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  1. Portal 2. A good platinum to have too.
  2. There's a few games where new (non DLC) trophies were added to the existing list after a patch, and other similar oddities. Closing this one. @MarCCeoN can privately message me if he wants me to try to switch it more accurately.
  3. The PS4 version was the game actually reported and approved, not the Vita one. I didn’t approve this report, but about 10 people messaged me over the course of two weeks about the issue. His Vita game can’t be flagged since it’s only two trophies, even by us. This is a great example for why a new algorithm should be built in that auto flags people who get the plat before any of the other trophies (with a few exceptions for where that’s possible). OP should be flagged, but really for the other list. For now, I'll leave it as is, for lack of a better option.
  4. If you'd like to contact @grimydawg directly for more details, he processed your report. To prevent possible harassment, the person who initially reported you is not revealed. The timestamps you are currently displaying is when PSNProfiles first recorded each trophy. There's not really a screenshot we can provide, other than what you already see in your report. There isn't a necessary five trophies that need to be awry. The three required trophies that need to be checked are more to reference one thing to the next. Typically we want to see more than one, but depending on various circumstances, sometimes one trophy is enough depending on the reason for the flag. Also note there may be more wrong than what was initially reported, since currently there's no way to update a report. As far as the merit of the report, earning The Path of the Warrior is required in order to earn The Path of the Mentor.
  5. Just a quick bump and update -- since we're officially in December now. We're at 30 entries so far. A few of you have opted out of the raffle (haven't posted in the thread). I'm responding to everyone's message as confirmation their entry was accepted, so if you receive the response, I've added your answers to the database. I'm enjoying all of your answers. Hope everyone is having fun with this.
  6. Since it was multiple trophies unlocked within seconds (not just Run Like the Wind) it will remain flagged. I see you've hidden it already. Closing.
  7. Alright. Here's my awards! Piece of Cake Award: Undertale Yeah, easy peasy game all right. the only other "real" challenger I had in this category was The Sexy Brutale, but since I had to pull out a guide for parts of it I'll keep it as Undertale. They should have made a consumable item "Piece of Cake"... It's Like Dark Souls: Metal Slug Anthology I used to play all of these in the actual arcades, and on MAME, but I played it on a lower difficulty. Since it's designed to eat your quarters, it's pretty tough. A few of the missions were awful. Bad Ass Award: Arkham Knight Community Challenges Getting through Crime Alley was no joke. Beating Iceberg Lounge and a few of the other challenges were insanely satisfying too. Grind of the Year: Driveclub The sheer number of DLC's was a grind, and then some of the races were pretty hard and I was always milliseconds too slow. I'm looking at you Venom Lap. I ended up needing almost a week break just to continue this game. King of the Internet: Journey I don't have too many online games this year, but I definitely enjoyed playing this with my friends here. Worst Online Experience Uncharted 4 So bad, I skipped two of the DLC trophies just because it was awful. From graphics that look last-gen, to boring modes, and requiring semi-skilled players being with you, its just a big no. I did manage to suffer the online for the platinum though. Sleeper of the Year This game gets a lot of hate. Maybe I enjoyed it because I'm fascinated with the technical marvels achieved in this game, or maybe because I played after some patches, or just my fascination with space type exploration, but I loved this game and expected nothing going into it. Biggest Bomb of the Year: Rime I've found I enjoy indies quite a bit lately, somewhat more than AAA's even sometimes. But this just didn't do it for me. Best Trophy Image: The end is a new beginning. Ironically, the best image I have is from Rime though. Worst Trophy Image : All Trophies Obtained (Horizon Zero Dawn) From such a beautiful game, they could have made an amazing colorful and more inspiring platinum image. Oh well. Best Female Character / Best Male Character 2B from Nier Automata. Kratos from any of the God of War games. They're both just amazing. Best Platinum of the Year : Tricky Towers This is a game I didn't really need to be glued to a guide for. It was just pure fun. Wurst Plat ov teh Yeer : Fallout 4 Maybe I was tired of Fallout games (they're not quick). Maybe I disliked all the side quests that started to feel like filler. Maybe the grindy elements got to me. For some reason, while I liked the game, I hated going for this platinum. Most Anticipated 2020 Final Fantasy 7 Remake
  8. You'll remain at three flags.
  9. The infinite combat knife is considered "infinite" since its durability doesn't ever go down, unlike normal knives, but otherwise works the same way as a regular knife. When you counter-attack with a knife and stab something, you no longer have the knife while it's stuck in an enemy, until you pick it back up. It's on a dead enemy somewhere. Edit : When starting a new campaign it will be available to you again.
  10. You've got a lot more than 3+ games completely randomized. You can still use this site for anything other than the leaderboard function.
  11. Something peculiar was shared with me after this dispute started... and I'm not sure what to make of it. -- However, I'll lift the flag, based on the details described in Meepy's opening posts. If someone has evidence contradicting her that this can't be planned out ultra quick like she's done, then message me.
  12. Well, she actually has 10 reports against her. Some are likely wrong, but I know some are likely correct too. There's quite a few games Meepy has 5 - 10x the speed of second place, and I've been informed she's been removed on other sites because of these titles, using the "family member" excuse. I personally haven't approved any of these latest flags (due to my new job and the contest I'm running) so I'll review this in a day or so.
  13. Agreed, this shouldn't have been approved. The flag has been removed.
  14. Sorry, these won't be lifted.
  15. Okay, finally have some time to sit down today and respond to everyone! So, first, I'll reiterate what I previously stated earlier today. If I see answers where I immediately identify the as whatever I'm asking for, it's good. If a 6 year old kid looked at your answer and identifies it as what I asked for, it's good. The exception is if it directly contradicts a specific listed requirement. What I don't want is some sort of "shadowy shape" where someone says, "thats the edge of the 'thing' you asked for" or something like that. I also don't want one part of the whole, ie a carrot is not a snowman, a wheel is not a train. One final comment, if you want to clarify why your answers are 'correct' if you think there might be confusion, by all means do so. I've gotten a few messages about the train question now. The train can be a full or partial train. It can be big or small. It can in working order or not. It just needs to fit the definition of a train. I'll update this in the first post. I see you entered, and confirmed your entry already, but I'll reiterate for everyone. It's not about the number of words, but about answering each question differently. So, hypothetically, if the questions were: "What's a color the sky can be?" and "What's a crayon color?" you can't answer "Blue" and "Blue" since its the same answer twice. "Black" and "Red" would be acceptable since its two different answers. TLDR: pick a different game for each question. Well, if it doesn't have a nose, that won't be valid, since I specifically mentioned that. And no snow octopi or something (like the ones in Calvin and Hobbes). I'm enjoying seeing all the responses so far. Keep em coming 🎁 🌲🍬