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  1. This is going to be a "problem" regardless, since not everyone on the leaderboard will be synced at exactly the same times anyway. I don't think anyone would expect this feature to be 100% accurate right down to the minute -- just with the same accuracy that the current stats are processed/displayed.
  2. What do you mean? It would just be one additional value stored in the DB for each user, and it would just be updated whenever rank calculations are already done. No additional calculations or updates would be required at all: just slightly more info saved to the database.
  3. Could you sign me up as a Spartan? I have 4: GoW GoW 2 GoW: Ghosts of Sparta GoW: Chains of Olympus
  4. Since the rules seem to have changed since my last post: I have 17 qualifying platinums now, making me a Lego Chief Builder. Also, audiopile isn't a Lego Chief Builder: he has only one Lego platinum.
  5. 15 LEGO plats for me: all of them except Dimensions and Rock Band.
  6. Sorry if this has been answered, but is there a reason that the Final Fantasy PP isn't being counted in the leaderboard?
  7. About 870 unearned trophies now. Was at about 1350 unearned trophies 2 years ago, so I'm making progress.
  8. LEGO would be a bit of a mess to do since the Vita games are genuinely different than the PS3/PS4 counterparts, but the PS3 and PS4 games aren't different from each other (despite having different lists). If we're going by the "same game on multiple platforms = 1 plat that counts" trend that seems to be standard in these PP threads, then definitely only one of PS3 or PS4 should count. Whether the Vita version counts separately would be debatable since they're really different games just with the same name. Also, for what it's worth, MARVEL Super Heroes: Universe in Peril is only available on Vita, not PS3 (the PS3 version of the game is the same as the PS4 version). The fact that the list shows as shared between PS3/Vita is a glitch on Sony's end.
  9. Six platinums for me: Assassin's Creed II Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Assassin's Creed: Revelations Assassin's Creed III: Liberation (Vita) Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS4) Assassin's Creed: Rogue
  10. Can you bump me up to Blitzball Champion? Just got the platinum in FFX-2, which is my 6th FF platinum
  11. No, as BlindMango said, it's just based on when they go live on Sony's servers. There have been cases when a list went live on Sony's servers (and PSNP) a month before anyone got the game (e.g., the Order 1886), and there have also been cases where people got *lots* of trophies before the list even went live on Sony's servers (or PSNP), such as Sly Trilogy for Vita.
  12. Well yes, no one here said that it wouldn't be *ready* 2 weeks earlier. They were arguing against when you said that it would be *released* earlier: You were wrong. Just accept it gracefully and move on rather than trying to rewrite the argument as one where you were right.
  13. Oh score, a Tales one! Count me in with 5 plats: - Xillia - Xillia 2 - Graces f - Hearts r - Symphonia
  14. Been waiting for this one - Final Fantasy XIII - Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Lightning Returns - Final Fantasy X - Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Will have FFX-2 soon!
  15. No, you have to do it in one sitting without dying and without leaving the game. In particular, since you can't leave the game you can't upload your save file.
  16. Thanks for the update -- hadn't looked at it since April of this year. I'm amazed that 3 more people got it since then, seeing as the first one took almost a year.
  17. I get the feeling that people aren't really getting just how insane doing the dark worlds without dying is. I've played games like Gran Turismo 5. Super Meat Boy is harder. Period. The only other game with comparable difficulty that I can think of is Cloudberry Kingdom (but that game didn't have a plat): only one person ever got 100% on it.
  18. Sign me up: all 8 plats (plus Vita/PS3 double-plat of the entire HD collection). Great thread!
  19. Yep, I'd much prefer it this way too. More generally, I think the numbers it shows you should be out of whatever category of trophies you're currently viewing, rather than out of all your trophies. So if you're looking only at your Ultra Rare gold trophies, then the first ultra rare gold trophy is #1, the next one is #2, and so on.
  20. 6 playthroughs (all of which are required) for Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories And like many other people here, I also did the 4-playthrough Tales of Symphonia. Gonna have to do a 4th playthrough for Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World too, since one of the side quests glitched on my third playthrough
  21. There's a five and a half minute time difference between when he got the Paladin trophy and when he got the 110% trophy. One of them probably unlocks at the start of a cutscene/credits, while the other unlocks at the end. Not remotely enough to conclude he's a cheater.
  22. Has any information been released about this yet? The game is already out in EU; I don't understand how it still seems to be unknown whether the PS4 list is separate or shared.
  23. The Wall of Ajax is *always* found in the sunken ship now (thanks to the patch), so it isn't missable anymore.
  24. Stay inside the sunken ship for a while and really look around. It took the trophy about a minute or so to pop for me.
  25. If you're using the Olympian glitch, about 12 hours.