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    People Observation.

    Pets (owned 5 guinea pigs in the past }, Baking Cakes, Painting ( Digital, oil and spray ), Dancing on classical music
    Watching Anime, Movies on Horror, War History, mystery and animation..
    National Geography on animals , Nature, Astronomy, Extra terrestrial Life..
    Love Bike rides and joining Bikers Club soon this year ^^

    Gaming keeps me Alive : old school, sandbox, crafting, survival horror ,TTG, Visual Novels, Strategy, Puzzle, Fighting and combat, Sports, Fitness, RPG, indie, MP Games, especially playing with a friend... Minus FP games ;/ (FPSyndrome)

    Mobile Gaming : Solitaire Spider cards, Angry Birds and Candy Crush ^~^
    PC Gaming : Second Life

    MultiLinguist still Learning.............

    Rock Music : pop, Rock n roll, instrumental, punk, Hardcore, indie,Gothic and Black Metal lastly Heavy Metal (Metal inspired by Midnightwards666 \m/ )

    Love Trophy hunting and that incredible "ping"sound of shiny platinums... also is always willing to help a Gamer earn Trophies anytime ..... Thats about it Gamers ^~^
    私のページを訪問して感謝の意 :)

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  1. Players like me still Help i guess ^^....... owns 100% items
  2. Happy 2018 to PSNP
  3. Wishing PSNP a Happy and a Prosperous beautiful 2018 🎁🎉🎆 and loads of :platinum::gold::highfive:

    1. Edunstar84


      Happy New Year!

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      Happy New Year!

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      Happy New Year!

  4. suck @ platinum LoL: - 1.Saints Row IV 2.Batman 3.Need for Speed : Most Wanted 4.Sound Shapes 5.Okami HD 6.Steins: Gate 7.Minecraft 8.Little Big Planet 9.Little Big Planet karting
  5. Astro Tripper From Dust Daytona USA Super hang-on The Bridge Papo and yo.... more in progress : )
  6. From DusT Interesting unique strategy game....Took me 3 years... had abandoned last trophy " Safe journey ( Finish the story mode without losing more than 5 villages ) Finally achieved with my friends help.
  7. From DusT Safe journey Ultra Rare Finish the story mode without losing more than 5 villages Rayman Origins Full Mouth uncommon Earned 5 Skull Teeth. Echochrome ii Light and Shadow Apprentice Ultra Rare Finish all Play Mode levels in one game mode.
  8. Really loved and kind of got addicted with all Seven season ... some of the characters became my fav all time : ) Michonne, Rick, Carl, DaryL and Glenn 💀
  9. In numerology, 1111 is often seen as a wake-up call or call for initiation .... Thankyou all for 1111 LIKES 😋👍

  10. Late to the party but yeah Console Gaming started in 2013 😅 on my Ps3
  11. Can join my ready worlds anytime : ) ps3
  12. I can't seem to face up to the facts I'm tense and nervous and I can't relax I can't sleep, 'cause my bed's on fire Don't touch me, I'm a real live wire Psycho killer, qu'est-ce que c'est? Fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, far better Run, run, run, run, run, run away run away 😈
  13. Sam and Max : The Devil's Playhouse Episode 2 Nine Lives of Sameth & Maximus See Sameth and/or Maximus die at nine distinct points in the game. This trophy was posted just as this Trophy image is so hilariously cute