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  1. [Mary Skelter 2] Rapunzel and Young Cinderella being besties is so wholesome, unexpected but adorable.

  2. Um chile....anyways remember when this happened? I plan on recreating them now that i know how to sew and also it's louis vuitton so don't even think about it.



    .......That was an iconic fashion moment. 

  3. [Mary Skelter 2] I don't remember Gretel being intrigued by sexuality in the first game. Interesting. That scene with Jack was risque, i would imagine if it had been localized for the PS4 it would have been indefinitely censored. They would probably censor Otsuu's boobs in that one CG where she wraps bandages around them to flatten her chest, and remove the ability to see under their bodysuits in the blood purge minigame. So much censorship. Not to mention that Otsuu and Little Mermaid are literal lesbians, so i'm gonna guess the whole dialogue about that would be censored or changed whenever it's brought up. I hope Mary Skelter 3: Finale makes it to the west though.

    1. charxsetsuna


      Mary skelter games don't stand a chance of a western or any sony release anymore, the only platform that would maybe be willing is maybe switch or pc nowadays.



  4. [Mary Skelter 2]  spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers and theories.

    Oh come OOOOOON. Toying with my feelings about Hansel was just too cruel, he didn't deserve to die a second time by what i assume is Nightmare Alice (I read into the game's plot too much and my theory is that Otsuu was a nightmare in a previous life or something and she was the one that left food for Little Mermaid when she was young, and she's the one being hunted in the Metropolian Building in the flashbacks, so i have a theory that blood maidens have the ability to transform into nightmares if they stay in blood skelter for too long. No clues about jack and hansel though. JUSTICE FOR HANSEL, precious boy didn't deserve death.

  5. Um Today's status is going to be a bit more on the serious side, but it's an important one so i would appreciate it if you read it.


    Oh also if you're someone who's really young, like a pre-teen, i don't advise you to read below.


    I lost my best friend of 15 years on Sunday, July 5th due to an Overdose. He was an HIV patient that got it from a blood transfusion donated by someone that was HIV-Positive, and wasn't tested at the time 3 years ago. He took it hard at first but he didn't give up, but sadly, his situation progressed to AIDs and i saw my friend slip away from me from that moment and i couldn't do anything because i moved to another country over a year ago, but i tried to always have a zoom call every few days, on Saturday july 4th, he called me for the last time and acted as if everything is normal, and he said thank you for always being there before he ended the call. On Sunday, July 5th's morning, he was found dead in his apartment by my own sister with a suicide note addressed to three people, i was told i was included in it and i read what they sent of it, including his reason. Tears run through my face everytime i have to think about this situation, but it's a small price to pay to not let him to be forgotten.


    What i want to get out of this message is, if you know someone with HIV or AIDs, it costs zero dollars to treat them like a normal human being. They go through so much hell as is, and you don't even know half of the story of how they got it or what they go through to be judgemental to them.

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    2. MaximumOverdrive


      So heartbreaking. My sincere condolences.

    3. Blood-Stalker1
    4. BadRep24


      My sincere condolences, brother.

  6. Plat #157: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. Ugh, an amazing experince to have again, no words can do the original trilogy...apollo justice.



  7. Just a reminder that if someone gets accused of something, denies it with a straight face, then evidence surfaces and you get your very typical apology twitter thread or youtube about how they were in a dark place and will hopefully change.....liza minnelli lies, lies and fairytales, this is garbage, etc.


    And i am talking about those smash bros. top players, beauty poopoo community, twitch streamers, whatever it is you wanna name it, this applies to any of those because they had that final chance.

    1. BadRep24


      It's nothing new about it, brother. In fact, those kinds of things have become so rampant that it is absolutely appalling for them to deny for their wrongdoings, which is masked by their "apologies".

  8. [Phoenix Wright: AA - T&T] Just when you thought you got rid of Dahlia Hawthorne, she never fails to get under your skin. Episode 5 is the best episode of the entire trilogy.


    the Subtle hint of Morgan Fey's angry pose being eerily similar to Dahlia's, her hatred for Mia Fey and even knowing her....the lil nuggies thrown at you at the start of the game, so good.

  9. [Mary Skelter 2] Spoilers below


    So Hansel survives in this timeline? I find it shocking cuz half of Gretel's character arc in the first one was about moving on from being relient on her brother after he dies and exploring the world with her new friends, obviously she's still doing the latter part but now Hansel is in the deal, i don't mind it, quite interesting now that we have two nightmares in the "party".

