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  1. What i witnessed today:

    -Several braindead, 2-braincelled people trying to say "white people get killed too" and "All lives matter".

    -People trying to say Sony is trying to attract attention by cancelling an event due to literal riots occuring currently.

    -That also enroaches into so many people trying to say medias, influencers and companies spreading awareness about this situation are just as much of attention seeking.

    -And finally, fuck you if you think in the same literal minimalistic IQ caliber as the people i mentioned in the first part.


    This is gonna be my last freeform status update for a while, i will just be focusing on game status updates unless it's something personal.

    1. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      I don't blame you in the slightest.


      My reaction to those things you mentioned:





      That look says it all.



      I've been seeing it too and it's just... irritating.

    2. MidnightDragon


      That’s why sometimes I think any topics about news and world events should be banned since it always devolves into stupidity.

  2. [Dragon Quest XI] Finally got everyone to level 99. That took way longer than i expected by looking at the achievers percent on this site but i guess it's just a time burner and you can do it while listening to something fun and it's not complicated, thankfully.

  3. I can look past a lot of things, but Spoilers? Miss me with that shit, but i'm thankful the internet allows spoilers so i can block the people that posts them and protect my precious eyes from their evil and life-ruining posts. 


    No one should have to avoid any kind of media in order to not get spoiled otherwise "it's their fault", but at the same time no one can tell you what not to post, just don't be an asshole about it and start with "but actually" and with your sentence painting them as the ones at fault at the end. Maybe both people should say hmmm i guess we both have a point, so let's agree to disagree if we can't see the other person's point of view and you can block my posts or some shit, good day to you person.


    A show i watch spoiled the winner on youtube in like that new feed feature where you can post pictures and status updates and shit, and some people who have not watched the finale were not having it which is silly i get it but, then other people jumped on their comments to reply that it's their fault? What? Who's paying you to say that, i would like to be hired too (get it? cuz it's not even about them, not even their page/account, their work, NOTHING to do with them)

    1. DaivRules


      I used to get really angry at SyFy channel because I was binging out a show I had never watched while the newest (and last) season was airing. Every single ad for the new season essentially spoiled any kind of suspense because they already showed what was going to happen to the characters. I was just thinking “I’m already watching this show, this is a waste of your ad money! Show me ads for another show and stop spoiling stuff!”


      There are absolutely no acceptable excuses in my book for openly posting spoilers. It’s selfish and attention seeking every time it’s done. 

    2. Masamune


      I got that final Avengers movie spoiled by a damn ad for one of the newer Spider-Man movies. 😑 That kinda killed any enthusiasm I had for watching it too, so I never did. 😅

  4. Here's a personal status update for today, it's a long rant so don't bother reading if you're gonna complain about it wasting your time. It will be in spoilers because i don't want to feel any type of bad feeling for publicly declaring it as well.


    I have never thought of myself as attractive, nor did i aspire to be one by force but i did struggle with self image and confidence, especially online, since i have a below average body and all that, don't think i even shared my pic anywhere, except on here, once, 3-4(???) years ago, and even then idk if it still exists. This is where i believe Makeup helped me, it may look like just cosmetics that exist to suck your money (and that's not entirely wrong), but god does it make you feel prettier (not exactly pretty), sometimes people just want to experience that or create a new persona that they can switch in or out of using makeup, that persona and my husband are my biggest morale and confidence boosters, especially about my appearance, and i believe that appearances are the biggest selling tickets and appeal boosters, so while i may not have that bonus naturally, i have someone that supports me no matter what and always tries to develop my confidence in ways i'm comfortable with and a gateway to another me that can be something i'm not normally, and while i may not show that confidence online, i'm comfortable expediting that in my everyday life lately. Anyways this long ass post is about me declaring the next important part in my life in the last few sentances. i'm officially training to be a drag queen. I have been experincing it and experimenting with it for half a year now, but now it's official; Witty comment.


    Thanks for reading even if you're bothered by it.



    1. BlakkVulture2K16


      Honestly, much respect for being yourself and aspiring to do what you want to do in life. As someone who has body confidence issues, I can only commend you for facing those issues and I hope it works out well for you.

    2. Glowbugg


      make up can definitely be an art form 😊

  5. [Dragon Quest XI] Oh wow, devs really said fuck what you guys think and did that twist with Serena and Veronica in Act 2 huh. I now understand why people say Serena's arc in Act 2 is the best.

