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  1. I do have to agree the that wording "Using 'Backup' save files" is somewhat confusing. Perhaps this should be changed to "Reloading from a previous save slot." @BlindMango
  2. There was an error previously with showing the level updates properly. It's possible the previous trophy showing as where you leveled up was incorrect, and now it shows the correct one. Here's the relevant thread and responses.
  3. You have 800+ hidden trophies. Use this page if you aren't familiar with the process to unhide them. If you've already done this, you may need to earn a new trophy first, before updating here again.
  4. @swoods83 Being flagged does *not* mean you are a cheater. It means you broke the rules of the leaderboard. Hide the game and move on.
  5. There is, but I don't think its necessary at this point. I trust your findings. Looking back, there was this too: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/50483-red_hoodxxs-dispute/ Although, I could swear someone went back in time and changed the outcome of that one because I remember it ending differently, and other people confirming then it wasn't possible. Now I remember, its because he was the only person with that super fast time of 100% on the fastest achievers... Anyway, yeah. This should be legitimate. (Still want to know why everyone seems to think its not compatible, sort of odd...)
  6. Sure, if you’re willing. Make sure to try both before and after any updates.
  7. @ProfBambam55 (also too long to quote since on my mobile) First, I agree with a lot of what you say there but one major disagreement. Let me expand on what I said before regarding the “why.” Not every trophy hunter is a PSNP user. PSNP is just a tool to me, to make it easier for me than viewing profiles on my PlayStation etc. So, I’m really comparing myself to the general PSN community. Since PSNP is a 3rd party and they’re not actually making the initial rules, PSNP shouldn’t make severely incompatible rules with that of PSN itself. If PSNP does make incompatible rules, they should be stricter, not more lax, as in PSNP would be a finer focus etc. Example: PSNP’s rule with save usage is stricter, since Sony wouldn’t ban for “out of order trophies” if using a USB backup etc, which is fine since our leaderboard isn’t Sony’s. But if I started going by PSNP’s rules only, and wanted to switch back to the “official PSN” trophy leaderboard, I couldn’t do so now, without breaking their rules, assuming I did something to stay competitive, and that would bother me a great deal, since it’s sort of the “most official” scoreboard. Would I really be worried Sony would do something? No, but it’s kind of the principle that bothers me.
  8. It's not about specific rules vs broad rules. (For me) it's about changing existing rules at any time based on popular opinion. Here's a scary thought -- what if someone reading this thread is inspired to create a new thread requesting just "regular region stacking" to be against the rules for whatever reason. A lot of people think region stacking is lame, and it could very well be an overwhelming popular vote (and if not that, something else). It's relevant because it proves they are using CFW, and currently CFW usage is against the rules. There is no physical version of the games in question. Even if there was, yes, it'd still be piracy. Incorrect. Those are referencing really two completely different scenarios. The impossible timestamp rule covers an issue where if, today, a trophy unlocked in 2020, or 1991 would be flaggable... Impossible timestamps also cover if an entire game etc is platinum'd within say 30 seconds (excluding games like SoundShapes, Slyde where that's possible). Glitches, on the other hand are about doing something in the game, thats completely possible (and repeatable) that may not have been noticed by the devs. I don't have any specific examples, but something like a wall at the edge of the map being possible to walk through, to obtain a collectible that pops a trophy (that was likely intended for later). Since everyone would be able to take advantage of that glitch, it is also not implausible, since its explainable. Extreme glitches, as I'll call them, are generally universal too, ie scavenger in Last of Us, unlocked first for everyone, rather than individual collectible trophies, and the difficulty trick is doable by everybody, even though it wasn't intended by the devs. But when somebody's "Wanted" popped 1 year before "Cut your Teeth" and the rest of the game popped in a single second, and they yell "GLITCH I SWEAR", no, as you have correctly observed and mentioned... Incorrect. They don't, nor need to be. If there is a completely unusual occurrence, a disputer just needs to explain what was going on. Sometimes the flag team can try to re-create the glitch, other times people within the dispute will verify their story. Even if no confirmation is done, this stuff gets unflagged typically, or is never approved to begin with. If there is a known pattern because a save file unlocks a certain way, then the glitch must be documented/repeatable during the dispute if that's what they're claiming, since there's evidence to the contrary. 100% of the disputes where someone says glitch and the flag team dismisses that possibility, is because of known save patterns. So, you're correct here. Where to start... So I view trophies as my standing in a competition, not as my criminal record or just my general trophy history (I'm gonna guess thats the basis of disagreement in this thread, depending on which view people take). One thing to take into account is trophies are permanent on your account. If we're looking at your example in real society, actions people take based on new laws can be changed when that law is applied while our trophies cannot be changed. Using the competition example, I see this as saying "We're in the middle of a game, and by the way, we're changing the rules now, the guy who broke the rules last quarter and disqualified gets to come back and play now." This was sort of my basis for my "opt out of leaderboard" or "two leaderboards" idea. Some people would tell you using saves or editing with CFW isn't cheating, I bet... which would be what the latter LB would be for. There's also different types of change, some acceptable and some not, in my opinion. Additional rules being added (again, that don't conflict with old ones) would be okay. Reversing previous rules just because people don't like them wouldn't be (although, keeping the clients happy as you said in PM is a good point too). On PSNP, as far as disputes go, its almost like case law. Nope. I did, and MMDE did. That's why I said "assume this is true" before. I'm pretty sure MMDE said somewhere in this thread this discussion was pointless since there was a way to do it, based on that guys findings, and none would be flagged anyway because of it. I'm having the discussion at this point more for the broader issue, of similar disagreements in the future. For me, personally, a mix of all of those things you mentioned to some degree. I'd like to attempt to keep the leaderboards as "equal and fair" as possible to what I generally think the PSN community (not the PSNP community), does as a whole... where everyone is earning the trophies in the same manner. Is 7 year old Timmy who just plays games and tries to unlock trophies, and only checks this site once every four months going to know or be aware of how to do all this fringe stuff? Nope... He plays by Sony's rules, as we all should -- ie the most neutral stance. Like if a random PSN dude saw your Bulletstorm trophies, and be like "WTF how??? Report... to Sony..." Some things can't really be defined very easily, others can't be enforced since there is too much plausible deniability. Ie, "what exactly defines a team? Husband/Wife? Group of Friends? People paying each other? How would we prove that? or "Prove to me my family in Europe wasn't visiting to me, and I played their digital only game on their Playstation 3/4 while they were with me." The few things PSNP does like boosting (that is against Sony's rules) honestly wouldn't be provable either, if the boosting sessions didn't exist. Someone could just claim, "I played vs a dude who really sucked"... With the Gonespy or CFW Vita region unlocking, its specifically definable.
