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  1. Thanks, finally found it with your help although in all versions of my game (PS3, Vita & PS4) it was yellow... Seriously what the fuck?! Did they mess up before releasing the game or are they colour blind?
  2. As the title suggests, I'm finding it impossible to find what the heck this stupid F*£&G stupid dragon wants as a green baby?! I've got all 330 summonables and have tried every last green one that appears, both baby-like and not. Nothing seems to work! It's the only thing preventing me getting 100%... Please help it's driving me insane!
  3. Sadly, there's no way to go back to Eye of Helios as I found out after the trophy didn't pop. What I did find though was playing 110% in single player (sucks to be alone I know). I managed to pop the trophy no problem after doing EVERY LAST side mission available and stopping off at Iwajima's place in Serenity's Waste after beating the final boss. Apparently the trophy glitches in co-op when people rush ahead discovering areas before you and the profile data takes a brain fart. Best advice: go through the game again as Athena/Willhelm (normally I'd suggest Claptrap as he needs to be 25 for 'That Helped, Right?', but I see you already have that.) It sucks I know...
  4. Normally I wouldn't ask something so simple, but I've exhausted google search results and other trophy sites trying to find advice. Anyone help me out by suggesting some good farming spots for this challenge? I've been trying to farm the Torks in Titan Industrial Complex, thinking, as they tend to swarm I'd get tons, but nope... I'm lucky if I can get 10 kills per 12 rockets. So $3,200 each x 200 = $640,000 to complete this as it stands. And lord only knows how much time, I have to waste farming Iwajima to get the cash to pay for all those rockets. There has to be a better method than my current. Thanks in advance guys!
  5. Hi Nyath-, I can help you out with all of those. If you could provide me with a loan of Soulbrandt in return I'd be massively grateful. I'm SL 114 but I can easily level up provided you give me 30mins notice or so. Hi guys, I'm about to make your day (if your one of those still needing a Pure Bladestone)! I can offer any trophy related item in game, in return for the grand price of ZERO. NIL. NADA. I've platted the game and know how much of a struggle some of it can be so am offering rare items for free. Please note a handful of things, might only be available on my 218 profile but most are on my SL118 but can level up easily if given a good 30mins notice or so. Thanks for your time! PSN: UrsusPrime EU Servers SL: 114
  6. Hi FireLord awesome help you're providing for the community, any chance you'd be able to help me out on my SL162? I have SoulSucker spell so could reduce your level back to what it was, so you can continue helping the level range you're at. Any help would be massively appreciated!
  7. Thanks for the quick response guys. Really pleased to know that it'll be sorta hard (impossible?) for me to screw up if I'm careful. That's me resting easy tonight, ready to attempt to finish it off tomorrow. (Except for those last 3 pure stones...)
  8. Hi guys, been playing through this game and I'm finally coming towards the end stage (sorta), but I have a few important questions that are really stressing me out. If anyone could provide me with concrete answers, that'd be great. I inadvertently killed Miralda super early on not really knowing her purpose at the time, making my W1 Pure White. If I read the roadmap correctly, am I to believe that Blue Dragon will never spawn for me now? I really don't wanna have to start over or NG+ for him... I really want to leave Old King Doran's 'test of strength' until after beating the blue dragon. Will he still be there if I do blue dragon first? How hard will I be making it for myself, if I kill Biorr for Mephisto, before the blue dragon fight? (I already claimed the Pure Clearstone from him). I'm kinda worried I'll mess up and Biorr will get his butt kicked there, leaving me without a 'target' for Mephisto's sidequests. Anyway thanks for taking the time to read (and hopefully answer those fears). I'm terrified of continuing my game further, until I know I'm not gonna mess up!
  9. UrsusPrime / 1 Second - h4h - trophy - short - fast - 1 sec Send me a message with LBP2 P4P and the level name you want played and I'll return the favour.
  10. I know it's not a trophy, but does anyone know of a video guide (or even text for that matter) showing/telling how to get all prize bubbles for this dlc? Really want the "You Animal!" pin. All I could find was a single video, covering one level...