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  1. Hope the share button thing works I been trying over 8 hours..
  2. Any way to find out my current level for towns?
  3. I got this without trying on my first play through right after ship was running mementos finishing quests and making money didn't even try for this trophy so it's alot easier then ps4g was that's for sure.
  4. Thanks guy's or gals wasn't sure about two of those.
  5. Does anyone know which slinks level just for spending time with them so I don't need to carry the matching persona everytime?
  6. Thanks do you happen to remember what stages do not show up on the Free Battle?
  7. Do you need to EX all stages ??And do you need play easy/normal/hard as well for the trophy?
  8. Sobriquetian (20 titles) Acquired 20 different titles for Pascal.
  9. I'm getting so frustrated with one skill which class gives "Piercing Strike"?????Not Piercing+.
  10. Star Ocean 4 ..I plat this before im not ever doing again.
  11. Censored No thanks..
  12. Metal gear Solid 4 because it came with my system...
  13. moe-chronicle here Already plat it too was a great game
  14. I got the 100% for this game ended up with 1400hrs game time and spent alot of real money...because well I like to collect spirits but sony made me angry and im not ever buying from those type of games ever again.