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  1. I'm thinking of getting it add m0j0s_d0j0
  2. I believe that perfect potter challenge as long as you do really well, take your time aiming will give a lot of xp I have a new account now but I'm currently working on the 9 ball career just finished my pro career tonight blamed it is a big jump up the hardest thing I found was killer man that was nasty, feel free to add me to work on 100 win online accolade taking turns if you still don't have it I'm very close to having all accolades myself my psn is m0j0s_d0j0
  3. I could play fine when I disconnected the Internet but I don't really see in the age of the ps4 why I should be disconnected from the Internet to play a game
  4. Hi all, I want to know if I'm the only person with this problem, when I first put the disc in it did the update as expected I then went to load the game a picture of a guy with a sword came up then started to try and load a video that's when the error occurred the error is ce-348780. According to research I did it could be a number of things - It asked me to delete the update / game install it - I did that to no avail It says that if you have changed the hdd to change it back to the original - I have changed the hdd but didn't really want to change it back as the next stage said to reinitialize the ps4 I thought I would skip changing the hdd and go straight for initialisation while I get the ps4 back to basically factory settings bar the hdd and try to load up the error was worse than before the only way I could exit from the freeze was to switch off the ps4 at the wall. By now I was annoyed I saw that they had a support page on Facebook so I went there and I find I'm not alone, a lot of people are complaining about this however one guy said he had found a fix for it disconnect your Internet and the game will load up and play but I like to have time stamps if I'm offline I'm surely not to get them?? I thought right because it will already be on my account I'll disconnect the internet and try loading it up and to my surprise it loaded up so I played for 10 minutes or so I paused went back using the ps button to settings put the Internet back on and switched back to the game played for 2 or 3 seconds and bang error again??. This morning I find a guy live streaming it so I message him to ask how he'd got the game working online as lots of people are having problems getting it to load, he replied to say he'd experienced no problems at all, I asked if he had the original hdd and he replied yes. I'm wondering why a game that is made for ps4 is so far behind the times where as it can't either connect to the internet to play or can't accept a hdd upgrade that shouldn't even effect it. Anywho let me here your stories regarding this game, if you've had errors or not if so how you've worked around them did you indeed change your hdd and find that it was the cause, (this is the only game that has refused to work on my bigger hdd)....
  5. Is there any reason we have two trophy lists for the ps4 version does this mean there will be an eu and na version????
  6. They are exactly the same same as last years game I have last years game and have trouble with the eashl trophies I find it insulting to pay £55 for a game that is exactly the same as a previous game apart from roster changes the game will be exactly the same. It has to be said although I am a ps4 owner why do the ps3 users get stuffed with the eashl which they have no intention of putting into ps4 because the future is the new gen, I would rather buy it for ps4 if I buy it at all.
  7. My characters were in my main menu but I chose not to continue as I saw that where it wanted to continue from was not the beginning of the game I chose new game and was able to use my level 60 character I'm going to level up all 6 characters to 69 then make a backup for when I get the ps4 version then I can use those characters for the ps4 version without having to level up
  8. I know a few reviewers that get games like a week earlier than release date, it's the same as saying I'm a cheat for buying a lego game from the states because it came out a few days before eu
  9. enjoying going through diablo 3 on my new account before ultimate edition

  10. When I did the amateur the servers were up and down like yoyos I believe that had something to do with it trouble is if the 100 wins is on the servers and there is no way to delete it and we are past the 100 mark do we hope that it will pop eventually or just accept there will be no platinum at the end of the rainbow I was number 1 in the world for this game regarding trophies but because of the glitches I have faced I have dropped down I ain't bothered by that but I am bothered about buying a game I can't plat because of trophies not unlocking when they should.
  11. I didn't notice but my 100 wins for 9 balls ain't popped but did notice that my 9 ball amateur career hasn't popped either if games won information stays on the server I'm unsure how people that have had this problem will unlock the trophies.
  12. I'd give it ten of ten well worth the few bucks to buy this game Graphics are fairly solid Trophy difficulty wise I give it 2/3-10 In case you wondered all online trophies are boostable Hope this helps
  13. The price is 9.09 for ps+ users 12.99 for standard users Please note these prices are for the na region only.... Hope this helps Add me for a friendly game
  14. Resident evil, they just keep adding to it and the graphics seem to be getting worse
  15. PSN ID - the_great_m0j0 PS Systems (PS3, PS4, PSVita) Accepts Blank Friend Requests - just let me know your from here I like to meet new people and boost I'm from the uk and can usually only boost in the evening as I have a child. Add me on here too.