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  1. Allowing users to choose their preference between thread or session will likely fracture the effectiveness of boosts. Undoubtedly, one portion of the community will use one and vice versa, leading to each not having enough people for the boost. Sure, they could intermingle, but if they're doing that, there's no reason sessions couldn't be the default option for everybody to begin with. If sessions are used properly, they will always work better than threads. There's really no exceptions to this. Since sessions are (generally) always going to have people that are currently and actively hunting the trophy within a short period of time, they're easily more reliable and more organized than a chaotic thread of uncertainty. If your issue is the boosting session "ends" too quickly for long boosts and you have to extend it, just let it end. You all should be in some of communication whether its discord, PSN Chat, or on each others friend lists to where its easy to schedule so you can easily reschedule the next game time, that you no longer "need" an actual session to exist.
  2. Sounds like a great idea to me. There’s tons of potential uses for this.
  3. The LittleBigPlanet 2 was a save from the internet. I'm not sure I believe the Arkham story either. All of this is against the leaderboard rules, and the flags are correct. Your Arkham Origins Blackgate is impossible too, so you're off the leaderboards. Review https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/52663-what-constitutes-a-flag/ and start a new account if you care about being ranked.
  4. Flagged users don't show up in any games leaderboards list. Meaning, they broke the leaderboard rules (usually cheating by downloading saves off the internet).
  5. Mixed feelings about this. Ultimately, I don't think it will cut down on the volume of these posts. People who don't own games are generally first time reporters, and several of them make a post anyway. Veterans wouldn't make a topic for this reason. Pending reports are rarely pending long enough for two people to notice and have one of them post about it. Finally, ones marked legit will have a different problem "Why is this still marked legit?" as the thread you mention is legit. In the case it isn't legit and marked incorrectly, a thread will pop up anyway.
  6. The guy in question has several missing timestamps, causing statistical errors. It took him well over 5 years to finish.
  7. Well, you may be un-flagged. Fortunately for you, someone else had their flag lifted for the same issue while having even more problematic trophies on their list. However, you admitted you used a save, even if it was your own. Relevant thread: (@MMDE)
  8. Even if a hacker in game unlocked it for you, it's still not legitimate. Sorry, you'll need to hide it, as mentioned by several people here. Relevant Links :
  9. I'm not sure what your original dispute or question was, but you have three valid flags now. It appears your profile has been deleted, so this will be closed.
  10. You're at 5 flags now, all for the same issue. It's a shame, but greed for platinums causes carelessness sometimes. Closing...
  11. King of the Hill God of War III Remastered I swear to the gods you're killing Kratos, you need to re-learn how to double jump, since you seem to have forgotten from the last game and prefer falling in pits instead... (jumping seemed broken in this game). Otherwise, it was an amazing experience. Enjoyment : 8.5 / 10 Difficulty : 3 / 10
  12. The Ghost with the Most God of War: Ghost of Sparta Champion of the Gods God of War: Ascension Plats 2 & 3 out of 4 planned. Kratos will stop at nothing... nor will I stop my quest for more plats. I definitely like Ascension more than all the others. Ascension : 8 / 10 Ghost of Sparta : 7 / 10 Overall Difficulty : 5.5 / 10
  13. Technically, you're only cheating if you're on this website displaying your trophies as legitimate, when in fact they're not. This website is dedicated to trophies, specifically trophy leaderboards, ranks, etc. If you don't care about trophies, then you probably don't need to be here to begin with. Some people have fun with hacked weapons, god modes, and other homebrew programs. We're not here to say you can't have fun, nor force you to play games a certain way. However, if you want to have an account in the leaderboards, you conform to the rules and standards set forth as what's considered fair and valid, since it's the sites prerogative. Excessive CFW trophy editing will get you removed completely, however.
  14. No, you used a downloaded save for LBP2. BO2 might be true. Either way, these aren’t legitimate. Hide your flagged games, since you only have two.
  15. Fun Fact : GameGenie type devices were actually hated by Nintendo. Their original purpose was to be able to bypass lockouts so unlicensed games could be played to avoid conforming to Nintendo's rules laid out about 3rd party developers. In any case, you can ask Sly about unbanning you depending on the offense.