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  1. [Rainbow Skies] Finally snuck inside the Forbidden Palace inside Las Manas and also defeated Brown Eyes (again), i'm assuming the Eyes are in every corner of this dungeon so i will have to take a rematch with every single one again, which doesn't sound toooooo bad.


    On another note, shops are getting new goods every hot minute and i'm like...pls, me wallet/material bag empty, so i've decided not to spend more money for a while and just hope for the best with my current gear. I can't lower the battle rank because i finally unlocked BR 6 and i'm not going to redo like 900 battles again if i switch back to BR1. I survived with an escalating BR this entire game and i'm not chickening out now.

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    2. YaoiGod


      Seriously? Pretty sure the game like, frightens you with having to start over all-together and not just the current progress if you decrease the battle rank. Good to know though, maybe i will try it if things get too rough. Thanks buddy! Another great piece to help me with my trophy guide too

    3. Squirlruler


      No problem. To be fair, I didn't actually confirm this, just read it on another forum when I was playing. Lol. :]

    4. YaoiGod


      Hey, pointing out what someone else digged out is just as important, especially in games like these that aren't popular, so thank you again.

  2. [Rainbow Skies] Pushed that one guy back in the portal, looted his side quest chests and now i'm in Las Manas at last. The finale is almost here, but never forget that the first ever city that you visit on Arca is called Boresvile.

  3. [Rainbow Skies] I'm going to put the next segment in spoiler tags, even though it's a side quest and not a main story spoiler.


    Why did i feel refreshed and excited when i saw that Namoris is back? And better yet, he's back to his old antics of unleashing enemies on random people. He kinda reminds me of Gilgamesh with the whole Bartz obsession in a sense that he thinks Damion is Baldren.

  4. I'm on cloud nine here guys Also my husband spent 170 on Step-up and got this
  5. The frustrating thing is that this prevented me from farming gems for Umi's box, and i fell asleep while waiting, and they didn't offer some apology gems....i mean they do it for extended maintenances, why not give them out in actual inconvenience situations? Eh i'm just frustrated because i have 18/100 in Umi's box and still 55 gems short of emptying it.
  6. So something strange is happening at WW server. I had this popup in the news section instead of the english version And then this happened, which is the japanese version of the on-going maintenance window Is the WW server acting up for everyone?
  7. Injustice 2 is being iffy with me today, i keep either playing while matches have lag or slow motion/extremely heavy FPS drop and i don't know what's problem, the game was running smooth as chocolate 3 hours ago. I have already tried playing offline, trying out other games, turning WiFi off and restarting the PS4, dunno what else to do. I may just give up on if there is no solution, which is a shame since i started getting into it.

  8. Slightly frustrated today because i went to get a haircut and the barber ended up cutting too much hair than what i requested, i can't see anything while my glasses are off (which what i assume everyone who wear glasses do when they get a haircut) so no, i couldn't stop this tragedy until it was too late.


    Lesson learned......don't cut your hair? Oh and wear contacts.

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    2. starcrunch061


      They took a new shot of poopoo's last haircut:


      Image result for bad hair cut images

    3. YaoiGod


      @PooPooBlast Interesting, my husband knows his way around scissors and he knows how to cut hair, so maybe i will let him do it next time instead, and maybe learn how to do it myself. Is bad eyesight a hindrance to that though? My vision is pretty bad.


      @starcrunch061 pfffft fuck, i love this.

    4. PooPooBlast


      @starcrunch061 giphy.gifthat was hilarious lol. The worst thing I've done was make my sideburns a lot shorter than they should have been but lol I corrected it by doing the fade (which I'm not a fan of btw but it's much less noticeable this way)

  9. [Rainbow Skies] I'm gonna do a general update on my progress later, but thought to share this very neat rainbow coins farming method (or for quests that require Roots):


    As soon as you unlock the ship upgrade, which is after Monica's Castle, go to an island called Roda, it's north west of Mokimfu/Sand's Horizon. This island houses 3 gather nods that give out Roots, the cool thing is that they instantly regenerate after the last one is picked up, but only one at a time. That shouldn't be a problem with Marathon Runner. The cool part is that, at gathering level 4, they sell for 50 coins a pop, which is a lot until you unlock postgame. The con is that you may have to go back to a vendor that you want to increase their sale level to sell the roots and empty out your Materials bag if it gets full, but that's not really a bad thing. Surprised that i only found one topic single post stating this, and it wasn't even the first hit when i searched for it.


    ....i may have to just do a trophy guide since i have shared a lot of good tips that aren't well-discussed.

    1. Squirlruler


      Nice. Hopefully someone finds that helpful. I had a hard time finding any info when I was playing. It isn't a super popular game lol.

    2. Sir_Bee


      Good information.  I found that in most dungeons or singular areas that had collectibles, that was how they responded.  So this can actually be done anywhere that has collectibles.  Some are further spread out, but some of the dungeons are tightly packed.  It also really helps with the Farmer trophy.

    3. YaoiGod


      @Squirlruler That's troublesome, luckily i found these tips by trial and digging deep into the web, but i know a lot of people who don't bother with small time-consuming searches like this. It just boosts my reason to make a trophy guide after all.

      @Sir_Bee yes it's true that every location with gather nodes does this, and this one happens to be the fastest one for Roots, i have tried other nodes and they sell for 20 rainbow coins at the same gathering level, so this one also nets the most coins from roots. I think other nodes are Toadstool groove for mushrooms (dunno about the price, there's probably a better place for money-wise using mushrooms at endgame), dunno about Stones, Obisidan Stones, Bones or Ancient Coins yet. I will keep note of it though.


      Thanks for your input guys.

  10. Salvation has come. Plat #131: Persona 5. Really loved this game to death, i did not mind the fact that i had to personally play 2 full playthroughs since it's a fun game, but it certainly drained my energy of playing a game with a long story and mutliple playthroughs like this one for a while.

  11. [Rainbow Skies] Defeated Green Eyes and Rocko. Also FINALLY fully explored the present time Sea world. Man that was such a gigantic sandbox compared to the first game's sea plain. I think Distopian Lunah also has another sea world to explore, which is honestly exciting and frightening at the same time.

  12. [Persona 5] I finally gained the chance to abuse the Reaper with Despair method to farm levels, and it worked wonders, 9 levels away from LV99. I'm mainly just leveling up so i don't have to pay for any persona i fuse from now on, and for my teammate's stats.

    1. Dragon-Archon


      Nice, good luck with the rest of the game :D .

    2. AlchemistWer


      I want to play Persona 😓

  13. [Rainbow Skies] Monica's Castle is such a great dungeon, i think it's on par with Wintry Warren, but still not as amazing as i would have expected from story dungeons, especially with the Hidden Treasure placements since all of them were in some extremely obvious locations. Hopefully future dungeons keep on impressing me.

  14. It's not as nightmarish as i have imagined, but it's not great either. I think they need to work more on it because as of now, it doesn't look bad, just would need a bit more fine-tuning and nitpicking if this image is the basis.
  15. [Project DIVA: Future Tone] I managed to achieve a GREAT rating (85%~) on one of the ExtraExtreme recharts included in one of the DLC Encore packs, Jugemu Sequencer. For anyone wondering why this is a big deal, take a look for yourself.


     This whole thing is insane, this is the first 10* song that i even survive on ExtraExtreme, let alone get a great on. I know i could have gotten at least an awesome if i didn't get sweaty hands at certain points, but this is still impessive to me.