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  1. @MooseSketts you are right. I'm looking at this on a phone right now and the graphics are a bit smushed together. So the original page that was deleted is 63 titles, and @Valtiel_Terra has listed 63 now. Coincidence?
  2. I don't see anything wrong with Max Payne 3 either.
  3. I gotcha. Was also responding to the other guy as well. And actually, now that I think about it, the re-linking status won't matter if it's beyond 7 days. Even if my data is the same as before when using a brand new save on my account. It's possible to re-link with another PSN account after 7 days. (Which could be anything).
  4. He's been here and responded multiple times in the thread since the original request was made days ago. I plan to re-link my own account, and sync without my data from before to see what happens. If my exact same stats show up, then awesome so will his. If it doesn't and pulls from my "new fresh restarted data" , then it doesn't prove anything since it indeed can change and pulls off whatever save is used. The only thing re-linking now will do is prove his account is in unsyncd status and not unlinked as he claims. So the original screenshot shows him at 67 titles, 4 are missing from this list: two for rocket kills and two for Rachael use. hmmm Edit: or a single badge for Rachel and another for the parts or something.
  5. Because there is essentially undeniable proof that it is his. And his entire argument is basically that it's not his.
  6. That's inaccurate. As already explained, points can be awarded from website actions, like adding buddies, or signing in a lot. (but it would take forever to get that many items to convert to BP. And again, not really what this case is about.
  7. @Valtiel_Terra I think we're just sort of going in circles at this point. It sounds like your defense is: "The old data that used to be there isn't mine, and when I logged in and created an account it shows properly now" So you must prove the old data wasn't yours before we can really continue, and thus far you've failed to do so. Explaining why/how your new stats are correct now doesn't necessarily prove that your old stats aren't correct. That's a logical fallacy. Its kind of like me saying, "PSNP.com servers went down earlier today" and you saying, "Its working right now". Both of those statements would be correct, so yours has no relevance to mine there. Thats also why I say your question wasn't relevant earlier about my link status. Why would someone else's stats be on your profile at all? Why would the dates of the old data be exactly the time you played Raid mode? As for right now today, why would you have any titles or badges if its never been synchronized (not uploaded)? Mine has that still btw, even after unlinking. All of these questions above really need to be answered, in a way that isn't just saying "my current stats are right" since we already explained those being correct doesn't mean that the old ones are wrong. (thats if they really are accurate, and not carefully crafted fakes or something) With that said, it would really do your case wonders if you did sync new data on your account. I'd also like to know the answer to @MooseSketts question about the titles you have now. You don't need screenshots, but listing each and every one of them would help.
  8. I did before. The post that starts with, "There are some questions I can't answer, admittedly." followed by, "It isn't". But, I try to be very thorough in these cases. Please don't think I'm attacking you. I'm simply being thorough. See this case where extensive research was done, and I helped get someone's flag removed: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/54838-yong_bins-dispute/ . What I want is consistency here and to be able to explain your profile. With that said, nothing really makes sense about your case. I don't really want to try to focus on if mine is different because, you're right, I don't see how its relevant. The only thing differences in our linking status would actually prove is there is a different process to get from before and now. It doesn't change the fact data was there before. There could also be ways to un-syncronize data somehow, somewhere, etc. I'll just be blunt now, Here is your old profile: http://web.archive.org/web/20171214033542/https://www.residentevil.net/rev/en/playstation3/o715842.html Here is my old profile: https://i.imgur.com/s0XTCF5.png (which, btw, looks VERY similar to fbdbh's, except he did an extra play thru) Now, here is how both of ours look, Yours: https://www.residentevil.net/en/p659929.html Mine: https://www.residentevil.net/en/p1100922.html So, it very very much appears that the same process occurred here. An unlinking. I'd like to know *why* it looks the same. You previously stated, "What i think that happens here is that in my page were showed someone else stats, that was "fixed" soon after i logged into my account after years of no use. (Thursday at 03:06 PM) So, I have multiple problems with this. 1) I logged in after years of no use too, my stuff didn't disappear. Everyone else here didn't have their's disappear. Why did yours? What happened differently? 2) This contradicts your previous statement, "I'm being flagged for the info that appears in a site that i didn't sign up" (Thursday at 12:14 AM). 3) Ignoring the first two problems, why did you earn ~174,000 points upon your supposed new sign up? Other people have tested what happens, and here are the results shared with me: When multiple people, except you, have the exact same experience, you'll need to have a darn good explanation of what happened differently. Again, I am the person who tests every variation of things out in these cases, confirm repeatable results, and since I can't explain why you're the only person with different results, it makes me question the validity of your claim. If you can explain exact processes you did that differ to the repeated tests others and myself have then that will go a long way to prove your innocence here. But just saying "B1rvine's is different than mine" really isn't a defense, BECAUSE only you can get these different results after others have tried, AND you don't have an explanation for it. PS: Again, I'm not attacking you here, I just prefer to understand the how's and why's to understand these cases to help future cases. (PSS: How does it feel to be the person to essentially determine all future cases in this matter?)
  9. All of this has already been researched. The only question I have at this point is if when re-activating, if there's no save data on the system still, will it show what was there before or what its newly pulling from a zero stats save. (shouldn't matter really but I would like to know. I'll know in a week)
  10. Thats actually a great idea. For now, this will prove if an account is linked or not. I will be testing things though in a week myself. I'd like to see what happens when I re-link and restart with no save data on my system. Id like to see if stats reset etc, or shows what was there before.
  11. He is on the PS4 platform, it's slightly different. Also , check your mail.
  12. When logging in as a guest to the RE.net site, it shows as ????. Upon actual login of an account with play data, it shows differently. Considering this is a web archive, it's being accessed as a guest.
  13. http://web.archive.org/web/20171214191108/https://www.residentevil.net/rev/en/playstation3/o872051.html 70% of his kills recorded on Raid mode are with a rocket launcher. That's simply not possible.
  14. Yes, it's possible, albeit very unlikely. If you use your points from RE.net, you could send yourself items which in turn could be sold for money, but that would take a LOT of time. If he had friends on the site, it's also possible to be gifted items, a slightly quicker method that also takes a good deal of time, probably longer than OP took with this game for that timestamp after completing campaign. But, while the BP spent are super suspicious here, its not really the issue. MMDE's post sums it up.
  15. There are some questions I can't answer, admittedly. I don't think it's relevant regarding @Valtiel_Terra's question of whether my account is linked or not. It isn't, but there's no question the original screenshot of stats are Valtiel_Terra's. I say this because, while it wasn't documented in a screenshot, (due to the sudden and rapid disappearance of the stats shown) the information on the main profile in question had an event date which corresponded to the timestamps of trophies earned here. At the bottom of this post, I've referenced my former profile as an example. I have an event for 9/22 thru 10/11. Valtiel_Terra had an event for Feb 5th thru 22nd. I made a comment earlier in the thread about this. Thus, his account stats were his, and his account was indeed synchronized, even if it is no longer somehow. There's also the matter of login times. Since this dispute has started, the account in question has logged in which @MMDE captured earlier in the dispute, which links this account to him. I'm not sure where Valtiel_Terra is going with the linking status or what that proves, because the illegitimate stats were clearly his. At this point I'd like to know, How did you earn those points you say are still there if you never signed up as claimed? Why did this page suddenly disappear right after the dispute started, since you claim it was someone elses stats that got removed? Do you agree the original stat post pix with the rocket launcher are illegitimate or not? As usual, it's gonna be me that tests various things out again. I will be relinking my account in a week, and then see what happens etc.