  10. Cosmic Star Heroine is....an experience.....



    A very good experience, not into industrial settings and factories and all of that, but i just feel pure enjoyment playing this game. It's 1.99 on the US Switch eShop if anyone wants to grab it until the 3rd of July. Hesitated at first even though it's two bucks cuz for me personally i'm over the old-era games and the trailers for this game were kinda leaning into that as a selling point so you know, for me it wasn't appealing for that reason but my opinion soon changed after playing it so maybe that will happen to someone else too.

  11. [Mary Skelter 2] Someone help me understand, is the timeline in this game an alternate version or something? Or will things make sense with the first game later? Keep spoilers to a minimum if possible.

    1. YaoiGod


      If anyone is wondering, yes it is an alternative timeline, IF even said on twitter that you can play this one before the first one even soooo

  12. Can browsers block The Last of Us II and anything that has something to do with it or talks about it, good or bad? Asking for personal use.

    1. Copanele


      Outside this site it's more of a hassle than it's worth. Best way to do it is actively search for something else as to fool the engine and starts suggesting something else. 

      On this site... Wait until people cross the line and the thread gets locked xD the whole matter will soon die anyway, wait until Ghost of Tsushima and Cyberpunk shows up. 

  13. I bought Mary Skelter 2, Meoro Chronicle Hyper and Fell Seal for my switch. I have been waiting for monthes for a sale on Mary Skelter 2 and i'm glad it happened, did not give it a second thought, the first game was amazing so i'm looking forward for this one, kind of a weird decision to make the sequel a switch exclusive but i guess we have Bayonetta to thank for that. As for Fell Seal, i really appreciated that they discounted the main game's price right as the Missions & Monsters DLC was coming out, so naturally i had to get it.


    As for Moero Chronicle Hyper....i don't know? It's ten dollars, i like dungeon crawlers, oh well?

    1. NERVergoproxy


      MS2 is on Ps4... what do you mean switch exclusive.

      It just not localized other than jp because you know, some people don't want their shit censored.

    2. YaoiGod


      Oh wow, i didn't realize that. Still since it's not localized in the west for the PS4, i'm gonna pretend that doesn't exist 🤭 Thanks for letting me know though.

  14. I'm gonna leave this here




    To quote an icon; "The gay intern did NOT get fired today".

  15. Yesterday was my marriage anniversary and um, i'm feeling great. I have not felt genuinely happy for a while and i wished that day wouldn't end, i'm lucky to have met him.

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    2. Sifferino



    3. Lan Stee

      Lan Stee

      Happy Anniversary!

    4. RJP_X


      nice, some IRL yaoi. c': glad to hear!

  16. [PW: AA Trilogy!] Finished JFA recently, i forgot that it's only 4 episodes, then i remember why...case #4 took me an entire daytime to finish (yeah i'm slow as fuck when reading, and what?). Anyways i played the original trilogy in like 2007 but i forgot that whole thing about Engarde, and by playing it seems it was intentional, Matt was only refered to for the majority of the case until you-know-what, so it did genuinely surprise me. Really great trilogy, i don't think i remember much about the third game so i'm excited about it.

  17. Mad Rat Dead's english trailer is fucking trash compared to the JP one, what the fuck happened?

  18. Plat #156: Sorcery Saga. Instead of talking about the game i will instead like to point out that it's my Vita's 5th anniversary with me today, and uh Sorcery Saga is its anniversary plat, um yeah, unfortunate.

  19. [Sorcery Saga] I have done it people! No more suffering for me.



    I'm gonna pop this totally not-worth-it platinum on my Vita's 5th anniversary, which happens to be the 20th of June. I may also have some good news on the 20th regarding my Vita too so stay tuned, or not.

    1. Jelloycat


      Congrats! I have had that game sitting on my list forever and just can't bring myself to finish the platinum... 

    2. YaoiGod


      Thank you! Here's a friendly advice; if you do not absolutely adore this game, do not attempt the platinum or even if you dove in long ago, it's not worth it man, even your family are calling in and are worried about you (don't do it).

  20. [Sorcery Saga] 3 more Theatre Items left. I'm sick of it, and i have nothing more to say.

