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  1. I shelled out the absurd amount of money to buy the DLCs for this game because I like my profile as close to 100% as possible. And I sold the game to recoup some of those costs. Now not only do other people get the DLC for free, but I have to re-buy the game to get my 100% back again? Fuck off.
  2. I platted the game on release (unpatched) and don't recall this "common knowledge", and can't find anything about it on the official Rainbow Moon forums (or elsewhere). Please provide a link to a thread demonstrating the "brief look" us "haters" should have done. Edit: Here's your profile from the official Rainbow Moon website: Notice that it says your profile was last updated on the website on September 26, 2015, and you had 2 minutes and 50 seconds of playtime at that point. Nothing wrong with that (the game doesn't force you to keep your stats up-to-date on their servers). But when combined with the fact that your PSN profile shows that you got the 40 hours of playtime trophy on that same day.... hrm...
  3. 18 hours is impressive as hell, but definitely possible for a Sonic guru. And Shadiochao is very much a Sonic guru, and they had already gotten all of the Sonic Adventure achievements on XBox the previous year, so they already knew the game inside and out.
  4. That's a good point, thanks. In WKC1 you could only buy/bind items one at a time, but I don't know if you can do multiple in the same transaction in WKC2. Can anyone confirm? If you *can* do multiple in a single transaction then then should be lifted IMO.
  5. Things that look suspicious: - They platinumed the game in 11 days. That's about 250 hours of real time, but this plat is generally estimated at 550 hours or so of playtime. But this could be explained a bit by them being helped by a modder online (which as far as I'm aware is not against the rules here?) - More worrisome are the Anura's Ruby and Phibianacci's Diamond trophies, which were unlocked at the same time. I don't see how that's possible without a save file even if someone is helping you out online. - All of the rare equipment trophies popped at the same time too. Again, not possible without a save file.
  6. Yeah, I can also confirm that Dustia farming has not been patched. It works just fine as of today.
  7. You are a savage like me.  I love it LMAO

    1. NathanielJohn


      Haha yeah. I always give people the benefit of the doubt at first, so when I find out that not only did they 100% for sure cheat on the game in question, but they have *regularly* been cheating for 7 years, I get annoyed ;)

  8. Come ON. Here is your profile at NGU. And here is an old post of yours confirming your PSN ID: You have admitted to using save files to pop trophies in tons of games, with the most recent one being Crash Bandicoot (yes, you're one of our first PS4 cheaters -- congrats!!).
  9. Here is your profile on NGU, where you are an active member. Your username is different there, but in one of your posts, you mention that your PSN ID is LordICO_USA: You have 39 posts over there ranging over 5 years, one of which is in a thread about Batman: Arkham Asylum. You used a save file, plain and simple, and you likely used save files for a bunch of other games too. So far I've found you admitting to using saves to get trophies for the following games on NGU: - Battlefield 4 - Virtua Tennis 2009 - Frozen Freefall Snowball Fight - Bionnic Commando Rearmed 2 - Metal Gear Solid 2 Some additional games where you didn't explicitly *say* that you used a save file, but you gave a "like" to someone for posting a save file: - Metal Gear Solid 3 - Modern Warfare 3 - Prince of Persia: Two Thrones - Sound Shapes And a bunch of others. I think that's enough to get you off the leaderboards though.
  10. I'm wary of flagging people for things like this in KH: BBS too. The Collector trophy (for getting all stickers) is buggy as hell and took me *hours* of messing around with to get to unglitch and actually pop in my game, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if the other collection-based trophies are iffy too. Stuff like this is what the 3-trophy lenience limit is for -- sometimes trophies glitch and don't pop when they should.
  11. You went from 40% riddler challenges to 85% riddler challenges in 13 minutes, and you didn't just get 16 and 24 medals at the same time, you got 8 predator, 16 predator, 24 predator, 16 combat, and 24 combat all at the same time. You're saying that 4 of those glitched and didn't unlock when they should have, but then suddenly decided to pop together with the 5th one?
  12. If you can't speak for what other people experienced, then don't start off your comment with... Your entire comment is doing nothing other than saying "this hasn't happened to me, therefore it can't happen", which is BS. This really doesn't need to be discussed any more. Two people other than the disputer have already said that this can happen and it's happened to them. No amount of it not happening to you contradicts that.
  13. Works fantastic on Vita. One of the best indie ports to Vita in recent memory.
  14. Also, he's complaining about people stacking trophy lists to get easy plats multiple times, yet he platted Goat Simulator on both PS3 and PS4 on the same day...
  15. This is just patently untrue: RoughDawg4 (#1) has Skyrim and Fallout 3 and Fallout: NV. nmxwzy (#3) has Fallout 4 and a boatload of Souls games and other long plats. blackangel887462 (#4) has Skyrim, Fallout 3 and Fallout: NV, as well as many other long plats like Star Ocean MrUnknown625 (#5) has Skyrim, Final Fantasy 13, and some other long plats etc. Typically the only difference between a top-ranked trophy hunter and a lower-ranked one is that the top one has a bunch of short/easy games *in addition* to the long/hard games on their list, not *instead of* the long/hard games. I have tons of quick and easy plats on my list (Hannah Montana, Orc Slayer, Terminator Salvation, etc), but I also have Skyrim, every Fallout, every Final Fantasy (including FF14), every Soulsborne, and so on. People play what they wanna play, and frankly I'd get bored of gaming if I only ever played long/hard games. Variety keeps gaming interesting for me.