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  1. Amazing music with amazing PC game characters so hoping it makes its way on console soon ^^,it connects our inner child.
  2. Along with PSVR ... Next level Virtual mind blowing reality ( Unimaginary world ) experience.😍
  3. # 36 STAY Trophy Mogul Collect all the other trophies ( 4.85% Ultra Rare ) Narrative-driven retro pixel visual style story with few obtrusive puzzles was a pretty primitive amazing experience. Oh also my First Ps4 Game :}
  4. Trophy Mogul ( 4.85% ) Collect all the other trophies Unusual challenging puzzle game took me days but overall an interesting concept
  5. i am open for charity only on Ps3 atm ... Still working on Ps4 collecting every possible Trophy related items.
  6. After hours of replaying each puzzle and every ending especially the Mirrors, realised the PC gameplay guide to few tough puzzles was brain wrecking experience.... PC puzzle guides do not match Console at all.There are many differences on both ends. Also all 6 endings differ in some aspects from PC. If anyone's having trouble reaching endings, i can provide with all options required for a certain end Trophy.
  7. Finally purchased PS4 PRO Special edition Spiderman..... Simply stunning Gaming interface.
  8. Perfect Partner Ultra rare 2.85% Get a 5-star rating on 5 dance partners songs, normal length routines (you must own at least 5 songs to unlock this trophy)
  9. Dance Star Digital Finally got to the last trophy. Sounds a lot easier than done especially "perfect partner" which requires 5 star rating on 5 partner songs but trophy unexpectedly pinged at 3 star rating on 3 partner songs which was hell lot of a dancing job required us to dance 15 times on each song together for those perfect 5 stars each. No doubt its the only trophy most difficult earned by only 12 players. Overall synchronize dancing was worth it the fun.