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  1. If I remove my PSN account from the site will it delete my forum account as well?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AndroidFox


      I guess I could change my forum username, remove my PSN account, and then have my forum account banned?

    3. AndroidFox


      Only issue is, if I were to add my PSN account again it would probably just link it to this forum account again.

    4. Kurobleidd


      I wouldn't know, asking Sly about it would probably be the best choice.

  2. This post is bad and you should feel bad. The CPU is connected to the motherboard yes, but it can be removed and replaced like any other component, that was the point that PRARPIN was trying to make. And no a high end PC does not cost $2,000 at all, my PC cost me around £600 ($1,000) to build and it can run pretty much anything I throw at it maxed out. I can easily run Watch Dogs on High and get 60 FPS solid at 1080p, which is much better than what the PS4 is outputting the game at.
  3. It was to be expected really, this is a console centric website. Still annoying though.
  4. Skyrim
  5. Rene LaVice - Portland Nightlife 6
  6. Good choice, moved to PC last year and haven't looked back since! Building a PC yourself isn't difficult, and it will give you considerably better performance and cost less money. Just did a quick build for you. I would recommend building a PC anyway just so you get familiar with everything, that way you know where all the parts go and how to fit them. You'll need to take them out eventually for upgrades and cleaning later on down the line regardless of what you do so it helps to have the experience.
  7. Valve are not a single entity, Gabe does not speak for Valve every time he opens his mouth, he was asked about the PS3 during an interview and gave his impressions. He was talking about the architecture as well, it had nothing to do with the sales of the system. They also released The Orange Box on PS3, and that game came out shortly after he said all that stuff, if Valve hated the PS3 surely they wouldn't have even bothered making a PS3 version of the game? Every Valve developed console game has been released on both consoles, Left 4 Dead was developed by Turtle Rock Studios, Valve merely published it and had some creative input.
  8. #georgecostanza #fashionicon
  9. My gut feeling is telling me that City will win it this year. Fair play to Liverpool if they manage to take it though, took them bloody long enough. Celtic 2.0 > Benfica
  10. The PlayStation 3 version was scrapped because it was too difficult to port the game to the system, blame the consoles infrastructure for being terrible. It was originally intended to be a multi-platform game. Oh, and Valve have always been neutral on both consoles, they don't love or hate either of the systems.
  11. From what I played of the beta it was terrible, I played with a group of friends and we could only handle a few hours before quitting. Wouldn't surprise me if it goes free-to-play by the end of the year because in its current state it simply isn't worth the money.
  12. I think the Oculus Rift will still come out on top, PC hardware is constantly evolving and the Rift can accommodate these changes quite easily, newer models with better head tracking, resolution, etc. it's much more flexible than Sony's offering which is designed around fixed hardware. I can't see many games supporting this on PS4 because I don't think the console is capable of doing it, I mean, you are effectively rendering the game twice, and have to use a much wider FOV meaning more has to be displayed on screen. So any graphically intensive games are ruled out from the get go, plus VR is awful at anything lower than 1080p at 60 FPS, which I doubt many games will be outputting at 2 or 3 years from now. It'll be interesting how they handle this, maybe something similar to how they handled triple screen support in Gran Turismo 6 by being able to hook up 3 consoles together and have them work together to output the image?
  13. Seems quite weird that the PC version goes unchanged, why does this only apply to consoles?
  14. Most of this boils down to what the user uses their PC for and where they live. Apple have really fucked up pricing for Mac's over here in the UK, a MacBook Air is £850 here, and $850 in the US, with conversion rates making it around £350 cheaper in America. So I would still recommend a casual web browser to go with a Windows laptop despite the shitty build quality, simply because it's much, much cheaper. For someone living in the US however I would say go Mac. I'm not disputing that MacBooks last longer than most laptops, they are really well built. There are Windows laptops that last though and to rule them out all together is a bit biased, the Thinkpad range is brilliant, but yeah in general most Windows laptops are cheap and awful with a few diamonds in the rough. But your point about Mac's being cheaper is only applicable to a select few and you can't really use it as an argument in my opinion. Also, the PC build I have above will outlast any Mac currently on offer, other than the Mac Pro which is nearly 4 times the price at £2,500. With proper maintenance and a good clean every now and then a PC can last just as long, it requires a bit more effort but it's possible. My old PC from 2008 (which still outperforms an iMac from the same period) is still working fine with no issues. I would like to point out that I am not a fanboy or anything, I own several Apple products and like their hardware, I just dislike their pricing here in the UK.