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  1. saw new GoW, quite nice parody

  2. Sorry for bad English, next is copypast from different forum. I made new topic because this one was closed. Long story short, about 1-1,5 years ago I was working on a Darksiders II master server emulator (if you ever heard about GoneSpy, it's pretty much same thing) which would allow players to unlock DS2 online trophy without any hacks, CFW or something like that. But project has been abandoned due to lack of knowledge and skills how to pass some problems I end up dealing with so I just gave up, but saved all my files and results. So, I am writing this because now I have found partner who is much-much more experienced in reverse-engineering than I am and he agreed to help me finish my work BUT he asked me to make some posts or topic on trophy hunting communities if it's gonna be helpful or should I say "useful" to community, because otherwise he is not gonna take part in it (and me too, because we both busy with other projects nowadays). Please, response will it found use to trophy hunters. P.S. Please don't get hyped or anything, there are chances it would be impossible to make tool like this, but I can't speak for now for sure. Thank you for attention.
  3. yup, totally agree here, it's not worst or super bad, just nothing out of ordinary in this one
  4. some of my friends recommended to try it out so I bought it in GOG for like 1$ or so, man, half-way in story and game is basically: walk forward - solve simple puzzle - walk forward - shoot some guys - walk forward, one huge freaking corridor...guess I should played it back in a days, coz nowadays game aged badly
  5. You support publisher. A company. They'll be OK without your support
  6. I remember messing around with MTU and setting up glitched server myself and boosted XP on same gang hideout which resets itself. Can't recall details correctly, but it is still possible to glitch and boost XP.
  7. After many days of running tests and analyzing traffic via my MikroTik router I think I found solutions for online connection issue/bug and find out it why it happens. But first things first. As for 07.04.2020 I gathered a lot of info about online issues and here is how you can play with your friends online without problems. Here is how to figure out what might be wrong with your Internet connection: Problem 1: If you go to online menu or start co-op and your console freezes. That's really bad and you need to port forward every port I listed below. This also might be problem related to your ISP or if you using old router. Solution: Always best solution is using NAT 1 type of connection (without router, directly to Internet from PS3). But you can try to use DMZ for test, See if your console using UPnP function. And try to reconfigure your router settings as listed here. Also, see workarounds section below. Problem 2: You host game, and your partner trying to join you - but he gets error "Unable to connect, search for another game". That means you might have stable connection to EA and RA3 servers, ports needed for stable game are seems to be open (but we can't say for sure for now) and game hosted. But your partner might have issues on his side. Solution: Ask your partner to use DMZ (or port forward) or NAT 1. For now we can be almost sure it's your partner problems trying to reach your hosted game. Problem 3: You managed to host game, your partner joins you...but can't see your PSN ID in co-op partner small window. Solution: Good news, you have perfect connection for this game. But bad news..your partner doesn't. Again, ask your partner to use DMZ, port forward or change their connection to NAT 1. As you can see, most of the solution goes to using NAT1, DMZ and Port Forwarding, but BE WARNED some router models (like my old DIR-320) doesn't port forward or doesn't port forward as they MUST to AND sometimes your ISP can be asshole and give you cheapest routers possible to work with OR they might block ports on their site (outside of your router connection) if you do everything possible but game still dosen't work - contact ISP, they will help you (remember, you paying them for it). Now summary workarounds: GAME FREEZES when you select online game or game kicks you out of game when you start online match in 5-10 minutes: This also help if you got kicked out by game. Re-login in PSN being in menus and try playing again. NAT1: Enable NAT 1 for both (or for Host only) Host and Client (I tested with me as host with NAT 1 and my partner used DMZ, connection was perfect) . Basically, put ISP internet cable into PS3 and configure network settings. Your ISP may use PPPoE, that's ok, PS3 can authorize with PPPoE. DMZ: Put console in DMZ on your router settings. But don't forget to make your local PS3 IP static. You can set manual IP in PS3's settings or in your LAN settings on Router (better that way). THIS IS SAFE as long if you put your console in DMZ. This will make an firewall-free zone between Internet and your local firewall and PS3 will accept all incoming traffic "as it is" without additional routing or NAT'ing. (This is not accurate description, but It's simplest explanation I can came up with). Port Forward: Port forward ports stated on page 19 in RA3 manual. But don't forget to make your local PS3 IP static. You can set manual IP in PS3's settings or in your LAN settings on Router (better that way). I analyzed traffic when you connecting to game and I write here all actual ports game using. PSN (PS3): TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480, 5223, 8080 UDP: 3478, 3479. RA3: TCP:80, 443, 5223, 8080, 9946, 10000, 18290, 18295 UDP: 9946, 9570, 3659, 6000, 3478, 3479 VPN: NOT TESTED BY ME VPN I can easly host VPN server (L2TP, mscahpv2) and you can connect to it using your router or PC + PS3. But, I would suggest using router vpn-client function because setting up PC as getaway for PS3 is not easy for average user. But, If you know how to do it but have questions - shoot away in comments I will guide you. So, if you know someone with this game or you want to get this platinum nowadays PLEASE share this thread or PM me. Anything can help. Until its too late and servers went down. Here is PSNProfiles Session link.
  8. does anybody can recommend some guitar songs from video games? I'm going to setup a live twitch mini-concert with one guitar and no vocals, need some recommendations, thanks

