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  1. Does anyone know if Terrormania is the last dlc for this game or if there is anymore planned?
  2. Isn’t there a limit to how many trophies a game can have?
  3. So I’m 2 bonetowers in and I haven’t seen any jumping or flying enemies yet... How do you get the Flying Skulls trophy? EDIT: Never mind. I forgot about the void ability.
  4. I have gotten perfect scores in almost all practice sessions across 2 or 3 different race tracks and this trophy has yet to pop for me. Is this trophy glitched or am I missing something? EDIT: Never mind. It has to be raining at the start of the practice session. It doesn’t count if the weather turns once the session has already been started.
  5. Where is the last collectible? That’s the only one I missed. 🤦‍♂️
  6. And the load times! I forgot to b!tch about the never-ending load times. 🤦‍♂️
  7. Personally, I like the first Metro best. Out of the 3, Exodus was the worst in my opinion. It’s a very pretty game, but the story was boring, the voice acting and character animation was terrible, and the countless bugs and glitches just ruined Exodus for me. That being said, they’ve already got my money so I’m still going to finish all the dlc... I just won’t be happy about it. 🤨
  8. How is Ironman mode? Can it be done in NG+/easy? I’ve got 2 missions left in ultra and can’t wait to be done with it.
  9. 🥺
  10. Anybody know if we’re gonna get any new trophies with this update?
  11. Thanks. Got this last night using your Gass Pass method. Now for those damn spy drones...
  12. Does this have to be Goons specifically or do all kills count?
  13. Thanks y’all!
  14. Just wondering if using the Wasteland Wizard Codes and/or Progress Booster will lock-out trophies? Edit: Never mind. I just saw the warning. I asked before I bothered to look. Sorry.
  15. Absolute WORST game of the trilogy in my opinion. This story has almost nothing to do with the previous 2 games. The script and voice acting is abysmal and having to listen to it throughout three play throughs is awful. Worst of all are the glitches. I had the game crash on me when I started NG+ and it wiped my save so I had to do an entire extra play through just to get back to NG+ so I could do the dlc. Then at the very end of the game, on Iron Mode, my gas mask filter ran out and the game glitched again so I couldn’t change it; I died (through no fault of my own) and had to replay the whole last chapter again. Finger crossed for no more dlc or sequels.