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  1. To add to this it has to be time to sort new seeds as well + you may need to use salt as an ingredient in Fertilizer at least once before you can talk to Tauemon about it (not sure if the latter is necessary).
  2. I think you find that last enemy in the final story dungeon beyond the point of no return, that was when I got it because after 200 floors in the Endless Ruins I had everyone else, then I got the trophy on my way to the final boss.
  3. Are you really sure you can get a meat in the endless ruins? I'll be honest with you I got floor 200 myself to get the blueprints factoryAi mentioned but I never found a single food item on any floor let alone a mystery meat... Thanks for the tip about the moon though, gonna see if I can make one here. Edit: Alright so the good news is I can craft a moon (gonna save that for last trophy tho) the bad news is I still can't find a mystery meat anywhere. I farmed various gather spots in all the dungeons (except endless ruins as I didn't find a single food item in my 200 run I did yesterday) and had no luck. :/ Final Edit: Finally found it in the Bio Labs... got the plat tho! Thanks for the help.
  4. I apparently got a mystery meat somewhere as it's in my item archive but I guess I never got it back to give to Toriko and I can't find for the life of me find another one anywhere and I know I've fed her everything else.I also don't know how to gaze at the moon with her, I have the rest of the trophies. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks! Wonderful game BTW, I'm sad at how obscure this game is and probably will be. Don't regret my limited edition plus plush purchase one bit.
  5. Some random tips, can't say for sure how helpful these will be as I just got this trophy a couple weeks ago... though be aware this trophy can easily take you weeks (took me 2 after I got all ingredients trophy) to get where you can go days without getting a single recipe... this trophy is extremely grindy and tedious and will absolutely test your patience. *This one doesn't have to do with the game but if you really decide you want this platinum trophy then I highly recommend finding a lot of good listening material (audio-books, binge-worthy youtube channels, etc.) to listen to as you'll be waiting around a lot but will also need to pay attention especially around noon/12PM IGT as that's around when you should expect to find the story npcs you'll get the recipes from. *Make sure to have the 10 story dishes on hand to serve to the npcs as their asking for them means you're getting closer to getting their recipes. -Have you regularly harvested the area where you get fish close to the beach? If so you should have a lot of fish ingredients that can be used to get some easy dishes up for the menu for "regulars" If not,then... -While this method is annoying, sleeping at the inn in your room 3 times back to back will let you harvest both your garden and the area I mentioned above, this can be used to get a lot of different ingredients (in smaller quantities though) at once, though the ones you get are random but if you're really desperate... also don't hesitate to use the indigents location guide posted here if you're low on anything you need. -Try not using the same ingredients in multiple dishes on the menu at the same time unless you can easily get them back as otherwise you'll run out of them very quickly. -You can find basic but helpful ingredients just outside the cafe and can all be gathered very quickly and will (or at least should) respawn after sleeping. I recommend focusing on the rock gathering spots as you'll consistently get things like sugar, salt, rice, flour, etc. from the ones close to the cafe and you'll probably need a lot of those.I suggest examining the "bushy" areas around here where you'll get vegetables like carrots, onions, etc. -I don't think the dishes have to be fancy to get good reviews but getting more intense flavors is probably better but try to have dishes that are at least slighlty... spicy, bitter, salty, etc. (I think "extremely"(?) is what you should aim for if possible though) to go with the the npcs like (I'm almost 100% positive that temperature doesn't really matter for getting good reviews but I'd still try to appease their preferences if possible) -As you find dishes that get at least 4/5 reviews, try to keep those recipes exactly the way they are even if you need to get more ingredients, the story npcs can be very picky and say things like *this tasted better last time!" then proceed to give it a lower review. You're pretty likely to get the exact same review score as last time as long as you keep the recipe the same but YMMV here sadly as they could still decide to troll you and say it tasted better last time anyway but I usually would consistently get the same review scores each time... usually... -Once you find good dishes for every character take those items off the menu until the npcs visit, replacing them with basic dummy recipies for "regulars" to order while waiting for them. After they come update the menu to include their dish; REMEMBER TO DO THIS BEFORE YOU TAKE THEIR ORDER!(this is to save ingredients so other customers don't order these dishes as these are the ones that you'll need to focus on). -When you do the above method make sure the dish you put up for each character is the only one with that specific flavor to guarantee that the NPCs will order what you want them to. e.g. If the visiting npc like spicy food take off all other spicy foods except the one you're about to put back on the menu but again before you take their order! (it's really easy to forget that bolded part...) -Just about everyone as far as I can tell gets Poncho's recipe very soon after post game as their first recipe so I'd try to find good recipes the later story NPCs (in particular the last 5 and Maurice as he was the last one for me but I definitely struggled for a while with getting good recipes he liked...) earlier rather than later though YMMV on the order you'll get them in as it'll probably just come down to luck. Speaking of which... *This was the order I got them in, not sure this'll help but I figure it may be worth posting anyway; Poncho (which I actually already got before I even got the all ingredients trophy...) , Celis and Huey (got both of these the same night within an hour of each other... got them both a couple days after Poncho) Rosetta (a few days later...) Chou Chou (day after Rosetta... I think? Wasn't that much later) Genji (a couple days later), Lanche and Mierre (I got pretty soon