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  1. I briefly discussed this with you in a DM, but I'll answer publicly so the community benefits. @BlindMango has stated the rules were to be written in a way that doesn't resemble a legal document. The leaderboard's not a contract, the trophy environment is ever-evolving, and this website is really supposed to be a fun and enjoyable place. Considering that, it was challenging to write the rules in a way everyone would understand with various terminology. The intended meaning covers a few things : Using unauthorized trophy editors / apps to unlock trophies directly, even "legitimate-looking ones", or benefitting from any kind of homebrew app that causes game-altering mechanics / functions of any kind, directly or indirectly, that leads to trophies being unlocked is flaggable. This extends cross-platform. As a general rule, the idea is to utilize the functions the developer made available for a game, but nothing else, so this also means any CFW usage that gives a player a unique advantage that someone without it couldn't achieve is also flaggable. The term "earned" means unlocking trophies "in the game environment" after the above has occurred. To answer your specific examples: Auto-popping can refer to an entire list, or a single trophy that "shouldn't" have popped but did due to CFW. Timestamps don't matter if homebrew improves trophy odds in-game somehow, or directly aids in popping. CFW usage doesn't pertain to autopopped trophies only. This is just the most easily identified by anyone. If in-game mechanics are altered, like "movement speed", "god-mode", hacked/non-existent items, stats editing, or anything similar, it's flaggable. CFW benefits utilized by the player or other players in game, that affect any of these bullet points or cause "impossible" trophies are flaggable. Sly has indicated there's zero tolerance for piracy on this site, in any form, and 2 / 4 of our team believe it should be flaggable. (it's detectable, in some instances.) Hopefully that's clear.
  2. Dear friends, foes, and noob assassins:  


    My life has veered in an unexpected direction in the last few months. I've been promoted to a high level position at my job (work about 12 hours every day), and I'm moving into a new house with my life partner. 


    Unless you've personally mailed me, I really haven't done anything here in the last few months. The best contact going forward will be @Squirlruler. I still do the occasional disputes, and mass report handlings, but going forward, I'll mainly only handle high-profile (top ~1000) takedowns.


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      @IntroPhenom 12hr days are great. 

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      All and nothing but the best. Congrats!

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      Congrats and good luck. :)

  3. I guess it couldn't accurately predict its future.
  4. You've failed to understand that earning these trophies in any fashion IS timestamp manipulation. This, I can agree with. I can safely say the ideas in this thread will likely never happen.
  5. Yes and no. Currently, there’s not an option to report/flag PS5, so no, in the immediate future you won’t be flagged. However, transferring progress from other PSN accounts is considered cheating. In the event that a game has a feature that lets you link an "internal game ID" (e.g EA / Rockstar / Origins ID, etc) to multiple platforms, only one PSN ID is allowed. Sharing it between multiple PSN IDs is considered cheating.
  6. This reddit link may be helpful for you, @Maxemole.
  7. Without some update to the site, unfortunately not. I have a similar issue.
  8. I've been waiting for a deal on the Atari Flashback Collection for what seems like forever. A few other games seem like good prices too, so I'm definitely taking advantage of this sale.
  9. People bet way too much money on the Superbowl. Mattress Mack loses nearly $10,000,000 after Bengals come up short.
  10. Guacamelee 2 🥑 Guacamastery 🥑 Where's the guacamole? Enjoyment : 9 / 10 Difficulty : 4.5 / 10
  11. Update your browser to the latest version, clear your cache, and keep your browser settings to defaults. I'm pretty sure this is something on your end.
  12. I used SableDragonRook's trophy speedrun as a reference, and had no problem with any of the trophies.
  13. Darksiders Genesis Not Alone The game feels like Diablo II, Darksiders Edition. The game is decent, but there's a few bugs, notably that your character falls through / gets stuck in the environment way too often. Also, I guess this game doesn't have a BFA achievement, whatever that meant anyway. Enjoyment : 7.9 / 10.0 Difficulty : 4 / 10
  14. The slow forums may be (indirectly) my fault. The GTA V modding crew got mad and said they were going to launch DDOS attacks on PSNP in retaliation after screenshots were sent to the cheater removal team, because people wanted their donations back and stuff.
  15. Auto-popping trophies via console transfer will never be considered cheating.