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  1. Four sales have passed on the EU PSN Store and new ones have come this month, but only a couple of Vita games were on them, and i don't even mean japanese ones. Way to go Sony, just when i want to expand my Vita's library. I will wait until halfway of next month before buying phsyical instead since i would be paying full price anyways.

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    2. Xillia


      I feel you... I didn't buy anything during the Japan sale since I figured I wouldn't be able to complete anything before it goes on sale again. Joke's on me.

    3. YaoiGod


      I completely forgot about Big in Japan sale until two days after it ended so guess the joke's on both of us. I hope the 5th of july won't disappoints us both though.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Heh, you guys...

      Not getting anything from the only sale that actually matters during the year :( 

  2. You:



    My two last brain cells:


    "I'm going to show YOU how to be the big gay"

    1. Phil


      Damn, straight people jealous of gay people? Oh, how the tides have turned. 

    2. Temmie


      I simply don't understand how people are so against gay people.  If a man and a woman have a right to be miserable with each other, why not everyone?


      Although I do wish everyone happiness and good times no matter if they're gay, straight, black, blue whatever.  Everyone deserves to be happy.  To think people would interfere with that is... disconcerting and somewhat disappointing.

    3. YaoiGod


      It is disgusting and more than disappointing, but sadly this is not a joke. I thought i was being too harsh this year with a particular status update a couple of weeks ago but i am dead wrong, i don't have to be the "better person" and not say something regardless of how "heterophobic" it sounds (which does not exist to begin with) IF they start it, they won't stop just because i was nice so why should i. Instead of saying that straight cis people do not need or will ever have a pride month this time, which is still true bite me, this meme is what instantly came to my mind and i cracked up at myself xD

  3. [A.W. Phoenix Festa] So i'm in the near end of my CC kirin playthrough and i got 0 skills throughout it, but got a "Prana Amulet" from Kyoko for maxing sword prof., i am confusion?? What?

  4. I've decided that i will King Crazy every song in Persona 4 DAN again and repost new screenshots to honor P3D and P5D until they come out in the west.

  5. Can i be honest for a second? I did not give a rat's ass about Super Smash Brothers except for Brawl, but SSB Ultimate may be the only current reason that i would buy a Switch in the future, along with Super Mario Party since we haven't seen a good party game ever since the infamous car thingy. That tennis game looks really fun too, like the soccer game that was on the Wii.

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    2. ShonenCat


      Smash Ultimate looks soo good (:

    3. Honor_Hand


      Ultimate looks awesome. I'm contemplating buying a Switch as well just for this game. <3


      For some reason, the rest of Nintendo's conference is like a blur in my memory right now. Smash had such a huge impact on me that is currently the only thing I can remember from their showcase. :hmm:

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Xenoblade Chronicles > ......... > Smash


  6. [A.W. Phoenix Festa] I cleared Ayato's route with Kirin, Julis, Saya and Claudia. My favorite ending was Claudia's because it got so dark at the end that i just got speechless. Now to clear the hidden route with Ayato and then start the OC playthrough.

    1. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      B-But Kirin-chan best girl!

      That game, though. 2 days of lost reloading because I was reloading skills on Ayagod xD

  7. Update: Mmmmmf FUCK I've been hunting you for half a year and now you just appear?? Brilliant.
  8. I got 10 tickets in total (i literally was a few minutes away from the event ending and had a few points left to get the last ticket so i spent some love gems). I got 4 copies of Kanan cuz i needed a Pure 3rd year perfect locker, 3 copies of Mari cuz i needed some smile scorers and 3 copies of Yohane cuz of my 1st year cool team. Do you guys suggest using one copy to idolize or by seal? Would i unlock all slots by using multiple seals? Anyways i was hoarding some tickets for Punk Yohane much like Vader, and here are the results: Then you have this miracle, not Punk Yohane but i will not complain when it's from free scouts I love Kanan, she knew that i needed more smile URs (since the Picnic Hanamaru UR that i still can't put in my team by the way because Princess Heal hates me) and she helped me dearly. All of these are from green tickets so i'm going to take Satoshi's advice and start soloing from time to time.
  9. Plat #118: Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II. I can hardly wait for the third game to get localized, those tears i shed were genuine.

  10. I will follow in your shoes and fail miserably, then. Although my recent scouts were not abyssmal. My husband wanted to share the scouts he did this month, particularly his scouts for Nozomommy. Then you have my scout... My cool team is 1st Years based...i had to kick out Pool V2 Nico to put this You since i only have two Empress Heals, i wish i pulled his Ruby at the very least.
  11. [Trails of Cold Steel II] Done with Valflame Palace and the finale. In all honesty the boss fights themself were not hard on Nightmare, but the divine knight fight against Ordine and Vermillion? Yeet, i was on the edge. Now to skimp through the extra chapter and the final finale(?).

  12. [Trails of Cold Steel II] Almost made it to the Valflame palace thing. This has been a long and tedious second playthrough but it's worth it.

  13. [Trails of Cold Steel II] Ugh, i finally completed all four shrines. It's sooooo boring having to go back and forth to organize parties to open all link chests...For. The. Second. Time.

    I blame myself for wanting two of everything.

    1. Dragon-Archon


      I did that too, hurray for being a completionist :highfive: .

  14. Can't say i'm surprised but the new EU sale disappointed me. At least i will get Hacker's Memory in physical form thanks to that.

    1. Spaz


      You win some you lose some.

    2. YaoiGod


      Couldn't agree more. Usually i would be pissed but yeah it's not a total loss.

  15. [Trails of Cold Steel II] It's very hard to concentrate on my nightmare playthrough when i keep messing up. I imprisoned Duke Albarea but forgot to recruit margarita so now i have to redo it to get perfect AP score.