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    Pets (owned 5 guinea pigs in the past }, Baking Cakes, Painting ( Digital, oil and spray ), Dancing on classical music
    Watching Anime, Movies on Horror, War History, mystery and animation..
    National Geography on animals , Nature, Astronomy, Extra terrestrial Life..
    Love Bike rides and joining Bikers Club soon this year ^^

    Gaming keeps me Alive : old school, sandbox, crafting, survival horror ,TTG, Visual Novels, Strategy, Puzzle, Fighting and combat, Sports, Fitness, RPG, indie, MP Games, especially playing with a friend... Minus FP games ;/ (FPSyndrome)

    Mobile Gaming : Solitaire Spider cards, Angry Birds and Candy Crush ^~^
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    MultiLinguist still Learning.............

    Rock Music : pop, Rock n roll, instrumental, punk, Hardcore, indie,Gothic, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal....

    Love Trophy hunting and that incredible "ping"sound of shiny platinums... also is always willing to help a Gamer earn Trophies anytime ..... Thats about it Gamers ^~^
    私のページを訪問して感謝の意 :)

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  1. #32 Full Completion Find all 36 scrolls in the game With clever core mechanics, Teslagrad game is definitely interesting fun and easy for puzzle/adventure lovers..... with the ability of "Extended Blink HitboX", i could grab most of the scrolls through thick walls : ) Credits for Extended Blink Hitbox ( Casual glitch ) goes to Boursin Burger.
  2. Just got Nostalgic about these trophy image... thats all😢 Long for a Past Long for a Past Protective Father Protective Father
  3. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony 🙃
  4. 😊 yes ....
  5. 9 Hide and Hope Complete a level without being shot a single time
  6. Welcome Children of the DarKKkk
  7. Pure Perfection👍
  8. HINT : Its an A------- BEAST!!!
  9. KnyTT Underground and Trophy is Epsilon😁