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  1. With the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 drawing ever nearer, i ask of anyone who's getting it to not spoiler it for people like me who won't be able to buy it anytime soon but have been waiting for its release just as the people who will buy it Day 1/week 1/etc. Enjoy the long awaited closure, just keep it fair for everyone.

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    2. YaoiGod


      I do not like people who say "this x has been out for x weeks/monthes, so it's ok to spoil it and boohoo for you" because they instantly assume everyone has the money to buy every single game as soon as they comes out and that's just disgusting. I feel bad for you because i had that done to me as well, i just block users known to spoil things just for the fun of it but it's still not enough.


      Spoilers definitely have three sides with it, against them, supportive of them/aka the ones that do the spoiling and the final side are people who do not care about spoilers. I'm not sure what kind of satanic "fun" value they gain by spoiling stuff so naturally i do not think it makes sense behind their argument.

    3. Mesopithecus


      I'm getting it day one but I wouldn't even dream of spoiling it for other people.  I plan on just hopping off the Internet for a few weeks and having a blast playing what will hopefully be an incredible game.  I know how you feel though, I've had games spoiled for me mainly through status updates on here - at one point another member was prolific about putting updates about games and spoiled a couple for me. 


      I'm generally a slow player too so I've also had instances where people have gotten ahead of me and spoiled the story -_-  


    4. KingGuy420


      It's such a grey area too. Like when I see a status update about X game that I don't want spoiled. I'm just not going to read the replies cause I know there's a chance they might talk about something I don't want to hear. If I go into it and read it, despite not wanting to know, I'll take the blame for that one. That's my own fault.


      But when people post spoilers right at the front of their status update so it's right on the front page, that's an ass move. Those are the ones that get me angry. I was super mad when someone spoiled RDR2 for me, right on the front page, when I was like 3 hours outside of that moment. Like, have a little common sense people lol.

  2. For some reason, i didn't get notified that the latest guide i was working on got published so i was a bit surprised when someone commented on it. Thank you for whoever reviewed and helped me with the bullet list problem.

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    2. Dragon-Archon


      Ah ok :lol: .


      Sure, feel free to ask anytime. For the increased indent with bullet lists, select the bullet points you want to indent, then press Tab. If it's a numbered list, then you should change it to a bulleted list before indenting as numbered lists don't respond correctly. After indenting you can change it back to a numbered list without problems.


      For the images, I created a single row table, then changed it to borderless (click anywhere on the table to summon a table toolbar, then on the brush icon -> borderless). Afterwards, drag the images to the table and the guide editor will adjust the size automatically.

    3. YaoiGod


      I have been dying to know these tricks since my first guide but never managed to figure them out myself, thank you for teaching me! I have stickied them to my notepad.

    4. Dragon-Archon


      Happy to help :D . If you haven't read it yet, check out the Guide Manual for more useful info.

  3. Is.....is that Altina?? Wow how the hell did we jump from the end of 2 to Altina being one of the new clas VII...i can't wait to see Emma. Also don't do my girl NIS dirty yet, yes they can be floppy with translations and such but they are consistent in fixing mistakes if there are any. Very important, not to mention that the story is one of the things enjoyable in the Cold Steel saga so you will want to go in order. IIRC i think there is even a fourth game and serves as the finale in either the making or out in japan only at the moment.
  4. A bit of a life update so keep scrolling if you want.


    If you followed my bullshit this past year, you will surely recognize why i say 2018 was one of the roughest years i have been through, i was temporarily unemployed, separated from my siblings and husband for a year, went to court for a case against my previous employer and basically it was thrown over and finally did not have a lot of free time to do my own thing due to all the bullshit mentioned earlier. In december i was given my vacation month basically to see my husband and siblings and all that jazz, and just today i am finally reunited and living with my husband again, forever hopefully. I'm sorry if had seemed distant this past year and the first 17 days of 2019 and will be able to have more free time this year

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    2. BG_painter


      Believe me when I say everyone i know is complaining about 2018!! :|
      It wasn't that good for me either...Apparently the numerology for 2019 is better so I am a little relieved :giggle:

      (not that I care for these stuff but I do read it sometimes hihihhi)

    3. YaoiGod


      @ResoluteRock Thank you very much! I hope things go well with you too.

      @ChristIllusion12 I'm sad to hear that but it just means that 2018 was just...not an okay year for a lot of people. I hope things start to fix up for you soon enough so you can join me on the other side xD

      @Icebrand1270 Thank you! I hope things will be different in 2019 for you.

