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  1. Okay, so apparently the doctor i went to for my tonsillitis problem gave me a faulty antibiotic, a week of it not doing anything at all to help the problem. So basically this doctor wanted to just lower my general immunity so i come in often as i don't have insurance. I reported this to the police and got an actual antibiotic that helps with tonsillitis.

    1. Beyondthegrave07


      Holy sh**. That's nuts! I hope everything in the end works out.

  2. I did some scouts while sick. The secret is to almost get killed by tonsillitis so the game has mercy on you. Not a big fan of Nico but i need to make my Pure Team unstoppable. I also got a new Hanayo UR!!!!! I'm contempating getting Fairy Nico or Tennis Hanayo from the sticker shop if get the UR sticker from cheering.
  3. Did anyone get Tonsillectomy when they're older than the common age? I've been getting tonsillitis a lot recently, about once a month for 3 monthes now, and they last up to a week. I'm thinking of getting them removed cuz i can't risk being sick cuz of my tonsils every month and quite frankly, it hurts. I will discuss this with a doctor of course, but i want to hear some input here.

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    2. Asvinia


      My ex had his out as a late teen, said he didn't remember anything about the op and it was just a bit sore eating for a few weeks but otherwise fine.

    3. YaoiGod


      Thanks for your responses. I passed out today because my of my throat so i'm definitely gonna get them removed.

    4. Avatar_Of_Battle


      The honest truth is, is that I was a rare case the doctors said. I just didn't react well to the surgery. I couldn't eat or drink anything, including the heaven that was supposed to be ice cream, and ended up needing a 3 week stay in the hospital for severe dehydration. There were some other nasty problems, but overall you won't go through that. 

  4. [Detroit: Become Human] Need some help here. I've been trying to get Magazine #43-#44 and #46 but something isn't working for them to appear.


    It says to charge the police in Freedom March and choose Revolution in Night of the Soul for those 3 to appear, so i have been jumping inside the flowchart to do those things, but using checkpoints (although i'm completing the episode afterwards and the flowchart shows the new choices instead of Stay Ground and Demonstration) but the magazines are not appearing after i jump to the chapters the magazines appear in. Did i understand the flowchart wrong or something? Cuz in my second playthrough, it won't be possible to have Markus around for Night of the Soul so it's a bit concerning.

    1. SinisterPledge


      Not sure if I interpret what you're writing correctly, but iirc you should not be jumping back and forth. You need to go back to the first chapter where the choices start to matter for the magazines you are going for. Then you have to play every chapter until you get to the one your after. Even the unrelated ones. Pretty sure that's how you do it, since I made the same mistake when going for certain decision-related trophies.

      you're after* Ugh.

    2. YaoiGod


      You interpreted it correctly. And i see, i guess there's no other choice then. Thank you.

  5. Yup, JP got it better than WW tbh. We have to work our asses off to just reach the 2000 points individual goal, and the group score challenge seems ridiculous and we're like 12 days away from the deadline so we're probably gonna just get two 10+1 tickets at best. On a brighter note, my husband got this today. It came with a price as he emptied 70% of the box first though. Despite Yohane being one of my best aqours girls, i personally won't go for her birthday card this year.
  6. [Summon Night 6] Endless Domain is.....very boring. Life draining, if i may add as well. The variety of enemies and map loadout is limited, with the exception of each 5th or 10th stage, and this domain seems to like to have needlessly large map loadouts despite having 60+ stage. Another thing, the exp giveout is bullcrap, i have done really early story rematches that give double the amount the first 20 stages have pity on you with.

  7. [Summon Night 6] The only saving grace in grinding levels in this game is hearing Christine Marie Cabanos' voice as Natsumi. Truly one of the best voice actresses in the industry. And that says a lot in a game like this where there are many talented VAs but the way the game is scriptted makes them seem lifeless or void of emotion half the time, with the exception of Natsumi, so she earned a lot of respect from me for that.

