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  1. Doesn't matter if your total score is over 70,740 points in 1 game, each completed game is 1,000. Each fail is 350 in roughly 20seconds if you do Mountain Fortress which will lead you to 3:30:02, slightly less. there were tiny times I be still standing after the narrator speaks. Total amount of times Defeated Jumanji: 0-376 Deaths: 1128 Roughly possibly 75.2hrs, loading the game, narrator, play in full. Total number of Jukebox, Fist, Monkey, Heals is incorrect. Looking for to see if your near 100 doesn't tally up. Guessing game. Same with other stats. unknown why unless its a full game which is proximity of 11mins20secs in Bizzarr Bizzar 12:11 Jungle 12:48 Moutain 12:28 Night I'm assuming total points if played in full, be roughly over 3million. But nothing to buy anything with it. Game is a dud with so many glitch's, map doesn't load in certain areas or the Rhino is invisible and so you die for no reason. Besides how crappy the graphics are on a heavy engine. Hoping the next game, the details be like Kingdom Hearts 3 Pirats of the Caribbean and not a ps2 graphics era. We need a more action game. Like to see Kevin Hart Explode.