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  1. Usually Australia gets the EU stack.
  2. Yep, I think this is going to be the long-term solution.
  3. I got Velocity Ultra trophies on my vita. Unless the OP got some weird physical version, that isn’t the issue. Vita trophies in general might be being buggy right now — someone posted another thread similar to this one about another vita at the same time.
  4. Pretty much exactly what PlatPrices is for: list of games in Italy that are at most 2/10 difficulty, have a platinum, and are under €2:€2&diffcat=atmost&diff=2&sort=time&hidedlc=1&hidedemos=1&fe=1&page=1
  5. Thanks for letting me know about that, and sorry for the useless e-mail. It's indeed a bug with the Sony store -- the price of that game is *actually* $24.99, but it's displaying on Sony's new web store as $25.01 for some reason, which is confusing my site. I've disabled e-mails for prices changes of 10 cents or less, which will at least stop the e-mails until I figure out a better fix.
  6. Japanese store link:
  7. Yeah, I only see it in a few EU regions. Doesn't seem to be available in NA or Asia.
  8. That's a video of someone getting as far as possible on a challenge, which is literally exactly what I said. Anyone else could have gotten to 516.05m on that same day and gotten a diamond trophy too. What point are you trying to make?
  9. How on earth is anything that anyone is doing in this thread "against other players"? They're getting a diamond cup by getting the highest possible score that a challenge will let them get. This in no way hinders anyone else's ability to get that highest score and diamond trophy. It's *easier* for other people to get diamond cups when this "cheating" is happening.
  10. Can you be more specific? Every game page shows prices in other regions and shows what the best region price is.
  11. Thanks. My tools for finding region links admittedly still suck for JP games, due to translated names and no other criteria that it is easy to automatically match for (e.g., product image, which is often different in JP).
  12. After looking through a few dozen of those "evidence" tweets, I haven't seen a single death threat yet. A bunch of abhorrent douches throwing around "tranny" as a slur, sure, but I'm not seeing death threats. Some of the "offending" tweets included are "This is just unbelievable -- what is WRONG with you Nintendo?" and "Seriously so much wrong! These oversexualized pictures look like kids. Who vetted this?" I get that people are douches and internet discourse around video games needs to change, but this is a far cry from when people in games *actually* receive death threats (e.g., Laura Bailey not long ago), and it seems really disingenuous to conflate the two.
  13. Seeing as there are two independent reports of this trophy popping early while doing Contracts, and the OP was also doing Contracts when the disputed trophy popped (they got a Contracts-related trophy 8 minutes prior), it seems pretty clear that this should be lifted. Here are some more reports of the same trophy unlocking in the same way:
  14. He already has done the mephistopheles quest, has all rings, and basically all the trophies except for the ones he asked about. And even if that weren't the case, suggesting that you need to play through the game with one specific weapon is ridiculous overkill. People are making this platinum out to be way more complicated than it is.
  15. Doesn’t affect anything just give it to him in NG+