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  1. The messages can't be removed unless you successfully dispute them. You can view your page while logged out to avoid seeing the messages, or use various popup blockers. GTA V won't be lifted. Your previous dispute games won't be lifted either. Rayman Legends -- Maybe (?) but MMDE flagged you himself on this one, and he knows the game inside out. Battlefield: Bad Company -- did you open the report? It's pretty clear. Autopopped trophies. This is all fairly pointless, since you're over the limit.
  2. You were given ample time to hide everything but didn't. I'm going to close this one.
  3. The rules specifically state benefitting from modded lobbies is against the rules and that there's no exceptions. Obviously, despite that, the situation is recognized as crappy for everyone. @MistressYT-- is asking for the whitelist option which doesn't exist. While it's impossible to say how exactly a whitelist would work, the last option considered was that the game is removed off your profile without having to hide it, scores / times would be removed, and the flag "doesn't count." Practically speaking, since you're not at three flags, hiding the game achieves the same effect as the whitelist option considered. We tackle new situations every day, and sometimes new problems collide with old solutions. Our stance on this has pretty much been "we don't want to flag these" but "play at your own risk since eventually something 'might' happen." Not flagging certain lists like have always been about trying to be as fair as possible considering every variable. In this case, that means giving someone their top page rank that they earned within the rules, and there's no other way to give that to them without removing this list and others like it. With that said, I also found it a bit suspicious that every stunt jump, the Leonora Johnson mystery, and 50 spaceship parts are all done in five minutes, which is very similar to the cheat file unlocking orders. I realize it's possible. If this user should get a third flag in a different game involving being hacked against their will, then something can maybe be worked out. Also, the reason three flags exist in the first place is not to give people three chances, but for situations like this (and those early FUEL / SOCOM type situations.)
  4. There is no practical solution.
  5. You replayed the game on a second Vita.
  6. Please read the leaderboard rules -- here -- You generally infringe the "timestamp manipulation" rule. While it's possible to do what you did without hacks or mods, it's an "unnatural" play style to not sync your trophies to begin with, then use backups to get things out of order. The leaderboard requires all players to follow semi - standardized practices, for competition reasons, such as fair trophy speedrun guidelines, but also because if someone does hack, it produces similar out of order trophies. Most of the time, even people who run into hardware problems won't run into these issues. Hide any games affected by this hardware failure.
  7. Anyone watch the video? Nothing to feel bad about here.
  8. Some people have recently been somewhat vocal that they weren't being displayed in the fastest 100% completion ranking lists, while other people benefitting from CFW (intentional or not) were there, taking their spots, and that it wasn't technically fair. Honestly, the ask wasn't unreasonable. Depending on new developments, new features, or a situation that arises like this it's always possible an illegitimate list may be flagged if it's "accidentally cheated". None of the CRT want to flag these games, but in this case it's warranted. The official rules do state nothing is whitelisted when CFW / hacks are involved in unlocking your trophies in online environments. Sorry, this will need to stay flagged. Edit : So there's no confusion, this flag wasn't so much about removing someone who benefitted from a modded lobby, more about protecting the "real" fastest achievers on first page (top 50) 100% completion list, so that these players can be in their correct spots. It's understandably depressing if you're supposed to be on the first page, and you're not actually there, due to others saving massive time with autopopping levels, or getting a bounty as your second trophy. Edit : If the whitelist ever happened, the results would be visibly the same for lists like these, they'd be taken off the game's lists, etc.
  9. Screen_Shot_2021-05-05_at_11.42.48_AM.pn

    1. MidnightDragon


      Your cat looks proud of their trophies.

    2. hBLOXs


      Oh please. That cat is a total EZ games player. Cares for nothing but the plat. I bet it hasn’t bothered with dlc for a single game. 
      I would un-friend it.

  10. Post your platinums in here; you'll see who appreciates the games you do, or get general encouragement:
  11. No, because players are mostly defenseless. So we'll try to be lenient for the reasons I mentioned. It's one thing when you can't do anything about someone else hacking you against your will, except by deleting your character and rebooting your account to restart a 200 hour grind (or hope Rockstar fixes it in a ticket) for Rank 100, and / or "technically" earning Run Like the Wind since you're fulfilling the requirements. It's another when entire lists are autopopped, and you have some easier ways fix it in 10 minutes. Even if you don't hack anymore, or sell trophies anymore, you can't be trusted to make a decision, especially since an account you may have touched might dispute. Then you'd be in an ethical dilemma of honoring your contract with a cheater or upholding your duties. If you really want to help, report people. There's a few good fits for the team in my opinion. It's challenging to become a CRT team member, however. Applicants need at least one - two years of good rapport with the team, with regular correct reports being sent in. Then, you need approval of all four CRT members, and finally you'll need to summon Sly with an internet cat picture, perform a mango sacrificial rite, and hope you're bestowed with a purple glow.
  12. Your grade (S rank, A rank etc) is a comparison of you against every other player tracked for a game, so it's not possible to have the best rank while you're not tied for first. Sometimes, you can be “A rank” without the platinum... or have the platinum and only be a "B or C" rank. Edit: Also, the DLC level is much easier compared to a few levels in the base game, so if you can earn the platinum, this level should be possible, in my opinion.
  13. https://psnprofiles.com/auth/discord it should have you enter your PSNP username (MysticStiv) and your password here on PSNP. You must do this or you can't join. Check for a popup / new tab / behind other windows, etc for the prompt.
  14. @DaivRules can this thread be locked please? I did provide a more thorough answer initially, but edited it out. For those who missed it, sorry. In any case, Sly is aware of how cheaters are caught, new developments we're concerned about, etc. But here's essentially how I view this : PSNP Pitchfork Peeps : "The tools don't measure time accurately, time's a myth, and shouldn't be used!!!11" The CRT : "We can measure time with extreme reliability, and see various anomalies."
  15. Teams are allowed because romantic partners, close real life friends, or real family members (not to be confused with "dispute family members") might occasionally share the same account. The CRT is actually discussing this rule right now, and considering changing it a bit somehow, since most of us feel a team of 10 people, where people are being paid to play games, is getting out of hand. To answer your question regarding teams, your scenario you described where two people play an identical game on the same account at the same time is flag-worthy and not allowed. I suggest reading the rules sticky'd in the dispute area. Anyone is free to DM me questions for help understanding the rules. You're taking things way out of context and making assumptions.