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  1. Jigoku Shoujo has a fourth season airing and i've only found out about this just now because??? Guess i know what i'm watching for an hour.

    1. Xillia


      That's the last thing I'd ever expect to be brought back lol. I liked the series so hopefully they don't fuck it up.

    2. YaoiGod


      I agree, i had given up on seeing the series having a fourth season, so i was really happy to see this. From the two episodes up so far, i'd say they did the fourth season good if not great.

  2. [Demon Gaze] I'm currently collecting some useful Artifacts before fighting Sol, and it's not going so well. It takes me about 10+ reloads per area to get 1 of the 13 artifacts i need and honestly the Increase 1 gems are running out.

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    2. Masamune


      I'm currently playing that as well. xD I just recently tried to get a few artifact for the first time (Astro Force, Mars Bane, Slash 2), I was trying to get at least 2 of those in the same drop (using increase gems), but I never did... So I just settled for Astro Force & 2 others (actually, I accidentally saved instead of loaded... so I was stuck with them). :facepalm:

    3. YaoiGod


      @LucileRose I'm pretty sure a lot of stuff, including boss fights rely on your luck, so if for example a boss fight isn't going your way from the first four turns, reload and save yourself the trouble. I did that a lot in the past fights if i saw my concentrated hits miss just from the beginning.

      @Masamune So it's not just me? I'm sorry but it feels kinda good knowing other people share your suffering in games :P

      Oh and btw, good luck with it ^_^

    4. Masamune


      Uhh... thanks? XD onion head

  3. [Digimon World: Next Order] So, i chose Yuramon and Poyomon as my partners and i digivolved them into Aruraumon and Tsukaimon even though i wanted Patamon and Palmon. Anyways, i have a question; Do i have a limit on how much i can train my partners at the Gym or should i keep on making them stronger?

    1. Sun_emperor1


      no limit from gym training, but the gains gets worse the higher stage of digivolution your digimons are in (mega-digimons gets like 10 stats at best in a fully upgraded gym).

      shortly after you clear chapter 1 you will get grapleomon to the town who will open the digivolution dojo, here you can lock out digivolutions for your digimons so you can manipulate who they will digivolve into.

    2. YaoiGod


      I see, that sounds extremely helpful. I guess i will train them a little bit more then stop until i clear the first chapter. Thank you very much.

  4. I'm still not sure whether i will enjoy this one or not, but i'm giving it a shot.
  5. Senpai, senpai! Atelier E&L+ and Shallie+ are actually in the new summer sale for EU!! did EU actually hear our opinions?????

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    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Well... in the end I decided not to :awesome: 

      I need more that half the price for digital =D

      *half the price sale

    3. YaoiGod


      Oh do i smell betryal? :awesome: I personally got both since it's impossible to find it physically near me as of now and because i put Sophie aside just so i could finish the Plus arcs first.

      Also something interesting happened, apparently a game (The Caligula Effect) made by the writer of Persona 1 and 2 was released back in May and i haven't heard of it until i saw it for sale?? I got Akiba's beat instead cuz it was still pricey for a Persona impostor.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Digitals cannot be supported :awesome: 

      Caligula is a surprise. I expected it to follow similar path as Ray Gigant and go on sale within month and brutal sale on the first possible occasion =D 

  6. [Demon Gaze] I'm sad about the shark party...but Fran wears this beautiful armor and carries a spear and literally NO ONE COMMENTS ABOUT IT LIKE IT'S NORMAL??????? But seriously, why did they have to do that to the dolls...

    1. JaM


      have you read it? have you finished it?

    2. YaoiGod


      @JaM-kun, stopped at chapter 51 :3 i will continue the rest tonight.

  7. Tales of Berseria. Was picking between it and Zestiria and got Zestiria instead, i'm slightly regretting not getting this one.
  8. One Piece: Burning Blood. I can't for the love of it find it physically or digitally near me (not including Amazon, etc)
  9. [Demon Gaze] What the actual hell? Lulu did...THAT?! And she's actually a *bleeeeeep*?? This has to be one the best stories in a dungron crawler. I can't believe i put this game off for so long.

    1. YaoiGod


      Add to the list of being bambozled: She's Cassel's *bleep*. Good job game, revealing plot twists throughout the whole game while mainting an interesting reason for it.

  10. [Demon Gaze] Beat Jupiter and about to defeat Venus. The gazer memos found in Venus' dungeon are hilarious.

  11. So, i've been debating on this; I want to buy Digimon World: Next Order, i love Digimon and almost all of its games, and i did play World 1 a considerate amount, but i didn't like it as much as i did with next titles, i hated the combat system the most. Would i still like Next Order?

    1. JaM


      Short Answer: YES. reason? 3D Digimon in HD.

    2. Asvinia


      If you didn't like Digimon World 1 you might not be so thrilled with Next Order. It could almost be a sequel, combat is improved although the same style and your Digimon will die and have to be trained up in the gym again, which is where you'll spend a considerable amount of time. I enjoyed World 1, and enjoy Next Order for the similarities.

      If you can get a cheap copy definitly give it a try, but if you didn't like World 1, maybe give it a pass.

  12. [Demon Gaze] Neptune has been defeated and Pinay finally stopped avoiding me! Seems not important, but i like Pinay so it was hard for me to see her avoiding me after *bleep bleeeeeeep*.