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  1. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
  2. No you don't need the ones in the castle. And I understand you're frustration.
  3. I would like to Thank everyone here for helping everyone for the trophies. I love Shenmue since it's inception, and it's one of my favorite games of all time. #Shenmue4 Soon 🎊 Special Thanks to ExistentialSolid. 🤗
  4. Thank You do much!
  5. This trophy like "Pink Army" its a pain to look. I even kill everyone in the mission!! If you haven't reach the end of the game Spoilers Ahead!
  6. Well I have to start again cause I was glitch on a roof on the (Redux) area. Grrr
  7. 3.136 GB! Still downloading.
  8. The long awaited Ether One just hitted the North America PSN
  9. Excuse Me. But I didn't see a reply to my post until today because I don't come to the forums often. And FYI The Letter I was looking for was in the Attic floor where The Rope on the ceiling is.
  10. Still working. Thanks for the video!
  11. I can't find this damn letter! Where is it! Help! Lol EDIT: Found It!