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  1. [Disgaea 4 a Promise Revisited] Did i overdo it.


    Now to see what innocents to get before duping.

    1. DaivRules


      Is the method to do this in one of your D4 guides? Platting D3 now seems like it was a cakewalk compared to what I’m looking at doing to complete D4. 

    2. YaoiGod


      @DaivRules Nope, my guide was purely aimed at the PS3 version since i did not have this version at the time (i will do my best to either update the guide later with Vita version tips or make a new one since there a lot of changes) however there isn't much of a method really, you just get an Invincible Armor and climb it up to floor 99, exit, get the item to LV300 (you need to obtain 70 extra levels through green spheres, killing item generals and kings or mystery room events, reverse pirate LV20, LV40, LV60 and LV80 and get the yellow and red spheres (for a total of 100 levels) for each visit, and choose the item boost routes everytime to get the last 30 levels), make sure you have about 220 Mr. Gency Exits (you can buy those from the rosen queen evil symbol shop after beating normal dimension Baal once for a trillion HL each), then you just kill the Item God 2 in LoC item world and use Mr. Gency Exits about 220 times, having the item at LV300 before killing the item god 2 doubles the stat boosts to +9450 for each low stat. That's about it. I read that passing stat boosting bills are pointless so i passed 6 movement bills, HP bills however are beneficial as HP doesn't cap but you get the choice to do that on the weapon.

  2. For the Gummi Shop trophy, the PS4 version just needs 30 blueprints to unlock that trophy, and clearing just a single 3-star mission, other than that single 3-star mission you don't even have to touch the 3-star missions as enemy blueprints and Geppetto's gifts are enough. For the leveling trophy, after you defeat the final boss and getting the no armor switching trophy, load up the save data from before the fight and you can carry on from there, meaning you will be able to switch gear and thus dealing massive damage to enemies, the best place is Traverse Town's 3rd district after clearing Hollow Bastion for the first or second time, not sure.
  3. Love Novels - BiBi (Maki Nishikino, Eli Ayase and Nico Yazawa)
  4. [Disgaea 4 a Promise Revisited] Got 220 Mr. Gency Exits and the best piece of armor instead of a trap at rarity 0, i will start the maxing stats grind later.

    1. Vincent Brooks

      Vincent Brooks

      You're gonna crush that game.  Into tiny little pieces. xD 

  5. My monthly reminder that Dragon Shadow Spell is one of the best games ever made




    Also 2nd best character, Vista.


    1. ruffedgz


      never played this game but I really feel like I missed out on it.. 

    2. YaoiGod


      I'm not surprised that you didn't hear of it, it was a JP only release in the very early 2007. To this day i'm not reallt sure how i got my hand on my first imported game, this one, but i'm very grateful. To anyone wondering, it's an SRPG with many hilarious and colorful characters, and a great story too.

  6. [Disgaea 4 a Promise Revisited] I finished duping and now farming HL. I need about 150 trillion HL to buy 150 Mr. Gency Exits, it's kind of a bummer that the HL held caps at 10 trillion.

  7. [Disgaea 4 a Promise Revisited] Beat Baal for the first time and now able to buy Mr. Gency Exits, subdued a Broke and Manager innocent and now i'm off to duping them to get 16 stack of 300% each.

  8. [Disgaea 4 a Promise Revisited] I cleared all X-Dimension maps and currently duping some Victory Darumas so i can survive the normal dimension Baal fight so the ability to purchase Mr. Gency Exit opens up.

    1. DaivRules


      You are crushing this D4 Vita playthrough. At my current rate, it’s going to take me months to catch up to where you are now. 

    2. YaoiGod


      Haha well i wrote the PS3 version's guide so a lot of things were finished just from memory. I must say though that it's all thanks to Lady Luck that i've been able to progress this far in less than a month, so really you just need a sprinkle of luck and you will surpass my progress in no time.

  9. [Disgaea 4 a Promise Revisited] Finally got all P Flonzor X parts, now to clear enough X-Dimension maps to get access to Land of Carnage.

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    2. It Is Time To Oil Up

      It Is Time To Oil Up

      I think the only strategy rpg I ever played was Final Fantasy Tactics for like 5 minutes when I was a kid lol, still have original ps1 disc/case, I should try it again

      and lol clever use with my name

    3. YaoiGod


      I guess SRPGs aren't your thing then? They have come a long way ever since FFT, i remember the first SRPG i played was La Pucelle Tactics, and it hooked me on the genre ever since.

    4. Kurorac


      La Pucelle...the memories :D

      My first SRPG I really liked and played a long time was FF Tactics. But the one game that really got me into that genre was Disgaea 1.


      You're making really good progress. I'm always thinking of revisiting Disgaea 3 and 4 but it's a really long road to platinum and I still have to play Disgaea 5 and D2.

  10. [Disgaea 4 a Promise Revisited] Okay so i got the body and one of the legs of P Flonzor X and...that's it, never did i imagine that i would say this but finding the Meowkins pirates was/is easier than finding treasure chest ship parts.

  11. [Disgaea 4 a Promise Revisited] Am i imagining things or did Meowkin Pirates just appeared to me while randomly leveling a legendary Yoshitsuna? Hello Land of Carnage here i come.

  12. I'd like to take this time to thank everyome that added either me or my husband, you guys are being a great help to us both. Also i'm a bit late but happy valentine's day, everyone. May rare wavy-hair Dia bless your days and future Honor/Limited Scouts.
  13. [Disgaea 4 a Promise Revisited] The Netherbattle Tournament is definitely my favorite DLC that is included in this version. The pre-battle scenarios are just hilarious and sometimes fourth wall-breakers (item world residents complaining about getting beaten up just for existing, tsk tsk).

  14. [Disgaea 4 a Promise Revisited] Recruited Prinny Kurtis and started duping, going a bit slow and i'm bummed that i will have to dupe Traps later when i get them but ehhh.

  15. [Disgaea 4 a Promise Revisited] Got an item to LV300 without even trying, got all of the Innocents i need except Manager i can find that one later and talked to Prinny Kurtis 3/5 times. I love when my progress goes this smooth.

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    2. Vincent Brooks

      Vincent Brooks

      Well, shit.  No wonder it was a walk in the park for you xD 

    3. YaoiGod


      Really? On the PS3 version i started grinding once i had two LV9999 units and the RNG was just crushing xD so i guess things in the Vita version are a bit easier, but just as luck-based as they were 

    4. Vincent Brooks

      Vincent Brooks

      I wouldn't know.  I have the PS3 version, but I've played 3 and 5.  Have yet to play four, but unless it was a carnage dimension item (they have those in 4, right?), they'd seem like a breeze.