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  1. Yeah, Spyro 3 was definitely the roughest of the bunch. For me the most frustrating thing was the camera when controlling Sgt. Byrd. It would randomly lock into place above his head looking down, as if I had pressed triangle, except nothing would make the camera switch back.
  2. Hrm I didn't have any trouble with it unlocking, but I found an extremely fast way to grind it. One of the early levels (1-3 I think?) has you delivering burgers. Instead of making them properly, just put a bun on a plate and deliver it. Then you can wash it (with the water gun) when it comes back. You can probably wash 30 or so plates in a single playthrough of the level. If you can't get the trophy to pop, try deleting your save file and doing this method. Should be able to unlock it within 30 minutes or so of starting.
  3. Yeah more explanation here is necessary. Even with debug mode, I don't think there's a known way to autopop the precursor orb or metelhead gem trophies. How did you get them?
  4. Supposedly when the standalone version of Comrades is released, the DLC version of it will be disabled, presumably via a patch. Of course there's no way to know this for 100% sure since SqEnix is being annoyingly light on details, but at this point it seems safest to turn off auto-updates until you get the trophies. Royal Edition is fine to get the Comrades trophies offline.
  5. I got this trophy really early too in all 3 versions of the game that I played. I think that the "safe" levels like the caravans and the home base also increase the counter when you enter them.
  6. Oh shoot, and here I thought that selling the game after I'm done with it was a valid reason for preferring physical over digital. Thanks for telling me that it's not.
  7. This looks like it'll be extraordinarily luck-based. Fun game, but trophies of the form "Win the game while (something that is almost entirely out of your control happens)" are awful.
  8. There are 350 shards total, so to get 175 in 12 minutes he would have to average a shard every 4 seconds. Not remotely possible.
  9. Isn't this exactly the type of thing that the CAPTCHAs are designed to prevent? Sly doesn't need or want people to mass update tons of pages on the site -- he can run scripts that auto-update pages much more effectively than any of us on the "outside" can, and he can do it in a way that makes sure he doesn't kill his server (he almost surely has lots of the updating happen automatically during non-peak hours in the middle of the night).
  10. $54 USD would be absolute suicide. Crash Bandicoot was $40 at launch and so is Spyro, and those both include three games that have been similarly remade from the ground up. Even the PS4 Ratchet and Clank game launched at $40. Rayman Legends launched at $40. Etc. Breaking that tradition for a remake of a single game would be a grand way to do nothing other than piss everyone off.
  11. Thank you! It's weird that that works for that one single level. With that trick I got over 800 points my first try (just need 600 for 3 stars).
  12. I'm not done the plat yet, but I'm sure there are far more than 40 and 75 of each. As of level 2-2 I have 20 mails and 40 coins, so there should be more than enough even just in the first 3 worlds (and there is a whole world 4 that is not needed for trophy purposes). Edit: I got the 40 mails trophy on level 2-8, so that one absolute does not need to be worried about. Starting around 2-5 or so, almost every level has 4 or 5 mails, so this trophy is super easy. However, coins are much rarer in the later levels. Most level now only has 2 coins, which is really annoying. Just finished level 3-3 and still just at 60 coins. Best to try to get every coin that you can along the way, since the levels in world 3 (and I assume world 4) are absolutely obnoxious.
  13. Weird, you definitely don't need all stars -- I just completed world 1 and got the trophy just fine. I had all mails, but I don't think I had all coins (in particular, I don't think I'd gone back to get the coins behind the 18-star gates yet). I would guess that it was a glitch -- have you tried re-completing level 1-8? Edit: Alternatively, have you completed the 8 tutorial levels? I don't know if they're required for the world 1 trophy or not, but I had completed them (they have a couple mails/coins in them and so are good to do anyway).
  14. I banished them (and thus didn't fight NKG), but he still showed up in the Hallownest Pantheon for me. However, Zote did not show up for me in the Pantheon, since I left him to die in the main game.
  15. That's not what happens. The earliest timestamp is the one you get. You can't get a timestamp overwritten with a later one. Anyway, people are making this way more complicated than it is. Yes, this is allowed. Trophy teams are allowed. You can have 85 different people all playing on 85 different consoles on your account, and that's not against the leaderboard rules here (though it will likely get you a stink-eye from most trophy hunters). The top two people on the leaderboard (Hakoom and RoughDawg4) each have timestamps showing that they earned trophies on multiple consoles simultaneously (Hakoom has even posted a video of himself earning trophies on *four* consoles at the same time). It's allowed. Period. From the leaderboard rules: