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  1. Sad to hear about birthday Eli card because i know how much you love Eli, but thankfully step-up was a bit more forgiving. Congratulations!
  2. Oh you mean Mirai Ticket, Water Blue New World and i wanna say Mirai no Bokura? EN got those i think last month too, weird how for once the JP and EN had something in common unless it's not those songs and i'm mistaken?
  3. Then it's no problem! I will make a fiddle main team with that center and change my partner back to Kanan, if my guest card is Kanan because of that then please let me know so i can partner You instead. I've already played the B-Side (Random) 44 times. I just wished the beatmap is harder but sadly newer Aqours song are usually easy and/or short
  4. My Valentine You UR has that center, you are in luck. EDIT: Okay it turns out the center in the main team doesn't matter, it's the partnered card. It's all set and my ID is 185081455. Side note, Innocent Bird is the best LoveLive, Aqours, sub-unit created song ever, don't @ me unless you're going to suggest Guilty Eyes Fever, which is true too.
  5. [Ni no Kuni II] Up until Bracken joined, i mained Roland. But something tells me that i shouldn't get used to Roland, so i switched to maining Bracken and/or Leander, and they both seem to be better versions of Batu and Tani. I like Leander's choice of skills the most, they can only be described as "chaotic fun".

  6. I have seen so many things today that made me go "why did they think doing or sharing that is a good idea". Sad to say some of those things were from this forum too. Then i remember that one of them once blamed the fagsbecause his gf got shitfaced of her own free will so i just laugh, because what else would you expect from a shitshow like that? There's also that person that not long ago tried to convince me that i'm delusional because of the Ariana and Pete thing even though, what a surprise, she called off the engagement today (we will get to that later, promise).






    1. Temmie


      I don't get people sometimes.  I probably never will.  I just try to not piss people off around me and hope for the best.

  7. [Demon Gaze II] i'm kinda shocked and kinda not about the plot twist/reveal that happens after you "visit" Magnastar's castle. I mean, the first game's manager was....that, so this one isn't that big of a deal....yet.

  8. Thank you everyone, as i'm someone who only scouts in Step-up, i was really, really afraid that this could have gone so bad but i'm glad it didn't. Thank you! I'm very happy about Valentine V2 You as well because i have her Valentine V1 SSR in my team, and luckily they are both Scorers. He kept laughing because i kept screaming but was also happy. He's doing better than me by not doing impulse scouts and surprisingly saved up a hefty amount of love gems. He said he never touched his present box since he joined other than for N girls and titles so i'm pretty sure he has some stuff saved up too, not sure for what though.
  9. Omega Vampire is now one of the three reasons why i would like a Nintendo Switch in the future. Although i wouldn't rush to call it "hardcore" yet. Just hope that they don't censor the original PC CGs, but more CGs are cool.

  10. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to see me cry on this special day Green tickets? Yeah those were all R seals. First and second scouts were 1 SR and i was like great thank you, i paid for those 100 wasted gems. Third scout gave me a heart attack and then i said don't scout more and save for rapunzel Kanan. I did a 25 BTs scout too, You likes me and i appreciate that. I cried on skype and i will continue to do so for a year or two.
  11. Me: I want nothing more in this world than this beautiful masterpiece



    Also me after my luck disappoints me for the 777th time and i don't get her when i scout in two days:


    1. Jelloycat


      Love Live knows when you want a specific card. ;) You gotta pretend that you DON'T want it. 

    2. TheVader66


      That is rule of all Gacha Games. Pretend you don't want it.

  12. All of this is absolutely beautiful here's an uwu. For me, the most important news is wedding Kanan!! Look at her!! I have about 250 gems saved for her, 11 green tickets and 30 BTs. I'm gonna skype-scout in a couple of days and i really, really hope i can have her. I would have my first tricolor set of Kanan! Oh but also they had to do Nozomi's lim UR in the same time as Kanan? Geez. I will have to pull my leg this time and just focus on Kanan
  13. I've waited almost a year for the Disgaea 5 season pass to go on sale and it has yet to be done, but the wait is killing me. I have never played a disgaea game without buying or having all the DLC and i won't break that tradition now. What's sad is that i can't buy Disgaea 5 Complete since i already own one version so rip me.