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  1. 7th Sector 7th Sector Platinum This game is really bizarre and perplexing. Enjoyment : 8.8 / 10 Difficulty : 2 / 10
  2. #GameboyLivesMatter
  3. The Last Guardian Finished up the final Team Ico game. Solid game with moments of a birdbrained AI. Enjoyment : 8 / 10 Difficulty : 3 / 10
  4. Yeah, three flags. CFW user. OP can be served a dosage of perma-off.
  5. Just because it's an open thread doesn't mean its not resolved. Closing is more or less to help us keep track, though. Sometimes we leave it open in case someone wants to respond, or to remind us to continue searching their games, etc. This was the resolution:
  6. OP has six flags, and never bothered to answer his dispute thread inquiry. May as well be resolved. Closing.
  7. This was resolved, but the thread got re-opened for some reason, after OP unhid the game in question. Re-closing.
  8. Unhide your trophies from your console itself, in settings. Your privacy options are probably set to where they're not public.
  9. That's pretty cool. You're the first person to finish a game that doesn't exist. Well, maybe not, on both assertions.
  10. Shadow of the Colossus The Horned Boy It's like Monster Hunter World, without any enemies other than Elder Dragons. Enjoyment : 8.0 / 10 Difficulty : 4.75 / 10
  11. Especially since he's got three flags. @MatWilson15 You're off all leaderboards permanently.
  12. The Cheater Removal Team will review it. It appears some of the criteria has been met on some of these (being open source.)
  13. Ico Enlightenment It's pronounced "Ee-ko" Enjoyment : 7 / 10 Difficulty : 5 / 10
  14. The overwhelming majority ( 99% + ) of games will only have one trophy list and will not separate multiplayer and single player trophies. Any examples you have are the exception and not the rule.
  15. These just aren't legitimate timestamps. It might be CFW, but more likely is two console timestamp manipulation. This will remain flagged.