      @BG_painter Ooof, i just hope 2019 brings a bit more of development in everyone's lifes to make it up for their 2018 misery.


      @JaM henny when did you NOT consider me a "normie"? I never had the normies, i never wanted the normies but i could probably go out and be a normie, because i am WHAT? SHIGIRS

    4. BG_painter


      Have a nice weekend friend :) chin up!

  5. [Persona 5] I've spent 3 hours farming 10,000,000 yen from one of the mementos request bosses and i'm not sure if i'm okay anymore because i'm starting to speak memes.


    Me: i need....cash...dollar papers plz...let me farm


    Literally everything in Persona 5:





    1. AlchemistWer
    2. Jelloycat


      Maybe it's time you went to sleep. ;)  





  6. I hope you raise all the money necessary as soon as possible, you are a truly good person and deserve the help. Sorry i didn't say earlier. That's a relief i guess. He replied to my DM as well so i wish him the best too. As a celebratory of Pana's upcoming birthday, my husband did some scouts (i will too soon) for Pana. Petition to kill my husband since he now has 3 limited URs. Happy early birthday best girl.
  7. Will i be killed if i said X-2 was enjoyable for me? I loved the dress sphere thing so much as a kid, and even now. Also i'm pretty sure X-2 is a continuation to X, so it's considered a main series title i guess? V was stunning as well, i don't see much love for it though. XIII was superb to me, XIII-2 was...cute, at least the concept. Lightning Returns is defined as a hot mess by everyone since if you didn't like XIII you will HATE LR. I liked LR...cAn wE gEt a XIII tRiLoGy pOrT to PS4 pLZ. My absolute favorite though is IX. It's such a breakover from previous games.
  8. Did anyone other than myself and @JaM see RPDR All Stars 4 episode 5? America what the fuck is this.

  9. [Atelier Sophie] I am confusion. Is the two-stat combo boost (not enhance) trait extremely rare, or even exists for that matter? I've ran Fungal Garden 50 times and never got any combo boost traits or All stat enhance on any item. This is a problem, can anyone who platinumed Sophie confirm or tell me where they got theirs from?

  10. Jfc it hasn't been 10 days into the new year and we already had a shitton of Nowhere Ville threads like this. Use Status Updates people.
  11. [Atelier Sophie] I'm actually having fun with this game? Didn't expect so after the bad stuff i've heard about it. It's either i didn't experience the same problems or that i'm not far in yet.

  12. Thanks to the both of you, unfortunately he didn't get the LE Mari and still has 23 members in the selection box. He's happy with what he got though Also i'm so sorry about your father, Vader. I noticed that you haven't been active for a decent while and i should have reached out to you and helped in any way i could. I'm glad to hear that you are slowly getting back to your old self Speaking of reaching out to others, i've been wondering about this for a while and Satoshi hasn't replied to my DM on PSN yet so i thought i should ask here, what happened to Satoshi? I've noticed that it's been monthes ever since his last appaearance on here.
  13. Does anyone else have a save data of God Wars: Future Past and has all characters and jobs unlocked? I would to confirm something for my guide of the game but deleted my game on the vita too soon, so i would appreciate it if someone can lend me some of their time.

  14. Remember when i said i lent my PS4 to my friend as a christmas gift in 18th december? Yeah, i'm just getting it back tonight. As obvious as it is, i extended the week to three weeks instead because he's a good guy and deserves it.

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    2. eigen-space


      That's very nice of you!! What was he playing?

      I'm not sure I could do that with anyone outside of my two best friends and my family members... been burned too many times by property destruction and/or just not getting things back ever.

    3. Harley Quinn

      Harley Quinn

      Cool that you were able to do that for a friend.  Is he planning on buying a console this year?

    4. YaoiGod


      @BG_painter He did enjoy it and that's what makes me happy!


      @eigen-space He was playing and finished the new God of War and Megadimension Neptunia VII. He also played half of the songs in Project DIVA Future Tone. Yeah i normally wouldn't do it either but i know him since we were kids and we live in different countries now so i thought i should go all out in this visit.


      @Harley Quinn Yes he's dead set on buying a PS4 and later on would think about getting a Vita.


      I failed to mention but he has a Switch so it's not like i helped him get into gaming or anything :P

  15. Husband got the Limited Kanan UR per my request (begging). Since he has tickets left, he's going to try to get his best gal Mari too.