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  1. Seems grindy AF. Not sure what I was expecting, but not this. 😕
  2. Sorry just now seeing your message. When you asked about “normal mode” I assumed you meant a difficulty other than Resistance. Permadeath is optional on lower difficulties. Sorry if I confused you. BestUsername---- is right about the save scumming tips and doing so is really the best way (IMO) to get through Resistance mode. This difficulty is painful, but if you go slowly, stealthily, and make regular backup saves you’ll get through it.
  3. Yeah that one sucks. I used the professional hitman you get from clearing one of the boroughs, but any operative with a big machine gun should be fine (Albion guard for instance). I liked the hitman because she was fast and her combat roll came in handy. Just keep moving! I kept running around the perimeter of the room and tried to ignore the people enemies as much as I could. New drones will re-attack servers in the same order that you take them out so keep that in mind. Climb the pipes to get to the upper level instead of using the stairs. As soon as Bagley is done uploading or downloading (I can’t remember which it was) get out of there and hit the button in the first room. Doing so will despawn any enemies that are still trying to kill you. Also, make a backup save before you start just in case! Hope that helps; good luck! 🍀
  4. No as long as you don’t have permadeath enabled. For me the only real trouble spots were the last Malik mission where you have to keep shooting drones off the servers, the Nigel Cass fight, and the mission where you have to escape from the Zero Day bunker. Also recommend that you take time to make the boroughs defiant; that’ll take away all the checkpoints and just make your life easier.
  5. Got past it with help from the friendly neighborhood Spider-Bot. Thanks to Veftx for his video.
  6. Yep! Highly recommended too so you don’t lose your best operatives
  7. The Cass fight is unbalanced and unfair AF. The drones are too much. Is there a strat? I’ve tried killing the guards, not killing the guards, nothing is working. I’m using the Albion employee and I can’t get past the second EMP.
  8. Yeah. Hardest difficulty + permadeath. You can only take a couple of hits before your operative dies. Even paid dlc characters can be killed. All enemies are heavily armed/armored elites and they aggro quickly. Numerous checkpoints make navigating the map from the ground a pain. All tech points that are not in enemy controlled areas are trapped - instant 2 star wanted level if you pick them up.
  9. - Use Wrench and his cargo drone to get around. It’s slower, but much safer. - Focus on getting tech points to unlock useful skills like hacking riot and CT drones. - Maxing out your spider drone is a must and should be your first priority! - MAKE BACKUP SAVES REGULARLY!!! - Recruit a barrister and paramedic just in case. - STEALTH! STEALTH! STEALTH! - Avoid direct combat as much as possible and always send your spider drone to do all the dirty work.
  10. I started Resistance mode last night and so far, it’s a pain. Not necessarily more difficult, but way more annoying. It seems like the devs intention is to play this mode as stealthily as possible, which is slow. If they had introduced NG+ and allowed us to play with an already fully upgraded character, I think that would have been better. I’m only 2 missions in so far and I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve been making regular backup saves to the cloud.
  11. 🤦‍♂️😜 Damnit my bad. Thanks man.
  12. Anyone know when the Rivals stuff will be available?
  13. Rumor is that this will be one of the free PS+ games in August… is it possible to boost with a friend or online random matchmaking only? Can you auto pop trophies on either the PS4 or PS5 version?
  14. I’d kick them some dollars if they’d just enable aim assist on the last 4 maps. Thank God for infinite ammo or I’d never have made it through VoS; spray and pray for the win! 🤦‍♂️
  15. Didn’t work. 😕 Edit - Not sure what happened, but I have the trophy now. It didn’t show up after I synced my trophies and it didn’t re-pop either, but it’s definitely on my list now. Crisis averted.