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    Observe people and there ways

    Baking, Pets, Painting ( Digital, oil and spray ), Dancing on classical music
    Watching Anime, Movies on Horror, War History, mystery and animation..
    National Geography on animals , Nature, Astronomy, Extra terrestrial Life..
    Love Bike rides and joining Bikers Club soon this year ^^

    Gaming keeps me Alive : old school, sandbox, crafting, survival horror ,TTG, Visual Novels, Strategy, Puzzle, Fighting and combat, Sports, Fitness, RPG, indie, MP Games, especially playing with a friend... Minus FP games ;/ (FPSyndrome)

    Learning languages, so far mastered 8.

    Music : Hip Hop, Soul, Electronic Dance, Classical, Country, Musical World, Disco, latin, FunK and Pop
    Rock Music : pop, Rock n roll, Glam, Progressive,Grunge, punk, Hardcore, indie,Gothic and Depressive Black Metal lastly Metal Music which is inspired by a friend " Midnightwards666 " .....

    Love Trophy hunting and that incredible "ping"sound of shiny platinums... also is always willing to help a Gamer earn Trophies anytime ..... Thats about it Gamers ^~^
    私のページを訪問して感謝の意 :)

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  1. i would love to play few games on vita and ps4 ;/ Abzu, Danganronpa, shadow of Mordor and many more big list ^^ What excites you more,Shooter or RPG games?? shadow of Mordor is glitchy as hell on ps3
  2. Dragon Age 2 and this trophy is " Dragon Slayer "
  3. Ektexine
  4. Tron evolution
  5. Wanna kill one identity hidden member ( sorry ) so bad
  6. Catherine
  7. Retsnom and the Trophy is" The real ending "
  8. i kiss my closest friend daily and lately he awarded me with a Gold Trophy " Face Kisser "
  9. Have you seen NOel Lately?
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  11. Ladies, check my Mercury Flirty Sunglasses 😉
  12. Likes to keep it plain : )
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