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  1. Tonsillitis came back again to pay me a visit, it missed me since my last encounter with it like 2 monthes ago. I hate it, it's the worst feeling ever and it shifts your mood and energy completely. I'm getting tonsillectomy as soon as possible this time.


    The thing is that i was prone to Tonsillitis ever since i was 5 and would skip out on elementary and middle school at least once a month, but of course my parents never cared and now i have to fix their mistake. Parents, if your child is prone to tonsillitis or any other infection that a surgery would reduce the rate of, do it if you can after of course, getting professional help on the situation from a doctor. Hurting for a few weeks is nothing compared to a cycle of getting rapid infections in their lifetime.

  2. 2 New songs confirmed (5/10) HIBANA is the fourth new song, here's a preview. Ohedo Julia-Night has been confirmed as well, it will use the original PV
  3. Seeing the Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection get a 60% discount brings a tear to my eyes. Beautiful.

  4. Putting the flag issues aside for just a second, it will at the very best double the time needed to level up the units you need to copy skills from, then it adds up in time equivalent to each character you just leveled up in vain because they didn't learn that one skill you needed. Worst case scenario, new players will probably have to add another 50+ hours just dedicated to leveling and finding flags cuz it really depends on luck. Then we have the flag issue, even in the game it states very clearly that non-online stages will so rarely offer those as a bounty, so take that into consideration and multiply the time it took you (if you were lucky) to get a singular flag by 20. Well i guess you could just buy those from the PSN Store, but that would be a turn off to a lot of people i can imagine. I'm stating these as someone who got the plat like 2 years ago and can vividly remember the nightmare (and that was with online) My tip for offline-leveling would be to make use of Bounty Quests. I think they offer the most EXP, not sure.
  5. Oh god, that's so sad. Grand Kingdom's online was fun. At least the plat will remain UR i guess
  6. [MeiQ] The amount of customization options here are...really well done, it's not something that feels like a drag to do to customize your mecha and even the chaeacters seeds. I have seen a lot of games where the illusion of customization is locked under the anxiety and boredom of doing it, but this game does it well, A+ for that. I'm only in the second half of the Red Tower though so that could still change.


    Now can we talk about.....Double Attack and Chaos Attack?? How are they given to you this early in the game? They don't break the game and the mobs certainly got way harder after jumping from tower to tower, but i honestly thought they would be locked behind doing an intense range of quests or something dreadful, kinda nice that i don't have to suffer in that department.

  7. I'm gonna have hope that it gets localized in this version as i heard the switch version was gonna get a western release. I like the Yo-Kai Watch franchise, i even watched half of the anime seasons/episodes. Hopefully people on this forum get excited about this jump to the PS4 and will get them interested in the series.
  8. Burn in eternal hell, whoever suggested even the idea of the Night Talker trophy for this game. Plat #143: Summon Night 6: Lost Borders.


    My initial thoughts about this game are:

    Extremely fun to play, lots of characters, ton of spells and weapons to choose from and brilliant skill tree and class system. The story is actually really cool, well the game plot itself isn't bad, but the idea of select characters from most of the Summon Night franchise being invovled in one singular game with the 3 original protagonists was super fun, i'm a sucker for games like that and as some of you know, Namco x Capcom was my favorite title on the PS2 because of that. Below will be the rest in spoiler tags.


    Thoughts about the other misc. Gameplay functions in this game:

    Enhancement for both weapons and summon monsters is neat, but could have had more focus put onto them.

    Fishing was so well done in this game that it made the trophies associated with it to be less painful than it would have been with a shitty fishing minigame.

    Dispatch quests were boring, i dunno.

    Luchell's arsenal of services was so shocking to me becquse i initially thought she would be reduced to the merchant role, glad that's not the case.

    Endless domain was boring.

    Collecting all those summonite leaves made it be a great cameo for all existing characters in the franchise, kinda like the trophy system in SSB.

    Forgotten pavilion was useless because it depended on getting the recipes from the fishing minigame.

    The premise of this version being the "complete" version of the japanese release was cool, not much games do that but it also makes the price seem understandable since it includes paid DLC. Plus they shoved a bunch of additional, post-release content, including 4 additional characters and a new ending, so the love for this game showed.


    Now we get to the...ugly side:

    The night conversation system and thus, the multiple endings premise was a terrible idea. The trophy Night Talker can burn in hell.

    The second point of interest is the illusion of the "branching routes" idea by having to choose between Amu and Raj halfway througg the game. It's an illusion because aside from a singular battle before the final chapter, there is nothing vastly different aside from small dialogue differences.

    The final point i want to address is the acquisition of party members, at the start you get character joining you left and right, and it's true for at least half of the game, but then it reaches a point where it just...stops, then at the end throwing a few more characters. Why do that? Pacing this out would have been so much better. Doing what Namco x Capcom did, which was that it introduced new characters, but the parties did not join until like the last 5 chapters out of maybe 50? It kept things interesting with the different, but limited choice of characters in certain battles. I can see that they tried that here too, but it just didn't work.

  9. [Summon Night 6] Done with literally everyhjing in the game except S ranking the final boss. If someone knows how to do this, now is your time to help a fellow player.

  10. [Summon Night 6] All fishing orders achieved! The last few steps are to get the remaining 13 summonite leaves, discover where to find rare cooking ingredients that can't be bought in the shop so i can make all of the recipes and then S rank the final boss.

    1. Helmet_time


      You're a hero.  We're all pulling for you.  Platinum and proove the justice of our culture!!!

    2. starcrunch061


      LOL. I'm pulling for you, too. If that game ever gets cheap, I'll buy it. Looks pretty fun.

  11. Tu fui, ego eris. Plat #142: Zero Escape: The Nonary Games.


    Oh and, behold the greatest image made by mankind's destructive powers:



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    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    3. starcrunch061


      The translation of that which is given is really overblown. It means literally, "You I was, I you will be."



    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  12. [Virtue's Last Reward] Luna's Ending never fails to make me cry, and that's not easy to do with me with video games. I cried the first time on the Vita, and i did today on the Nonary Collection. She truly has one of the best endings for a character in the entire history, for me at least.


    Also did anyone question that her ending is longer than everyvody else's except Phi's? I felt it was the right amount because it's Luna, but realisticly it is the longest.

  13. [Summon Night 6] Hell yeah! All 41 fishes caught in minimum size! Now i will be doing Maximum size and luckily that's a bit easier, plus i already have half of them done in that size but still gonna take some time i imagine.

    1. Helmet_time


      I want to play this game...yet, I fear the grind.

  14. [Summon Night 6] Only Master of the Creek and Oarfish left to catch in minimum size, then i can focus on getting maximum size for 20 fish. I have to say, the appearance rate for Master of the Creek is HORRIBLE on Worn, Carbon and Saint fishing rods, please let it end already.

  15. [Summon Night 6] 30 fish caught in minimum size! What a rough journey this fishing minigame has been. I also got like 20 fish caught in the maximum size while going for the smallest size, so it's not that rough. 10 more fish left!