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  1. Just confirming that guide worked for me as well, thank you for linking it!
  2. Can anyone help me with Omnivore (every food) and A Barking Fox Doesn't Bite (barking at the roamer)? These are the last 2 trophies I need for the platinum. Edit: The thread got restored... weird but okay... guessing I wont be hearing anything about why it was removed in the first place?
  3. These are the last 2 I need, I'd greatly appreciate any help. Thank you. Great game btw.
  4. Fastest that's not a meme/auto plat would be... Jak 2 in 25 seconds with Debug Menu strat... which alright sure that's kind of a meme but whatever lol
  5. Yeah I just got hit by this as well and had to redo chapter 2, I also played blind due to reading all the trophies were story related/unmissable and wanted my experience to be fresh (I try to avoid using any kind of help until I complete a game myself first, then will using guides to cleanup what I missed). Regardless I'm actually glad I played this without using a guide, those puzzles were very satisfying to figure out on my own as hard as quite a few of them were; they were very well designed and made me have to really think outside the box a lot, which I love seeing such unique puzzles and solutions in games.. The game itself also surprised me I thought it was excellent and much better than I was expecting.
  6. You can find all the trivia and how to trigger them here, this helped me get the last ones I needed.
  7. What's it to you what they do?
  8. You're quite welcome, I'm so glad to hear that my post helped you out. Congratulations!
  9. Good luck, really hope you get this one way or another, also sooner rather than later.
  10. your trophy cabinet is great

    1. Saxton3234


      Hey thanks. :)

