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  1. Nice! Can you sign me up for Eden's Explorer? I have the following plats: Abyss: Wraiths of Eden Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood Eventide: Slavic Fable Eventide 2: Sorcerer's Mirror Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren's Call
  2. Just letting you know that Stranded: A Mars Adventure needs to be updated: In particular, the trophy that says it needs 50 stars now (correctly) says that it needs 100 stars on PSN.
  3. Honestly I liked them all about the same as each other. Maybe Dead Nation is a slight favourite I'll probably play the other games at some point, but given their track record of adding (trophy-wise) *awful* DLC long after release, I like to give their games a long delay before buying now, so that I don't get stuck with VR-only trophies while not owning VR again (like in SS Ultra).
  4. Can you add me as a Housemarque Warrior? Resogun, Super Stardust Ultra, and Dead Nation (PS3 + Vita) for me. Thanks!
  5. I'm sorry, but seriously? Gonespy is open source, so you can see exactly what is happening and whether or not it illegitimately unlocks any trophies. To use it, all the end-user needs to do is input some DNS settings *on their PS3*. Yet, supporting that while not supporting Vita CFW is hypocritical in your mind? How are those two things *remotely* the same? I don't have particularly strong thoughts either way about this Vita CFW issue, but the slippery-slope arguments and "Gonespy opens the door for everything!" arguments really bug me. Allowing one thing does not mean we have to automatically allow everything. These are *not* the same issues.
  6. The PS3 version is very different -- you can platinum it without even getting halfway through the game. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is another one that hasn't been mentioned yet. Also Rayman Origins, but if memory serves that's just because of a beneficial glitch that lets you earn the same medallion repeatedly. There's no trophy for the final boss/completing the game specifically, just for earning all medallions, so you can avoid it by using the glitch.
  7. That is literally half the point of them -- it tells you exactly what card is in your opponent's hand. If that's not useful information to you, you're playing the game wrong.
  8. Offer is valid in all of North America and South America, not just the US. But thanks!
  9. Just because you have brought up the "but you're violating Sony ToS" thing repeatedly in this thread, I'd like to point out that trophy hunters already regularly do both of these things, despite being against Sony ToS, and every trophy tracking site ever is fine with it. Want to make an online "win 10 ranked matches" trophy easier? Disconnecting mid-match in some games counts as a win (but that is using a disruption to your network connection to gain an unfair advantage, which violates the first point above), and I've seen that in trophy guides as a suggested way of earning a trophy. Want to use an in-game bug or glitch to pop a trophy? No problem, instructions appear in probably 20% of all trophy guides for how to use glitches to your advantage when trophy hunting. Hell, you can use in-game debug menus and that's OK around these parts too, despite being in violation of the second point above.
  10. How is "but someone could cheat and pretend to be legitimate!" an argument here? People can already do this. If someone wants to set up a private server to unlock trophies for them illegitimately in a game that is still online, they can do that. And they can do it in a way that looks completely legit. And there's not a rule or a website in the world that can stop them. But suddenly that shouldn't be allowed for old games, because "oh no what if they cheat old games too"?
  11. I'm well aware of what DNS is. Yes, your PS4 obviously needs to be able to access DNS to use the internet, but that is not the same thing as Sony putting in a feature that lets you use custom DNS. There are devices that force you to use the domain name servers provided by your ISP. The fact that Sony put in a custom DNS feature in the first place shows that they are OK with people using custom DNS.
  12. I mean, if they didn't want to let people use custom DNS, they just wouldn't have put that feature in their console. This has become an "issue" with Demon's Souls as well, and it kind of blows my mind that it is even up for discussion. It breathes new life into games that people otherwise couldn't play. It doesn't give anyone an unfair advantage in the game, nor does it make trophies easier than they should be. This should be an absolutely great thing, and I honestly don't know what the point of the leaderboard rules are anymore if this isn't allowed.
