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  1. I checked Gamestop and other places. Does not appear to be a physical copy currently.
  2. I tried all these and could not get it to pop. Not sure if this will help anyone else, but this is how it popped for me. I went into notifications and clicked on the message advising I had won the Super Bowl. That brought me into that Franchise mode and the trophy popped immediately.
  3. Yep, that's how I got it.
  4. I looked and did not see this method on here. I found a way to earn 197,200 P$ per song and anyone can do it. You need to have the following set in your Dance Settings: Power Up: Feverade Assault Signal Feverade Xtreme Diamond Shield Olympic Tape Omnotpotent Orb Game Settings: Man's Whimsy The Mystic's Way This will result in +820% P$. You will need to play the songs in All night mode (hardest difficulty). When you go to play the song, just bang on the buttons and bumpers as fast as you can. You will not see the notes, but you will see Good! and the combo will keep rising. Do this through the whole song and you will have a max combo. You'll have all the money you need for the costumes and accessories in no time. I would advise taking a break every song as two as it will get to your hands fast. Hope this helps someone.
  5. Yes, I got it to pop by getting materials in the debug room and then upgrading at Central Sanctuary.
  6. Used the debug room to finish up the trophies I didn't have. Now we just have to wait for them to fix the glitched trophy so everyone can pop the Platinum. I don't mind using the glitch for this since the game wouldn't let you finish the 4 hour run without a crash anyway.
  7. Use the Friday the 13th community and find groups of 18+ with mics in private matches. I do this and it has raised my enjoyment of the game exponentially.
  8. I'm still fairly early on. I think I am grinding on Level 164 to build up some hero souls for my next ascension.
  9. Thanks for all the advice everyone. I did my first ascension after beating the Level 160 boss. Back up to level 100 and hoping to get a bit further this time.
  10. I have not played this game before on PC and am a little unsure about some of the mechanics. I know I can ascend once I get the ability from the hero, but what is the purpose of it? I know I get a trophy for the first ascension, but if it sets you back to zero, why do it? Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.
  11. Shar0412 Currently playing: Rocket League Shadow of Mordor GOTY Shar0412 Currently playing: Rocket League Shadow of Mordor GOTY
  12. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. There are some bugs and I suggest making frequent saves. The story was touching. As someone who has dealt with loved ones with dementia, I felt it was a wonderful narrative.
  13. Whatever floats someone's boat I guess. Seems pointless to me, but then again, some people pay others to get trophies for them...