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  1. Decided to drop Sorcery Saga until further notice and play something of quality instead, i'm replaying Disgaea 3 for the third time as my choice of game for the Vita for the remainder of the month.

    This was my first PS3 game so it has a special place in my heart forever, didn't hurt that it's fucking amazing as well and in my opinion, the disgaea series hit its peak with 3 on back-then "modern" consoles. That's also not really fair to say about the series since it always manages to deliver goodness and fanservice galore with each entry (I would say the only exceptions are 5 and the Dimension ones, love those 3 games too cuz we got even more HD sprites and new story/characters/classes etc. But didn't blow my mind like literally any title from 1-4). Anyways i'm not skipping the story for the third time, it's so good and i'm excited. I don't have to worry about trophies this time but i'm gonna play as if i am trying to platinum it again.

    1. eigen-space


      Sorcery Saga is trash.

    2. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Yeah Sorcery Saga.... 5 hour main game, 60+ hour post game grind with RNG lol