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  1. The vast majority of people, if they start playing now, will not be good enough to get to 4095m in the weekly challenge within their first week of playing. I've platted the game on all 3 platforms (which amounts to a total of 15 or so months of daily and weekly challenges) and I don't think I've ever gotten past 2500m or so in that entire time. Yes, this glitch makes the platinum easier than without it. But we're talking about lowering a 10/10 to an 8/10 in difficulty -- you have to get really good at the game really quickly.
  2. Yes it does. The Infierno DLC from Vita is part of the base game on PS4. The PS4 trophy list is here: If the Infierno content weren't included in the PS4 version, it would be unplattable.
  3. Oh brilliant, thanks!
  4. I highly doubt that fewer people "see their work in full" as a result of their easy trophy lists. People who buy these games for trophies wouldn't have bought the game otherwise anyway, and people who buy the game *not* for the trophies won't stop playing once they get the platinum.
  5. This is a BS argument. I have tons of cheap easy Ratalaika games on my list, but I also think that Sony should regulate them and actually do some quality control. If someone points out that a particular build is overpowered in a game and that the devs should nerf it, your argument is analogous to responding with "yeah well you use that build, so you shouldn't complain". As a player of a particular game (trophy hunting, in this case), I'm going to take advantage of things that help me win. That doesn't mean that I can't criticize those things or point out that they should be removed in order to improve the experience.
  6. Those posts are all several months old, and the game has been patched several times since then (both removing some trophy bugs, and adding some new ones). Some people back then got it even when they took damage, which is why the trophy's earned percentage is so high. I wouldn't rely on bugs like that unless we can find a recent post somewhere confirming that it can *still* be done in co-op.
  7. "Here" as in Canada? No they haven't. I'm in Canada too, and they update here on Tuesdays.
  8. You're in Canada. The NA store updates on Tuesday, the EU store updates on Wednesday. This isn't new. This thread is about a EU sale.
  9. I'm really not a fan of flags where just a single trophy not unlocking when it should explains it completely. A trophy not unlocking when it should have can happen in literally any game -- it's not something that you're typically going to find "evidence of". If your console locks up or loses power between when you meet the condition for the trophy and when the unlock actually happens, then you don't get the trophy. There's a world of difference between a trophy not unlocking when it should (this flag), versus a trophy unlocking when it shouldn't (most legitimate flags).
  10. Sony: Files patent (like they do literally every single day, often about idea that they don't actually end up implementing in any way) to present gamers with information about how successful various resources are at accomplishing certain tasks in the game. Internet: "OMG SONY IS TRYING TO SELL US MICROTRANSACTIONS!! SCUM!!!" If the goal was to shove microtransactions in your face, they wouldn't need to file a patent to do it. They could just pop up a dialog box that says "Having trouble beating this boss? Buy this resource!" after you die 3 times. This is a complete non-story.
  11. I don't know if they're retroactive for early access or not, but if they are, you would absolutely have to start the game for them to pop/sync. No game has ever popped trophies without requiring the player to go into the game to pop them (excluding that major PS4-wide glitch that happened a few years ago).
  12. Just look at the most recent 50 earners of this trophy: at least 49 of them earned it thanks to a glitch (a bunch on December 5 last year, and a bunch on November 28), since it's essentially impossible to get legit nowadays. It used to be a lot easier, when the online for this game was still active, so don't be misled by the trophy's high completion percentage.
  13. This was changed in patch 1.07. 10 new abilities were added, which are also now required for More Human than Human, upping the level requirement from 80 to 92 (and adding another 20 treasure hunts you must complete). Unfortunately no trophies guides have updated to reflect this information.
  14. I'm genuinely curious about what types of answers the OP expected here. We're all obviously going to make egg sandwiches with it.
  15. Only because it was in development hell and was completely scrapped and re-designed from the ground up several times. From 2004 until 2012 they barely even knew what they wanted the game to be -- it was just "their next game" that they kept scrapping and re-working it until they decided to make it Souls-like in 2012 or so (3 years *after* Demon's Souls came out). Team Ninja didn't even join the game's development until 2010 -- it wasn't even an action RPG prior to that (source), let alone a Souls-like. Anyway, in addition to the games you listed, some other recent Souls-likes are: Ashen Blasphemous Dead Cells Death's Gambit Code Vein Immortal: Unchained Remnant: From the Ashes Hollow Knight Hell, even Darksiders 3 went pretty Souls-like at first, until they patched classic combat back in.