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  1. I dunno if people brainwashed on Ukraine situation or something, but I see people unsubbing from me on socials just because I am Russian. And I never posted/spoke anything regarding politics. Also, level of racism/hate towards RU segment people are worst than ever, can't even see Reddit feed without someone calling RU with bad words. It really feels like discrimination/hate crime is not a thing if you from Russia nowadays. But what really surprises me that how many people suddenly became professors in politics, especially blaming Russia in all war crimes possible, but never really thought about what US or UN or NATO did to Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somali, Libiya, Syria and now, some country you know it's name.

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    2. DaivRules


      It’s almost like humans have never moved past associating similar things like a 3 year old when international conflicts happen. Recent enough US history should show is the Japanese internment camps after Pearl Harbor were pure ignorance, as was all the mouth-breathers yelling after 9/11. It’s now just all celebrated ignorance on the internet that people wear like they’re proud of it. And a decade and a half of people shit posting and trolling and moved the line on human decency with people hiding behind “it’s just words, there is no harm in reading them!” While it’s enabled more people than ever to see all the ignorant hate as normalized and think it’s okay, and then push the line even further. It’s really sad all around when people could be so much better than this. 

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      Sad part: Most of the people in Russia are just innocent bystanders in all of this. It's really sad to see sorts of racist generalizations being thrown around anywhere. As if being cut off from the rest of the world financially wasn't bad enough...


      My thoughts and prayers go out to all who are suffering from this. I'd like to say it'll get better soon, but I really can't say that with much confidence.

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      People forget that Russia has innocent parties as well. I highly doubt all the citizens wanted this. I wouldn't doubt there are a few but the vast majority want peace. I don't hate Russia, i don't hate Ukraine. I am staying out of it tbh. I will say that it makes no sense for companies like NHL to withdraw Russia teams from games, or WWE to remove their services, because again, it only hurts the innocent bystanders in all of this. They did nothing, the President did, and i highly doubt he gives a damn about watching wrestling or playing video games.


      I wish I could say i hope it all ends soon, but nobody knows. Just hope anyone who can get away, gets away. 

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