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  1. As much as I like physical carts and collection, I prefer digital nowdays for the Vita, if you have the memcard room. (also for other reasons physical on vita is not an option for me anymore)
  2. Sounds fun, I'll join. My card
  3. what? no that is the best part about the update! i liek the faceplant sound
  4. First cool update post No my failing QTE was not deliberate, it was to see the attention to detail the game gives if i *happened* to fail
  5. This trophy took me a while, eventually I just learned how to control the car by completing all pro drift events and all expert drift events preceding the one that is recommended to get the trophy. Once I did all that I got 257k my first try, after a few more attempts 301k. Practice. Learn how to chain drifts without really straightening the wheels and/or lose speed, as this is where game stops the points. Memorize the course layouts as you need a really good run for some high scores. Also the longer you hold the drift the more points you get, the points earned in a drift accumulate exponentially.
  6. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, came packed in with the console. Also first trophy as well - once I learned I had to install the patch to enable trophies and that in doing so had to use a new save game. Fortunately I was only a few chapters into the game.
  7. Good Samaritan and Sole Survivor trophies require 3 people (including yourself), as you must be the only one alive on your team of 2 or more people, and by extension revive a teammate. The rest of the miscellaneous MP trophies can be done with 2 people. You will need 4 people (including you) for "I'm all that", as 4 is required to start a ranked match and servers are dead - except for when you are trying to boost you usually find a couple randoms All trophies except for ones explicitly marked to do in ranked matches (I'm all that) can be done in private matches, and is much easier to deal with - private matches can start with as little as 1 person. Ranked matches you cannot 1) kick randoms in ranked matches 2) create your own lobby if someone else is waiting in said game mode 3) start matches with less than the 4 player minimum. You also earn XP in private matches as well. Edit: Due to people misreading this post thinking this is a boost request I'm adding this disclaimer: This post does NOT mean I'm asking for help with the game (already platinumed in summer 2017), this post is merely information on how to obtain the game's MP trophies. Before contacting someone to offer your help to help them complete the trophies, verify their PSN Profile to check if they have already completed the trophies you wish to offer your help with.
  8. My teenage self picked a decent PSN name (ie. it wasn't xX_blah_Xx or some other crap) but still a meh name that my adult self wanted to change, so I changed to CypherNova139 5 years ago. On one hand I wish I could have kept the old trophies, but on the other hand I was able to do better early trophy milestones on this account so I don't look back at the old trophies. The thought process behind the name went something like (as far as I remember): while working at my desk at work half bored one day I was thinking about how Ratchet and Clank is a really cool series -> The vastness of space how cool it is, and the beauty of the stars and comets -> what about supernovas, those are cool looking..... O_o That could make a cool PSN name! SuperNova! Hmm... but since I'm a computer guy and not exactly an astronomer or whoever it is that stares at stars for long periods of time.. replace the "Super" with something relating to computers. Somehow I came up with Cypher, probably thinking computer encryption schemes, etc. I then Googled CypherNova to see if the account was taken anywhere online, and to my dismay there was (and I believe still is) a YouTube channel (and a Twitter too, iirc) called CypherNova. