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  1. Not having to manually download each piece of DLC one by one. Being able to download them all in bulk, or at least queue them all up at once like a shopping list.
  2. Started a new campaign with my PS4 offline. Vanilla version (I own a disc copy). Hadn't finished the campaign yet, but missed the Lazarus labs trials (Rich Get Richer and Saving Throw), so I went back in via Mission Select, and was able to unlock the trophy (had previously gotten 'IDDQD' before on a different save file). So, perhaps it was luck, or playing without patches, or doing it via MIssion Select still works. /shrug Good luck for anyone else struggling with this.
  3. The All Perfects on the Deer stage and All Goods on the Fighting Hearts is a bit annoying. I always say this for any kind of collectathon-type trophy (and make no mistake, this is a collectathon type trophy if you think about it), the trophy requirement should be something like "Get 90% of the required things" to allow for some kind of leeway for those like myself without super great timing (or you know, collecting documents or stars or whatever in other genres). I hesitate to call this a rhythm game; it's a mix of genres and the controls are a bit too loose for my liking. Great game though the Plat requirements are suitably difficult for me. At least a personal 6. A tip for anyone who's not super great at rhythm games/timing: Perfects tend to have an extra frame of delay, while Goods tend to require you to hit things slightly earlier (too early or late obviously nets you an OK).
  4. As of update 7.02 my profile seems to be updating once again with new games 😂
  5. For setting the stage and his grand introduction, Gyoubu for sure. For the feeling of satisfaction (getting parry timings down and such), True Corrupted Monk (still burned through all my heals and a res though 😂). For uniqueness and change of pace, Folding Screen Monkeys (I would've never figured out there was an invisible monkey without a walkthrough, and on my NG+ run I did it in like 5 minutes whereas the first attempt took me almost an hour, lol). For the sheer spectacle, even though I'm not a fan of scripted 'event bosses', Divine Dragon. For the sense of achievement and retribution, Genichiro on subsequent rematches. He really was the first true skill check. I think I've died to him more times than any other boss or enemy, including both Isshins. ...And of course, the Elder Monkey, with special mention to the two around Great Serpent Shrine. You *do not* go there. It's a bad neighbourhood.
  6. Not sure if this is what people are talking about but my own PS4 profile doesn't update the latest games played. As in, the actual PS4 dashboard profile under Games. Maybe it's related to Sony's servers? Because my PSNProfiles has been updating, as does my PSN trophy counts...
  7. Great series, as usual.
  8. Will bump when I get around to trying them myself... Edit: As of today (June 25), the servers still seem to be up and I'm doing the MP.
  9. Agreed. Such a shame because it's a beautiful port. In theory Vita would be a beautiful way to play a beautiful game and personal favorite, but the controls are impossible.
  10. Think this will be cross buy with the Vita version?
  11. Doesn't this game run on Unity? Unity runs like poop on Vita. Hitman GO kept crashing my Vita TV at certain points in the game. To say nothing of the quality of this game (which is pretty mediocre).
  12. Aug 26 2018, bugged for me too. Lol Bethesda.
  13. Old thread but the trophy popped for me when I was following the 'This is THE End' path. Chose to shoot Ashley, and even killed Emily during Episode 8 by failing all the QTEs, so she doesn't even make it to the hotel. Then, did all the QTEs as Chris, and shortly after Ash reads the journal it popped. I wonder if the timing of the trophy is actually supposed to refer to when her mind "snaps" at the realization of all the crazy shit going down when she reads the journal, not the point at which she chooses to "betray" Chris, cos really, Chris chose to kill her in the first place, so this is more of a revenge killing if anything. I also got both "Let eM In" and "The Exorcism of Emily" on prior playthroughs before this. It could just be buggy and has a delayed pop, but that's my two cents. Hope this helps others.
  14. ...and out of the backlog it goes I guess. It's okay though cos I have the Amazon preorder White Kat and 2B costumes; the only ones I'll ever use, but still a shame.