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  1. I’m a bit late to this debate... I can see both sides of the argument. Ultimately it should boil down to these two questions: “Did a person (or a team) actually earn the trophy?” and in the cases where impossible timestamps result without multiple consoles being used (team or not), “Is it more plausible a team earned them or is it save file usage/hacks?” I’m kind of surprised @ProfBambam55 Is against this. Quoting you here, “which I'll define as methods in earning trophies leading to time stamps that would be implausible for a single gamer to earn through relatively normal play” to make two points. Point #1: Sony’s constraints make this possible, so I’d personally define that as “normal”. Point #2, not to bring up old wounds, but how is gonespy remotely “normal”? I realize this is not really the topic, but you don’t get to say “normal methods only” and still promote gonespy, without cherry picking your arguments. Im curious why you’re against this? Is it because you’re worried the flag team will flag something that’s technically possible and truly be wrong? Goes back to my second “plausibility” question. This shouldn’t ever happen anyway, unless planned, and then the team is just being stupid to unlock trophies the same way a save file would. Edit: I support playing the same game on multiple consoles.
  2. I’m the one that’s testing the evidence, as usual, playing Twisted Metal again for 80 matches. What are the “lies” being told? Anyway, here’s the basic story: Roughdawg4’s Twisted Metal server stats are very suspicious. Only 29 games were recorded for him in a game that takes 80. His first game ever recorded also happened to coincide with him getting 30 days of wins at 8:40. I can understand Roughdawg4 may be upset, but when he’s the only one out of the 250+ people with weird stats, I’d think he’d be a little understanding and let the tests be completed. I'm still going to do the tests. If anyone wants to join me, easy Twisted Metal trophies, if Roughdawg4’s dispute holds up.
  3. Alice: Madness Returns Platinum For All Other Trophies Alice: Madness Returns was negative leaning, but bittersweet experience down the rabbit hole. The title of this game is quite fitting, as you'll likely go a bit loony forcing yourself to pick up 170 collectibles while navigating the confusing maze of level designs. If you miss one somehow, tough luck, hop on board the linear gameplay train and trek forward in this bizarre world. I couldn't quite find myself caring about the story, it was a bit too drawn out, and I found myself just wishing the cutscenes were over already. The physics in this world were true to the Alice universe... as in they didn't make much sense. The height of somewhere you need to walk to is 1/1024th of an inch higher in elevation? "Hahaha, nope, that's a wall, gotta jump there", the game says. Maybe the technical issues were also a feature, not a bug? With all that said, this was truly a unique experience. I'm glad I played it, but I never want to see it again! !!! I'm not sure if I will do the DLC or not. Taking a time machine to 2001's weird game mechanics and graphics might leave me feeling more trippy than Alice. Enjoyment 5.5 / 10 Difficulty 4 / 10
  4. Did you change from the physical to digital version at any point? That will void prior progress, even though it saves in your stats.
  5. I'd say yes, there's an issue..
  6. It's been consistent. 20 attempts to connect, and for ~45 minute span of time.
  7. As of about 12:05AM EST, I'm getting the "Unable to contact the Twisted Metal server. Try again later." message. The servers seem to be offline. RIP Twisted Metal Online. Seems to be back after an hour of being down... Anyway, don't wait.
  8. FYI, the Devil May Cry trophies aren't out of order IIRC. SoS completion unlocks both DMD and HoH, and HoH unlocks HaH. Still too fast though and definitely wrong.
  9. Honestly, anything, lol. But you’ve somewhat recently played PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, and servers go offline in a day. Don’t know if you did the online yet but I’ll just recommend this one for you.
  10. Don’t have an exact time for a shutoff, but even if it’s late in the day on the 15th, I would highly suggest not starting from scratch at this point. The campaign req’d to unlock Warthog will take a good 6-8 hours, and the minimum online requirement will be about 16 hours if everything goes perfect.
  11. Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time!
  12. I believe I remember seeing something like this on Apple iPhones. Using some special characters not typically in the alphabet and only found on certain devices confuses the phone to the point it crashes. Edit: Related article. https://www.google.com/amp/s/techcrunch.com/2018/02/16/iphone-bug-telugu-unicode-ios-mac-text-bomb/amp/
  13. What happens when you hit the big green “Create Session” button on the top right ( after hitting “Sessions” to the left a bit? )
  14. I'll also add, the trophies I list below are the ones you should prioritize. Everything else can be done in LAN / split-screen mode offline later. The ones i've listed require the servers. All sales are final i h8 poachers In your Face Fire in the sky Point, Shoot, Kill Calypso A la Mode Another Level Any Car Will do
  15. AC Origins looks good to me. (saving it for a milestone)