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  1. Ha! Knew I recognized your name for some reason
  2. 100th plat for me was Bioshock! Was also the game in which I got my very first trophy ever
  3. Mine was Dead Space
  4. effdeegee: heh, I just realized that us two Canucks in the top 5 are in fact both on the east coast. New Brunswick here!
  5. Could you bump me up to "Let's get this good time over with!"? I finally have all 11 plats
  6. Could you update me in the leaderboard whenever you get a chance? I'm (correctly) listed as Platinum in the forum thread, but just Gold in the leaderboard. Thanks!
  7. Nice! Can you add me under "Too Easy"? I just have 3D Dot Game Heroes.
  8. Could you bump me up from Titan to Champion of the Gods? I just platted GoW 3, and now have all 6 plats
  9. Sign me up for "Accidental Pervert": I just have the Monster Monpiece platinum.
  10. Wow, great work on the new leaderboard!
  11. Up to 6 plats now... working on #7. I'm coming for ya, zadorvp
  12. I really disagree with this. In cases of conflict like this, the creators of the respective PPs should just contact one another and agree to move the conflicting game to the most sensible PP (in this case, Tales from the Borderlands would be moved to the Borderlands PP). In general, I think it's better to just deal with problems as they arise, rather than trying to implement tons of rules and restrictions since problems *could* arise in the future.
  13. Can you add me under "Do you... eh... want it, or not?"? I have 5 plats so far: - CSI - Grim Fandango - Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments - Broken Age - Goosebumps Thanks!
  14. Could you bump me up to Titan from Spartan? I just platted God of War: Ascension, which brings me up to 5 unique plats in the series. Just waiting for GoW 3 to arrive in the mail now
  15. Awesome, thanks! Now to just get to 200 posts so I can actually claim it...
  16. Are unobtainable platinums allowed in PPs? If not, Dragon Fin Soup should be removed from the Dragons PP (for now at least), since it seems to have at least one (and maybe as many as three?) glitched trophies. Edit: And could we please add LittleBigPlanet to the "suggested but not yet taken up by anyone" list on the front page?
  17. Apparently collectibles unlocking are related to your trophy progress. So if you originally unlocked the trophies for chapter 1, but then deleted that save, you won't be able to re-unlock those collectibles for chapter 1 (since the game sees you as already having the trophies, so it assumes you already have the collectibles). The solution is to play the game on a different PS3 profile (an offline profile not associated with a PSN account). You will unlock trophies and collectibles normally. Once you get the plat, associate that account with your PSN.
  18. Could we add PP LittleBigPlanet to the suggested list? It's one of the "big" PS franchises IMO.
  19. Could you add me as an Alchemy Apprentice? I have just one plat: Atelier Totori Plus. Thanks!
  20. Could you add me as a Prince of Persia? I have all 5 plats. Also, thanks for making this thread -- it gave me the motivation I needed to finally finish off The Two Thrones
  21. Has anyone suggested a LittleBigPlanet PP yet? I unfortunately don't have enough posts to take it on myself, but I'd love to see it: LittleBigPlanet LittleBigPlanet 2 LittleBigPlanet 3 LittleBigPlanet Vita LittleBigPlanet Karting
  22. This is going to be a "problem" regardless, since not everyone on the leaderboard will be synced at exactly the same times anyway. I don't think anyone would expect this feature to be 100% accurate right down to the minute -- just with the same accuracy that the current stats are processed/displayed.
  23. What do you mean? It would just be one additional value stored in the DB for each user, and it would just be updated whenever rank calculations are already done. No additional calculations or updates would be required at all: just slightly more info saved to the database.
  24. Could you sign me up as a Spartan? I have 4: GoW GoW 2 GoW: Ghosts of Sparta GoW: Chains of Olympus
  25. Since the rules seem to have changed since my last post: I have 17 qualifying platinums now, making me a Lego Chief Builder. Also, audiopile isn't a Lego Chief Builder: he has only one Lego platinum.