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  1. Yeah I don't think so either, these flags are all correct. If you care about the leaderboards @Matt5230, you'll need to start a new account. There's no time limit for discovering someone has cheated games. All of your disputed games unlock easily the way downloaded saves would and break the leaderboard rules.
  2. Thanks for the Help🙂.




  3. @Kaffee_suchti -- I've done a ton of research on this. Benefit of the doubt will be given. For now, I assume this is some glitch. I've based my decision mainly on: • There isn't a save file that unlocks this trophy, from what I could find. • CFW usage is unlikely, all 50 accounts with this issue are clean otherwise (with one exception). • There are various known bugs being documented for this game. • Potential cross-save games can have trophy issues. • There's a few other things, but I won't share them. Flag may be re-applied in the future if new information is discovered indicating a clear cheating pattern for this, or if any clearly cheated games are found on your account.
  4. The main method to determine whether your stats updated is by the “Last Updated” time. If it changes from a previous date, your stats were updated. This is always reliable. When going for your 30 wins, if this doesn’t update for some reason, replay that day before moving forward.
  5. Looking thru that old post. This game doesn’t appear to have had any updates. I checked this morning. Any thoughts on how it would happen? Any reason it only occurred to a dozen or so people? Would you be able to replicate it?
  6. The delays on Vita may be a little longer than that of the PS4, but generally speaking this whole account is messed up. Even if you somehow had a once in a lifetime battery freakshow event that caused that delay, or backed out of the game to the Vita menu which may have caused a delay... what's the point? You have 5 games clearly cheated on your account. This won't be lifted.
  7. Topics like these eventually turn toxic?
  8. I'll expand on the previous answer. Yes, this is completely fine as it would be considered taking advantage of a glitch while playing on a previous version. Things that are not flaggable: In-game glitches/exploits - These are considered mistakes not found or fixed by the developer by the time of the release of the game and due to them being able to be found by accident by anyone, it's not considered cheating. Online glitches and exploits possible in-game are also allowed. Playing on a different game version - Deleting update data to use a in-game glitch or play a game on a previous version of the game is also allowed and not a flag-able offense. This includes having to update a game through use of a proxy.
  9. World of Warcraft was good in... maybe 2004?
  10. Your Metal Gear Solid 2 timestamps are impossible. There's about 500+ missions and its simply not possible to do in 15 minutes. The latter two trophies pop together, indicating some form of known cheating patterns. Furthermore, your story progression trophies are all over the place. You don't have the PS3 version on your account to transfer, which are how people are getting this done faster (~23 minutes). You broke at least one of these rules. Things that are flaggable: Using a save file to auto-unlock trophies - If you use an external save file to auto-unlock trophies or advance you further into the game and the impossibility of normal circumstance can be proven via the timestamps, it's flaggable. This includes using your own save file to unlock trophies at an impossible time frame, be careful with this, always sync your trophies, and do not use your save file to earn trophies impossibly out of order. Using CFW (Custom Firmware) to unlock trophies - Similar to using save files to auto-unlock trophies, using files and custom firmware on any console to unlock trophies instead of playing within the game environment is flaggable. This is 100% done on purpose, it can't be done on accident by regular players, and you will get flagged if your timestamps are detected. Cross-save games without an original list - If a game supports the cross-save function, and all lists for that game are auto-popped without there being an original list which has feasible timestamps, then all cross-save lists for that game can be flagged.
  11. Are you really going to try and convince everyone that your 900 games you completed in aprox 30 seconds each is legitimate? I literally can't find one that took you over a minute... and I'm pretty sure all 900 of those games could be flagged.
  12. @ServinItUpMyWay Yeah, hide the game from your console, earn a trophy afterwards, and update you're profile here. Sergen gave you a link with instructions if you're unfamiliar with how to do so. This will return you to the leaderboards. You can only hide up to 2 flagged games, so don't give your Playstation to friends anymore.
  13. Who cares what terminology you want to call it? Remake... remaster... what’s important is it’s probably going to be amazing! And we get to hear “Stars” in HD audio now
  14. Alright, at this point we have the following info: OP has provided a receipt, confirming his story and dates affected. The trophies affected have virtual no impact on the leaderboards. There's no known save for this, and he has a clean profile otherwise. Previous "Dispute Case Law" exceptions have been made in the past. Most importantly, the OP did likely earn the trophies. This can be lifted. @MMDE
  15. You also cheated Monster Hunter World. If you wish to return to the leaderboards, start a new account. You can only hide a maximum of two games to get back on the leaderboards.