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  1. 54 matches
  2. Count me in๐Ÿ˜€ My favourite horror movie would be The Shining
  3. i'd like to enter, of course, Thanks for doing this ๐Ÿ˜€ My favourite game... so difficult to choose with many games i really like, but Dark souls is definitely my favorite
  4. XCOM: ENEMY UNKNOWN 0.97% You Win
  5. Great One of the best games i have ever played. Btw i dont think a sequel with the same characters would be nice. Maybe if they continue with new characters who had the reverse power in somewhere else...
  6. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Ace of Spades Collect all other trophies. 4.24% ULTRA RARE
  7. HELLDIVERS The epitome of Super Earth Complete all Trophies. 1.84% ULTRA RARE Finaly, after 3 months and 3 weeks, we won the war. Thanks to everyone that contributed
  8. Medal of Honor: Warfighter For Honor For Country Collected all other Medal of Honorโ„ข Warfighter Trophies 1.95% ULTRA RARE
  9. SSX The SSX Standard Earn All Trophies 3.31% ULTRA RARE
  10. Legend of Kay Anniversary Platinum Collect all the other trophies to unlock
  11. UK Code, please Thanks for the giveaway and good lock to all .
  12. Zombie Driver HD Platinum Driver Collect all Trophies.
  13. Escape Dead Island Pure Platinum Acquire all other trophies.