    1. charxsetsuna


      Yeah dragon quest 11 is lighthearted and fun until suddenly it isn't.

    2. Dr_Mayus


      I was saving all my magic boost items and then had to say "fuck it" 😛

  6. [Disgaea 3: AoD] Unlocked all classes besides Celestial Host(ess?) And Majin. I love the feeling of having them all unlocked. Especially in the "remakes" cuz all of them have two unique skills each, and i have always loved that feature, they gave the healers offensive skills that use RES at last!


    On the topic of remakes, thank god for the Absorb function added, saves a lot more time that would have been spent in Chara World. (P.S. if anyone plans on playing in the future, the absorb function can only be used once....until you reincarnate, so really it's not THAT limited, plus everybody gets to have Big Bang now :awesome:)

    1. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      > I love the feeling of having them all unlocked.


      Disgaea took this concept and cranked it up to 11. <3 

  7. [Disgaea 3: AoD] So the Prism Purple says "you're kicking me out just cuz i'm a *T word *?" when you kick them out of class...yikes. rough. This character's role is so non-existent that i wouldn't give it a pass for it's inclusion cuz it served no purpose. At least that never occured in 4 or 5 again so maybe they learned.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. YaoiGod


      I would say it is compared to saying transgender or transvestite, but perhaps it wasn't a slur in 2008, no idea.

    3. eigen-space


      I'm not the most PC person, but I guess I could see how it might be offensive.

    4. YaoiGod


      No worries, you don't have to, i was just commenting about how bad the "joke" is and how much of a throwaway it was.

  8. It's very entertaining to see this or that-phobic people trying to act like they are being oppressed 🤭

    1. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      Usually when you call people out on their bullshit, it often gets combated with the ever popular or variation thereof of 'NUH UH'.



    2. YaoiGod


      Very that, couldn't have said it better myself.


      I no longer participate in educating people who don't want to be educated, if you put your opinion out there, as much as it's free right for you to disagree with someone or something, it's free right for anyone to say you're XYZ-phobic. That whole naughty dog story about their studio being divisive or whatever for example is the definition of woe is me ala "i'm being oppressed!!11"

  9. [Disgaea 3 AoD] Reached chapter 4 but took sometime to power level to level 70ish using map 4-3, i think that will do fine until i reach the better map for leveling.

    1. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      The Ordeals area is like an oasis in a desert ;) 

  10. [Disgaea 3 AoD] I love the cast so much but it's not time to fangirl over them, instead i wanna talk about how great the double skill combo mechanic is. I wish they implemented it again but i'm also glad it's unique to this entry.


    Master "Bigster" and Salvatore better get more screentime soon.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. YaoiGod


      I am obsessed with Disgaea 3, the story, the cast, the extra content, the new-back-then Evility/skill learning dojo and even the classroom thing. Perhaps it's the nostalgia lens since it was my first PS3 game, but i don't think it invalidates how awesome it is. It's gonna be long but i'm gonna put my analysis in spoiler brackets if you wanna know why i like the cast/story.


      The cast are ALL standouts in my opinion compared to say Disgaea 4 and it's the only one between 2 and 4 that doesn't have an existing character be apart of the cast in some form (Etna in Disgaea 2 and Axel/Flonne in Disgaea 4), it's not a bad thing at all because all characters deserve more screentime, but i just think they nailed the D3 cast. We got an entire character growth arc for both Mao and Almaz, Beryl is my second favorite disgaea character ever because of her overall personality and even her moveset, could have used an actual story for her but seeing her interactions with Asuka and Kyoko shows much of their relationship, past and personality as is. On that note, despite being side characters, Asuka and Kyoko truly standout and have their personalities fleshed out and i think that's a plus for characters like that, it's a formidable trio. Mr. Champloo, despite him not talking much, you already know a lot about him by rumours you hear at the school and it didn't hurt that he has a unique way of talking. Sapphire breaks the kidnapped princess mold and i guess some people don't consider that impressive, but she exerts the fact that she doesn't wanna be the princess in trouble and backs it up, also has a weirder side to her and the love arc between her and almaz was fully visible throughout the game before they got married. Now as for Master Big Star, he didn't have much of a big role at the latter half of the story, but i like his design and the game made me understand why his subordoniates respect him in the midway point of the story.

      Lastly we have Salvatore, she just has so much confidence, attitude and craziness (also big lesbian energy) that made me glad she got to rep disgaea 3 in Disgaea 5's DLC.


      The story is reaaaaaaally longer than all the other games, so i guess that's why people didn't like it? I'm the opposite, more content is better in disgaea games. Speaking of content, the postgame content is really well done for this game, don't think disgaea 1 and 2 had that much postgame content and i personally love postgame content in disgaea games. That's basically why i enjoy disgaea 3, sad to hear some people didn't like it but that's their loss.

    3. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      If I remember correctly, the complains I heard centered around Mao's personality, but as you say, growth does happen, so maybe people didn't get far enough in the story to see what he comes out to.


      I did like Raspberyl a lot the bit I've seen of her.  If I'm not mistaken, I think D3 for the vita had a Raspberyl Mode similar to Etna Mode, but I'm not sure as I haven't loaded it up yet.


      Thank you for the detailed layout.  I agree that if a Disgaea game is longer and has more content, there's more enjoyment to be had out of it.  I've seen enough of D1 compared to D5 to know that I certainly don't want diet disgaea.


      I'm looking forward to when I tap into D3. Thanks a million <3 

    4. YaoiGod


      Mao's personality? Really? The game's subplot is quite literally about him having his heart change from episode 1 to i think 6-7, you quite literally enter his heart and meet his ever-changing personalities in the form of colored Maos. I guess people didn't get past the first few chapters, which is a shame. I hope it intrigued you though.


      Yeah Beryl mode is a thing much like Etna's, but that was DLC on the original so when i first played it, i didn't have access to it, luckily the vita version has it and also allows you to switch Beryl and Sapphire's outfits when you beat it. It also does expand on her story, but it's mostly about her becoming a deen iirc, i could be wrong. More sceentime though so woo!


      Oh god i just platted disgaea 1 complete a while back and it made me ache so much for even just QoL feature that were introduced in future games, let alone content, so i understand what you mean. I guess that's why i'm playing Disgaea 3 a 3rd time. Anyways cheers and hope you have fun when you get to it!

  11. Decided to drop Sorcery Saga until further notice and play something of quality instead, i'm replaying Disgaea 3 for the third time as my choice of game for the Vita for the remainder of the month.

    This was my first PS3 game so it has a special place in my heart forever, didn't hurt that it's fucking amazing as well and in my opinion, the disgaea series hit its peak with 3 on back-then "modern" consoles. That's also not really fair to say about the series since it always manages to deliver goodness and fanservice galore with each entry (I would say the only exceptions are 5 and the Dimension ones, love those 3 games too cuz we got even more HD sprites and new story/characters/classes etc. But didn't blow my mind like literally any title from 1-4). Anyways i'm not skipping the story for the third time, it's so good and i'm excited. I don't have to worry about trophies this time but i'm gonna play as if i am trying to platinum it again.

    1. eigen-space


      Sorcery Saga is trash.

    2. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Yeah Sorcery Saga.... 5 hour main game, 60+ hour post game grind with RNG lol

  12. Okay i believe a game's sountrack can make or break the experiment, so today i wanna give some recognition and admiration to the entire soundtrack of The Caligula Effect (Overdose). It's one of the best sountracks i have listened to and i have not even played the game yet, but i'm sure when i do i will appreciate it more. Also most of the vocals in the entire soundtrack is done by Reina Ueda, major probs for her vocal range and emoting differently to represent each character in their theme song. NOT TO MENTION each soundtrack's arrangements, mixing and composing is done by a different Vocaloid producers each time.


    My favorite dungeon theme is Onboro by Pinocchio-P and Reina


    And my favorite boss remix is by 40mP and Reina


  13. I recently got back to this game despite shifting over to All Stars, and made a JP account of my own to start over. These are my SSRs and URs as of two weeks of playing so far.
  14. I missed the last Big in Japan sale so i compensated when i heard they were doing round 2 in the same year. I don't usually spend this much but i make one big spending decision per year for games and this is it.
  15. So i got paid yesterday by commissions that i finished and delivered from 20th april to 5th may and today i purchased some games, one of them is Okami HD. Little did i know that the PS4 trophylist is shared with the PS3 one so i made a mistake there but in no way regret it, lovely game and my husband gets to play it now too. Will post what i got on the thread we have here for what new games you got.

    1. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      I too was tripped up by this.  Still great to have it on the PS4 without Now <3