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  1. Increases Pure stat by 29% [Exclusive to Kanan cards]. I think the rest of the character exclusive skills do the same as well but based on the girls' initial attributes.
  2. My dolphin queen blessed me, bless her 2D soul. Kanan Forever title next pls
  3. Ah gotcha, i have QooApp installed so i honestly use that more than my play store or anything but for other people, i can see why it would be a hassle. It's a shame though, hopefully it gets its own separate western version someday.
  4. Actually... GBF is indeed JP, but it is also the only game i have ever seen that has one version but multiple translations into it. I guess the developers knew the west would be interested and added an english version. I think the reason why not a lot of people play it here is because they think there isn't an english version, which is understandable. But there actually is so it tears my mind that maybe the reason someone does not play it is because they think it's only in japanese, which makes making a thread about it actually is a good idea. Also thank you, i love the idolized of all the arabian dancer set so i hope i get to have some of them myself one day.
  5. I finally bought four of the games that i've been dying to try .....And then you have this game.
  6. Yeah i understand how you feel, i had to quit Makai Wars and Digimon Links so i can play GBF, SMT Dx2 and FGO. Maybe make it a game you download after you get sick of a game or something And thank you, the idolized versions are so beautiful of both pairs.
  7. I guess GBF isn't really popular in this forum, which is strange but understandable. On a brighter note, me and my husband did some scouts while skyping and would like to share the results. I got Summer Beach You SSR and Time Travel You UR from her free scout, nothing from Rin's which is a shame since i would love a rin UR or SSR. The next one is my husband's. I feel bad because he did 5 steps and got nothing good from them besides Arabian Dancer Kotori UR, but he was super happy and that's what is important.
  8. Thank you for the reminder! I already had the first and second years and just farmed enough Treasures for the third years. I was happy to know that it was an actual event though since i thought at first they would just be limited promo Draws and had saved up about 15 tickets and 6000 jewels just to get them though, glad i didn't have to use them and worry about the pulls ^^
  9. [Namco x Capcom] Chapter 28 is hilarious just to imagine what the writters had to go through to write these following dialogues.

    I love Bruce, but oh man this is just...golden.







    Random puns start here







    Also look at this precious girl





  10. SIS is school idol skills like Cool Perfume and Angel Heal. They were added with the latest maintenance before the event started, i think a week ago maybe? Oh and JP had it for like a year now so that's why my husband knows about them i failed to mention but there are also three types of eggs for each girl or group, Normal Egg (requires 3m points to open), Fancy Egg (requires 5m points to open) and Supreme Egg (10m points to open). Higher and rare skills and stuff appear more often with Fancy and Supreme eggs. But also you can get pranked by them i got three eggs of my goddess Kanan but i did not get her tittles or skills or anything like if you cry everytime EDIT: apparently there are even two more, lesser shitty eggs?? So 5 in total for each girl and group. I have never seen them before so i guess they aren't common? I think golden is either Hanamaru or Rin? Could be wrong, but yes you can get normal rewards too, i personally think it's impossible to get more than few thanks to this.
  11. The eggs appear randomly after songs, like normal reward boxes. What type of egg that will appear will depend on your top 3 characters with the most bond points ever/costumes most used or something (can check them in your profile) and on your current paired girl right before the egg appears (the girl that appears on your home screen). It's kinda complicated but basically let's say the egg appears and the random selector chooses Yohane like it did with you, you either get a Yohane egg or an Aqours egg, if it's e.g. Nico then a nico egg or a Muse egg will appear and so on and so forth. The reward include i think 3 titles for each girl and idol group, i think 3-5 unique, rare new SISs by individual girls/school year/group, exclusive wallpapers or compensation poops like friend points and Gs. That's all i could understand from what my husband explained when the latest patch arrived.
  12. [Namco x Capcom] Ah Chapter 25, the chapter where it feels like a never ending battle royale. First you got 5 Waya Himes and you have to keep the real one alive and she just keeps getting in your way, then you have like 6 Robotians followed by 4 more Robotians, then about 4 of Bakuda's army robots, 2 Phoboses, 2 Prototype Jacks, 3 KOS-MOS Replicas followed by Lord Raptor. For the dessert you have Evil Ryu and Armor King. It's a miracle none of my units were killed.

  13. I'm departing tomorrow back to Canada and will once again be separated from my husband. It was really short and i'm feeling pretty pissed about it. Next time that i can see him again will be in December, hopefully by then i can finally bring his ass back to me or vice versa.

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    2. Phil


      That's a bummer. Good think video calling tech is really good now-a-days. Will make the time apart a bit easier.

    3. grimydawg


      I have an idea what you're going through.  I had to deploy with my GF (now wife) and oldest kid staying home.  Things will work out.

    4. YaoiGod


      Thank you everyone, i'm positive that they will, soon. Also yeah video calling is literally a lifesaver, i would have gone mad if i couldn't speak "face to face" to him every now and then.

  14. [Namco x Capcom] Oh my god i knew there was something missing!! I now remember that some of the villians from each game join your party halfway through the game and you start with Cammy from Street Fighter. I think my old PS2 broke down when i was about to beat up Lilith and have her join Morrigan but i never managed to do it and i'm not far from that point (i think it was inside Namco Museum) so i'm feeling very emotional. I love this game, also Bruce McGivern made me realize my gayness, that is all.

    1. JadedDragos


      I think you'll be ok. 😁