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  1. Beyond: Two Souls Just finished up Stranger Things Season 0.1 ... errr I mean Beyond Two Souls. Enjoyment : 7.5 / 10 Difficulty : 1.5 / 10
  2. You're correct -- it was indeed God of War (Vita) that caused this. It's likely not the original Vita's fault, as GoW is known to glitch. The original Vita was definitely synced somehow, and I'm while I'm not entirely sure, I'm guessing a fix Sly did yesterday around the time of your post may have updated the order according to PSN. Doesn't really look like CFW or have enough indicators.
  3. Yep, that's the "minor" issue I had with "regular" late syncing, and/or the ability to delete progress. By the time PS10 rolls around, and the rarity leaderboard is created, games with difficulties like Max Payne 3 and Wolfenstein 2 will jump from 0.7% to 70%.
  4. The confusion on the matter is partly my fault. I should have used the phrase "double (or triple) syncing the same trophies from multiple systems that cause the timestamps to change" instead of the term "late syncing." While I had other concerns related to trophies being synced late, this was the primary matter.
  5. If the game wasn’t on your profile when the mask website stopped working, It will be assumed you are cheating if you earned this trophy after said site went down. As long as you at least started the game, you’ll be given benefit of the doubt. This is the unanimous opinion of the Cheater Removal Team.
  6. You likely were reported for the game, and hid the game before the report was approved. When that occurs, you still get an initial notice so you know a flag was issued, as opposed to never seeing it at all. If you unhide the game, earn a trophy, update here, then re-hide the game, it should restore your rank. Closing.
  7. It may seem like that, but most other disputes don't get this level of attention, nor does the community usually give evidence either for or against the flags. Because of this, there's less the disputer "needs" to dispute, and is based usually on just the report reason and the rebuttal. In this case, a lot of technical information is being given on both sides of the dispute, in some cases privately. This is also an advanced report not really based on timestamps, so it's hard when we haven't personally played the game. I want to thank @Yuichiro-Akuhei, @Danny_Johansen, and others for all the input. Even if this game is cheated, RD4 would still only be at two flags and on the leaderboard. Perhaps if a third flag is discovered, and IF he comes back to the site, at that time this can be settled. Locking.
  8. .

    Just another person who synced late (or double synced) by 6 months in The Last of Us.
  9. Lets start with how it's possible WITH cheating.
  10. I'll try to clear some things up. I had real life to attend to yesterday. The reason this "came back to life" is because Roughdawg4 was reported at TrueTrophies and disputed there. Some of this information was shared with me. As far as the evidence, multiple people privately messaged me originally when this started, stating they've been able to connect offline in the past, and mentioned sources like @Thropy_Croissant did supporting that claim. While none of these were Vita specific, it needs to be taken into account. Due to this anomaly, it makes sense rank could be lost if the app was deleted on the Vita, in between when he earned it and reinstalled for the online boosting, which was part of specific instructions mentioned to "reproduce this". Additionally, for how to earn XP offline : "When you first play the game it shows 0 progress. When going online, it picks up progress, and if you continue offline you can keep earning progress." Finally, the external Vita photo must be considered. As far as "photo evidence" being usable in disputes (@NekoRave), it's not generally accepted for the purposes of proving "when" trophies unlocked, or similar reasons, since anyone can share their photos or put their name on them. However, they can be used for the purposes of proving "what" can happen in a game. The point is, unless this is a professional edited forgery from scratch, somehow he got that screen to show up. None of the "pinball pros" can seem to tell me how the screen exists. They can point to what happens for them, but I haven't gotten an explanation for how that screen might exist to begin with. As I mentioned before, I can't prove or disprove anything at this point, and my head's spinning in circles with it all. I'm just simply not 100% sure, and the general consensus among the CRT here is it should be lifted. I left the thread open because in case someone wants to try to provide additional information. And I knew the community would want to have their voice heard on the matter, and it was probably better to do it publicly.
  11. Many games are like this from this account. Closing.
  12. "PSNP / CRT team applies the 'guilty until proven innocent logic!!'" Isn't that the chorus sung like every other day? There's a difference between "not guilty" and "innocent." The screenshot didn't appear from out of thin air. It needs to be explained how it exists at all (other than complete forgery, which I doubt), and then how it can be used to trick us before minds may be changed. Right now there's enough reasonable doubt.
  13. I've been given credible evidence that earning experience can be done offline. Since Vita games data is deleted when the games are deleted, and @Roughdawg4 apparently deleted the game from when he earned this to the time he boosted and had to reinstall, it's plausible this may be legitimate. Several hardcore fans of this game and "pro pinball" players still can't seem to reproduce figure out / why RD4 can earn experience offline and they can't, but a Vita example was produced. I'll also add, when you're the one of the top two players, there's all sorts of people gunning for you to be removed, or other innocent reports from people just wrong. A lot of these reports are taken with a grain of salt, and never approved, even in cases we can't necessarily "figure out", and we don't want to put you through the process and usually just decline them. With this one, I'm sure even you can admit it's "strange" only you had this ability to earn exp offline, and with the other specific things that had to occur, why this one was approved. I defend the initial decision for the flagging, but I'm fair, and will lift this.
  14. Use https://card.psnprofiles.com/1/Vellicordial.png