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  1. Yes to both. Buy Gold edition once and you can get 100% on both trophy lists (as long as it's not the PS5 physical version).
  2. No. There's no option to upload a save from PS5, and no option to download a save to PS4.
  3. Yep, this is a known glitch. Happens in half of the versions of the game (the PS4 stacks I think?)
  4. Sorry, but why would I spend 3 minutes on this game when this thread tells me how to do it in just 2 minutes? (Seriously though, thanks for posting a text guide. I hate video guides when a single-sentence text guide does the job.)
  5. Thanks, fixed. Demo versions *shouldn't* be picked up by PSNP+, but this one slipped through the cracks (PlatPrices didn't recognize it as a demo automatically, so I manually marked it as such now). PSNP+ pricing should appear fixed once caching expires.
  6. No, I already explained earlier in the thread that this is not possible. Whether or not you get the free upgrade and whether or not trophies auto-pop are separate issues. You only get the free upgrade for the region of your disc.
  7. Because you don’t have the PS5 version or the DLC.
  8. But you still had to do everything in TLoU2. Even though the list was dirt-easy, after completing it you had seen all that the game had to offer. The difference with Rift Apart's trophy list isn't that it's too easy, but that it simply doesn't cover a ton of stuff that's in the game: You only need to find 5 of the 25 gold bolts. You don't need to buy a single one of the 20 Omega weapons. You don't need to upgrade a single weapon to level 10. You only need to upgrade 1 of the 20 weapons to level 5. You only need to buy all raritanium upgrades for 1 of the 20 weapons. You don't need to complete challenge mode. You only need to collect 3 of the 12 Lorbs. You only need to collect 3 of the 24 armor pieces. You don't need to find or complete all of the pocket dimensions.
  9. Because (1) they weren't in the screenshot that I responded to, and (2) other commenters have already explained how it's possible to get the trophy for 100 headshots without getting the trophies for 10 or 30 headshots first.
  10. That's not a weird order. One trophy is for 100 headshots *total*, while the other is for 5 headshots *in a row*. Your screenshot even shows that the 100 headshots trophy is more common than the 5 headshots one.
  11. Just follow through all 3 battles so that you don’t have to spend 300 Gil each time. The loading screen between battles is shorter too.
  12. And for anyone who doesn’t want to have to waste their time watching a video for no reason: just turn on text skipping and skip all text in the entire game. There are no choices to be made, and you get the platinum automatically in a minute.
  13. No, you cannot get the free upgrade in multiple regions, even if you own the game on disc. The upgrade checks the disc's CUSA code, and you'll be told you're not eligible for the upgrade in other regions. However, I'm not sure if you can still auto-pop the trophies in multiple regions if you actually *buy* the game on PS5 in multiple regions. I might buy the game in a second region once its price goes down to test this out.
  14. No.
  15. I can get past Bahamut now, but now Ramuh just wipes the floor with me. I wish there was a second elemental material in the DLC. I can’t decide if I should use Elemental+Fire to help with Bahamut and Pride and Joy, or Elemental+Lightning to help with Ramuh and Pride and Joy. Edit: Just got the trophy. I was playing way too conservatively before, trying to avoid damage. But all of these bosses absolutely wreck you if you leave them alive for too long. The trick is to just wail on them via air combat instead. Have absolutely no regard for Yuffie's well-being -- just throw her right into the mix and have her close-combat wailing at each of the bosses' faces in the air. Stay synergized, and use Synergived Art of War whenever you can. Otherwise, don't use ATB charges except to use Curaga/Arise as needed. Got it on my first try with this "fuck it" strat.