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    2. Parker


      I've always enjoyed the Legendary Theme from Gitaroo Man. 



    3. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz


      Can't go wrong with Crazy Chocobo! Although it does have words, my bad 😝

    4. AK-1138





  9. Tried to play original Crash Bandicoot games today on VITA, man, they were so easy in 90s but now I managed to get to 50% of game and stuck, I dunno if its vita or not, but my guess I just became too old for games like this

    1. AK-1138


      Crash calluses don't last, friend.

    2. charxsetsuna


      Is getting worse at crash as you get older a universal experience or something.😂


      I had the same issue when I tried to finish the ps3 psn port of the original years ago. 

  10. anybody up for Kane and Lynch 2 Digital boost? Need 2 players for this weekends.

  11. ps plus this month:

    - some shitty battle royal ? nah

    - tennis? nah

    - plants vs zombies ? HELL YEAH

  12. Reason why I dropped this game is how slow it is compared to RDR1
  13. To connect from PS3 directly via PPPoE passing your router. This might help.
  14. I'll check your settings later, but can you disconnect ISP cable from router like for a few hours? Maybe your roommate fine with this?
  15. You mean your ISP wouldn't allow you to connect w/ PPPoE using your PS3 device? Ask them how you can get to NAT1 connection. My ISP offering cheap payed service for NAT1 connection, like 5$ per month. And don't forget about port forwarding, I used MikroTik router and setup firewall correctly for game to reach servers
  16. Set static IP for PS3 on router to bypass dhcp, check guides on internet by googling your router model
  17. 1 - If you have router capable of making statistic over network stability (like MikroTik) you can check if there are huge packages loss happening between PS3 and Router. 2 - You can also leave PC or something with PING command on terminal to see if router losses WiFi connection with console. Like, "ping x.x.x.x -t", x is PS3 IP. Once PS3 disconnects from PSN check terminal for stats. 3 - If there are losses you can buy cheap wifi repeater to make signal stronger. Anyway, wired connection is recommended. But, it can also happen because of your router messing things up, sadly there is no way to diagnose it if router is not having features like log file or any other test related function. It may be NAT messing up, it may be package loss, it may be firewall, it may be dhcp lease error, it may be anything...
  18. It's not CMM related, It's base game "Mastermind" about 30 Platinum awards. Your best option is to contact R* support ASAP, they will reset your progress to the point before hacker decided to mess up with your progress.
  19. Game was originally developed for portable systems and then was ported to consoles and PC year later after release. Can't recall any difference between them tbh.
  20. Anyone willing to boost COD AW PS3 HAVOC DLC I have session planned tomorrow, you can join it here:



    Hate idiots sending request to join session and not even responding to DM and not showing up. Those people really should be banned from gaming session section.

  21. Can't say same about PS4, it feels like there is input lag or something, It's still perfect on PC, feels absolutely smooth at 60+ fps. And funny thing, if you cap PC version on 30 fps, there is no input lag feel to it like on PS4 PRO. Strange.
  22. Platinum absolutely. DLC doubtful.
  23. The Cyberpsycho Sightings "Six Feet Under", "Bloody Ritual", "Where The Bodies Hit The Floor", "Demons Of War", "LT. Mower" and "Ticket To The Major Leagues" which are located in Watson are not required for this trophy. You may try to finish it as it is, but make sure you complete one job that only available at in-game evening around 8 pm.
  24. For some reason I can't automatically update PS3 via Internet, it gives me 8002f82b error and also official site link is broken. I am in RU region. Here is link to update page. Is there workaround to this? BTW, I don't know how to contact support in my region. Any advice?
  25. Yeah, one huge commando trying to censor everything that isn't "right" by their standards. Thanks! Just done updating, thanks everyone for help, guys.