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  1. You're posting on the PS5 forum. If you're planning on platting the PS5 version of D2 then you don't need to provide proof of anything -- it's literally impossible to cheat the PS5 version of the game. Even if you're planning on platting the PS4 version of the game, you still don't need to pre-emptively provide proof that your platinum is legit. You just need to not cheat. You only need to provide proof that you platted the game legit if someone accuses you of cheating (which only makes it past the cheater removal team if there's actual evidence that you cheated). If you're going to plat the game with an online character, simply giving the online ID of your account/character would be more than enough proof. If you're going to plat it via an offline PS4 character it's harder to prove that you did it legit, so just... don't cheat.
  2. They cheat the offline portion of the game in order to pop trophies. They don't cheat the online portion like you're talking about.
  3. Yep, I'm 100% sure -- I tested it my way (just pressing them all in order) immediately after doing it your way to be sure. That puzzle is just the game Lights Out: hitting a switch flips that switch as well as its two neighbours. So if you hit switch #3, then it flips #2, #3, and #4. If you hit all 8 switches (in any order) then each one gets flipped a total of 3 times (once by itself and once by each of its two neighbours), which has the net effect of flipping it from off to on.
  4. Ooof, yeah, the 3 boost rush levels in a row is the plat-blocker here. Those boost rush levels were tricky enough just one at a time -- doing all 3 in a row will be an exercise in frustration. It looks like the obvious plat route is: playthrough 1 with no upgrades, playthrough 2 with lots of upgrades, killing each boss without getting hit (and hopefully not having to back up/redownload your save file a million times in the process!!), playthrough 3 cleaning up miscellaneous trophies. Doesn't look substantially tougher than the PS4/Vita trophy lists other than the boost rush trophy. Killing bosses without getting hit is straightforward enough -- for a good chunk of bosses people will probably get these trophies on their first try. Edit: As pointed out below, the trophy descriptions here on PSNP when I made my comment were inaccurate. You don't have to just beat the bosses on NG+ without taking damage, but rather you have to beat the *entire levels* in NG+ without taking damage. That's uh... a whole new ballgame. Hard to say exactly, but this list is probably a 7/10 or maybe even higher.
  5. Great guide, thank you! Just one minor suggestion: The order is actually completely irrelevant. You might as well just say "hit all 8 switches once each".
  6. Fixed, thanks.
  7. Technically players 3 but it’s such a small difference as to not really matter. It’s something like 8.2 million xp on players 2 versus 8.3 million on players 3. Edit: ninja’d by post above mine. And yes the ratio stays the same at every level.
  8. Are you able to see the spine of the PS4 box before you buy it? You want one that says "CUSA15072" on the spine -- that's the Asian trophy list version. The worldwide trophy list instead says CUSA12031.
  9. Pretty sure it's a glitch and that one is actually the Sunwing.
  10. Depends on the game, but usually no. For RE8 the answer is no -- saves can only be transferred PS4 to PS5, not the other way around.
  11. It says that it releases at 9pm Pacific Time on April 6, which is 13 hours from now. Since the release time is so late today, it releases "today" (April 6) in some timezones, and "tomorrow" (April 7) in others. But 13 hours from now either way.
  12. The characters need to be on separate accounts, and only need PS+ on one of them. Let's say you have PS+ on account 1. 1. Back up account 1. 2. Transfer gold from account 1 to account 2. 3. Restore account 1. 4. Transfer gold from account 2 to account 1. Now account 1 has twice as much gold as it had before. 5. Go to step 1.
  13. It's not just a "can", but actually a "will". The game only remembers the 8 most recent items that you left on the ground. There are 9 legendary armaments, so if you leave them all on the ground at the same time, at least one *will* be lost. So yeah, use the chest or pick up each one after leaving it on the ground.
  14. Absolutely agree that the last 20 hours of this game are a painful slog and not at all fun, especially compared to the fantastic first half of the game. I didn't have any trouble with the Elden Beast or Dragonlord Placidusax... but Hoarah Loux. Good god, Hoarah Loux is one of the most bullshit boss fights that I've ever played in any game. And they threw it right in the middle of something like 5 almost back-to-back end-game bosses... why? Even with cheeses like the Mimic Tear, nothing works on him -- he's too fast and (a) does a grab attack that basically one-hit kills you even if you're maxxed out, and whether it connects or not seems completely random, and (b) between doing those grab attacks he non-stop spams AOE attacks that affect the entire arena *through shields*. And he has basically no openings. My mimic tear couldn't even stay alive for this fight, and even summoning real-life co-op partners just ended with them both dying about 95% of the time. What an absolute shit boss.
  15. Sorry for taking so long to fix the login/country selection issues. It was indeed a cookie issue, but weirdly one only affecting some countries (which I don't live in, which is why it was so hard for me to test/fix). I believe this is fixed now, but I would appreciate if someone could confirm for me.