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  1. I missed the exact same chest in the 2nd half of Chapter IX. To unlock the trophy I replayed Chapter IX from the start, got the knife from near the start (by the first secret chest, but I did not re-open that first secret chest) and then played until I got to the 2nd secret chest and opened it, which unlocked the trophy. Are you saying that the knife near the start of Chapter IX isn't appearing for you?
  2. You won't restart the game -- you'll still be halfway through Act 3. All the warning message means is that you can't re-convert back to non-expansion. Once your character has been converted to the Expansion version of the game, it stays there.
  3. Jane Project Summer since Pinball should be added to the Project Summer Ice series. The Pammy and Mark versions are in the series; just the Jane version is missing.
  4. Welcome to how weird Sony's back-end is. Each game you play really has 3 different types of entries in Sony's databases: - It is a "product". Its product ID (e.g., UP5082-PPSA03351_00-7096002319244539) determines, for example, where you'll find it on the PSN web store. - It is a "game". Its game ID (e.g., CUSA12345 or PPSA03351) determines, for example, whether or not DLC from a region's store will be compatible with this version of the game or not. - It has a trophy list (or multiple trophy lists). Many "games" are associated with multiple "products" (since a game might have a regular version and a deluxe version, for example). Similarly, some "products" map to multiple "games" (e.g., products that contain multiple games in a single bundle). Similarly, a single "game" might give multiple trophy lists, and a single trophy list might be associated with multiple "games". The final thing mentioned above is what is happening here: while Ghost of Tsushima only has one PS4 and one PS5 trophy list, there are multiple "game" entries in Sony's database that all map to these same trophy lists (and playtime is tracked by the "game", not the trophy list). For some reason, when Ghost of Tsushima was added to PS+ Extra, Sucker Punch made a whole new "game" entry in the database for it (usually the developer/publisher just update the "product" entry or make a new "product" entry). So if you play the PS+ Extra and non-PS+ versions of the game, your playtime will be tracked separately for them but you'll get the same trophies between them.
  5. To anyone not familiar with the game, don't confuse "simple" with "easy". The trophy list appears to be the same (or basically the same) as the original Super Stardust HD trophy list, which is hard. In particular, the trophy for getting 15 bombs in Bomber mode is a nightmare.
  6. 7 in total. 5 regular stages (each with a boss at the end) and then 2 boss-only stages at the end.
  7. This is a good idea, and on my todo list. It's not a great solution, but in the meantime you can edit the URL to force PlatPrices to display the non-bespoke version of a publisher page. E.g., you can change the URL from to to get filters back. Yeah, sorry about this. There isn't really a "normal" timescale at the moment, since it requires me to manually start the process right now. Process started (US, GB, and HK first, other regions after those 3 are done).
  8. Alternatively, you can save the astronaut on the first screen of level 1, restart and you’ll still have the 25 money from saving him. Repeat as many times as you like, takes only 5 seconds or so each time. Edit: after testing, it’s probably faster to finish the first level and sell your upgrades like suggested above. Doing this 3 times gives you roughly 14k money, which is enough to max out all aspects of your primary weapon, get 10 health upgrades, and some misc other stuff, which is enough to make Arcade Mode pretty easy.
  9. Very strange -- it's getting marked as PS+ Extra in other EU regions, but not that one. Don't have a fix yet, but looking into it.
  10. I'm pretty sure. If you reload via chapter select, it forgets about upgrades etc that you got later in the story, so it won't know that you already found Tools 4 and 5 -- it doesn't track those like it tracks collectibles.
  11. This has been mentioned in a couple of scattered posts on this forum, but it deserves some proper visibility, since the main trophy guide for this game (PowerPyx) says that nothing is missable and everything can be obtained through chapter select. This is not true for tools. If you miss a tool then grabbing it in chapter select will *not* unlock the trophy. Instead, you have to play through the entire rest of the game, starting from whichever tool you missed. Edit: I'm pretty sure NG+ cannot be used for this trophy if you miss it the first time around, or at least it's buggy. I missed the 3rd tool on my first playthrough. One NG+ I had Tool Level 4 as expected, but all tools (even the third one) were gone and thus could not be picked up. The only way I could get the trophy is by chapter-selecting to the 3rd tool and playing continuously from there (no more chapter select) all the way until the 5th tool.
  12. Yep: NathanielJohn#3306
  13. Thanks. Yeah, I suck at advertising -- any word of mouth is very appreciated! To contact me/provide feedback, either e-mail me at that e-mail address ([email protected]) or send me a PM here at PSNP (or post in this thread, but honestly I'm not as good at keeping on top of things posted here). I just made a change that might fix this, but it's difficult for me to test since I don't know how to clear my PSNP+ cache -- let me know if it works for you. Previously, if multiple PlatPrices products were found linking to a PSNP trophy list, the API would pick one randomly to return. Now it returns the one with the lowest base (i.e., non-sale) price, which should typically be the non-deluxe version.
  14. Uh, has anyone had trophies in the DLC glitch in a good way? I just played through the DLC -- finished the main story and then started doing cleanup. After getting everything in Plover Island (for the "Island Queen" trophy), I travelled back to the mainland and my final two trophies ("Fan Fare" and "I Can Handle the Truth!") unlocked immediately after the mainland loaded in, even though I had only eaten 3 of the 10 questers (the 3 at Plover Island).