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  1. This idea introduces tons of problems and solves literally none. Team accounts aren't against the site rules here, and you're effectively proposing to make them against the rules (well, against the rules for the "standard" leaderboard anyway). But the whole reason that they're not against the rules is because it's 100% unenforceable -- there's way too much gray area, and there's simply no actually reliable way to detect which accounts are and are not team accounts. Also, there's literally no advantage to someone admitting to being a team account. They're a team account because they want to get high on the leaderboards, so why would they then opt out of the main leaderboard? Especially when the penalty that you propose for being "caught" is that they are... moved over to the other leaderboard. Why have a self-reporting system at all then?
  2. Thanks for the videos, it was helpful to know which level to try those trophies on. I just got the plat, so here are my thoughts: Difficulty is 3.5/10. Would have been 2/10 if not for some of the levels at the end (the last level in particular) being really obnoxious to get 3 stars on. I got the platinum in a bit under 17 hours. 8 hours to beat the game and get most misc trophies, 9 hours to mop up remaining 3 stars on levels. There are 100 levels in the game in total, *including* the underworld and sky world levels. No idea why the level 60 trophy says "halfway there" instead of the level 50 trophy.
  3. Yeah bloodborne looks really suspect too. Chalice dungeons 4 and 5 in a combined total of 7.5 minutes even though world record plat runs take 23 mins or more to do the same. Not enough for me to flag it, but I expect lots is cheated here.
  4. That video does not explain you getting 100,000G within 4 minutes of getting to the city ruins, which I assume is what your flag is for. As the video itself says, you can't do this particular trick until 2 or 3 hours into the game, yet you somehow got 100,000G within just a few minutes of leaving the tutorial area (the bunker). I don't believe it's possible to earn money in the bunker, which means you would have had to have earned all that money somehow in less than 4 minutes. No matter how quick of a farming method you found, that's just not possible.
  5. Thank god they’re fixing the bug where the game thinks your companions are dead. I’m going to have to do a 3rd playthrough since I failed a companion gayest due to them supposedly being dead on the easiest difficulty.
  6. Big ol' "citation needed" on a BBB complaint having anything to do with those trophies getting fixed. Anyway, this is not a valid BBB complaint. From their website: There's some wiggle room around the "previous 12 months", but I think we can all agree that 5 years is pushing it quite a bit.
  7. What am I missing? Is this not explained by the exploit he’s already mentioned multiple times (i.e., failing missions 3 times to skip them)?
  8. I have 2 PS4s -- does anyone know if I can play through the shared story with the second PS4 just sitting idle in the game (as another user, of course)? Will the game still progress if I'm only doing things on one of the PS4s?
  9. To clarify for people who haven't played this game (or who have forgotten how trophies work in this game), you don't earn trophies until you exit from an event category back to the main menu, at which point it pops up with a "Congratulations!" message, give you an in-game reward, and the trophy unlocks. If you have done multiple tasks that earn these rewards (e.g., completed multiple licenses) then all of the corresponding trophies will unlock, with pretty much any spacing between them being possible, since subsequent trophies don't unlock until you press the "OK" button on each one. So yeah, the times quoted above are absolutely possible (Edit: But I haven't checked the rest of the trophy list to see if the entire thing is legit). It wouldn't be legit if they mixed and matched different event types (e.g., A-spec and B-spec) races, since you have to go back to the main menu in between those. But that didn't happen here.
  10. Lord of Murder Complete the game on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty. Oof, good luck everyone -- you're going to need it.
  11. Yeah I can confirm that the trophies in this game are so absurdly glitchy that “out of order” is not at all a valid reason for flagging it. Literally every trophy in the game is glitchy and may not unlock.
  12. You're not at level 100 yet. Gambling items are tied to your level, and there's essentially no point in trying to get legendaries this way until you are level 100. And you can reset what items the gambler has by changing your map 3 or 4 times.
  13. You really don't need to trade legendaries. After you hit level 100, go to the mapworks and buy up all of the weapons from the gambler guy. If you get a legendary then you're done. If not, reload a backup save and try again. You'll get a legendary within 10 minutes.
  14. I’m pretty sure it only counts if you deliver the meal when the game actually asks you to. I delivered every meal spreadsheet-style in 3-2 practice mode and the trophy didn’t unlock. Then I just played 3-2 regularly (delivering the meals the game asked for) in practice mode for 15 minutes or so and it unlocked.
  15. Hardcore mode isn’t tied to difficulty level. Just select hardcore mode and casual difficulty when making your character.