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  1. I’m pretty sure it only counts if you deliver the meal when the game actually asks you to. I delivered every meal spreadsheet-style in 3-2 practice mode and the trophy didn’t unlock. Then I just played 3-2 regularly (delivering the meals the game asked for) in practice mode for 15 minutes or so and it unlocked.
  2. Hardcore mode isn’t tied to difficulty level. Just select hardcore mode and casual difficulty when making your character.
  3. He said he was level 20 when it popped, which means he hadn't beaten the game yet, which means mapworks wasn't unlocked yet. Actually, you can see from his timestamps that he earned it while fighting Grand Regent Eldrayn at the end of Act 1.
  4. To be clear, these time estimates are for completing one playthrough. However, the trophies for reaching level 100 and for earning some absurd amount of gold require much more than one playthrough to earn (it's looking like probably 3 or so playthroughs total to get them?).
  5. No, neither of those games are the same thing, and flagging rules work differently for them. In both of those games (as well as other games like Borderlands), you are using only in-game features to level up quickly. In particular, you are using someone else who has already levelled up (presumably legitimately) to level you up quick. THAT is not against the site rules, and won't get you flagged. What's happening here is different. Here, someone else is using hacks to make a hacked game, and that hacked game levels you up quickly. This is akin to what happens in games like Call of Duty where hackers create hacked lobbies to unlock trophies for people (even innocent people who don't want that), which DOES get you flagged here. We should maybe get someone from the flag team to weigh in here for an official answer, but do not just go around telling people that this won't get them flagged.
  6. Patch 1.11 dropped today. It looks like some people have now earned this trophy, so it likely fixed it? Edit: Yep, just got it, the quest and trophy work now.
  7. Oh great, another game that can’t be played online without getting your account flagged as a cheater on this site. The whitelist feature is desperately needed.
  8. For crying out loud, I buy like 2 games a year on release, and it seems like this crap happens every single time I do.
  9. ...because the evidence he provided shows him having 44 screenshots. That's the point. What is hell is happening in this thread? JUST LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE HE PROVIDED BEFORE HAVING AN OPINION
  10. Did you even read my post? That doesn't give him 44 trophy screenshots. That gives him 22 trophy screenshots. Please actually look at the evidence he provided. What you just described falls under the second option I provided, where all of the evidence he provided must have also been faked.
  11. To everyone saying that the provided evidence is "weak" or "unconvincing" or could "easily be faked", may I please remind you that you cannot copy images to a PS4 game's images folder? There's literally no way to do that, much less do it so that it gets the trophy icon in the bottom-left corner when browsing through the list of images, as in the video he provided. If a single person can explain to me how it's possible to get 44 trophy images into the "Warlock's Tower" folder on a single PS4, then I can believe that the OP here cheated. But he couldn't have copied them from another PS4. He couldn't have used someone else's screenshots. Again -- there's no feature on the PS4 that lets you plop other images into a game's image folder. The only way to get an image to show up there is to earn a trophy or take a screenshot in-game (which of course does not give the trophy icon at the bottom-left corner of that image when browsing). So as-is, there are two options that I see: - The trophy file for this game got corrupted and thus wouldn't sync. When he re-booted the game, it saw that the trophy file was corrupted and thus created a new, blank trophy file. The trophies then auto-popped since this particular game does that when loading a completed game save file. OR... - He cheated and then Photoshopped numerous images *and* also managed to create a faked *video* of the contents of his PS4. The first option currently seems far more likely in my opinion. And frankly, if you believe that people are faking *videos* before you believe that files can be corrupted, I have to ask why we have a dispute forum in the first place?
  12. skroq is a team member at "the other trophy site". They were saying that they'll lift this flag over there if they hide the game. Anyway, this seems like it warrants further investigation since they provided both sets of trophy screenshots and team accounts aren't even against the rules here.
