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  1. Even if God Killer somehow glitched and didn't pop, you're really going to have us believe you beat the game in 4 minutes after escaping Hades? That's three times as fast as the fastest speed runners... There's tons of other suspicious things on this account too. Enjoy your flags.
  2. @Nonagelast Your flag has been removed.
  3. So you're saying you lethally killed the beast forms (and didn't get the related trophy) but then non lethally defeated their beauty forms for the camo?
  4. Total Perspective Vortex No Man's Sky The Universe was my playground. l especially awed at the technical mastery executed in this game related to laws of physics.
  5. You have at least 5 correctly flagged games on your account. Sounds like people are finding more too. Perma-off leaderboard.
  6. You're supposed to know already what you (or your friend) has cheated. If I actually have to take the time to find any, you're permanently off the leaderboard.
  7. Looks like either you or your friend cheated Dark Souls II as well... how many more games will I find if I look harder?
  8. How long did you leave that Playstation disconnected from the internet and/or unpowered from an outlet? Must have been an eternity for it to lose synchronization with the online clock....
  9. Because it's against the leaderboard rules.
  10. You've cheated about 90% of your games. Perhaps it's time to mark you for deletion off the site completely?
  11. That is against the rules. Trophies must appear in normal sequence. Hide any games affected PS3 breaking.
  12. Yeah, this should be possible with carefully planned out co-op play. It looks like someone reported your Vita trophies too. I've gone ahead and lifted this and declined the other report.
  13. I didn't approve this flag, and I'm not entirely sure this list is legitimate. However, I've gone ahead and removed this flag and re-checked all the Shake Spears reports as well, since it appears it's possible, however unlikely.
  14. Report reason looks wrong, but the general order does look pretty weird. Is it possible to win 200 fights in sub two and a half hours after first starting the game? That's one win every 43 seconds. Even the fastest achievers for this game take about 4 hours.
  15. Oh my... here we go again... How do you propose we spot people doing this? Request their bank statements? Even if you can spot teams, it may be siblings, spouses, etc with two systems.