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  1. Big in Japan sale is my kryptonite. It always comes around when my wallet is light.

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    2. Priere


      @eigen-space Funny enough, i did this time xD Still no where near as much as i would love to spend, like goddamn.

    3. eigen-space


      Man, you must really get after those J games if even a savings account couldn't help you 😂😂😂

    4. Priere


      To be fair, Big in Japan is like one of the two times i spend money on games each year, so i think that explains why it's a big deal for me xD

  2. So, i tried to refund my hard drive i bought online cuz i'm sure it's faulty for still corrupting my PS4, in a way more fisturbing way than my first one. I thought it's definitely not an HDD issue, i just replaced it with a new one. Very reasonable reaction, but it got so insane. Anyways they didn't accept my refund because i already used it or whatever and that doesn'tcover exchabge policy so i said fuck off and stuck with two faulty hard drives.


    I'm planning on getting a Seagate Barracuda 1Tb, 2.5 inch factor, 5400RPM, 128M Cache, 7mm thick hard drive directly from Seagate. Do you guys think that hard drive is of good quality, especially for PS4?

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    2. DaivRules


      Good call. That's what I put in my PS3 when I eventually replaced it's HDD. 500Gb ends up being more than enough space for how I game since I never really have a lot of games installed at the same time and installing/uninstalling is quite a bit faster when needed.


    3. Priere


      That's true, i was gonna go with the 250GB but then i remembered how much updates and patches gobble up storage, 500gb is definitely more than enough for my playstyle.

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      actually i read on ps5 stuff that "other storage" is mostly updates. So when Cyberpunk was 109gb and updated but was still 109gb, the update went to other. Not sure how accurate that is.


      So updates for games, 250gb wouldn't work

  3. Fun fact: Honoka Kousaka's VA, Emi Nitta, voices Sweet-P in The Caligula Effect. What i found even more interesting is that in the Ostinato Musicians theme song Album for Overdose that has each voice actor sing their character's song instead of Mu, Emi Nitta sings Tokimeki*Reverie, a song that always reminded me of Love Live. That's so cool.

  4. I seem to notice my ears are very sensitive to loud noises. My brain detects it as "uh-oh....this isn't good" for some reason. Be it a TV's volume being too high, loud beeps, a phone's notification/call tone, PS4 fan and so on. Does anyone else deal with this problem, and if you do; What do you do?


    I don't recall having PTSD that involves a loud noise, but i think i associate it with bad things, something's bad is going to happen because of the loud noise. Even though i also know it's not always true, i don't think loud volume on a TV could ever result in something bad other your ears getting damaged but that would explain that noise, but not the rest. Do therapist help you cope with that or is that someone else's job?

  5. My PS4 got bricked again. I'm not formatting again, at least not for a while. I'm seeing a pattern with these last two system updates and it's that my PS4 gets reduced to a brainless sack of shit when they get rolled out. Jesus christ.


    1. DaivRules


      Ouch. Might be the hard drive. Still have the original in there?


    2. Priere


      I have changed it since the first time, just to be safe. Does not seem to be the problem.

  6. To this day, i still think The Caligula Effect soundtrack is one the most amazing soundtracks in a game. I don't even have to explain why, it's that good.


    And, SINGI is already looking like a promising start of the soundtrack for The Caligula Effect 2.


  7. So, i almost have saved enough money to buy a new med-high tier TV,  had more than enough before the whole fumes shenanigans that happened a few days ago so i got a setback that i can recover from shortly. My question is, what kind of TV do you guys recommend for gaming? I absolutely hate delays between sound and picture but i don't know how to check that either, especially on a display model that isn't running a game.

    1. FilmFanatic


      My recommendation is an OLED TV as that’s what I have, the 65” LG G1 to be specific. But OLEDs aren’t exactly cheap so what TV you get will ultimately come down to what you want to spend.

  8. Plat#186: South Park The Fractured But Whole.


    I hace mixed feelings about this one, more complex gameplay than the first one, flashier and more cleab overall. I will be hoenst i wasn't reaaaaally a fan of artificats because once you have the ones you need for certain bonuses the rest is just fodder, and those can be obtained pretty early on in the game. I think the Yaoi art was cute but at the same i'm not sure why they picked like extremely cute and innocent ones alongside very few sexual ones, tweek and craig are like 4th graders right? I felt weird about those, and that's coming from a former yaoi mangaka. Anyways i like stupid games i can turn my brain off while playing sometimes, and this one came in handy while going through some problems so i could relax.

  9. Just got discharged from the hospital for taking in toxic fumes while sleeping this morning. I had a lovely day lol

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    2. Priere


      Thanks Daiv! I'm staying at my sister's while they figure it out at the moment.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Carbon monoxide?

    4. Priere
  10. Hi,


    Would these games count for the yaoi project platinum?


    Dream Daddy

    Blind Men


    I'm asking because the project platinum topic looked interesting but there wasn't any English games to try out if you don't know any Japanese.


    These two games are in English and according to the following website database: the games are categorized as "boys love romance" game.


    If the games seemed appropriate maybe it could be added to the project as English options to try out the topic?


    Thank you for your time.

    1. Priere


      I added the., thank you for bringing them to my attention. Didn't know Dream Daddy was on console and wasn't aware of Blind Men.


  11. I watched Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings with my husband. I liked the Ta Lu parts the most, wish that was how the entire movie was.

  12. Z.H.P. and Makai Kingdom being the Vol. 2 games is almost what i predicted. Nice to see Z.H.P. getting some love.

    1. Hisuiryu


       Makai Kingdom is great but I never got around to ZHP - looking forward to playing both of them!

  13. Is it crazy to say i think i want to double plat The Metronomicon by getting the EU version? It's such a good game, love the soundtrack and my progress was wiped anyways so it's like a reason to start again but gain the trophies again. Although that 50 song playlist is not something i would look forward to doing again, but the list of issues ends there, for me personally lol.

  14. I recently had to use a particular site to sell an extra iTunes gift card i got as a bonus for something i bought since i use android. Let me tell you, these fuckers would not release the money to me even after several support tickets opened and whatnot until i 1 star reviewed their site on TrustPilot, and apparently that's just the common way for them to even acknowledge your issues. Not only that, but they charge you "processing fees" on top of asking for legal documents of your identity when you wanna cashout?? My item was already sold and you have the money, like what the hell i'm not a vendor or have a shop lol? INSANE, was what i thought. Anyways i didn't send none of that for people like that but wow, imagine paying a middleman service to do you like this. 


    Moral of the story i will just do a giveaway here next time, that stress was not worth any of that.

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      was the extra money even worth it? lemme guess, a 25$ card? thats pocket change.

  15. I'm having a blast watching videoes of people who bought Sonic Colors Ultimate on Switch. This shit is great /j