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  1. Lets pretend I believed you were the greatest video game player ever. How did you get Perfect Knight Day 2 before all the challenges, since the challenges are required to unlock that one? And how did you do two challenge sets in less than a minute from one another?
  2. Tokyo Jungle would fit this theme, somewhat. You don't actually *see* the headgear, but it's something that can be equipped. There's a number of animal types, including an ostrich you can play as.
  3. He got "Just what the doctors ordered" before "Shocking Rescue." Also got 5% riddler collectibles before having access to them.
  4. @TristanBrown17 So many good choices to pick from IMO... Well, I'll have to go with Grand Theft Auto Vice City.
  5. I'd give this year's E3 a B rating. I'm extremely interested in Monster Hunter World. Other than that, it was okay.
  6. Best of V? Would have to be GTA V.
  7. @nenugalimas I'll pick "The Hungry Horde." I don't think I've ever seen that title before in a list, finished or not.
  8. I'd definitely recommend getting a Vita if you're on the fence. It's the first system that really made me go "Wow" in awhile.
  9. @ParisWriter Hello from another Pennsylvanian. About time this state gets some representation Welcome to the forums.
  10. There's a big difference between this case and the other one. B-Rad-Rocks had everything in order, except a stray trophy that could have glitched. This guy : has Poisoned Ivy (the last story trophy) as the first story trophy to unlock here, which means about 15 others would have had to glitch before it. Not only that, but also starts with 55% unlockables, meaning a few collectibles glitched as well. All of this happens pretty fast too, about 1 - 2 hours, which is approaching world record speeds.
  11. Since I know it'll be asked, and this was a most peculiar case: "Dial Z For Murder" came before "Ring Ring" "Broken Toys" came before "Distress Flare" You can't get the trophies for beating the last segment of these sidequests before getting the trophies for the first segment, and they are unmissable (if you do the sidequests to completion that is, which he did.)
  12. Yeah, the Crimsonhead Prototype is definitely the hardest thing about this run. With Jill, I managed to use all 7 herbs before it went down. Otherwise, just choose the route that lets you skip the final Tyrant boss and run through most rooms without fighting.
  13. Well, your approach to hunting trophies is for you to decide. If you plan on completing games, my only advice is to have some plan ahead of time and try to stick to it. That way you won't be overwhelmed later.
  14. I'm surprised this thread has lasted this long before being locked. It has more flaggable offenses than normal. But basically @Dark_Overlord playing naturally through a game and saving before something, then unlocking a trophy, reloading that save point, and doing something different to unlock something else is perfectly fine. But accessing a part of the game that's impossible before you can normally "get there" is not. @mekktor summed it up perfectly in that sentence above us. For reference there's a few things wrong with this profile: First off, he did not have even had access to all of the challenges yet, as he hadn't progressed far enough into the game to unlock them all. Second, even if he had, you can't unlock Gold, then Silver, then Bronze in that order OR that quickly. He then continued playing the story more, before unlocking 100% next out of order.
  15. The leaderboards require that you do not use any save, including your own save. The reason is because it's impossible to determine whether or not it is actually yours or not.