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  1. Closing. You're at three flags. You can still use the website for anything other than the leaderboard.
  2. I've issued you 3 more flags.
  3. A few people have messaged me about PSONE over the last month. Playing anything on these servers WILL get you flagged. Why? Its closed source and controlled by a small group of people. I'm sure their intentions are "pure" , but they'll have access to see your personal information normally only seen by Sony. As stated above, there's also the possibility things have been changed, which isn't acceptable. Any server needs to be publicly available for anyone to host at any time themselves, otherwise you may be banned for no reason, or someone could up a server just for themselves, etc. Use at your own risk.
  4. N/A

    I'm sure this isn't normal. This has nothing to do with playing before release. Props for not saying "I didn't do it too fast" though.
  5. Your dispute is taking longer because you have another game flagged for CFW usage, and we're combing through your games to check for more, which is painfully slow. This one's probably wrong though... I'll lift it.
  6. As this is a very common situation caused by cheat files, it won't be lifted.
  7. I was going to ask you if you've "possibly copied any other unencrypted save files" way back in the day. People did that sorta stuff with PS2 and PS1 and all. Then, depending on your response, maybe give you an opportunity if you were honest. However, I've decided to just keep you at 4+ flags. You can still use the site for all purposes other than the leaderboards.
  8. I've removed your flag, @Shizo. It appears someone overlooked the prepatch issues.
  9. NoSkillsGettingKilled will remain at 5+ flags, thanks to the tip from @HoorayForTyler. ( Please use the report button next time, if mentioning a problem, to avoid the possibility the OP seeing your message and hiding the game before we see it. )
  10. I wondered why the community thinks that Mods are in charge of banning cheaters recently. I guess it should be common sense. I just checked the logs, and it appears a good number of people who have the Pure online events out of order have multiple confirmed cheats on their account, and it seems like this is a known confirmed cheater pattern (ie downloaded save files cause this to happen). I'll wait for the CRT staff who approved this to weigh in though, which will likely be within a few days (it's Thanksgiving holiday after all).
  11. Anyone with a PS5 will be able to see tracked time on any user's PS5 and PS4 games, unless those games are hidden altogether.
  12. Time played is available to see on the console itself. Being able to see times played per title for quite some time, I'm semi familiar with why an inconsistency would occur. Generally, the times will be accurate.
  13. OP is at three flags. Perma-off.
  14. These all look accurate to me.
  15. Auto-dispute closed. You're permanently off the leaderboards.