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  1. No worries, my reply wasn't aimed at anyone. Just providing some other info that might be relevant here.
  2. Here's a similar dispute (from a different user) about something like this happening in another Ratalaika game (Warlock's Tower). I was in favour of that flag being lifted, but I'm not sure what ever happened with it:
  3. No trophies require online play. The only reason some guides say that you should be online is that the trophies are kinda glitchy for some people, and won't unlock for them when playing offline (I've never personally had that problem with this game -- maybe it was patched, dunno).
  4. It was also "clear as day" that Miles Morales and Horizon 2 were PS5 exclusives, until it was announced that they aren't. Sony is being purposely unclear about some things to entice people to upgrade to PS5, so it's not unreasonable to ask whether the PS Plus Collection will also be coming to PS4 (not that anyone here has any way of knowing the answer).
  5. This seems like an extremely weak flag to me. The trophy guide on this site talks about how to pop all of these trophies at the same time, for crying out loud: The 10-minute gap is the only suspicious part of this, but "suspicious" does not warrant a flag. It's clearly *possible*, and debating anything beyond that is a waste of time.
  6. I'll almost definitely still be getting it day 1, but something feels disappointing about this trailer. I'm glad that they're going back to a medieval setting, but everything else just feels like... nothing new? Maybe I'm expecting too much since it's coming on a next-gen console, but the graphics didn't look like an upgrade over FF15, and the combat (at least on its surface) just looks like FF15 combat again. Somehow FF7R feels more "updated" than this does, at least based on what this trailer shows.
  7. GeoHot didn't even hack the PS3 until January 2010. Unless the flagger is claiming that the OP here managed to hack the PS3 before anyone else in the world, and kept it secret just so that he could pop some story trophies out of order, this should be lifted.
  8. I still miss the trophy wiki.

  9. You almost definitely won't get an official answer to this question -- this site and all other trophy sites are somewhat secretive about this. There is no official API, so getting this information auto-propagated is valuable work that the site admin had to figure out on their own, and thus they aren't likely to just give away to others for free. A good starting point for scraping trophy information from Sony's servers (if that's what you want to do) is to trace your network traffic when you sync your trophies. That will tell you where your own trophy information is being retrieved from, and you can start parsing that data and improving from there. I made the now-defunct PSNtrophywiki this way, as well as a PS store scraper by monitoring web traffic while on the PS store.
  10. I see you got this figured out, but for anyone else having the same problem -- the display of the timer is bugged to hell, but the actual timer seems to work correctly. The display jumped from 2:30 - 3:30 for me too (and many times before that) but then at 3:59:59 it rolled over to 3:00:00 and gave me the trophy.
  11. In the NA and EU versions of this game, you have 4 hit points. When I played the AS version, I only had 2. Did I screw up some setting (I don't remember there being difficulty settings in this game) or is the AS version of the game just harder for some reason?
  12. I don’t mind the easy trophy lists, but I’m getting sick of them hiding all of the hard trophies in DLC. It’s like they want to lure people in with an easy plat and then *surprise* if you want that one last bronze trophy you have to complete a whole new playthrough on the new mega-ultra difficulty. It just feels cheap. If you’re going to have difficulty trophies, then have them in the base game from the get-go. Stop making 2 DLC trophies require 3x as much effort as 50 base game trophies.
  13. Yep, it’s broken in the AS version. The problem is that they screwed up the X/O button switch. The X button selects menu options, but also goes back out of the menu. Great work literally not spending 5 minutes testing your game, Eastasiasoft.
  14. Anyone found a fix for this? I’m stuck at the exact same spot.
  15. And I suppose you bought Zeroptian Invasion, Peasant Knight, Drowning, Storm Boy, Little Adventure on the Prairie, and Planet RIX-13 because you read great reviews of them, right?