  8. Sorry, i didn't know or see that there was a Switch section here though. But to be fair, the topic does have something to do with PS4 and unreleased, as the 10 songs will soon come to the Future Tone. The moderators are free to move it to that section (if possible) though. Also to add, Future Tone actually has a Complete version (Future Tone DX), But it's exclusive to Japan apparently. Also i guess that version won't be "complete" anymore anyways once the 10 new songs become DLC.
  9. Well the game is pretty much a downsized Future Tone (future tone has 200+ songs, Mega Mix has 101) with a better art style and the 10 new songs are gonna be DLC for the PS4 game, so in theory you're not missing anything other than the new tweaks. Also i can see why people like the new art style. It reminds me of how Two-Faced Lovers displays the modules in Future Tone. I like the shiny-gummy effect it has on their hair. I will keep updating this thread with any further news.
  10. Sega announced this on the 2nd of July, and since no one posted about it here, i thought i should. Sega did release an official trailer, but someone took the time on another channel to put english subs to it, so i'm including that one instead. It's a new game with a new art style that includes 101 songs, almost all of them are from existing games, a theme song composed just for this game and 10 brand new songs that are gonna debut in Mega 39s/Mikusu/Mix. The only twist here is that Mega Mix is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, but Sega said that they will add the 10 brand new songs to Future Tone and Future Tone DX on the PS4 as another DLC in 2020. Screenshots of gameplay in Alien Alien and 39 Music, two of the new songs promised. Mega Mix will release in Japan in 2020 on the Switch, probably gonna come to the west sometime after that as well.
  11. [Summon Night 6] I got to Chapter 17 at last after two very strange consecutive error messages that crashed the game anf lost me some progress both times, but it's finally gone! Then i went on to buff up my Raj and Amu to their 30+ levels and unlock extra classes and stuff, and now i have to progress into chapter 19 so i can unlock the next grinding spot, so i guess i will give an update after that.

  12. Playing Detroit: Become Human brought to my attention the fact that my touchpad is fecked up. You know, even though i NEVER even used it once ever since i got my newest controller. Welp, flipping the magazines is going to be a bitch but i hope none of the QTEs on Casual are touchpad-related or else i can never save everyone i guess.

    1. ShonenCat


      Touchpad = One giant Select button :awesome:

    2. YaoiGod


      Thank you, i will start to refer to the touchpad as Oversized Select Button from now on xD

  13. Me when the PS+ Lineup was changed hours onto their release without a clear explanation on why :



    Although it's very clear that Sony made the right choice here, an amazing choice even.

    1. Nighcisama


      Definitely an amazing choice. Sports games are the most vile and disgusting cesspools the industry has to offer at the moment, the lowest form of videogame, especially this one because it published by...Konami *shudder,

    2. YaoiGod


      I couldn't agree more, sport games, especially ones that don't feature hybrid-genres are a bad choice to give out in a subscription based service. However i'm not invalidating people who like sport games, absolutely not, buy each yearly release and enjoy them if you want and you do you.


      Also this is kind of...surprising to hear but apparently the reason why PES2019 was pulled out so fast was because people realized that PES2020 is just around the corner and saw through their "marketing" technique used here. Though it appears to say in the official blog that Detroit and PES were "switched", not replaced, so maybe they do plan to shove it down PS+ in the future regardless.

  14. I know i'm late to this meme so just excuse that.


    Everyone: "Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover"


    Atelier Nelke is unbothered

    Marvel's Ultimate Alliance yawned

    Cross Edge looked at their phone

    Kingdom Hearts giggled

    Disgaea took notes

    Hyperdimension Neptunia gulped

    Street Fighter x Tekken gasped

    Super Smash Bros. Rolled in its grave.

    Namco x Capcom panicked.


    I'm aware that i'm comparing a movie to games, it's just a meme so don't take it seriously.

  15. Plat #138: Kingdom Hearts III.

    Wow what a journey this one was. I get how people were disappointed at the endgame portion of a long-awaited sequel like this, however i can say without a doubt that i truly enjoyed each and every Disney/Pixar world at least , and i think that's what matters.

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    2. WhiteDragonAura



    3. YaoiGod


      Thanks everyone! Also truer words were never said, KH has always been a series of unfinished business :P

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