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  1. You have to be on Hard or Expert, and you can't start at level 31. You have to start at an earlier level (e.g., 21) and continue going until you get to level 31 from there.
  2. The problem with adding something like this as an actual site feature rather than leaving it up to forum thread etc is that it will never be 100% accurate and complete, regardless of how much effort is put in by the PSNP staff. This leads to distrust of the feature, so people will just end up Googling/looking on forums anyway (e.g., if I looked up a really old game and saw that it wasn't marked as having offline servers, I wouldn't know if that's because the staff just didn't notice the servers went offline or not, so I'd Google the game anyway).
  3. Yeah, unless there's something else wrong with this list that I'm not seeing, this should be lifted. Earning Hardened War Hero later than individual veteran trophies is not a flaggable offense.
  4. Isn't a distance of 4000+ meters *way* past what gets you a diamond cup anyway? When I played, the cut-off was typically 1800 - 2000 meters. What is the typical cut-off nowadays?
  5. I don't watch a lot of TV, so I can't comment on that, but you really find this to be a problem in video games? I don't think I can name more than 1 or 2 games per year with openly homosexual characters. List of games with all heterosexual romances from my profile that I can remember: all Final Fantasy games, all Infamous games, all Uncharted games, Horizon Zero Dawn, all God of War games, all(?) GTA games, Red Dead Redemption, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls. List of games with at least one homosexual romance from my profile that I can remember: Bioware games and TLoU. And it's the exact same thing when Bioware games come out too -- an internet shitstorm about how it's being shoved in our faces and is so disproportionate.
  6. Bill's sexuality wasn't highlighted because he was only in one or two chapters of the game and his sexuality was not relevant to the game or any important character's development. Just like Henry's and David's sexualities weren't explored -- they just weren't relevant, so why would they be? Who cares? Comparing that to Ellie, the game's main character, is just silly. Showing her kiss someone is not "highlighting her sexuality as a defining characteristic". It's watching a main character be a human being. A main character that we're supposed to be interested in getting to know (and whose sexuality was introduced in the DLC for TLoU 1, by the way). Nathan kissed Elena dozens of times throughout the Uncharted games. Does that make his sexuality a defining characteristic of him? Or is it only when gay people kiss that it becomes defining and not OK?
  7. For Nier: Automata, how did you get 100,000G before even arriving on Earth and meeting the game's first merchants? This trophy popping that early isn't something that can happen via the in-game trophy shop. That's a lot of money and that trophy doesn't usually pop for people until right around the end of their first playthrough or start of their second. You played through the game's prologue (which you can't save during) until you got to the Bunker, where you can finally save. Then you applied a max-money cheat to your save file (which also explains why you were able to buy all trophies from the trophy shop without any gaps to back up/reload your save file).
  8. I haven't found anything conclusive yet, but I recommend giving this one a really close look. He went from 430 to 530 platinums in the last 1.5 months, and he is an active member of everyone's favourite trophy hacking site. He very well may have changed his timestamps after getting flagged to make them look more legitimate.
  9. There are exactly 5 such games: Motorstorm RC, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Sound Shapes, Jet Set Radio, and DC Universe Online. There are a couple other games (e.g., GTA 5 I think?) that have *some* trophies that auto-pop, but those are the only 5 with full auto-popping lists.
  10. Say wha? Aren't most Call of Duty games like 7/10 or higher on the platinum difficulty polls? The only one that I've played is World at War, but it's a *far* harder plat than Dark Souls (or any Soulsborne game).
  11. Creating arbitrary cut-offs like "1 hour" or "50th fastest achiever" is pretty much never good for a leaderboard, since people can just work around that specific cut-off. Similarly, blocking stacking trophies because they devalue trophies seems to completely avoid the real problem too. What about Japanese VNs? There are literally hundreds of those that can be platted in 1 hour or less. Those certainly devalue trophies much more than having a second copy of Demon's Souls, don't they? All of these problems seem like they would be better solved by the rarity leaderboard, where plat-bait games are worth hardly anything and thus both of these problems are solved at once, and in a way that isn't so trivial to get around.
  12. Yeah, the FF14 list looks legit to me too.
  13. I'd just like to be able to see a list of games in each series at this point. It seems weird that I'm constantly reminded of the fact that I'm playing one of 245 VR games that have 5097 total trophies, but there's no way to see what those other 244 VR games are (right?).
  14. That man knew the kid he assaulted personally and literally just walked down the street to his house. He didn't look up where he lived on the internet based on his PSN ID or anything like that. Article
  15. Unfortunately, this flag won't be lifted, as trophies that auto-pop from hacked lobbies are still flaggable on this site, even if you did not want them to be unlocked. See "Joining hacked multiplayer lobbies that auto-unlock trophies" on the rules post: