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  1. So i spent 10 dollars to get 2 economic point packs and 2 protector sets in Dark Rose Valkyrie because Very Hard in that game is indeed very hard, and quite frankly a stupid dumbdumb idea. I had to sacrifice those dollars just so i can finally try to platinum this game once and for all. Hope RNG doesn't screw me over with the Traitor scenario, i will literally reload a save point from 3 chapters prior than go through Very Hard again so i'm putting those multiple save slots to use.

    1. TheVader66


      That happened to me in Re;Birth 2 with the Stella trophy.

  2. Anyways Caligula Effect: Overdose is on sale again so a reminder to buy it if you like it. One of the best game OSTs is waiting for you.



  3. Almost forgot but, Plat #159: The Caligula Effect: Overdose!


    Forgetting to post about getting the plat is not saying anything about the game, i just got....lazy. Anyways really fun game, for me anyways. I'm a sucker for Character Arcs so this game was basically like oh hey we heard about that, here have 20+ characters that you can play as and can build relationships with. Also love the traitor scenario AND the traitor-bait scenario too, was done way better than in Lost Dimension for example (OH BOY that game.....it's been years since i last played that). Anyways #160 is next, i wonder what it will be.......:hmm:

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    2. YaoiGod


      An adequate 5/10 for visuals (doesn't bother me anyways), 8/10 for gameplay, weapon choices, skill chaining and skill customization. 9/10 for Story if that wasn't obvious already haha. 2/10 for the Casuality Link system not having an easier way to navigate or find students you haven't talked to yet, just to be clear that is the only reason why i gave it a low rating, the system itself is very decent for a quest guild type of thing, and it has 500+ trauamatized students to help so that trophy for helping 100 students is nothing. Takes about 3-4 hours to speedrun a NG+ for the rebirth trophy so that's good for a text-heavy game. These are all ratings and notes about the Overdose version, i have played the original and it's 60% different/shorter than Overdose.

    3. Madara Uchiha

      Madara Uchiha

      Thanks for that! I'll have a look around for a copy. 

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  4. [Caligula Effect: Overdose] Halfway done with the NG+ speedrun. The objective markers in this game truly do help.

  5. [Caligula Effect: Overdose] SPOILERS


    Finished both endings and i must say, the Go-Home Club Ending is so much better than the Musician's Ending, not because it was so amazing and took my breath away, but it was consistently good from beginning to end. The Musician's ending.....the beginning to middle part of it was so powerful, seeing your teammates react differently to your betrayal but ultimately being hurt by it was so good. Suzuna trying to give you the benefit of the doubt until she passes out for example, that was a good reaction. Then you get to the part where you fight Aria and honestly, it was just very dull from that moment on, not much dialogue that makes sense, emotions were nowhere to be found, the announcer voices with static....who thought that was a good idea. I honestly think the voice actors are the one that made the story interesting, so by stripping them away halfway through the Musician Ending, makes sense why i disliked it. Anyways the Thorn in Mobious is a boy.

  6. [Caligula Effect: Overdose] SPOILERS


    The remixes of the Musicians' songs fit so well with the spiral of emotions they're experincing, even while brainwashed.

  7. We never really post MVs/PVs of new songs and stuff, but i think we all can agree that this is an exception, right?
  8. Did you get that Mario 3D All Star collection, and is your answer Yes? If you could be an animal, a plant or an object of no significance (think....rocks, you know, objects that don't have the power to destroy planets), which category would you be, and of that category what did you choose? Oh and pick your color for that version of yourself, and multi-shading is allowed so even if you pick one color, you can specify different shades of the same color on different parts.
  9. First Disgaea 6 gets announced and now this? Not a bad day at all.




    ^this is one of the many chargeback fraud attempts that my clients tried to file after i delivered their artwork for this. Luckily since they happened in a very bizzare pattern and consecutively (since i tend to deliver in bulk in one certain day) it seems Paypal doesn't even need the timestamps to verify since it's so obvious there shouldn't be a chargeback case in the first place, which i am happy about. Have half of them left to be closed so hopefully it won't take long.


