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  1. You're saying that there's no difference between burning thousands of civilians, who have surrendered to you and are offering you their city, and the situations in Season 2 and 6 where she burned people who were actively keeping her prisoner? Why? Because they both have the word "burn" in them? Every single time where she had been "mad" previously in the show, there was a reason for it. A lot of people didn't support her burning the Tarlys (they weren't "bad guys"), but we accepted it because it made sense for her as a character to do that. Burning the Lannister loot train in Season 7 made sense since the loot train was going to be used to fund an army to try to destroy her. They could have made S08E05 make sense by giving her a tactical reason to burn the entire city, but they didn't -- the city had already surrendered before she started burning people, so the only conclusion is that she burned those people just for fun. That is not remotely the same as her actions in previous seasons.
  2. Other strange stuff is happening on your profile at the same time as this DMC5 list. I can't find anything that's officially flaggable for it, but your Resident Evil 2 trophy list is extremely strange too: Your very first playthrough was Leon, Hardcore, S-rank, low carbon footprint, and no healing all at once. That'd be extremely impressive even without the "no healing" trophy, but doing no healing at the same time just makes it nuts. Since this was your first playthrough, you had no infinite weapons, and the infinte weapon DLC hadn't been released yet. Then after that, you did another Leon A playthrough just to get the Minimalist trophy. Really weird to me since you still had at least 3 playthroughs left (Leon B, Claire A, and Claire B), but OK. Your final trophy was "A Waist of Space" for maxing out your inventory slots, which is necessarily obtained in the Lab at the end of the game. Yet you posted a screenshot on another site of you supposedly obtaining the platinum while looking at the Tyrant in the hallway of RPD, where he lifts up the tail of the helicopter. How?
  3. I did both DLC packs solo, and I found Campfire Cookoff to be harder. Levels 3-1, 3-3, and 3-4 in particular leave almost no room for error (I had to re-do level 3-4 more times than any other level in the main game or any of the DLC available so far). Even with all of my retries and sucking at the DLC, I still had to grind out 150 wood burnings after being done everything else. Why do they keep adding the stupid "do some action 200 more times than will come naturally" trophies??
  5. Hell, at this point a lot of people might have even sold their PS3, not just the game (I haven't actually gotten rid of mine, but I finally disconnected it about a month ago). The last PS3 DLC trophies that were added to any game before this one were Minecraft Expansion 10 on September 9, 2018 (almost 7 months ago), and it was confirmed that those were the final Minecraft PS3 trophies, so many people probably thought that the PS3 was done getting new trophies. If you ignore Minecraft, the last PS3-exclusive DLC trophies that were released (i.e., not trophies on a shared PS4 or Vita list) were from the Lego Dimensions Goonies pack way back on May 9, 2017---almost 2 years ago! As for the OP's question... Yep! The game released in Japan in December 2010, which was (a) before the release of PS4 or Vita, so we can rule out any games for those systems, and (b) over 8 years and 4 months ago, and if we subtract 8 years 4 months from the last PS3 DLC pack released (May 9, 2017 as mentioned above), we get January 2009, and from there it's easy to check that there were only a handful of games that even existed with trophies at that point, and none have had recent trophy patches.
  6. I can confirm that it (under normal circumstances) unlocks as soon as you open the chest. I'm not really sure that this would help though -- even if the screenshot shows it unlocking in Traverse Town like he said, so what? That doesn't rule out save file usage in any way that I can see.
  7. I feel like you're not understanding what's being discussed here or something. The trick being described here doesn't reduce the actual platinum play time at all. It still takes 10 hours to earn the platinum. All that changes is, by using this trick, you don't earn your very first trophy until very late, so that you time between first and last trophy (which is what PSNP uses to compute completion time) is small. On a more general note, "but why didn't other people do it??" isn't evidence of anything and shouldn't ever be used as a reason to keep people flagged.
  8. Why on earth were these DMC5 reports ever approved? A flag that says something is "possible but unlikely" should not have to be disputed -- it should be thrown in the trash.
  9. Seeing as this is just one random trophy not unlocking when it should have, and the rest of the list looking fine, and furthermore this happened before Vita hacking was even possible (as far as I'm aware?), this should be lifted IMO. A single trophy not unlocking when it should have can happen in any game.
  10. Which aspect of trophy hunting "means something"? It's a way to have fun and enjoy games. It's a hobby. Every time you feel obliged to argue about which part of trophy hunting "matters", "means something" or is "important", just imagine people having the same argument about model trains to help yourself understand how ridiculous it sounds.
  11. Other trophy sites also show that the OP got Mines Shafted before Jungle Jammed (i.e., other trophy sites agree with OP's story here). Very strange!
  12. Yeah, the extra trump cards you get as rewards from completing objectives are amazing. In particular, if you can unlock Destroy++, Trump Switch+, and Harvest (all of which are easy to unlock, except for Harvest, which is annoyingly luck-based since Mr. Big Head does not show up much), then things become a breeze. The final Hoffman did not have to chance to even do anything against me -- in the very first round, I used Destroy++ (so that he can't use trump cards), Perfect Draw+, and two Two Ups so that he lost all 10 points and died immediately. If you combine Harvests with Two Ups and Trump Switch+'s, you will have more trump cards than you know what to do with, even if you use one every turn. You will be tossing away trump cards you don't care about so much due to lack of inventory space.
  13. Is there any way to add a big red warning to the "post reply" box that says something to the effect of "Hey, this thread hasn't been active in several months -- don't necro it without a good reason"?
  14. No game currently has more than 128 = 2^7 trophies (Driveclub has exactly that many), so it seems likely that Sony is storing the trophy ID in a signed tinyint (1 byte) datatype. If that's true, no game can ever have more than 128 trophies, and since ESO is already at 114 trophies, they'll have to stop adding new DLC trophies reasonably soon. This is likely why the most recent DLC only had 2 new trophies, rather than 6 like all previous DLCs. If they stick with 2 trophies per DLC from now on, they are restricted to 7 more DLCs with trophies.
  15. Seeing as the games on this site already have genres assigned to them, and my understanding is they are pulled directly from Sony's servers, this seems like a complete non-issue to me. Far Cry 5, for example, is listed in the genres "Shooter", and "Adventure".
  16. The current leaderboards push people to not buy games that don't have a platinum -- I wonder what Sony thinks about that? The current leaderboards push people to not buy games with long and hard platinums -- I wonder what Sony thinks about that? (Hint: The answer in all 3 cases is "they don't care".)
  17. This has been suggested before:
  18. It seems like threads like this one come up all the time, with people asking why they cannot report someone who is clearly a cheater. Instead of just silently hiding the "report" button when reporting is not an option, I suggest keeping the button there at all times, but if reporting is not an option (e.g., because someone else has already reported them and it is under review, or the reporter does not have that game on their list), as message explaining why is given.
  19. I think this would be great *if* were could switch between the current set-up and the "in-line" set up. I still want to be able to easily read an entire roadmap up from to know how to "approach" a game, but it would also be useful to then be able to view the trophies in the rough order I'll be going for them rather than in standard PSN order. Bouncing back and forth between different trophies/guides/tabs is a pain, especially on mobile (which is typically how I view trophy guides, as I'm trying to view them *while* I game, not while I sit at my desktop).
  20. The OP here said that none of the trophies appeared on his profile, not that none of them popped. He's saying he (thought he) earned the trophies, since notifications appeared, but then when he checked his trophy list, they weren't unlocked. This type of thing *does* happen from time to time, though I've never experienced it myself and can't confirm exactly how it works or what it would do to timestamps. Sources: one, two, three
  21. On the EU vita stack of the game, the trophy for killing 50 butterflies has the same rarity (91.19%) as the trophy for killing the first boss. So surely there is SOMETHING that is happening to let people earn the 50 butterflies trophy in level 1, at least in this stack of the game?
  22. If you want your message on the front page of PSNProfiles, you can buy an ad at the going ad rates (and I guarantee those rates are much higher than $5/day). Some of us bought premium specifically so that we don't have to see stuff like this on our front page.
  23. Changing the system date does not affect trophy timestamps. PS3/PS4/Vita all have an internal time that is used for timestamping, and changing your system date just adds a modifier to the *displayed* date on the system, but not to timestamps that are uploaded to the server. In other words, changing your system date will never screw up your trophy timestamps.
  24. Another thing that points to them hacking their trophies: on every legit Crypt of the Necrodancer list, if "In The Zone (4)" and "So Hardcore!" are earned at the same time, they unlock within 2 seconds or less of each other, since the same action unlocks them both and there is no "trophy lag" on PS4 or Vita like there is on PS3. However, the 3-day-completion-time list, those trophies popped 7 seconds apart. That might *technically* be possible if you briefly put your Vita into sleep mode between the two trophy pops, but it seems much more likely that the delay is due to the time that it takes to select one trophy to unlock followed by selecting another trophy to unlock.
  25. Do you even need to plat a game to write a guide for it here on PSNP? I could have sworn that I'd seen some guides by people who hadn't platted the game. If so, it seems a bit backwards that someone currently can write a guide and *solely determine* the game's difficulty rating without having platted it, but perhaps when votes get implemented people would need to platinum it to vote? Why? If I spend 50 hours playing a game and give up on it since it's too hard for me to complete, I don't get to provide that information in the form of a vote? I agree that there should be *some* barrier of entry to voting, but PS3T has used 75% trophy completion as its rough guideline for writing a guide and voting, and that seems like a way better solution than requiring someone to plat the game.