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  1. Ah okay, forgot this was a Kickstarter game. Neat neat. Free....Code?
  2. How are you guys getting codes? YouTubers?
  3. TL;DR Thought my "On the Winning Team" trophy was bugged. Then I went in here to make a big long topic. It popped 3 hours ago but I've just been too mindlessly grinding to notice lmao. IGNORE. Mods please delete topic
  4. I've always had one foot in PClandia and the other in the PlayStation Nation for as long as I've been gaming but its moves like this that've made me pretty disenchanted with SIE for the past year or so and this'll just shift me entirely over to PC and never look back. While I don't expect them to keep supporting legacy consoles forever, this is just incredibly crappy of Sony. It's incredibly short sighted and insulting to their supporters, their customers, their own legacy, really.
  5. Hmmm. Superbeat Xonic is still available for purchase as of March 2021 on the NA Vita storefront. La Mulana indeed appears to be delisted.
  6. Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition Probably my 2nd favourite PS4 game behind Persona 5. Traded in my OG Edition of Light copy in 2019 and felt like a hole was missing in my library. Happy to double dip on an Amazon sale and someday replay this, ideally on a PS5. Yeah the graphical downgrades from being ported over from Switch is unfortunate, but I'm not too picky with visuals, plus the extra content, QoL improvements and supporting this series is worth it. And yes, this version still has the JP reversible cover.
  7. Trying on two different Vitas (1000 & 2000), official firmware at 3.73, NA store region in Canada. Can access PS Store, but not Friends, Trophies nor PS+ cloud storage.
  8. Yes. But you need patience, even more so than usual visual novels in that it lacks a lot of QoL features to the genre. With all said, it's become one of my favourite games, not just VNs.
  9. BioShock is a shooter primarily so for a casual playthrough, it will be easier to take to. There's far fewer things to worry about and it's mostly on rails. Prey is an immersive sim, so it has more of an emphasis on experimentation, exploration and RPG mechanics to consider, plus stealth. It's more demanding because it's spinning more plates around. Like others have said, it's more in line with the recent Deus Ex games than BioShock.
  10. I'm only in Sequence 3 or so but is my map bugged or do I get an ability later to have it display points of interest and collectibles? There also doesn't seem to be a way to track progress for these things. I ask cos say, in the Bayou I would have a treasure icon show up for a place where there was none, or had a treasure spawn in an enemy fort but there was no icon on the map when I went to loot it... Just a whole bunch of jankiness in this game. Always feels like it's going to fall apart (have had 1 crash so far).
  11. Yikes. You'd expect ND of all developers to patch this up. I'm going through my Crushing/Treasure playthrough now and hoping to god I don't encounter this towards the end...
  12. Port of the Nintendo Switch version, which was an enhanced port. You get downgraded graphics compared to the original (hence Switch port), but you get the 16-bit 2D mode, new costumes for everyone, new party member side-stories, JP voice track option, fully orchestrated soundtrack option, QoL improvements like tweaked combat, combat speed up, more party member interactions during combat, the ability to summon mounts anywhere on the overworld, can use the equipment forge anywhere, photo mode, etc.
  13. I've come to accept that I'm not very good at games but sometimes I really wonder about the kinds of people who write guides or vote "lol 5 at most np ez game" vs. average baddies like myself. I struggled on so many fights even in Normal mode for FF7 Remake and just barely clutched out the latter chapters that the prospect of tackling Hard is... let's just say I'm going to have to give it a rest before returning. I appreciate the game for kicking me around though; modern AAAs have gotten a bit too easy, especially those in the Ubisoft style "open world third person stealth action with crafting, collectibles and RPG-lite progression" mold.
  14. Guerrilla and Sony talked up the game as an RPG, going so far as to hire the creative lead of Fallout New Vegas. The actual gameplay however is your typical open-world, third person "action adventure" so I'd say no. By JRPG standards, it might qualify, as you play a predetermined role and the leveling system is on-rails, but it's not made in Japan or inspired by JRPG design and conventions, so it's not that. As a WRPG, it falls flat because you can't really build a character to tackle challenges with a specific skillset. These days, games let you become a god by the end, able to do everything (and most everything you do is go to the place and kill a bunch of dudes). There's no skill checks to hard-gate your progress, other than enemies that out-level you in combat. Dialogue options also bear no consequence on quest or story development, but in that regard the game does let you, strictly speaking, "role play" by choosing the tone of Aloy's responses. In other areas, the game's equipment system offers a bit of power scaling, but gear won't really make a huge difference either and there are really only say 4 tiers of quality, so it's not a Diablo-like either. All in all, I would say no, Horizon isn't an RPG at least in a mechanical sense as that term is so loosely applied these days, maybe because it's a trendy way to market something.
  15. Not having to manually download each piece of DLC one by one. Being able to download them all in bulk, or at least queue them all up at once like a shopping list.
  16. Started a new campaign with my PS4 offline. Vanilla version (I own a disc copy). Hadn't finished the campaign yet, but missed the Lazarus labs trials (Rich Get Richer and Saving Throw), so I went back in via Mission Select, and was able to unlock the trophy (had previously gotten 'IDDQD' before on a different save file). So, perhaps it was luck, or playing without patches, or doing it via MIssion Select still works. /shrug Good luck for anyone else struggling with this.
  17. The All Perfects on the Deer stage and All Goods on the Fighting Hearts is a bit annoying. I always say this for any kind of collectathon-type trophy (and make no mistake, this is a collectathon type trophy if you think about it), the trophy requirement should be something like "Get 90% of the required things" to allow for some kind of leeway for those like myself without super great timing (or you know, collecting documents or stars or whatever in other genres). I hesitate to call this a rhythm game; it's a mix of genres and the controls are a bit too loose for my liking. Great game though the Plat requirements are suitably difficult for me. At least a personal 6. A tip for anyone who's not super great at rhythm games/timing: Perfects tend to have an extra frame of delay, while Goods tend to require you to hit things slightly earlier (too early or late obviously nets you an OK).
  18. As of update 7.02 my profile seems to be updating once again with new games 😂
  19. For setting the stage and his grand introduction, Gyoubu for sure. For the feeling of satisfaction (getting parry timings down and such), True Corrupted Monk (still burned through all my heals and a res though 😂). For uniqueness and change of pace, Folding Screen Monkeys (I would've never figured out there was an invisible monkey without a walkthrough, and on my NG+ run I did it in like 5 minutes whereas the first attempt took me almost an hour, lol). For the sheer spectacle, even though I'm not a fan of scripted 'event bosses', Divine Dragon. For the sense of achievement and retribution, Genichiro on subsequent rematches. He really was the first true skill check. I think I've died to him more times than any other boss or enemy, including both Isshins. ...And of course, the Elder Monkey, with special mention to the two around Great Serpent Shrine. You *do not* go there. It's a bad neighbourhood.
  20. Not sure if this is what people are talking about but my own PS4 profile doesn't update the latest games played. As in, the actual PS4 dashboard profile under Games. Maybe it's related to Sony's servers? Because my PSNProfiles has been updating, as does my PSN trophy counts...
  21. Great series, as usual.
  22. Think this will be cross buy with the Vita version?
  23. Will bump when I get around to trying them myself... Edit: As of today (June 25), the servers still seem to be up and I'm doing the MP.
  24. Agreed. Such a shame because it's a beautiful port. In theory Vita would be a beautiful way to play a beautiful game and personal favorite, but the controls are impossible.