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  1. I won't go into too much detail, but one of the uses of CFW on modded consoles is being able to enter in "any" date for a trophy timestamp, including those from the past. The rule is designed as a measure for someone who attempts to do this on games where servers are shut down or trophies are no longer obtainable, and then uses an excuse, "Well I didn't sync the online only trophies, but decided to 10 years later. Itz 'possible' and LeGiT hahahahaaahh now I demand you unflag me." There's times we can be 100% certain backdated stamps are legitimate (or not), and others where its only 99.9% certainty one way or the other. Either scenario, it's really not wanted. I'll also mention pretty much every trophy site has a policy similar to this. It's sort of similar to the argument, "I broke no Sony rules by formatting my Playstation's hard drive without syncing my trophies, and then used my backed up save file to earn trophies out of order or impossibly fast compared to 'normal' play styles." I've gone into more detail in the past, but if you go by "What's possible with Sony" then everything (literally) is possible on a trophy list, and it'd become beyond meaningless or realistically possible to detect cheaters. @boromir120 If you sync your trophies now, you won't be flagged, since the trophy is still obtainable, but don't do it after the servers close.
  2. The problem is, doing this mimics someone just using custom firmware and editing in a date that was possible, and checks off every CFW indicator there is. If it's a few days late, its probably okay. Offline games being synced late (to an extent) is okay. However, extremely late after servers being closed is almost always going to be flagged. (unless you can provide a very convincing video or something, with a update date matching your claim it was actually done back then).
  3. This is beyond the scope and capabilities of the Cheater Removal Team. Nothing can be done.
  4. So, theoretically, we can just keep re-downloading it on infinite alt accounts, earn the plat on our main, and never have paid for the game?
  5. The same thing happened when the PS4 trilogy originally came out, they delisted the older PS3 versions. San Andreas since was re-released standalone, with some differences though I think.
  6. I've noticed the same thing. I'm also using Chrome, and use Darkreader.
  7. The difference here is swastikas (and generic things) aren't registered trademarks. I agree government laws being created or used to force changes or outright ban games is a form of censorship, especially here in the US since where it violates the first amendment (it's a slippery slope sometimes though), but unauthorized use of a registered trademark is really a stretch. The law in this case seems a bit more of a special case too. Anyway, I wasn't sure if you were aware of the specifics. Keep it listed or not, I don't care too much, since its good information.
  8. It's actually more than you realized. Roughly 90 of 175 games ( ~ 51% ) of the games listed are worldwide, which of course affects the US. 38 listed ( ~22% ) are either US, EU, or both. It seems just about every genre is in that list, but there's definitely games you've played affected, such as Assassin's Creed Origins, Valhalla, Mortal Kombat 11, and sequels of games you've played like Mafia and Destiny. You probably didn't realize content was cut, since you didn't see it
  9. @Undead Wolf I only briefly scanned this thread for keywords, so may have missed a discussion. Anyway, I don't really think Doom 1 qualifies as censorship. The Red Cross removal (from any game) is about violation of both a registered trademark and an international treaty agreed on by the Geneva Convention. See more information found at the red cross site. Here are the terms of use and the trademark information. Here's the US Law, which would apply to id Software. Basically, anyone that uses it is using is committing trademark infringement, and also breaking federal or country law that's been in place for nearly 160 years, adopted by nearly every country.
  10. Here's a giant list of examples. https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/85087-list-of-censored-games-ps5-ps4-vita/ Sony seems to be going full politically correct in their entire decision making processes these days, in general.
  11. It's there. It's just white and invisible. You can highlight it, or turn dark mode on:
  12. You can go through your purchased games list and download them that way if needed.
  13. A speedrun challenge is always welcome.
  14. During quarantine, I've cleared the last six months worth of cheater reports, and the queue is finally cleared and up to date. If you feel someone should be removed that isn't, message us.

    1. Troz


      question: I have reported many people and they haven't made disputes.


      do you give the option to dispute some flags and some others you won't allow to dispute? aka if its obviously autopopped they can't dispute it?

    2. B1rvine


      Everyone can dispute a user submitted report (its the auto-flags by the system that aren't able to be disputed).


      Only about 4% of people actually dispute, on a global scale. There's about 4150 disputes (though some are duplicates) and roughly 88500 cheaters removed. 


      Less people dispute now than when the dispute system went live as well, so chances are good you won't see someone dispute that you report. The most likely disputers are usually ones detected by the CFW detection tool's (manual) reports, higher ranked players, semi-high ranked 100% accounts, and of course those who didn't cheat. 

    3. HusKy


      I noticed CB4 dropped 0.1% in rarity. Nice.

  15. I never join these events, but thanks to the wonderful and talented hospital staff heroes that helped both me and my daughter's life threatening issues this last month, I'll do "3D Dot Heroes". (hospital heroes love to perform circle circle dot dot and give you shots, so it seems fitting). Hopefully this works.