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  1. Time for this tale to end.. Stealth camo would be earned before sounds of the battlefield. ( ipod music is awarded last. )
  2. @Silent Destiny. Oh the horror nightmare that this game is... And no thank you, Flawless Raider.
  3. What should my 75th platinum be? 🤔

    (thinking between a big game like The Witcher 3 or Metal Gear Solid V...)



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    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Weeb game :awesome: 

    3. ProfBambam55


      recommend mgsr:revengeance if you haven't played it yet...apparently it's similar to jimi hendrix in that it would seem people either love or hate it...wasn't really a fan of mgs v until I hit about 200 hours of gameplay...doesn't mean you won't like it though...witcher 3 in backlog so no comment...dmc 4 is also pretty good or gta SA...

    4. B1rvine


      Decided to go with MGS V.  Thanks for the recommendations.   MGSV seems like it will be a little faster, and also more fitting considering the real nuclear crisis we got going on... so I'll save the Witcher 3 for a later milestone.

  4. The Never-Ending Nightmare from Resident Evil Revelations 2 This game initially felt like a let down, but near the end the story got interesting. I'd rank this in the middle of the pack if comparing to other RE games, for overall enjoyment. On the scale for creepy-ness, I'd rank it slightly below average. It gets a point for putting in a mansion, for nostalgia. As far as difficulty goes, I'd put it at slightly above average difficulty. A good walkthrough video on youtube well help with Countdown and Invisible mode. Those modes are more "scary" than they are hard. I do like that none of the trophies are long annoying grinds. Difficulty : 6 / 10 Enjoyment: 7 / 10 Oh, and Moira's pretty hot... I like her "fun" costumes.
  5. @ArtisticGeek Outlast, haven't gotten around to this one, and it looks great!
  6. They were online when I last checked two months ago in June. We both searched at the same time and found each other to do all of the trophies.
  7. I may or may not have been the one to flag this, but with knowledge of the PSN leap year bug that fits with this profile, and since it's not the challenges that are wrong, I say lift the flag.
  8. Looks okay to me too.
  9. Go for Salt and Sanctuary. Looks like an awesome title you've played recently and you've already got decent progress. Hope to see you get your first platinum in the next few weeks. Good luck!
  10. Wipeout HD appears okay. That is all.
  11. Agree with Sergen. 99% of people I add get deleted because I never actually talk to them. A few of the cool people I've talked to while boosting stay there longer, but still get deleted after we have no reason to talk anymore. There's probably about 2 whole people that I've added still there.
  12. I haven't looked at the rest of his list, or checked other games. But if this is all he is flagged for, the flag should be lifted. GTA V is notoriously glitchy and this isn't like the leveling up to 100 in seconds or the unobtainable bounty trophy.
  13. I'm sorry, but this simply isn't possible, and your explanation is bogus. You beat the game on Hard and got the "Hard Finish" trophy, meaning you would have been in the historic district. Then you got "Community Organizer" in the Neon District 16 seconds later. Now as someone else pointed out, after beating the game you'd have cut scenes, credits, etc to get thru. But even if that wasn't the case, you'd have to backtrack from one side of the entire map to the other side ( and we know where you started because you had just finished the game, which would be the center of the historic district.) And that's nowhere close to walking distance to the other islands to unlock. Plus, its more than just beating up a few dudes, there are actual missions involved to unlock things.
  14. It was reported as "Perfect Knight Day 2 was obtained too early," not just "obtained too early." Meaning you earned that specific trophy before it was possible, as the requirements for that one are you obtain all challenge medals (Gold Revenge trophy) and new game+(Twice Nightly trophy) first. @wolverine123 has summed it up nicely in his picture above.
  15. Call of Duty Classic. I hear it's semi tough and CoD has that stigma attached to it.