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  1. Did anyone else have trouble getting this trophy to unlock? I've killed the zitadelle just after the underground section of level 1 with an exploding car 6 times now, and I still don't have the trophy. Does this have to be done on Normal difficulty or something (I'm currently on Hard)?

    Every single time, I ram (L2) into the car, it hits him and explodes, killing him in 1 hit, and no trophy.


  2. 44 minutes ago, freddie1989 said:


    Yeah I think they need a way of it retaining your progress when you shutdown but still having the permadeath aspect to it. I will literally never attempt this due to lack of game time which is frustrating.


    The PS4 suspend feature doesn't void this trophy. You can shut down your PS4 and resume literally any game exactly where you left off.


  3. 8 hours ago, Milktastrophe said:


    Seems like all someone has to do to prove this is let their Vita battery died while playing a game and see if it comes back right where you left off when you recharge it.

     If that’s all that’s needed then I can confirm it. The game comes back to the exact moment the battery died. Just like suspending a game on PS4. When combined with others double checking the recharge time earlier in this thread, I think this should be lifted.


  4. 55 minutes ago, AJ_-_808 said:


    That doesn't necessarily mean those 2 other users didnt cheat and wouldnt also get flagged now (if this is found to be cheated that is)


    The difference between those two accounts and this one is that the trophies on those accounts popped within 4 seconds of each other, whereas there is a 4 minute gap on this account. Whether or not this flag sticks comes down to whether or not the flag team believes the OP about his Vita dying in those 4 seconds between trophy pops.


  5. For me, getting the orbs at the end was the worst. Fiend heads and those armored guys in particular are brutal since there's never more than 1 of them in a group. Fiend heads alone took me 3 or so hours. One of my least enjoyable platinums in recent memory.


  6. Using external (non-Sony) software like Save Wizard to earn trophies is not allowed on the leaderboards on this website. See the following thread for a list of what is and is not allowed here:

    To reappear on the leaderboards, you will have to hide the game's trophies (do this on your PS4).


  7. 28 minutes ago, PSXtreme_ said:

    If this is your concern, the answer to it in my opinion...


    Can we please follow a single train of thought rather than just reverting back to "b-b-but cheaters are bad!" every single reply? It makes it absolutely impossible to discuss disputes, cheaters, or the rules when people do this.


    You said that the only reason for opening a dispute was if you care about the leaderboards. I pointed out that there are other reasons. That's it. The fact that they shouldn't have cheated in the first place is completely irrelevant for that discussion.


  8. 1 hour ago, Helmet_time said:




    No one is forced to make a dispute.  So, if you're disputing the flag is debatable and you care about the leaderboards (in theory at least).


    It's perfectly believable that someone might not like a big red box on their profile saying "HEY YOU'RE A CHEATER" even if they don't care about the leaderboards.


  9. 2 minutes ago, Milktastrophe said:

    If it's not marked as missable then it's unmissable.


    That's just not true. "Unmissable" means you will get it just by playing through the game, no matter what you do. Not that it's "not missable".


    For example, a trophy for killing 3 enemies in a row via headshots would be neither missable (as long as there are still enemies to kill after beating the game) nor unmissable (unless there were a specific point in the game where you had to do this to progress).


  10. On 1/1/2019 at 10:33 PM, Ampplaca said:

    haven't played the game so i don't know how reliable this guide is


    This guide is fantastic and I recommend that anyone who goes for the platinum follows it. It will get you the platinum, and furthermore you will get it with almost no backtracking through the game world.


    Also worth noting that the link from earlier in this thread with 5 maps is missing the first area of the game, which is annoying since you *can* get all collectibles there your first time through, but if you miss one then you can't return until quite a bit later.


  11. 12 hours ago, Spinosaurus Rex said:

    I've stopped at 84% for now, this grind is just too tedious for me to play without break. Why they keep throwing these in instead of Kevin/4-star related trophies?


    So there's actually 8 horde levels and 9 normal levels, making this the biggest DLC for Overcooked 2.


    Ah, so the 3 Kevin levels aren't required for trophies? The one trophies "...all levels with a star rating" seemed to suggest that they would be. With how large this DLC is, it's nice to know that they aren't.


    And speaking of the grind, can someone tell me how to put coal in the furnaces? I beat level 1-2 easily without ever doing that, but there's a trophy for doing it hundreds of times and I've tried every combination of clicking on the damn furnaces with a pot of coal that I can try (with food in it, with no food in it, with different buttons, etc), and nothing puts any coal in the damn thing.


  12. On 6/12/2019 at 2:28 PM, MMDE said:

    You kept a Vita on for 3 years and didn't run into any form of memory leaks etc? Is that what you're telling me? You were playing other Vita games in the meanwhile too. How did you know it still worked as long as you didn't turn off the Vita? Why did you PM the other player asking them how it worked, when you knew how it worked, which is why you kept the console on for this long?


    Based on what I've read online (see this thread, for example), it doesn't look like he needed to keep the game running for 3 years (so I don't see why memory leaks or playing other games in the meantime would be an issue). Just that the game was delisted from the store, so he couldn't delete it from his Vita for 3 years, which seems reasonable (and which is why he provided a screenshot to show that it is indeed still on his Vita).


    The game can still be played offline, but due to the servers being closed, progress can't be saved, so you have to get all remaining of the 10,000 kills in a single mission. I can't find anyone confirming either way that this definitely will pop the trophy mid-mission (not surprising seeing as it's in Japanese and not super popular to begin with), but given the evidence provided here it seems reasonable.


  13. 6 hours ago, STARLOVE said:

    Also, for me, admitting that your roommate did it is reason enough for this flag to stay as you didn't earn the trophies, your roommate does. There is zero difference between using a save file (someone else doing it for you) and your roommate obtaining those trophies (aka someone else doing it for you).


    No, as far as the leaderboard rules here are concerned, this is 100% wrong. The leaderboard rules explicitly state that team accounts are absolutely fine, He, his roommate, his grandma, his 17 brothers, and the Prime Minister of Canada can all play on his account, and that is allowed here.


  14. I think that stats that encourage people going for rare trophies is a great idea, but I really don't like this way of doing it. I think that everything that this system would do, would be done significantly better by the rarity leaderboard (along with displaying your rarity rank on your profile).


    As a rule, I think that arbitrary cut-offs are a bad thing and should be avoided. As soon as a 75% rarity platinum is what "counts", people will start going specifically for 74% rarity platinums. So why not just make it continuous instead, exactly like the rarity leaderboard?