  9. What the heck is "refreshing" your save? Anyway, pretty sure this is going nowhere.
  10. I can tell you a healthy amount of Vita titles are digital only. If I had to make a guestimate, 25% of the overall library, or probably more. I'd say the majority of the games are digital only after Sony dropped support in early 2015. A good amount of these though would be stacks, so people aren't really missing anything, since their local store has a version. This is my understanding, at least. So, as I'm sure you're aware, one of my major points is allowing use of CFW in any form, for leaderboard use, would change the existing rules (or create conflicting exceptions), and I heavily based my opinion on that fact. So, to explain this a little bit better... when I've said "unfair" in many of my previous posts, I mean less about trophy point / game completion advantages (although thats part of it) , but more about the protection from unfair flaggings, based on popular opinion whenever grey areas exist. The disagreement in this thread among the users itself -- is the now un-hypothetical situation I said would happen before -- I didn't know it would be this, but I knew it would be something. So... why/how does this matter? Lets pretend for a second, that instead of creating this topic, the OP just went and had his friends flag some of the users mentioned in the first post, and the flag was approved. The flagged individual would be able to make an argument in his dispute, that Sly's recent ruling in the Gonespy thread of "as long as you're earning the trophies doing the requirements it's okay" (not an exact quote) is fine. He would be absolutely correct, and it would be justification to remove said flag. However, the existing rule about CFW usage could also be used to explain why the user should stay flagged. And they would have been absolutely correct too. Since the decision is completely in the hands of a moderator, its not fair to the user, and it really shouldn't be determined by popular opinion at that point, or based on however the mods wanted to go either. Before some of you argue its not in the rules, yes it is... CFW region-unlocking is absolutely against the rules, and if you say otherwise, you're wrong. I'll re-use MMDE's logic: So, in other words, if something like this ever happened, the ruling of the flagging would be completely dependent upon how the rules would be changed, which is absolutely un-acceptable. Had the OP had the ability to flag the user, this disaster would have likely occurred. I hope this makes more sense, since I actually had time to write this all out with time and thought, rather than quick breaks at work etc. Restating: My opinion that existing rules should never be changed, and new rules don't contradict old ones, is based on the reasoning above. And if rules are to be handled in this manner, then it is a fact that they state CFW is prohibited, and the examples in the OP should be flaggable. Predictability is better than dividing the community on a hot topic, since you can always point to black and white, and that topic was already covered previously.
  11. @BlindMango Not sure if this is the place to report this, but I'll try to tackle two birds with one stone. This is a name change fix request, and possibly a bug in the boosting sessions. LittleBigPlanet (the PS Vita version) should be renamed to LittleBigPlanet PS Vita for a few different reasons. The most important reason is when browsing boosting sessions, if you sort by game title, both the PS3 and the Vita title show up under one list. This would be okay for most games that happen to be multi-platform, but considering LBP and LBP PSV are actually two completely different games (that share a similar name) and have completely different trophies to boost, and aren't compatible in any way, it's not really okay here. LittleBigPlanet PS Vita is the official name on the box.
  12. Ummm... lies.
  13. Yes, the Vita is region free, for physical games. I just purchased LittleBigPlanet Vita Marvel Edition, a EU only title, to get the DLC that was delisted since it's DLC was built into the cartridge. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81milTP5a8L._SL1500_.jpg https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1612-littlebigplanet/B1rvine no idea correct
  14. Guacamelee For some reason when I originally saw this, I thought it was a fighting game. Never watched any reviews or anything. Turns out it's an excellent metroidvania. 'nuff said. Enjoyment : 9 / 10 Difficulty : 4 / 10 Nostalgia Factor : 8 / 10
  15. Excellent idea, as long as it does something besides say "Rival" in your profile.