  21. [Sorcery Saga] Done with the stinky poopoo dungeon called sky palace, forever. Also finished (i think) the Beastiary, so i literally only have Theatre Items left, one of the theatre items gives a Life-Take Tome and boy lucky me cuz i only need one of that so two birds one stone yada yada. Wish me luck people.


    Oh and then i guess i have to grind being defeated 50 times which is super weird but hey this game is terrible, what do you expect.

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    2. YaoiGod


      To be fair the characters and voice acting are the only thing this shithole has as a saving grace, so i can see that. However, even if i didn't play it for trophies, it is a very bad dungeon crawler so i would never recommend it to anyone even for a dollar.

    3. JaM


      Excuse you... Not everyone. My only gripe on that game is it crashed a couple of times. But aside from that, fun game. And there are a lot of worse Vita game(s) out there...

    4. YaoiGod
  22. Plat #155: Super Neptunia RPG.


    Not their best spin-off of the series and definitely not as much references as you would expect, but a pretty fun game for what it is, and it's self aware so i can't shit on it. Definitely get it if it's on a sale.


    ......I hope VVVtunia's quality is better or Hyperdevotion Noire will still be the best spin-off, and i would even say best even among main entries, this series has produced.

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    2. YaoiGod


      Not much, the spin-offs pretty much act as if the main games didn't happen (sometimes even acknowledge that which is fun), you don't even have the sisters in this one so it's pretty much just characteristics that you might not understand why they react passionately about, Noire for example is into cosplaying but will never admit it and there's a missable event in this game that references that, Blanc is obsessed with books and reading, Vert is a gamer, stuff like that is the worse you will be missing out on but it's decent game that holds its own.

    3. ihadalifeb4this



    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

  23. [Sorceey Saga] 30/30 fucking spoons and 30/30 fucking dumb swords upgraded to Tier 5, now i have to actually finish the 256 or whatever floors dungeon, finish the beastiary, get 2 more Life-Take tomes, and then hunt for the last theatre items (also the one last curry entry, i have cooked everything but there's still one ??? after Wild Curry)


    My 3 states of mind from feb to june when i was farming for those weapon upgrades:






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    2. Dr_Mayus


      No, just that you got to still grind shit out and you could have been levelling stuff up at the same time.




    3. YaoiGod


      Ah i see, well considering that each normal weapon takes like 60 floors of sky palace to fully upgrade, i don't think i truly screwed myself, also just the relief of not having to worry about what's in your inventory anymore is enough, but thank you for pointing it out.

    4. Dr_Mayus


      Yeah, not worrying is good. Nothing worse than having a level 4 item and having it get eaten or turn to a vegetable.

  24. I didn't wanna say anything during pride month this year, but oh well. Happy Pride Month!! Okay and you wanna know something crazy? I do not care if major corporates support pride, just don't donate to people and orgs that want to erase us, IT'S NOT A COMPETITION. 

    I have seen nothing but big NOTHING statements from corporates about pride and BLM and if you base your next purchases off of that, and not about who actually puts in the work or who's actually not problematic, you are a part of the problem that causes these big nothing statements to increase everytime.


    On that note, take care of yourselves and just wanted to say quickly that i already discussed this on twitter and patreon but 75% of the payments i get from commissions, requests, patreon tiers and general art during June will be donated to BLM and Pride orgs, and i will personally focus on orgs with empahsis on helping trans women of color. So many people helped when i didn't have an official job when the pandemic happened, and now i want to help as well. Thanks.

  25. [Sorcery Saga] Progress Report: 29 out of 30 spoons and 21 out of 30 swords upgraded to Tier 5. It's been so long, my body is numb to the pain, spaghetti is cold and megalovania plays whenever i see that stupid onion enemy's face.


    On a serious note i think i will be done with this game in less than 10 days so i might be able to unlock the platinum trophy on my vita's 5th anniversary and oh god i feel bad for my vita if that's its anniversary plat.

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      Man, you are still playing this game :P


      Bored of it yet?

    3. YaoiGod


      Too lost in the sauce to give up now.


      I only came back because the game spat in my face and said have your pyrite spoon back loser, so i guess i'm seeing this through.

      It's gonna be my new Summon Night 6 and shit on it at ant given time, and i won't feel bad this time because it's genuinely a terrible game.

    4. Dr_Mayus


      That is like me and Fairy Tale Fights...that fucking game couldn't beat me :shakefist:


      Well good luck,