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  1. How did you earn trophies for a game four years before it was released???
  2. #99 Tropico 5 Platinum Trophy Excellent SimCity style game, with a laughable plot. Once I discovered that everything in your almanac has subpages, this game became incredibly easy. It's one of my easiest URs I've ever done. Difficulty : 4 / 10 Enjoyment : 9 / 10
  3. Then I have no idea why you won’t return to the leaderboard. Saying “I don’t know” isn’t a valid dispute. Update your original post, and put the reason you were flagged if you really want to attempt to remove them, but there’s really no point.
  4. I think it’s safe to say, these won’t be lifted, and this can be closed... Edit: Edited timestamps are easily seen here.
  5. Too many good choices... I'll go with Final Fantasy IX, which is in my backlog.
  6. A few good choices for you to pick from, I'll ultimately say get Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag done, just in case something occurs with the MP. It's not really bad, you'll need a boosting group but it takes maybe 30 minutes tops. The only other semi grind, leveling up will take about half a day in Wolfpack.
  7. Likes to proudly show off his love for (the best game ever) Monster Hunter World!
  8. Generally speaking, I wish DLC didn’t exist and was just part of the base game instead. I wouldn’t care if I had to pay a bit more or wait a little longer. Every genre is a bit different though and the type of DLC also matters. If there must be DLC, a year is adequate. The opposite for me. I was basically the fastest achiever before the update. Now I don’t even have the game and buying it again is a bit upsetting. All trophies should be released within a year, or the company should least announce their general plans ahead of time. Your post sums it up pretty well. Again, summed up pretty well. The type of DLC matters too. Cosmetic in game items or special gear doesnt bother me, only content related to trophies.
  9. You can pick the option in your settings somewhere to show either Sony’s rarity or PSNProfiles. Some people prefer to show PSNP rarity because that more actively reflects the rarity among those who are actively trying to earn them. Think of it this way: your favorite sports team players statistics aren’t going to compare them against everyone who’s ever picked up a football, hit a baseball, or kicked a soccer ball, when pulling data amongst how many competitors they’ve had, but rather professional players only.
  10. I agree with everyone who's already posted. You can do the majority of multiplayer trophies in Wolfpack. That's sort of an online coop campaign, and a very slight grind, but possible (and easier) to do solo in my opinion. Lab Technician needs to be boosted, but is only a matter of playing the mode once. All Rounder is pretty easy too, just playing everything else once, and using each of abilities once as you level up. Three of the four DLC trophies need to be boosted, but can be done so in less than 30 minutes for four players.
  11. This is definitely the “suggestion of the month.” Love it! Great idea!
  12. #98 What if? from Life is Strange This game was quite fun. Its a telltale style game mixed with a Butterfly effect twist. A+ Fake cookie cutter humans. I've never seen so many "Are you okay?" in real life dialogue. F The game was decent. There were a few tough puzzles. C This game was quite fun. Its a telltale style game mixed with a Butterfly effect twist. A+
  13. 🤔 All this info plus more. It’s not an event, but the special assignment “The Blazing Sun” is a guaranteed large crown Teostra.
  14. I'm doing the Witcher 3. It's a great game, has a good platinum name (that goes well with 100), and has a good trophy image.
  15. The Grail The Order: 1886 Assassin's Creed (game) meets Underworld and Camelot (movies). I realized I really dislike collectible trophies after this game. Nonetheless, its short and easy, just like this review. (almost at the big 100) Enjoyment : 7.5 / 10 Difficulty : 2 / 10