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  1. Well, you've got 5 flags. All of them look correct. You can still use this website for any other purpose other than the leaderboards.
  2. Retro Gamer Arcade Series: Pac-Man Arcade Series: Ms. Pac-Man Arcade Series: Galaga Arcade Series: Dig Dug And now, my transformation into a "trophy whore" is complete...
  3. Your trophies are still illegitimate. Instructions on hiding the game were given earlier. You can hide up to two reported illegitimate games. closing
  4. I’d say this dispute is actually one of the tamer ones. People were respectful to you, and you were respectful and answered questions as they arose. Understand, the majority of disputers come up with completely bogus reasons. We’re just asking for clarification on precise methods, since a lot of smart people (game experts, as you will) who understand how the games work very well seem to think your answers won’t work. It’s not personal nor a witch hunt. Anyway, I do not believe what your saying is possible in DMC3 or Fallout3. If you’d really like to continue to dispute those, I’ll accept video proof of what you’re claiming. If you’re absolutely serious about your dispute, privately message me and I’ll give you specifics on what I’d like to see in said video. Closing this for now.
  5. Doing something fast (when planned out) is fine. None of those fast people have anything impossibly out of order, and if speedrunning, I assume it's possible. Your issue is that the trophy you skipped is not possible to skip that mission. Save scumming doesn't work in this situation. So you'll need to be very specific here, considering how many questionable games you got.
  6. Okay, someone else said your Star Ocean was fine and something was overlooked, and the order is indeed possible. Fallout 3 is not explained correctly. You can't miss a trophy for mandatory mission, then get one for a later mandatory mission. Save scumming will take you to an earlier point in the game, but you'd still have the trophy at that point. DMC3 indeed has an issue. Those codes disable trophies for DMC3.
  7. I've sent you a private message.
  8. You can use this thread for your two other flags too. In Fallout 3, you earned "Picking Up the Trail" , a story trophy before "Tranquility Lane" and "The Waters of Life" which are all unmissable to my knowledge. In Star Ocean, difficulties don't appear to stack, one requires an unlock first, and you earned them at the same time. Any explanation?
  9. Im going to quote the great @Sir_Bee. Celebrating ones accomplishments (with ribbons) isn’t detrimental to other groups. Ribbons are a nice way to share one’s accomplishments.
  10. There doesn't seem to be any gap in your daily trophy hunting for this game, so I'm pretty sure this is just an excuse. Even if you're telling the truth, any impossible timestamps due to "unnatural" play is still not allowed. You can hide up to two illegitimate flagged games to return to the leaderboard.
  11. #126 Undertale Don't You Have Anything Better to Do? Just got done playing EarthBound.. er I mean Undertale. Apparently the guy who made EarthBound's Halloween Hack ROM made this game. Enjoyment : 9.5 / 10 Difficulty : 1 / 10
  12. Looks like there's several games (at least 4) you've cheated... You may dispute if you wish, but it appears you hid your entire profile instead. Closing this one out.
  13. This account is permanently off the leaderboard. You can still enjoy everything else on the site other than the leaderboards. E.g: Boosting sessions, forums, game tracking, guides, etc.
  14. Come on guys... his name before the name change was TardisITheDoctor. There's a perfectly valid reason he's got trophies earned in 2001. Anyway... to quote the Daleks... EXTERMINATEEEEEEEEEEEE
  15. I'll check into this... This flag is almost as old as the site itself...