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  1. [Disgaea 3: AoD] Unlocked all classes besides Celestial Host(ess?) And Majin. I love the feeling of having them all unlocked. Especially in the "remakes" cuz all of them have two unique skills each, and i have always loved that feature, they gave the healers offensive skills that use RES at last!


    On the topic of remakes, thank god for the Absorb function added, saves a lot more time that would have been spent in Chara World. (P.S. if anyone plans on playing in the future, the absorb function can only be used once....until you reincarnate, so really it's not THAT limited, plus everybody gets to have Big Bang now :awesome:)

    1. Froopy the Cowbear

      Froopy the Cowbear

      > I love the feeling of having them all unlocked.


      Disgaea took this concept and cranked it up to 11. <3