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  1. According to Team Cherry on Twitter, it should unlock if you return to the lantern (in the Howling Cliffs).
  2. Patch 1.02 released today, which (according to the patch notes) fixes this trophy.
  3. Yeah, WKC2 is pretty clearly save file usage too. The game checks for unlocking of the guild rank trophies every time your guild levels up (and possibly every time you complete a quest), so the OP here is essentially claiming that it bugged out at least 13 times when he reached GL17, and GL18, and GL19, and... and GL29, but then both trophies popped together when they hit GL30.
  4. He's a guy who works for EA. I'm not going to post his real-life name and contact info, but it's not hard to find him via Google.
  5. The game can be platinumed in an hour or less (maybe 1-2 hours is more realistic though if you're not amazing at the game). Just get 3 stars on all levels and you're done.
  6. MMDE, you know how the game works better than this. How many lizards he gets in each playthrough is almost completely irrelevant since (a) you don't need to do a full playthrough to boost your health/stamina (you can fight the first one or two colossi in NG+ and then just start NG+ again, and it keeps your new extra HP and stamina), and (b) lizards contribute hardly anything to your stamina. The fastest way to max stamina is to kill colossi, not hunting lizards. He played through the game once. Then he grinding out colossi for a while (over a day, according to his timestamps), probably without getting any lizards whatsoever. Then he did a second full (or almost full) playthrough to get the lizards, finish maxing his stamina, then get fruit, then max his health. This is a completely normal thing to do with speedrunning the platinum -- what part of his timestamps does not agree with it, in your opinion? But besides that, what is even the relevance of this anymore? It has been pointed out repeatedly that these timestamps are possible. Why does it matter that they're unlikely (in your opinion, not in mine)? Shall we start flagging people for not playing like MMDE does?
  7. Yes. Also, I'd like to point out that there's absolutely nothing weird or unusual about any of this. The guy has exactly the trophy order that should be expected from someone speed-running the platinum. There's no way to earn the trophy for eating all fruit until *after* you max out your stamina (or at least really close to maxing out stamina, since you need mega stamina to climb up to the sanctuary), so there's no point in wasting time getting fruit until after maxing stamina. The fastest way to max out stamina is by killing collosi. After he maxxed stamina, he then got fruit to max health. Not only is it possible, it's *expected*.
  8. Kheapathic saying (about the PS3 version) that it would take 4 to 5 playthroughs to max health just from killing colossi: PSNProfile of the guy he was talking to about it in that thread, who also got the Max HP trophy after the Max stamina trophy:
  9. I don't understand. The links I provided were literally to people who had already tested exactly this and given the answers, which show that it is possible. Are those answers not acceptable because they're for the PS4 version? Are we suggesting that health and stamina work differently on PS4 than on PS3 despite no one on the internet ever noticing this? Why would it be worth someone's time to play through this game on PS3 5+ times just to re-verify a fact about it that was already demonstrated on PS4 and there's no legitimate reason to disbelieve? On PS2/PS3, it was noted if lizard tails give 1 point of stamina then killing a colossus gives about 7.5 points, and you need somewhere around 570 points to max out your stamina. That agrees exactly with the numbers for PS4 that were posted above. Health numbers are harder to find since fruit give so much health that no one cared enough to try to figure out the formula.
  10. They didn't change anything about how stamina or health work between PS3 and PS4 (they changed the stamina UI, but not the underlying calculations or mechanics).
  11. This is 100% possible and the flag should be lifted. If you ignore fruit (and even if you ignore lizards too) and focus only on killing colossi, stamina will max out first. I can post a bunch more profiles with this (legitimate) trophy pattern if it's needed, but I'd rather not draw attention to unrelated third parties. It takes 118 colossi to max out health (assuming you eat no fruit). It takes 76 colossi to max out stamina (assuming you eat no lizard tails). The reason that people usually max out health first is that fruits give a lot of health, whereas lizard tails only give a little stamina.
  12. Same here. I typically wait for a year or so to pass before getting a AAA game these days specifically because I hate being nickel-and-dimed for DLC, and I hate returning to games to clean up 100%s that I already earned. If they're going to continue releasing DLC after the "Complete" edition and said they were done then they can screw right off -- there are lots of other games I can play.
  13. I feel like saying there are no missables is slightly misleading. Sure there's chapter select, but if you do not collect collectibles as you play through the game then you have to replay literally every single chapter afterwards to get them.
