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  1. Basically because the official PSN store doesn't *actually* list all new content anywhere (despite having a not-actually-accurate "New Games" page), so there's no consistent place I can get new content from (my site does check the official "New Games" page every day in all regions). So the way that I get it is pull it in when people search for it. If not many people from Italy use my site, then not much gets pulled in. The lack of consistency between regions is worse than I thought it would be though, so I have a planned fix in mind. It's just a matter of getting the time to implement it.
  2. It still has pure bladestone, sure, but it absolutely does not have the pure bladestone grind. In the original game you could only get pure bladestone from a single enemy in the entire game (the black phantom black skeleton in 4-2), and it had a 0.5% drop rate. In the remake, it drops from *any* black skeleton (even the ones in 4-1, and they don't have to be black phantoms), and they have about a 7% drop rate. I got mine on my first playthrough of 4-1 by accident, and most people who do have to farm for it get it in 20 minutes or less.
  3. More likely to be purchased by people who are already familiar with the game, or at least with the series. The game is hard, but the platinum isn't. If you can beat the game, you can platinum it, and there's almost no grinding required (at most 2 or 3 hours total for a gold coin if you get unlucky). Other Soulsborne games have a very similar completion percentage. Bloodborne has been platinumed by a higher PSN percentage, but a lower PSNP percentage. Same with Dark Souls Remastered.
  4. As Lance_87 said, this would require my site to have your official PSN credentials, which opens a huge can of worms that I don't want to touch. However, my (extremely long and backlogged) to-do list includes the ability to import games from your trophy list into your library, which would serve basically the same purpose.
  5. What argument are you making here? You seem to be trying to make the argument that Playstation players are complacent and put up with crap that Nintendo players don't. But that makes no sense, seeing as Nintendo closed the Wii store over two years ago. So how is Nintendo better than Sony in this instance (or in any instance of anything related to online infrastructure, for that matter)?
  6. Yeah, this is a common issue with games that pop too many trophies too quickly. So anyone who managed to go through all 15 of the catches on their first try (and thus pops all trophies consecutively, seconds apart from each other) has a risk of this happening.
  7. This is why I wish you would just say what function you're using. I know what the floor and ceiling function are, and I know that you're flooring the result of your function -- I mentioned them a few posts ago. But instead of having a useful discussion, we're just constantly guessing at what each other are talking about for some reason.
  8. Thanks for the plot. Two questions: - Can you tell me what happens farther to the right of the graph? Does it eventually hit the x-axis (e.g., at x = 100), or does it just get closer and closer forever? - Can you tell me the exact value of your function at x = 50? I assumed that you were taking the ceiling of something that goes through the point (50,0), but based on your graph it looks more like you're taking the floor of something that goes through (49.99,1), which seems... odd. Edit: Also, the fact that my graph is to the left of the y-axis in your screenshot is a byproduct of Desmos rounding things off mid-calculation. The function I linked goes through (0,5000) exactly, not to the left of it, but Desmos rounds off numbers computed via sliders.
  9. I mean, as evidenced by the last few posts, you've said basically nothing about how the formula works. You've said that it doesn't include logarithms, doesn't use division (which I don't believe for a second -- negative exponents are still division), and isn't quadratic. Based on my testing, you seem to be using an inverted quadratic, as someone already guessed, just shifted and scaled to get values that you like. I don't know why you keep trying to make it more mysterious or opaque than that. You say that "it's not particularly useful to see the exact values", but then you give a table of 50+ values instead of just giving the formula? Anyway, here is a function of the form y = a/(x+n)^b - c with b = 2.05 (so not quite quadratic, but pretty close) that almost perfectly matches your data, and goes through the points (0,5000) and (50,0) like yours: People can adjust the sliders there if they like to see what it looks like for other values of b and n (you can't freely adjust a or c, since those are constrained by the fact that we want the graph to go through (0,5000) and (50,0)).
  10. Can I ask why you won't share what function you're using to do your calculations? It seems completely backwards to me to approach this from the perspective of "Who do we want to be on top? Let's build a function that makes that happen.", which is what is being done right now. Back when this thread started, the perspective was "What mathematical properties should the rarity leaderboard have?", which makes way more sense to me. Sly initially said that he wanted a trophy at 5% rarity to be worth double a trophy at 10% rarity, which is worth double a trophy at 20% rarity, and so on (which led to the function Points = 500/ Rarity). People are of course welcome to agree or disagree with that particular requirement, but at least it's based on something remotely objective.
  11. They removed PS3 and Vita games from the official web store (yes, yes I know that there is still an unofficial not-properly-supported link you can use) with less than 2 weeks notice.
  12. One thing to be careful of with this method: the games saves the fact that you've earned some trophies, and you can't easily re-trigger them (even for trophies where you would think that you could). For example, if you earn the "kill a flying enemy with a thrown projectile" trophy on PS5 and *then* send your save online -> PS4, you won't be able to earn that trophy on PS4, even if you perform the action again. You have to earn it from an earlier save.
  13. I have the PS5 disc and was able to download the PS4 version using the 3 dots. Maybe they changed it? Edit: Ignore this post, I'm crazy.
  14. No way to do this yet, but it's coming. Search filters are being revamped to make stuff like this possible.
  15. Took me a while, but this is now implemented. Below the discount percentage (on the game image), there is now an indicator of how much longer that game will be discounted for.