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  1. Send the info to me. If anyone’s report isn’t approved etc, then it may need to be followed up with a DM. As for the OP, you were flagged for using a save file (1), edited timestamps (2), and edited timestamps (3).
  2. Why do you close dispute posts every time you write them? I worked hard to film a video, but it closes right away.
  3. The 2012 game in question was there in 2012, and I know how it happened. You can put your pitchforks and torches down. I'd love "some" automation, but not for everything, or even most detection. The main problem is that it needs to be completely foolproof against false positives, or else it's a real pain to fix since the site would keep autoflagging someone potentially innocent.
  4. Hello,

    first of all I apologise for my English, it is not my first language.

    With this message I mean no disrespect to you and  those who are in charge of making checks on the genuineness of the trophies obtained. I am well aware that I have obtained flags in the past, for using saves to facilitate the unlocking of trophies (about 10 years ago). Unfortunately for me, I was not aware of the rules of this site when I had joined and was I was  rightfully reported.
    Since then, I have hidden the games for which I had cheated and moved on with this hobby, or addiction as may be considered, of collecting trophies.

    Again, I apologise, but it seems a bit hasty to label as irregular the obtaining of a platinum in a game after no one has obtained it for years, also because from what I can see from the leaderboard, the previous platinum dates back 7 months before mine. In case you haven't checked the source posted about the trophy guide, the platinum is prevented because of the impossibility of obtaining a single in-game reward, linked to beating a record time in completing at least one training mission, which since 2017 have dropped to levels that are practically impossible to beat, but I have completed most of the online component of the game few years before.

    At the time, I still had several rewards left to obtain, most of them quite annoying and still requiring dozens of hours of grinding, and I dropped the game.
    I then came back to play it after many years because I wanted to  obtain a very rare platinum.
    I can perhaps understand why someone might report me for seeing a rare platinum obtained after years of it becoming impossible for new players to get it, but I'm surprised that the people checking the reports didn't check the matter a little more carefully, especially if the outcome would result in exclusion from the leaderboard.
    I apologise for this little rant of mine, I ask you to please reconsider your decision.

    1. enaysoft


      The leaderboards on this site are of course, a competition.


      Not being aware of the rules of this site is one thing, what genuine excuse do you have for using them 10 years ago?


      I'm sure you are fully aware what trophies are, rewards for doing something in a game.


      Using someone else's savedata is not something you can do legitimately on Playstation hardware, you really have to go out of your way and do many things in order to get into a position where you can hack trophies. At any moment during that long process and researching how to do it, did you not once think hmm, is this perhaps cheating?


      An apology of course is welcome, unfortunately cheating is cheating, there is no way this will be reversed.

      Learn from your mistakes and don't do it again.

  5. I refuse to remove upon request in this manner, since it always bites me in the ass later, when people decide to dispute afterwards, and a month long drama occurs because of “CRT abuse.”
  6. It’s not possible, at least currently, @R4M Razr.
  7. It's better to report something you think is suspect and be wrong, rather than not at all. You're not penalized for making a bad report, and the team should just dismiss the report if you're mistaken. Even legit-looking timestamps can be analyzed to determine how they were obtained.
  8. The only staff that can remove users from the leaderboard is the CRT, but I stopped doing these sorts of voluntary removal requests because most people felt a giant message saying you‘ve cheated was more anxiety inducing, etc. Or worse, the people requesting it would make fake disputes and claim staff abuse, so it’s not done anymore.
  9. Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 2 Platinum Trophy They don't make games like they used to. Some videos of the harder ones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpxH5iMGZl4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1HO2HkwtPg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-cZeX9iFZs Enjoyment : 8 / 10 Difficulty : 6 / 10
  10. No. Individual levels were deemed too frequent when the new PSN level system came out.
  11. Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1 Haven't posted in these parts in awhile. Anyway, this was a good nostalgia trip. Enjoyment : 8 / 10 Difficulty : 6 / 10
  12. The first games I recall constantly playing and beating were: Castle Wolfenstein on "an ancient 'PC'" Super Mario Bros. on NES Super Mario World on SNES LoZ : Ocarina of Time on N64 WipEout on PS1 Tekken Tag Tournament on PS2. These would probably be first platinums on those systems.
  13. I'm gonna beat these retro Atari games I played as a kid... Tempest done. Lunar Lander done. I have no idea how Yars’ Revenge works...



    1. dmland12


      The key to Yars Revenge is to use the top-bottom screen wrap-around to your advantage when avoiding the seeker missile (once it starts going fast).  At this point, I don't really recall much more about it than that, though I did post about it in the forums here a couple years ago, when it looks like it was somewhat fresher in mind.  Hopefully, it makes enough sense to figure out the pattern.  Good luck.



    2. AJ_Radio


      Best of luck. This is a good platinum to have.

    3. B1rvine


      I've managed to do it. I'll eventually try the others in this collection.

  14. Profile pic reminds me of resident evil 1 title screen…. 😂