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  1. How hard is extreme difficulty??? Controller throwing or bearable? Doing it in co op
  2. Ok cheers, it's just that I've read that you have to read them front and back so was worried I may have screwed the trophy up.
  3. I've just played my first playthrough and picked up as many magazines I could. Some of these I never turned around to look at the back, but I did read the front. Does it also count towards the bookworm trophy if you read all the magazines from the extras menu?
  4. Why don't you PM him. You're the ones who want to know how he obtained it. I could care less about this game or trophy but people shouldn't jump straight to conclusions and accuse someone of being something they're not.
  5. "Hacker until proven the opposite" Yep, definitely shows your judgemental character! Why don't you ask him how he obtained the trophy. Im not going to waste my time with your narrow mindedness. As I said, it's an EA game, anything is possible with their broken games.
  6. Hacker aye?!?! Judgemental much?? I know the guy who recently got the trophy and he ain't no hacker! So before jumping in and accusing someone get your facts straight. It's idiots like you who start shit for no apparent reason! It's an EA game, anything is possible with their buggy games!
  7. It'll more than likely be within the game as an option.
  8. Thats really bizarre, i just completed the Vita version and no issues whatsoever.
  9. Definitely nothing wrong with the solutions for the vita at least. I've just done all the 20x20 ones following the picture guides and got all of them the first go and all trophies related to them.
  10. I had to try one myself. I done puzzle 150, the rabbit in the hat. I followed his picture guide and got it first go, just not quick enough for the 10 minute trophy. Are you on the vita or ps4?
  11. PSN ID El_Trophynador PS Systems PS4 and my trusty Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests yes Feel free to add me, I m not much into the competitive multiplayer, mainly co-op really. And I'm a bit of a completionist as well, love the trophy hunt. Feels like fully completing a game you get everything out of it that the developers wanted for you to do. But feel free to to just add me if you just want to compare games and trophies. Zeke
  12. You know I was actually enjoying this game until I reached chapter 2 Level 30. This level is a complete fuckin joke. I've literally died over a thousand times on this level trying to get back from the briefcase all because this has got to have one of the worst lay outs for a level ever in any platforming game and I've played some crappy platformers. There's absolutely hardly any room to jump back and you can't use the fly kick because it's already used to get to the briefcase and he can only do it once per landing so there minimal room for error. I don't mind hard games but not when it comes to a complete farce that this is. If you're easily frustrated avoid this.
  13. Wow, that's crap. Here I thought we had crappy data and plans. Dam I would struggle on 5gb lol.
  14. Not necessarily, I'm on 32gb a month for $40aud and I've used my phone to download some vita games at work, although it is a bit slower.
  15. Hmmm, I managed to get it to work on the vita...