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  1. Corpse explosion indeed isn't as good on console as on PC (this is true of many skills), but it's still good if you get enough mana that you can spam the hell out of it. And yeah, clay golem is miles better than blood golem. I don't know why, since on paper (i.e., just looking at the stats) blood golem should be better, but it just isn't. Blood golem has a terrible time staying alive. And the clay golem's ability to slow down enemies (bosses in particular) is a game changer.
  2. I can't imagine this actually working. All current bots (at least in my understanding) need to be installed on the device actually running the game, so that they have access to the game's memory. A bot that works through remote play would have to make decisions 100% based on visual interpretation of what's happening on the screen, which is *extremely* non-trivial.
  3. This dupe exploit still works with the current patch that released today on PS5. How do I know this? Because as of today, the game forced me to update to even play offline. So... yeah. Looks like you won't be able to just downgrade your patch or stay on an old patch to do this exploit forever on PS5. Once they patch it, it's gone for good.
  4. You don't get more experience from those monsters on /players8 because they used a datatype that can't properly store that large of a number, so it gets artificially capped at 2^23-1 = 8,388,607. That's a bug. Can people everyone please stop conflating "hard" with "wastes 600+ hours of your time on mindless uninteresting grind"? That 600-hour grind for two trophies is not hard. Literally no one is complaining that this list is "hard". We're complaining that it's an obnoxious waste of time for no good reason.
  5. No idea, but if you're on PS5 then don't update. There are reports that this update complete screws up the PS5 version of the game and makes it so you can't play at all anymore until they fix it.
  6. I can now confirm that this works. I got a SoJ offline and duped it a boatload of times. Every time you sell 1, Uber Diablo spawns. In Act 5 Frigid Highlands, he spawns right by the waypoint, so with a Smiter Paladin you can do an entire run of Sell SoJ -> Go to Frigid Highlands -> Kill Uber Diablo -> Restart in under a minute. He gives a bit over 5 million XP each time. With the charm that he drops, that's about 6 million XP. But of course the late-level XP modifiers decrease that significantly as you level up. I haven't done exact math, but you need to do somewhere in the ballpark of 35000 Uber Diablo runs to get to level 99. If we say an average of a minute per run, that's just shy of 600 hours. Not nearly as terrible as the 1000+ hours needed via CS/Baal runs, but I'm still not sure that I want to attempt it. If /playersX is added to console, it'll cut down on that 600 hours a bit, but I think only to 350 or 400 hours or so. Uber Diablo has the same bug that Baal has, where he stops giving extra XP after /players 3 (and actually I think he only gives XP at a rate of something like /players 2.5 or so, if that existed).
  7. I’ve only played offline and my progress shows 84/99. The progress tracker is just laggy/delayed.
  8. I'm guessing that the game tracks each of the different game "modes" separately (just like stashes are separate between online/offline and softcore/hardcore). So you probably need to complete all 7 classes in the same mode, whether it's offline hardcore, or online softcore, or whatever -- mixing and matching is probably what screws it up.
  9. I'm pretty sure it popped for me with two Manald Heal rings (I can check when I get home to my PS5, but I'm pretty sure I still haven't found any other unique rings, so it couldn't have been anything else). The only trouble I had with it is that it wouldn't pop with a 2-handed weapon equipped -- it requires a one-handed weapon and a shield.
  10. Someone on the official D2 forums said it's bugged on XBox too. Sigh.
  11. No, this dupe glitch still works even with the patch that came out yesterday.
  12. Yeah, I can confirm that the Ancients quest is not a flat level -- I did it in Hell difficulty at level 80 or so and only got a fraction of a level. If someone could find an exploit that lets you repeat that quest, it would make the level 99 trophy trivial. But such a glitch seems unlikely (someone would have found it on PC by now). In online play, there are supposedly some glitches that let you fight Baal even without beating the Ancients (so saving that quest for level 98 is a real option). But like Vextens said, saving it isn't really an option if you're going for level 99 in offline mode, since it locks you out of Hell Baal.
  13. You can’t import offline characters. Only ones, which can’t be altered with cheat programs.
  14. That’s true, but it’s easy enough to do that without duping anyway — just back up your save file before gambling your money away.
  15. Oh that's a neat idea, I hadn't thought of that. I haven't found a SoJ offline yet, but I'll try that too and let you know if/when I find anything. Anyway, I wrote up a new thread with my PS5 duping method. On PS4, can't you just backup your shared stash file? It's separate from your character file which should make duping on PS4 easy.