  13. Yeah, it's not hard to find people discussing this trophy being glitched even in the Vita version. See the comments here. Seeing as Vita hacking wasn't a thing until July 2016, this seems like an obvious lift.
  14. Easy plat, and the game was great. OH SHOOT, WHO TO BELIEVE!?
  15. Why do people who spout this "innocent until proven guilty" crap never actually bother looking at the evidence first? The OP here *already was* proven guilty. Pictures/videos are not the only types of evidence that exist in the world. Prosecutor: "We have 3 eyewitnesses who say you were at the scene of the crime, your alibi didn't check out, we have the bloody murder weapon with your fingerprints on it, and your DNA is all around the deceased's stab wounds." You: "Yeah but you don't have pictures or video proof of me murdering him, which makes me automatically not guilty!"
  16. If the thread is still open, that means that no decision has been made yet, as it's still not clear what actually happened. IMO it should be lifted since it's just about one trophy not popping when it should have (right?), and that can happen in literally any game (it happened to me in Shadwen recently, despite that game not have any reported glitchy trophies).
  17. Holy thread necro. To bring things back on topic a bit, I like this suggestion and more generally would like a wider variety of milestones to be able to choose from (just like we can choose which games to put in our trophy cabinet).
  18. Thank you everyone for your (18,000+!) screenshots so far! For now though, I'm putting this project on hold as I try to figure out what I'm doing with the wiki. One of the projects that I'm undertaking on the wiki is cataloging screenshots for every trophy unlocking. For example, see the bottom of this page. Of course, the problem is that I haven't personally unlocked every single trophy on PSN (yet!), so I only have a couple thousand screenshots so far (thanks to some help from @Danny_Johansen and @Raycut). That's where you come in: I want your trophy screenshots. Every single one of them. Not just platinum trophy screenshots, but all of them. Some notes: You can bulk download all screenshots from your PS4 to a USB stick via your PS4's capture gallery. So that you don't have to deal with them one-by-one, you could put them in a folder on Dropbox or WeTransfer or Mega (or any other free file-sharing service) and send a link to that folder to me. You can also put them in a ZIP file and e-mail them to me ([email protected]), but keep in mind GMail has a 25Mb file attachment size limit, so you might have to send multiple e-mails if you have lots of screenshots (maybe one e-mail per game). You could also upload them to Imgur or CubeUpload, but they change the file names, which makes things harder for me, so I prefer the other options if possible. Keep in mind that I will be sorting the screenshots and posting them online. If you have screenshots that you don't want shared with the world, do not send them to me. In particular, if you are logged into your PS4 with multiple users when you earn a trophy, your PS4 might put your real name above the "Trophy Unlocked" indicator, so your real name might be in some screenshots (example)! Do not worry about sorting your screenshots or only selecting the "pretty" ones or anything like that. I want them all, and I have scripts that help me sort them. Please do not modify filenames or folder names or anything like that before sending them to me (if you are sending more than 50 screenshots). I have scripts that help me sort them, but they only work if the files have the default names given to them by your PS4. To make this a bit more fun, I will be keeping a leaderboard in this thread: every screenshot that you send me (for a trophy that I don't yet have a screenshot for) earns you 1 point. If it's a PS3 or Vita screenshot, it earns you 2 points (since you have to take them manually). List of games for which I already have all screenshots: link Some popular games that I still do not have full screenshot sets for: all Dead Island games, Final Fantasy X and X-2, Nioh, the Tales games (Zestiria, Berseria), South Park Stick of Truth, most sports games, and hundreds of others SCREENSHOT LEADERBOARD: Shadiochao: 2254 points lesk8vaincra: 1651 points Yoey_666: 1541 points xZoneHunter: 1509 points Milktastrophe: 1229 points dalailama1989: 1083 points Gretchen27: 1016 points L33N3WB3: 1005 points Ric_373: 689 points darkjian92: 458 points SatoshiOokami: 386 points mad-_-max13: 217 points skateak: 209 points BrandonSmithy_: 203 points whoadreader: 190 points Xionx: 186 points Caldor2K2: 166 points Izularia: 159 points Shield_Anvil: 149 points tstanish: 129 points wackt1: 127 points Articuno2001: 116 points Ac3NiNjA9: 95 points Aidan_sam: 72 points PhYsIcX-_-: 67 points Not_like_therest: 63 points TheBritishBaron: 48 points Cruinn: 23 points Lorajet: 22 points MMDE: 20 points Rindemya: 15 points BlackSquirrell1: 11 points
  19. A lot of people only care about PS4 so they have been hoping that this just results in more PS4 offerings instead. But (1) Sony hasn't indicated that this will actually happen, and (2) thanks to cross-buy, even if they do increase the number of PS4 offerings, we'll at best be breaking even. For example, this month PS4 users got 5 games thanks to cross-buy. That won't be happening anymore.
