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  1. To clarify for people who haven't played this game (or who have forgotten how trophies work in this game), you don't earn trophies until you exit from an event category back to the main menu, at which point it pops up with a "Congratulations!" message, give you an in-game reward, and the trophy unlocks. If you have done multiple tasks that earn these rewards (e.g., completed multiple licenses) then all of the corresponding trophies will unlock, with pretty much any spacing between them being possible, since subsequent trophies don't unlock until you press the "OK" button on each one. So yeah, the times quoted above are absolutely possible (Edit: But I haven't checked the rest of the trophy list to see if the entire thing is legit). It wouldn't be legit if they mixed and matched different event types (e.g., A-spec and B-spec) races, since you have to go back to the main menu in between those. But that didn't happen here.
  2. Lord of Murder Complete the game on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty. Oof, good luck everyone -- you're going to need it.
  3. Yeah I can confirm that the trophies in this game are so absurdly glitchy that “out of order” is not at all a valid reason for flagging it. Literally every trophy in the game is glitchy and may not unlock.
  4. You're not at level 100 yet. Gambling items are tied to your level, and there's essentially no point in trying to get legendaries this way until you are level 100. And you can reset what items the gambler has by changing your map 3 or 4 times.
  5. You really don't need to trade legendaries. After you hit level 100, go to the mapworks and buy up all of the weapons from the gambler guy. If you get a legendary then you're done. If not, reload a backup save and try again. You'll get a legendary within 10 minutes.
  6. I’m pretty sure it only counts if you deliver the meal when the game actually asks you to. I delivered every meal spreadsheet-style in 3-2 practice mode and the trophy didn’t unlock. Then I just played 3-2 regularly (delivering the meals the game asked for) in practice mode for 15 minutes or so and it unlocked.
  7. Hardcore mode isn’t tied to difficulty level. Just select hardcore mode and casual difficulty when making your character.
  8. He said he was level 20 when it popped, which means he hadn't beaten the game yet, which means mapworks wasn't unlocked yet. Actually, you can see from his timestamps that he earned it while fighting Grand Regent Eldrayn at the end of Act 1.
  9. To be clear, these time estimates are for completing one playthrough. However, the trophies for reaching level 100 and for earning some absurd amount of gold require much more than one playthrough to earn (it's looking like probably 3 or so playthroughs total to get them?).
  10. No, neither of those games are the same thing, and flagging rules work differently for them. In both of those games (as well as other games like Borderlands), you are using only in-game features to level up quickly. In particular, you are using someone else who has already levelled up (presumably legitimately) to level you up quick. THAT is not against the site rules, and won't get you flagged. What's happening here is different. Here, someone else is using hacks to make a hacked game, and that hacked game levels you up quickly. This is akin to what happens in games like Call of Duty where hackers create hacked lobbies to unlock trophies for people (even innocent people who don't want that), which DOES get you flagged here. We should maybe get someone from the flag team to weigh in here for an official answer, but do not just go around telling people that this won't get them flagged.
  11. Patch 1.11 dropped today. It looks like some people have now earned this trophy, so it likely fixed it? Edit: Yep, just got it, the quest and trophy work now.
  12. Oh great, another game that can’t be played online without getting your account flagged as a cheater on this site. The whitelist feature is desperately needed.
  13. For crying out loud, I buy like 2 games a year on release, and it seems like this crap happens every single time I do.
  14. ...because the evidence he provided shows him having 44 screenshots. That's the point. What is hell is happening in this thread? JUST LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE HE PROVIDED BEFORE HAVING AN OPINION
  15. Did you even read my post? That doesn't give him 44 trophy screenshots. That gives him 22 trophy screenshots. Please actually look at the evidence he provided. What you just described falls under the second option I provided, where all of the evidence he provided must have also been faked.