  11. Actually I loaded my cloud save that was at the end of chapter 8 after shooting Laura/not stabbing Bobby didn't pop it for me, afterward I tried again from the exact same point/save then stabbed Bobby and didn't shoot with Ryan which resulted in everyone in the room being killed, then I made another cloud save at the beginning of the Eliza scene after chapter 9 (which prompted the game to start updating as I was on 1.00) I stayed online but still immediately loaded the save still on 1.00 which placed me at the Chapter 9 Eliza scene, once I chose "Move On" the trophy (and platinum) popped this time.
  12. Yes.
  13. I didn't listen to the podcast in chapter 7 (just used the phone) or look at the window in chapter 9 (just played the piano). I also don't think I "encountered" her as Abi in chapter 3 but I heard her voice 1 time before I got to the end after I grabbed the card there. The other encounters were unavailable to me due to the characters having them having died already. I still got the trophy, also after chapter 9.
  14. Best of luck! Also gonna use this post to show the video just for potential future reference:
  15. Just popped it and the Platinum in Chapter 9, here's exactly what I did: Major Spoilers Below btw, not gonna hide Miscellaneous: -I'm on PS5 Disc Version. (Obviously) -Reverted to 1.00 after getting every other trophy on 1.02, didn't delete any saves, started a brand new game from scratch last night. (so obviously No Chapter Select and I Saved + Stopped at the end of Chapter 8 so I did NOT play it all in one go) -I selected "Move On" at every opportunity (obviously) -At the tail-end of Chapter 9 (Beginning of Eliza Scene) I backed my save to the cloud. -I stayed online, the game started to download the update but I immediately loaded the save still on version 1.00 (loaded the beginning of the Eliza Scene) I'd just backed up. -All Accessibility settings were on their defaults. -I didn't immediately commit to "move on" I kinda just spammed left on the... left analog stick sometimes letting the gauge fill close to the left, sometimes just spamming left however looking back on the video the trophy popped before I officially selected but I really thought I didn't see it pop until after I selected it officially... even more strangely despite my settings to capture screenshots for "All Trophy Grades" it missed the screenshot for both the trophy itself and the platinum however it did capture the platinum video as I have it set to capture 15 second platinum videos. -I shooed away the Raven by the radio hut in chapter 1, interacted with the Phone with Laura in Chapter 7 (as well with Dylan in Chapter 2 fwiw), and played the Piano in Chapter 9. I can't remember if I did anything else special or "trivial" but don't think I did? I ignored pretty much all of the other non-essential collectibles (except the Bloated Corpse in Evidence) however I did get every card besides Justice as I drowned Jacob in Chapter 3 by having him dive after the stolen Rotor Arm. I also obviously skipped the Hierophant as I killed off Abi in Chapter 6 and got Emma Infected which let me kill off Dylan in Chapter 8 so there was no one there that could've possibly collected it to begin with. -Speaking of Collectibles, other than all the Tarot Cards available before Chapter 10 (minus Justice and Hierophant) the only other collectibles I obtained were the Bloated Corpse as I already mentioned, the Bloodied Collar, Counselor's Ledger, Spooky Drawing, and Campers Photo. -On the same playthrough (I'd previously had backed up in the end of Chapter 8) I completed the game by shooting Laura with Ryan (I didn't stab Bobby on this run) then let Kaitlyn get killed in the Lodge in Chapter 10 (I broke into the Cabin but didn't grab the Toy and since Abi and Emma weren't there to give her the Silver Shell she was literally screwed with nothing that could save her) and the trophy didn't pop. When I got it what I did differently, besides making my Backup Save when I reached Eliza at the very end of Chapter 9, this time I hesitated with Ryan when he had the opportunity to shoot after I'd stabbed Bobby this time so everyone in the room was killed. Paths (12/15): Prologue + Chapters 1-9 only (All these titles/descriptions are based on version 1.00/pre-patched) Laura & Max -Laura tried to help Max after he was attacked in the storm shelter. -Max was concerned about Laura's wellbeing in the prison. -Laura was sympathetic to Max over his rejection letter. -Laura was supportive of Max during their imprisonment. Above the Law -Laura lied to the cop about the accident on the road. -Laura tried to make a grab for Travis' gun when they were talking in the cell. -Laura shot Travis and left him bleeding in her cell. -Laura did not shoot Constance. -Laura did not attack Jedediah. -Laura and Travis killed each other during the chaos at the Hackett House. A Fool's Errand -Jacob removed the rotor arm from the minivan. -The minivan failed to start, so the counselors couldn't leave Hackett's Quarry. -The rotor arm fell out of Jacob's pocket when he was swimming in the lake. -Jacob chose to dive into the lake in search of the rotor arm. -Jacob got his hand caught when grabbing the rotor arm. -Jacob drowned. Down the Rabbit Hole -Abi chose to help Emma break into the cabin. -Abi was able to explore inside the cabin. -Abi left her backpack in the lodge kitchen. -Kaitlyn, Abi and Nick were able to hide in the cabin without alerting the creature. -Dylan was bitten by the creature when trying to hook up the feedback loop. Playing with Fire -Emma chose not to take the fireworks with her. -Emma fired the shotgun into the air when rejoining the others. -Emma found nothing of use left at the firepit. -Without the fireworks, Emma was left defenseless against the attacking werewolf. -Emma was attacked and bitten, leaving her infected. Watch Your Step -Dylan chose not to open the trapdoor. Pieces of Silver -Abi came to Nick's aid when he was attacked in the woods. -Nick appreciated Abi trying to help him during the attack. -Abi chose not to shoot Nick. -Nick transformed into a monster and decapitated Abi. Finders Keepers -Ryan struggled to navigate through the woods. -Ryan heard a rustling in the bushes and took a shot, adding to Nick's injuries. ??? Helping Hand -Ryan decided to sever Dylan's hand. -Ryan used the chainsaw to sever Dylan's Hand. -Dylan's infection stopped spreading. The White Whale -Laura shot Travis when escaping her cell. -Ryan didn't shoot anyone during the ordeal at the Hackett House. -Ryan was mauled to death by Chris Hackett. Teambuilding -Kaitlyn had to brave the scrapyard alone. -Kaitlyn barely escaped the werewolf in the scrapyard. ??? A Pound of Flesh -Ryan chose not to remove the knife from his stab wound. -Ryan had to be careful not to exacerbate his injury as he fled from Bobby. -Ryan removed the knife from his wound and stabbed Bobby. -Ryan chose to accept Laura's offer to bite him. -Bobby was weakened and unable to defend himself against Chris. ??? Final Thoughts: Don't think I have much else to say other than I wish everyone else attempting to pop this trophy before the inevitable patch the best of luck and if this post helps even just one person do just that then this whole experience was completely worth it, mad respect to this community for coming together for this cause. And remember: what doesn't kill you will make you stronger!