  14. Ah, this was the key information needed. Yes, different CUSA codes means that saves won't be compatible. Sorry OP.
  15. My best advice is to not get discouraged by dying. You are *expected* to die a lot -- that's why you respawn so quickly. You'll notice that my video above is only 22 minutes long, but the platinum took me 67 minutes to obtain. That's because I spent the other 45 minutes dying. Also, the game has no difficulty curve. Some of the levels in worlds 2 and 3 are harder than the end-game levels, so don't get discouraged by the fact that there are a bunch more worlds to get to.
  16. Can you provide a link to the retail version with 2 bonus levels included that you're talking about? The 2 bonus levels are already free downloads and I can't find a separate PS4 version of the game that has them pre-installed.
  17. Sure, and that very well may have happened. But if people are going to use the existence of NGU save files as evidence against the OP here (as was done earlier in the thread), I think it's fair to point out that those particular save files actually could not have done what is claimed here.
  18. Oh knock it off. I'm hardly just repeating "single trophy out of order" over and over -- I'm asking for some transparency and clarity on your end. The OP has been more than cooperative so far, and the reaction he's been met with is ridiculous. He keeps getting flippant single-sentence non-answers to any evidence he provides. I wouldn't mind if people actually explained why that evidence is insufficient (e.g., "you could have done X, Y, and Z, to make a downloaded save look like this..."), but they don't -- they just ignore it completely. I've spent around an hour crawling through NGU for save files that could match up with what he's posted, and found nothing. I also already brought up the fact that the save file shows his username. The username is stored in the "SUB_TITLE" field of the PARAM.SFO part of a save file, and is not changed when the save file is resigned. In every game I've tested this in, it is also not changed when re-saving the game in the game itself, but unfortunately I do not have Arkham Origins myself and thus cannot test this here. If someone could confirm, would that end this dispute?
  19. I'm sorry, but at this point I think it's the responsibility of the accusers to more clearly explicate which save file he's being accused of using. It's impossible for someone to defend against vague accusations that are nothing more than "well he could have used a save file, and lots of people cheat this game". I can only find one save file on NGU that is claimed to auto-pop the trophy in question here, and it has only 79% completion and a play time of 41:49:51. The video and screenshot that the OP posted here show his save file having *less* time played on it (41:41:21), and 100% completion, so it cannot possibly be the same save file. So which save file is he accused of using?
  20. Over 10,000 people on PSNP bought Little Adventure on the Prairie. It was on the PSNP front page 10 most popular after it came out. The game has absolutely *no* redeeming features whatsoever, and it's insane to think that it sold well for any reason other than easy trophies. Its developer purposely gave it easy trophies specifically to make some easy money to fund their next game.
  21. But the save file showing "Spectral_Shadow" on it *does* help him out. The username shown on a save file is the name of the person who created the save, even after resigning. If it was a downloaded save file, it would show the username of whoever created the save. And am I missing something, or is this all over 1 trophy out of order? What does it matter if lots of people cheat that trophy? 1 trophy not popping when it should pop should *never* be enough to flag someone. Glitches happen. All it takes is a game locking up or the power going out before a trophy pop (especially on PS3) for this to happen. Other people cheating is not evidence that *this* person is cheating.
  22. Er, there are probably quite a few people who have tried to do what the OP said. Lots of people wanted to get the "die for the first time" trophy as their last trophy, as a badge of honor to show that they earned their platinum without dying. There's nothing bizarre about that. I don't see how this could possibly lead to the OP's timestamps though. There's no risk of dying at the time when you should earn the first story-related trophy, so why would the console have been turned off yet to mess with it popping? And why would it then pop later mid-game before even finishing the game?
  23. Weird that you didn't ask for proof from the guy who started this thread, but just cited a private e-mail he supposedly got. I have contacted them *repeatedly* on Twitter over the last 9 months, and it's always the same thing: either no reply at all, or "patch in the works, we're waiting on Sony". I'm not going to dig up Twitter links though. Here is a thread on the inXile (developer) forums where they said that they were aware of the trophy issues, were working on a patch, but Sony certification was getting in the way. That was 11 months ago.
  24. I highly recommend people not get their hopes up. It's nice that they responded, but they said literally the exact same thing (patch completed, waiting on Sony) 9 months ago.
  25. This has been requested at least a couple times in the past as well. One reasonably elegant solution would be for Sly to add a manual "remove my profile from the leaderboards" checkbox on the account settings page. If that box is checked, then your profile is removed from the leaderboards (even if you have not been flagged) and any "you are flagged and removed from the leaderboards" red boxes are hidden (since they are no longer relevant to you).