  13. Thank you everyone for your (18,000+!) screenshots so far! For now though, I'm putting this project on hold as I try to figure out what I'm doing with the wiki. One of the projects that I'm undertaking on the wiki is cataloging screenshots for every trophy unlocking. For example, see the bottom of this page. Of course, the problem is that I haven't personally unlocked every single trophy on PSN (yet!), so I only have a couple thousand screenshots so far (thanks to some help from @Danny_Johansen and @Raycut). That's where you come in: I want your trophy screenshots. Every single one of them. Not just platinum trophy screenshots, but all of them. Some notes: You can bulk download all screenshots from your PS4 to a USB stick via your PS4's capture gallery. So that you don't have to deal with them one-by-one, you could put them in a folder on Dropbox or WeTransfer or Mega (or any other free file-sharing service) and send a link to that folder to me. You can also put them in a ZIP file and e-mail them to me ([email protected]), but keep in mind GMail has a 25Mb file attachment size limit, so you might have to send multiple e-mails if you have lots of screenshots (maybe one e-mail per game). You could also upload them to Imgur or CubeUpload, but they change the file names, which makes things harder for me, so I prefer the other options if possible. Keep in mind that I will be sorting the screenshots and posting them online. If you have screenshots that you don't want shared with the world, do not send them to me. In particular, if you are logged into your PS4 with multiple users when you earn a trophy, your PS4 might put your real name above the "Trophy Unlocked" indicator, so your real name might be in some screenshots (example)! Do not worry about sorting your screenshots or only selecting the "pretty" ones or anything like that. I want them all, and I have scripts that help me sort them. Please do not modify filenames or folder names or anything like that before sending them to me (if you are sending more than 50 screenshots). I have scripts that help me sort them, but they only work if the files have the default names given to them by your PS4. To make this a bit more fun, I will be keeping a leaderboard in this thread: every screenshot that you send me (for a trophy that I don't yet have a screenshot for) earns you 1 point. If it's a PS3 or Vita screenshot, it earns you 2 points (since you have to take them manually). List of games for which I already have all screenshots: link Some popular games that I still do not have full screenshot sets for: all Dead Island games, Final Fantasy X and X-2, Nioh, the Tales games (Zestiria, Berseria), South Park Stick of Truth, most sports games, and hundreds of others SCREENSHOT LEADERBOARD: Shadiochao: 2254 points lesk8vaincra: 1651 points Yoey_666: 1541 points xZoneHunter: 1509 points Milktastrophe: 1229 points dalailama1989: 1083 points Gretchen27: 1016 points L33N3WB3: 1005 points Ric_373: 689 points darkjian92: 458 points SatoshiOokami: 386 points mad-_-max13: 217 points skateak: 209 points BrandonSmithy_: 203 points whoadreader: 190 points Xionx: 186 points Caldor2K2: 166 points Izularia: 159 points Shield_Anvil: 149 points tstanish: 129 points wackt1: 127 points Articuno2001: 116 points Ac3NiNjA9: 95 points Aidan_sam: 72 points PhYsIcX-_-: 67 points Not_like_therest: 63 points TheBritishBaron: 48 points Cruinn: 23 points Lorajet: 22 points MMDE: 20 points Rindemya: 15 points BlackSquirrell1: 11 points
  14. Did anyone else have trouble getting this trophy to unlock? I've killed the zitadelle just after the underground section of level 1 with an exploding car 6 times now, and I still don't have the trophy. Does this have to be done on Normal difficulty or something (I'm currently on Hard)? Every single time, I ram (L2) into the car, it hits him and explodes, killing him in 1 hit, and no trophy.
  15. Can memes please be banned from this forum? He already said that he lives in Russia, which means you asked your question sometime between 9pm and 1am for him. And then you complain that he doesn't respond within 3 hours? This crap is embarrassing.
  16. Buy potions first, since their bonuses are *way* better than the bonuses afforded by weapons or armor for the same price. I also recommend playing as rogue -- I can't imagine any of the other classes being easier. The rogue's double jump ability alone makes it worth it, but when you add in the fact that you can attack enemies from a distance and poison them so that they kill themselves... well, what else do the other classes have that even compares?
  17. The two (PS4 and Vita) trophy lists for Gem Smashers aren't linked to each other, but should be:
  18. Oooh thank you. I was doing the no-flamethrower trophy at the same time, which explains why it wouldn't pop for me.
  19. The PS4 suspend feature doesn't void this trophy. You can shut down your PS4 and resume literally any game exactly where you left off.
  20. The flag team can respond.
  21. What’s the reason for the flag? I don’t see anything wrong with the list at first glance, but I could be missing something.
  22. Still a big "no" from me too. Arbitrary cut-offs make no sense (as evidenced by the Spider-Man issue) and it seems ridiculous to make something based on them so prominent on the site. The rarity leaderboard (and perhaps prominently displaying rarity leaderboard rank) would do everything that this ribbon system does but better.
  23. If that’s all that’s needed then I can confirm it. The game comes back to the exact moment the battery died. Just like suspending a game on PS4. When combined with others double checking the recharge time earlier in this thread, I think this should be lifted.
  24. Sorry for the confusion. OP = original poster
  25. The difference between those two accounts and this one is that the trophies on those accounts popped within 4 seconds of each other, whereas there is a 4 minute gap on this account. Whether or not this flag sticks comes down to whether or not the flag team believes the OP about his Vita dying in those 4 seconds between trophy pops.