    Note: i decided to block out the name since it seems to be their actual name, and i don't want them to get harrassed in real life OR through emails even if what they did to me was the scummiest thing they could do to me, so i also blocked out the email and Buyer ID. What an exhausting week, i should file a complaint against This Week for the emotional distress i have had during it 😌




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    2. YaoiGod


      @Madara Uchiha I have heard there will be a JP PS4 version, so not all hope is lost for a western PS4 version!


      @DaivRules Same. Summer 2021 can't come any faster huh.....

    3. Dnky666


      Should we start lobbying Nippon Ichi. I have bought all since Disgaea and feel a bit let down that although a PS4 version will exist it will not make it here other than on switch. Gutted.

    4. DaivRules


      Us Vita owners didn’t get Disgaea 5 so we are already used to disappointment. I don’t doubt after the Japanese PS4 release, there will eventually English PS4 releases. It’s just going to take time. In the meantime, nothing wrong with playing on Switch!

  11. [Caligula Effect:Overdose] SPOILERS


    Holy shit.....Wicked, the Musician, truly is wicked. I almost belived that Naruko is a traitor but it just seemed too conveniant for this Marie girl to appear suddenly when they get locked and spread the lie about Naruko to play mind games on top of locking the Go Home Club up. Did i mention that this Marie person did not appear on screen ever since Kagi-P's arc? The first chapter? Hmmmmmmmm definitely not suspicious. Anyways Eiji Biwasaka died off screen and um, no one cares about that murderer. I'm glad neither Kuchinashi or Ayana were the ones that killed them so they won't have that trauma haunting them, i think the game did the right move here.

  12. Speaking of character growth arcs in Caligula Effect: Overdose, when do i get my own character arc story and stop being a 5'4 23yo in a teenager's body. Haha so cringe i know.


    But for real when.

  13. I've decided to remove Paypal as my sole source of online income for my commissions. So many commissioners have issued chargeback or dispute claiming it's unauthorized or whatever and paypal just believes them without the need to present any proof whatsoever. It's disgusting from all aspects. I have now lost half of my DESERVED payments thanks to Paypal's shittiest service ever and how they take 30 days to respond to anything, so now i can't use my well earned money because of this hold on my money for upward of 30+ days. Really puts me in a good fucking mood. I will also try to find another application or whatever to get paid through.

    1. DaivRules


      I've said this for years from my experience: There's two types of people in this world. People who have been screwed by Paypal, and people who haven't been screwed by Paypal... yet.

      Sorry you are going through that, I went through something similar. Please share if you find a better merchant vendor.

    2. BlackSquirrell1


      Woah!  That is an eye opener coming from the other side of the payment process.  Had no idea stuff like that happened.  Good luck on your search for a better solution.

    3. YaoiGod


      @DaivRules It's so true. It has been happening to me every since i started it so i'm not surprised, just now that it's large amounts of money just sitting in limbo even though the buyer got what they want sets me into Fight Mode and enough is enough. Paypal truly has no Seller Protection as they claim to advertise and i have had it. Anyone who's reading this who wants to gain money from their business through paypal: Just don't do it, find something else.


      And sure, i will post about it when i find a new merchant vendor. Thanks guys.

  14. Done with the first half of September's Commissions. I will be honest, i'm starting to dislike doing them cuz the comissioners are so very specific about their own vision but want it through my hands, and rightfully so cuz they are paying for it but still, really exhausting to me. Anyways i got paid for this half month's work so, after donating specific percents of them, i will be checking out the sales section AND not pout that i can't get some discounted items, because now i caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

  15. [Caligula Effect: Overdose] SPOILERS


    Just finished Ayan'as character episodes and it was so heartbreaking but also empowering. Also weird twist that she brought up same-sex marriage and she asked the female protagonist what's her type. We love to see it, Lesbian rights


    Also so sorry that i thought Stork was even slightly gay, we do not claim that trash and he shows no signs of changing from his character episodes so far so, still trash and gross.