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  1. If they mean multiply then it makes even less sense, since they'd be multiplying a number that people want to be high (their completion rate) with a number that they want to be low (rarity). You could "win" this "percentage" just by having a terrible completion percentage and completing 1 really rare game. The core problem here is that the units just don't make sense. You can't multiply or divide percentages and expect anything meaningful to pop out (much less a percentage). And just saying "more statistics are always welcome" is silly -- why not display our number of platinums divided by our fastest completion time and call it our "quickness percentage" while we're at it? Maybe if the OP explains what they want this statistic to say then we could come up with a sensible formula.
  2. This makes no sense -- dividing a percentage by a percentage does not give you a percentage. Let's say that my overall completion rate is really low, like 5%: I've only completed 1 out of my 20 total games. And that 1 game that I completed is really easy -- it's rarity is 90%. Then your method gives me a "core percentage" of 90% รท 5% = 1800% So what on earth is this statistic supposedly telling me?
  3. This guide here says that you can use fire to destroy "100 trees in 30 seconds", so the reporter needs to do a lot more justifying to explain why 1000 trees in 22 minutes is not possible.
  4. Sony has transferred trophies in this exact situation several times in the past. User iJihad (now removed/banned) was changed to , along with their trophies, in 2016. source Also, this cached page shows BIGBLACK_AZ indeed having the exact same Kingdom Hearts timestamps as the user here, suggesting that trophies were indeed copied from them. Edit: Here's another user who said the trophies from their old "offensive" account were also transferred for them. User "poop_is_smelly" (now removed/banned) was changed to source Edit 2: Here's yet another person saying the same thing happened to them. Edit 3: Yet another user saying the same thing. I think that's probably enough?
  5. Good lord, this entire thread needs to be nuked at this point. Knock it off with the pathetic forum drama folks. Anyone wanna talk about the *game's trophies*? Anyone impressed/surprised that someone already got the platinum in just 10 hours? Does this suggest that maybe DLC weapons/etc aren't required for the platinum (or does someone see an obvious spot in that person's timestamps where they could have gone to get them)?
  6. There's nothing weird about any of that. Like he said (and as verified by the fact that he has missing timestamps in his first two games), he originally played NFS: Undercover before connecting to PSN. He earned no trophies in the game, since he hadn't gone online and downloaded the trophy patch. The fact that the trophy patch came out 2 years earlier is irrelevant because, again, he had never gone online. Then he created a PSN account. Then he played one or two other games. Then he came back to NFS: Undercover and 40 or so trophies popped instantly because he now downloaded the trophy patch. None of this is game-specific beyond the fact that it has a trophy patch that retroactively awards trophies.
  7. Need for Speed Undercover had a retroactive trophy patch. Unless I'm missing some additional information, this flag should be lifted and this game shouldn't even really be flaggable.
  8. Did this really need a separate thread? Anyway, here's the thread that this video is based on, with text instructions and a whole boatload of discussion:
  9. Sound Shapes doesn't seem unrealistically fast to me. The DLC trophies are a joke and take seconds to earn. A bunch of mine are ~30 seconds apart too, and I certainly wasn't trying to set any records or anything.
  10. The 0.23% platinum percentage and "2 plat achievers" figures are from people who are tracked by PSNP but have been removed for being cheaters/hackers. The 0.8% platinum percentage is the official PSN figure, which mostly consists of people not tracked by PSNP.
  11. Looks like it should be lifted to me. It's just one trophy that didn't unlock when it should have (I can't see anything else wrong with the list).
  12. Can someone post the report reason? Edit: I'm going to guess the reason is that the "In Water" ending was earned so late (e.g., after the "Dog" ending)? Edit 2: Nevermind, I forgot that you can also unlock the "Dog" ending via the "Rebirth" ending, which they did early. The only problem I can see is the Dog Key issue mentioned below.
  13. 1. Load up your game so that you're controlling a character. 2. Hold the L button and hold the touchscreen at the top-left corner. Then press the right analog stick up or down to see debug options appear. 3. Press the top-right corner of the touchscreen to activate a debug option. 4. Turn on god mode and level 540. Easy trophies. Taken from here.
  14. The platinum trophy is now up at 0.7% according to official PSN stats (and this change from 0.0% happened fairly suddenly). As far as I'm aware, since CFW isn't a thing on the PS4, the only way to hack this platinum would be via Henkaku for Vita. 0.7% seems really high as a percentage for Henkaku hackers though. Since only one of these platinum obtainers seems to be known by PSNP (and is indeed a hacker who has been removed), is it possible that this was recently released (in a fixed form) in some region that PSNP is not so popular in (e.g., Asia or HK)?
  15. This is not true. I got this trophy in world 4. The trophy is awarded for completing 10 medallions, not just for getting any 10 electoons. You could complete the entore game without completing any medallions. Also, speed trophies are NOT required for medallions. The speeds required for trophies are harder than the speeds required for electoons/medallions. Also there is a glitch that lets you pop the medallion trophies early. I can't think of any legit explanation for the two speed trophies popping at the same time though.
  16. It didn't work as of the late-December patch 1.18. However, the OP here said that he already had the game downloaded on his system and didn't patch it. If that's true (and I don't see a clear reason not to believe them) then it's possible since this glitch can be use offline.
  17. The game pretty much constantly autosaves. Yes, you can only manually do chapter select, but that's not what the OP is saying here. He's saying that he got to the closest autosaves to each trophy, backed up his save, and then continued playing from that autosave. This is entirely possible in this game, and completely within the site rules.
  18. The rules on this site explicitly state that trophy teams are fine. It doesn't matter if it's his brother-in-law, his best friend, or a guy he paid to earn trophies for him -- this flag should be lifted.
  19. Zealot before Hardcore isn't weird at all, and the timing between any of the game/difficulty-completion trophies is fine too. Getting so many misc trophies near the end of their Hardcore run is a bit weird IMO, but "weird" is not enough for a flag. Did the timestamps change or something?
  20. And then you would dispute the flag and it would be immediately lifted. In-game glitches are allowed, period.
  21. It's an in-game glitch so it won't get you banned from the leaderboards.
  22. Can you add me as a Kupo Lover? I have all 12 FF plats. Thanks for reviving this PP!
  23. That's a completely different thing. Lots of people (myself included) don't think that trophy teams should be allowed, but they are. They aren't against the rules on this site, so bringing them up is irrelevant. What you did *is* against the rules of the leaderboard on this site. Complaining "what about things that other people do!" will get you nowhere. And yes: I am also not a mod. You don't need to be a mod to post in this forum.
  24. I sort of did this: first trophy was in Bioshock, and my 100th platinum was for Bioshock (I went back and cleaned up the rest of its trophies).