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  1. I'm going to close this. It's apparent OP won't be responding this. Using the glitch on TLOU you still need to play through the entire game, not just the first and last chapters. GTA V is a total mess. Won't be lifted unless extraordinary information is provided.
  2. I just don't understand gamers these days. You had a perfectly good profile with just under 200 games, most of them with 50%+ platinums (aka EZPZ's) and then you went and ruined your account with about 15 CFW'd games in a row... Well, now you're off the leaderboards.
  3. It would be, of course. Edit: I'm not implying a whitelist shouldn't protect everybody, I'm just frustrated with the hypocrites. You know there's going to be people who say "I shouldn't be on the whitelist."
  4. This website really needs a whitelist feature. None of the flag team really want / like to hand out flags for this game. However, you'll be flagged if one or more of the following occurs: You cheated offline GTA V trophies. You personally used CFW. Proof provided that "extreme" interaction with modders happens. If the whitelist function ever happens, everybody will be soft flagged for the game with near 100% certainty. (Depending on how it works) There is merit in both the pro flag groups and the anti flag groups arguments. It's not fair to people who earned it legitimately, but at the same time, people should still be allowed to play a game without fear etc. Which is why the best solution would be a whitelist.
  5. @jacob83894 You seem to be a casual trophy hunter affected by hackers. Unfortunately, those lists aren't legitimate, and you'll need to hide them to return to the leaderboard. You can use the instructions from the link above or your other dispute.
  6. I re-visited this game and tested things out. Even if the trophies glitched the first run, I don't see how the speed I mentioned is possible without breaking leaderboard rules. Sorry, you'll need to hide the game to return to the leaderboard.
  7. Why did you create a "dispute" just to lock the thread right away? Well, the report appears correct anyway.
  8. This is the first I'm looking at this report, and it's poorly written. I think it's trying to convey "Physical Perfection" is unlocked too early. Looking at the PSN Store, it does appear you can buy all the blue orbs for about $10. Flag removed @GrayN-_-.
  9. 24 seconds is an eternity in this game. There's other oddities, as pointed out above. I have reason to believe he cheated another game too.
  10. Chapter 16 to Chapter 19 in 2m 15s, seems off to me? Some other things are suspicious with this list, but not outright impossible. Lets see what the @Nyky responds with.
  11. You have more than 2 flags. You're off the leaderboards permanently.
  12. @zakgame123 I'm talking about these specifically. 4 to 5 minutes seems ultra fast to start at the beginning of a chapter to get to the end and earn the trophy. Checked speedruns and the individual segments can take up to about 10 minutes or longer depending on which it is.
  13. Usage of any kind of modded game data is eligible for flagging, including but not limited to god mode, unlimited health, unlimited ammo, modded weapons, cheat menus, etc.
  14. Even replaying chapter segments on episode 1, they seem really fast and impossibly close?
  15. As a fairly high ranked and experienced trophy hunter @Rucifer36, surely you know the platinum trophy is supposed to unlock last? Otherwise you're doing something that's considered cheating.