters you'll ever see in games. And it also fundamentally broken and outdated, not talking about bugs, in-game RPG-system is not just working and whole game progression is not making any sense BUT... It's still fun to mess around with. You should try it, I recommend PC version tho, but PS4 Pro is pretty much playable. Here is my little review on this game.
  10. Shitty port, yes, but playable. Once I've beat it, I tested PC version on Ultra and it just great. There are discounts on Ubisoft Store right now, FC3 about 2-3 bucks.
  11. now that's what I call bruh moment
  12. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 pre-orders are up + new trailer and physical editions info

  13. Anybody knows how to check play time on PS4? I can see how much time I wasted in game via GOG Galaxy integration (meaning its available via API) but how to see it on console itself?

    1. DrBloodmoney


      would be a nice feature to have for sure, though, for me, I would really want it to be able to tell me how much time was actually playing, and how much was idle, after I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 3am to either a game-over screen, or some very bored looking NPCs waiting for an answer to the question they asked 4 hours ago... 😂

    2. PostalDudeRus


      @DrBloodmoney some games include in-game statistics like GTA for example, they tell you how much time you wasted on silly things instead of actually doing stuff, lol

    3. gruffiiti


      @DrBloodmoney It seems we game the same way. Sometimes I get up at 3am and go to bed.. other times I just roll over and say to hell with it. 😂

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  14. dunno why, but it's always funny to see how people monopolize whole recent status updates feed on main page

    1. PostalDudeRus


      Like core idea behind article, but whole point is not clear. Change videogames to different hobby or any other time consuming activity and you will get same result

  15. Last trophy earned 2 weeks ago, Last post here 3 weeks ago. Looks like I'm about to finally lose interest in earning trophies. Not only trophies tho, once Sony announced  legacy stores closure I've immediately decided to stop using their stuff in future.

  16. You are welcome! I have this guide explaining how to get every non-coop boostable online trophy here. And yes, if you played coop without problems it's just you being unlucky, I've never had issues with ranked/non-ranked games. Try to do it later or just vs AI those are pretty easy trophies tbh.
  17. Means they gonna include more microtransactions and slotmachines
  18. It's kinda funny and sad at same time. Funny because they are forced to manufacture CELL's to this days (even if it's modified and cost not so much as they used to be 15 years ago). And sad because they could spend money to develop CELL low-level interpolator or translator and use it on PS5 hardware or even their PS Now machines to lower the cost. But my guess there more problems in emulation, CELL is not the only issue.
  19. I know little about PS Now coz it's unavailable in my country, but isn't that actually emulation of a PS3 titles? I don't think there are PS3-based hardware machines running games you launch via PS Now. Probably they use super-computers to maintain connection to majority of people, but my guess is that they PS Now is software-based emulation, which gives idea of possiblity of backward compatibility even on PS4. Sony doesn't want to release emulator on their system because it will drain down PS Now idea (and their $$$ invested).
  20. You trying to compare Indie game with over-popular (at the time) Battle Royal and Sport game...
  21. Dude blames Dark Mirror poor sales as cause of piracy. Man I've played it and it sucked, piracy is not causing poor sales (see Deus Ex Mankind Divided being cracked after year of release and how poorly it sold due to stupid marketing and game length). This game he talks about, Days Gone, actually one of the worst "AAA-copy past" of last years. They make games every time by same god damn template: open-world,crafting,camps to clear, poor-rpg related things like skills and upgrades and stuff, I hate when every company tries to act like Ubisoft-wanna be. If your game is awesome, innovative and unique = PEOPLE WILL PAY FOR IT. If you spend 70% of budged on marketing and rest on actual game, don't be surprised.
  22. Absolutely same here, me and my friend came to this conclusion day-one. Like, they tried to boost sales of old stuff for higher price, lmao.
  23. I wounder what people who spend tons of money on DLCs and games feel right now
  24. On personal experience, FarCry 2 due to ultra glitchy online mode and overall time needed to finish it.