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  1. The trophies selected with the report appear red, as shown above, for the person flagged when they open their report. Closing this one.
  2. To be fair, this game did get the Doomsday DLC added 4 years later somewhat randomly. So the fastest times may have been faster if not for that. My own platinum & former DLC is also about a week (prior to Doomsday being released) when I attempted a world record for this game. The last DLC can be done in about 2 days, maybe faster if carried / experience. However... this is cheated anyway. The missions you skipped are required for the 100% completion trophy "Career Criminal" to pop, which you got first.
  3. Yeah, a few people have told me nothing is wrong with this list. The one minor exception is someone found it odd "Enchanted" was unlocked first. Did a quick check and 20% of people seem to have done that, so I think the flag will be removed @johnboy75129.
  4. Yeah, I edited my last post a bit. Collectibles and similar trophies have a high chance of disappearing or not popping using this. You should be good to go.
  5. Yes, however, there's not much benefit to doing it this way. You risk glitching out certain trophies, and you still have to play all of the chapters anyway, just out of order. The main advantage is getting to keep your upgraded weapons / supplements, rather than starting fresh with no upgrades. There's also a slight benefit of having extra ammo (since by going backwards all previous ammo still exists.) Edit : Checked your trophies. You will save yourself one playthrough.
  6. You need to also reference the trophies specifically marked as what is "too fast." I've done it for you. I have no idea as to the accuracy of this report, since I'm just seeing it for the first time. ~~ gap ~~ I should probably update my reporting guidelines page again. Just writing "too fast" or something equally basic isn't very helpful to the staff in determining the issue, nor the disputer in countering the argument. The only exception would be if there's a highly common game reported, then something like "standard cheating trophy pattern" is acceptable. Also, most disputers never mention the referenced trophies in their dispute, and it makes it much more difficult for standard users in the thread trying to help when only half of the information is given. Had this report mentioned why these trophies were too fast it would make much more sense, and the marked trophies would be less necessary or possibly not needed to be included.
  7. Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard Biosplattered Shocktober Horror Themed Platinum #3 Enjoyment : 8 / 10 Difficulty : 5 / 10 Scare Factor : 8 / 10
  8. You can't be reported twice for the same game. Once hidden, the report and flag still remain (but are invisible) and you are returned to the leaderboard while hidden (up to two games.) You may need to be worried about people reporting other games though, I'll be blunt, at a quick glance it appears there are a number other games cheated too. I'd suggest hiding any other trophies that may have been unlocked by this hacked Vita.
  9. Okay, re-hide your game, earn a trophy, and then re-update here. You'll need to wait an hour from now before you can update again.
  10. @christian_allan You were reported on September 1st before this game was hidden. It looks like someone approved the flag earlier today around 3AM EST (minutes before you disputed this). I can confirm it's your only flag and the game is hidden, so that should return you to the leaderboard. When did you actually hide the game? Before or after the dispute started? For the moment, unhide the game, earn another new trophy, and then update your profile here, in that order. Once this is done, notify me so I can confirm it's done correctly. Following this, re-hide this game again, earn a new trophy, and update again on PSNP. I may need to send a bug report, but lets see what happens first.
  11. @TOV0917 I didn't initially review this report, but after a check, it appears you played it a second time and took 31+ minutes on a second playthrough for your sub level 8 run. I've went ahead and removed the flag.
  12. The "treasure" trophies aren't obtainable anymore, but everything else should theoretically be possible.
  13. You're permanently off the leaderboards with 4+ cheated games.
  14. If it's not legitimate, it really doesn't matter why. Some unintentionally hacked lists would end up being in first place for the fastest achiever's list in CoD otherwise, etc. And you're correct, our leaderboards actually have some standards, unlike Sony's. Unfortunately @AgentJuan24 will need to hide the game to return to the leaderboard. The links in the thread will help you.
  15. If I understand the report reasoning, essentially that things didn't pop timely, then the early data corruption issues would potentially explain things. I'll remove the flag @sbbg_sbbg