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  1. Servers are definitely closed already, I'm playing daily for a while now and could never get online. I have downloaded the Android version out of curiosity and cannot connect there either.
  2. If they add DLC trophies, they *might* have me hostage day one. Otherwise, I'm not buying anything.
  3. I've downloaded the game before doing any research, and the online doesn't even connect. It seems the digital owners like me who had not activated an online pass before are out of luck getting online now.
  4. I tried contacting EA forums/support but the answers were pretty terrible/non answers.
  5. I agree with the 5/10. The plat requirements are simple and time attack is easy, but getting gold for all Tropical Rush levels require agility and some luck too.
  6. Speaking of which, PSNP has a character limit similar to PS3. The PS4 allows for a longer description and PSNP cuts it to PS3 character limit. Would be nice if this was increased.
  7. Having trouble as well. The playerbase is split by console and then by region, comes as no surprise I cannot find matches either. If anyone wants to boost, I have a gaming session available.
  8. PS3 - 6 years (2010) PS Vita - 4 years (2012) PS4 - 2 years (2013)
  9. Hi guys, I have also managed to unlock both Throwdown and Honor Upheld trophies today by following *exactly* the same methods described by crisding89 and NaganoJPN. Thanks so much for sharing it, guys, would never gotten it otherwise. Some additional tips and observations for those who will venture into getting Honor Upheld: - When looking for people in the Leaderboards and sending friend requests, explain the situation in the friend request. Save time by sending messages only to active players, have your PSNProfiles page sort games by "last played" and see when they were last online. Mailing someone who last earned a trophy in 2014, for example, is largely a waste of time. - You need to find an active player who had the game in early 2012 and did NOT play the game after mid 2012 (as said, if he or she submited a new score, they will be gone forever from the leaderboards!). - When you finally find someone, a common reply is "I don't own the game anymore". You can quickly overcome this if the player is a PS Plus subscriber (trust me most are), just tell them the game is free this month for PS Plus users. I know it is a lot to ask, but the person who helped me did download the game again especially to help. - Let the player know he will also earn both rare online trophies, it may be an extra incentive to help you out! - The player who helped me had trouble accepting the challenge with the game open. It was best, as said by posters above, for the older player to accept the challenge with the game closed. - I accepted the other player's challenge with the game open, as described by NaganoJPN. Waited in the games screen, when I got the game alert notification I backed out to the main screen, the challenge was listed in the bottom where Near suggested players are. Just accepted the challenge, beat it, and got the trophy. Best of luck to everyone who decides to go after this one, and get to work! I agree it is indeed a shame because it is a fun game. BigBigStudios is closed, so unless Sony does something server side (which seems to be what broke things), a patch is not coming. I don't think Sony's support will be bothered much either, because we as trophy hunters are a minority, unfortunately. So for those who really want the trophy, the workaround of this thread is the best shot at it. Regardless, it is just a bronze. Most players will not 100% this game even if they do get the online done, so the Platinum is far out of reach for 99% of people anyway.
  10. Uncharted 3 launched in November 2011 when PS3 had a 56 million userbase. Uncharted 4 launched in May (some of the slowest months for gaming) when PS4 has an userbase of just over 40 million. Considering November is holiday season and the PS3 had a 40% higher userbase than the PS4 has now, Uncharted 4's 2.7 million sales should be just fine for Sony.
  11. My ranking is 2 > 3 > 4 > 1 > Golden Abyss.
  12. Same is happening to me, but the trophy for 1000 kill just unlocked while I was trying for "Accidentally all the guns" during Encounter Select.
  13. Yes it still works, you can see it unlocked in my trophy list today. Did it today as of 1.04 patch (note that I have finished the game on 1.00 though, played from disc).
  14. Don't you agree with him though? The difficulty settings don't apply to the overly repetitive climbing sections, so it completely makes sense that only the encounters do measure one's skill on a higher difficulty. I really love the Uncharted universe, but especially for Uncharted 4 the game feels way too long/dragged out. Guess ND was afraid of "game is too short/linear!" critics like The Order 1886 suffered, and filled the game with tons of walking, driving and climbing around. The mechanics get repetitive and often I was itching for combat and to be done with it already. The pacing of this game is very different from Uncharted 2.
  15. This is it. I don't think it should be punishable as he is doing something completely within the rules of PlayStation, no use of external hacks etc. The speed run time is still impressive, it still takes some planning to get stuff done that fast, if anyone feels bothered by it go ahead and use the same mechanics, that's my opinion.