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  1. ...and out of the backlog it goes I guess. It's okay though cos I have the Amazon preorder White Kat and 2B costumes; the only ones I'll ever use, but still a shame.
  2. Before derailing OP's thread with more complaints about mahjong, I just want to also say that I had alot of trouble with the gun abusing boss on the rooftop, as well as the Jingu fight of course. I played on Hard fwiw. I had no Staminans by the time I was fighting Nishiki and relied on the passive healing accessory. I'm the first to admit I'm not great at videogames but I too feel like I'm missing something here. Most times it feels like only Rush style is viable for most fights late game. Absolutely bone headed boss designs. Honestly the Yakuza combat engine isn't as great as people make it out to be. Especially with Kiwami's treatment of styles and how Kiryu never completely feels all that proficient. Granted, I never did finish the Dragon and Komaki styles. Too much grinding.
  3. Not to prematurely judge but based on your profile if most of what you play are big name Western blockbusters then the Vita may not be a viable long term solution as most of its titles are made up of Western indies and Japanese games these days. It still has some great Western games from 3 years back, but if you're expecting a robust library like on PS3/4, you'll be disappointed. It's also a very underwhelming media device. It can still play videos and YouTube through its HTML5 browser, but for whatever reason, it has a cap of < 60 minute video lengths so forget streaming movies and such.
  4. Ty. Got one as well.
  6. Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness. The mini-game is thumb destroying, button destroying, endless grinding. The story and polish in the main game itself was also not great, and it pains me to say this as a Psycho-Pass fan. It's just a very average, at times below average visual novel. Sound Shapes. Death Mode was just awful, thoughtless, and masochistic trophy design. Goes against everything about the game's principles. It was so tedious and bad that I gave up on it. Not even sure how so many people have the Platinum. I understand the PS4/3/Vita trophy dupes, but you'd have to get the Platinum in the first place, and who would want to go through that kind of torture? Need for Speed Most Wanted. Needle Point race. Nigh impossible, Maybe I'm just bad. I've come close to getting 1st place on this race, but never close enough. I always lose speed at the last turn or the game inevitably spawns a car right in front of you and you crash. The sub-native pixel presentation doesn't help either, as stuff is way too small and blurry. I understand it's much easier to achieve on PS3 though, owing to the much better graphical presentation, frame rate and handling of the cars. These stand out because the last 2 I've just given up the Platinums on. The first one reminds me how much I hate grindy trophies. After getting the Platinum in Bloodborne, I'm reminded of how much of a breath of fresh air it is to not have to do tedious crap to get a little achievement picture on my online profile. The worst trophies are the ones that you have to grind tons for, where the gameplay itself isn't compelling enough to justify the grind. Next up are multiplayer tied trophies that prevent you from achieving the Platinum because its locked behind a mode I don't care for, nor care to pay a PS Plus sub to engage in. Lastly, having to play a game more than once or twice is something I'd prefer to avoid. Games with content that is hidden behind a New Game Plus mode are fine. But that's only if the new content doesn't take me a significant time to reach on my 2nd or 3rd go, or if the gameplay is interesting enough to justify my going through it again. Really though, games are games and the true test of patience is whether or not the gameplay or content is good enough to suffer the tedium on the path to getting a Platinum.
  7. Not a crash per se and it may be my PS4 Slim, but as soon as you meet up with Sam and Mathias in the campfire, and just before the QTE with the wolves, my game's audio locked up. Kept having Lara moan and this kept looping, for sheer hilarity. Still had menu control though, so I had to exit the game and load it up again (did not have to close the application). Latest patch and PS4 firmware too.
  8. Not another one of these posts jfc
  9. Easter has always been Easter, and will remain as Easter forevermore. Keke.
  10. Necro'ing an old thread but yeah. Must've tried a bajillion times on both my Vita and my Vita TV. On a maxed out Koenigsegg as well as a stock-ish Bugatti. Either wipe or lose too much speed. Very frustrating to do on Vita; no idea how people are getting this with ease :/
  11. Interested in MP too, at least for the one trophy, but honestly don't know when I'll be firing up the game... Still in shrink wrap... aka. feel free to friends me
  12. It really isn't great. With all the money they're raking in and with all the projects they keep juggling around, you'd think they'd develop a new engine or hire some more programmers to do optimization. Ugh.
  13. A DS4 is like $60 USD right? A PS Vita is $200. Which one would you prefer to replace?
  14. Do it.
  15. Why do we do anything in life? You create or find your own meaning, simple as that. ...As for the matter of PlayStation achievements, there's a few reasons I subscribe to. Collecting: I like that they're tiered according to rarity and value; it's more interesting to show off than a generic, lump cheevo count like Xbox's Gamerscore. Still, some people prefer cumulatively bigger numbers, and that's where the Level/Rank on PS comes into play. I do like building up my level. I just think PlayStaiton's system is more nuanced, though you could argue that relative point value on Xbox's system shows how rare that cheevo is as well. Accomplishment: Trophies *should* test skill, but more often than not, they test patience with tedious grinds, backtracking and whatnot. These are the ones I dislike. Still, the skill based ones give a sense of accomplishment. Appreciation: Many devs don't really respect your time (see: grindy trophies), or are just lazy at implementing achievements, but many achievements do have some thought and fun put into them. It's my way of showing the dev that their hard work is appreciated. It must be discouraging to a developer to see that most people not only do not finish your games, but also don't bother with the effort of seeing and doing all that extra stuff you've laid out for them. Value: With a bit of disposable income, you can get a bunch of games on the cheap nowadays, be it mobile, PC, console, retail, digital, whatever. Sure games are just as expensive as ever, but they've also gone down in price faster and steeper than ever before, with more ways to access this content. Despite being able to accumulate a large backlog without much money invested, it's still a good practice in life to really take time out and evaluate just where your money and time is going. In other words, try playing the games you own instead of looking for the next purchase all the time.