  20. This is absolutely not how it works for PS3. There is a delay not just between the notification appearing, but also between the trophies themselves popping. If you earn 7 trophies at once on PS3 but pull the plug after the 3rd one pops, you only get those 3.
  21. I'm not 100% sure how it works, but it's definitely possible to earn a platinum later than the rest of the trophies. In Super Exploding Zoo, I got some trophies on PS4 and I got others on Vita. As a result, my platinum timestamp is more than a minute later than any other trophies since I had to go back and re-earn a trophy to pop the plat.
  22. The problem is that "what it takes" is based on exactly *one* decision in the game, and it occurs at the end of episode 6 -- everything that came before that choice is completely irrelevant. - Kill the Lannister guard in chapter 2 or no? Doesn't matter. - Blame the coal boy or no? Doesn't matter. - How well you converse with Cersei in the game's 2 big conversations with her? Doesn't matter. - Make an ironwood deal with Tyrion? Doesn't matter. - Side with Cersei or Tyrion when he's in the cells? Doesn't matter. - Kiss Morgryn's ass and forge an alliance with him, or tell him to sod off? Doesn't matter. Hell, add to that literally anything to do with Andros and the entire ironwood dealing plotline. - Every single decision involving Sara and Margaery? Doesn't matter. You can be best friends with Sara or you can throw her under the bus. You can completely betray Margaery, forge letters from her, and repeatedly lie to her, or you can work for all 6 episodes at trying to earn her trust. It makes no difference. Literally none of the alliances you make or any decisions you make matter as Mira until the final one, when you're already in the cells on the way to be killed: marry Morgryn or no. The fact that there's no way to avoid being in this situation in the first place is pathetic in a game that repeatedly reminds you how much your choices supposedly matter.
  23. I played this on PS4 a while ago (before I'd ever seen the show) and somehow didn't mind it, but I recently re-played it on PS3 (now that I've seen the show) and it's absolutely infuriating. Yes, the show is bleak and terrible things happen, but they happen because people make bad choices. Things like the Red Wedding didn't just come out of nowhere -- they came out of a series of Robb's selfish choices that pissed off other powerful people. But in the game, no matter what you do, you're screwed. Choices aren't actually choices, they're just a means of funneling you to one particular outcome. If you don't pick that outcome when presented with it as an option, it'll just keep asking you until you have no choice.
  24. Weird, sorry, didn't notice the ping when you posted before. For now I'm going to put this on hold, as I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing with the wiki right now. Will update the first post to reflect this.
  25. We all know that the vast majority of trophies are earned by a much smaller % of people on all of PSN than on PSNProfiles, since PSNProfiles is comprised specifically of trophy hunters. For example, Bloodborne's platinum has an official PSN rarity of 7.3%, but its PSNProfiles rarity is much higher: 23.88%. My question is: which games have the exact opposite happen? That is, which games have official PSN rarity that is actually higher than the PSNProfiles rarity? What sparked me to ask this question is the game DanceDanceRevolution, whose platinum has PSN rarity of 2.9%, but PSNProfiles rarity of only 0.84%. In other words, the majority of people who platinumed that game are not trophy hunters.