after Genji's recipe but don't remember when), Zeff and Maurice which I got both within an hour of each other. Also Zeff only asked for his story dish like 2-4 times before he handed over his recipe, I was getting concerned for a while I was really behind on him as he only started asking for his dish the night before and when I already had 8 of the recipes. I was very surprised (but oh so very relieved...) that I got his reciepe pretty much just before I finally got Maurice's who'd been asking for his dish back when I already had 4 or 5 of the recipes, I'm pretty sure I had to "feed" him the most but I'm not sure, again like I said earlier I struggled to find dishes he liked and probably got quite a few more 3/5 reviews (... or worse) from him than anyone else if I were to guess. *Oh and speaking of giving them their story dishes, once they get to that point for whatever reason they won't ask for their dish every time you see them no matter how many time you talk to them, I was thinking maybe they wont ask for them unless they gave you a good review last time? I have no idea to be perfectly honest...just don't be discouraged if this happens and hope that they ask you for it next time as that may very well be the case. That's really about all I got, sorry I can't recommend the best dishes to have on your menu for them, that really comes down to trial and error and I changed up my menu a lot throughout the whole ordeal at least until the last few as I'd usually run out of ingredients. I feel like you can save time over me by only having their preferred dishes on the menu when they come in as this will save you a LOT of the more important ingredients you'll need. While you're at it, try to make these dishes as high quality as you can but only if you have a lot of quality ingredients to spare. Finally remember to only have one dish of that flavor (spicy, bitter, etc.) on the menu when you take their order to guarantee they'll order the dish you want them to. Oh, and remember to harvest the garden/fish area every 3 in-game days, and (obviously) reset the game without saving if the npcs you need don't visit that day to, you guess it, save ingredients. Hope this helps! YMMV on this one. -
  6. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Edit: Nevermind I got it, can't believe I never thought to browse through youtube playthroughs...
  7. Nope, I definitely didn't have 200 different materials in my inventory when I popped the trophy, but it sure wouldn't hurt to hold onto at least 1 of each so you'll have a good idea of how close you are to it.
  8. I noticed I could buy those items after I loaded my completed save game which puts you before you face the final boss, though I already had everyone (except Lestin) maxed out so it didn't matter for me. I don't think I saw those items for sale before beating the game but I guess I could missed it.
  9. Artifact Collector please. I have the platinum for Uncharted 1 (PS4), Uncharted 2 (PS3 and PS4), Uncharted 3 (PS4), Uncharted 4, and Lost Legacy. 5 Unique Plats.
  10. Okay so explain the entire hour I spent trying to get past that cutscene the first time I installed the game, half hour the second install... then literally first try the final time I installed the game I finally was able to finish the game. You say "install and reinstall do nothing"? I call bull, that's literally what fixed my problem for me... Also I should probably note I installed on the same (standard) PS4 all 3 times, I was having issues downloading this game to my pro so that wasn't an option like I thought it was. Fortunately reinstalling the game, despite what LegacyJKO09's "advice" here says, fixed the problem I was having.
  11. I finally ended up fixing it by reinstalling the game a third time. My advice to anyone possibly affected is to make sure that you download the full 35.4GB because the first two times I downloaded the game the download incorrectly said the game was 32.x GB. So I think for whatever reason I wasn't downloading the full game. The first two times I downloaded the game I did so through the store but the third time I downloaded from the PSPlus tab on the top left on the home menu which was also when I was finally able to fully install/download the game but that could be a coincidence. It's really weird... hope this helps. So no I don't think it was "just a game crash." Also it isn't just me that had this issue, I asked about this on reddit as well and someone said they couldn't progress past the exact same spot as me so it wasn't just me, so I guess his case was also "just a game crash"...? No offense but that response was literally no help whatsoever but thanks for the "advice" I guess...? I mean I'm pretty sure if it was just your average game crash I wouldv'e eventually been able to get past that part without resorting to asking for help in the first place, you know...?
  12. 1) I'm on digital as I got the game for free on PS+ for this month. I always go physical whenever I can. 2) I don't have an external HDD so... 3) REALLY don't want to do this though... I've been playing this on my standard PS4 in my room, so I'm gonna go ahead and try downloading it to my Pro downstairs and download the save from the cloud and hope that works, I really don't wanna do this either though as I prefer playing in my room and will have to download the game yet again (3rd time... also my internet sucks so it'll take forever...again) but it may just be the only way... Thank you very much for the advice though.
  13. Okay so get this I completely wiped my original save and started over completely from scratch, played my way to the exact same spot and once again it keeps crashing at that same exact part no matter what I do and I can't progress any further. This is ridiculous... can anyone offer any advice???
  14. I've literally tried everything to fix this, including reinstalling the game (32GB -_-), rebuilding ps4 database, deleting and restoring my saves, restarted from the previous chapter (Norah) as well as selecting the briefing chapter in chapter select. Literally everything I try ends in the same outcome after the opening scene of Briefing; CE-34878-0. I can't seem to find anyone else who's encountered this so any advice on getting past this part...? Edit: So I also asked this on reddit and a guy said my save probably just got corrupted and I'll have to start from scratch, go figure; well at least I got Uncontrollable out of the way before that point in the game so that should save some effort. It still sucks though.
  15. Easy plat, great game. Highly recommend. Thanks for reading my review.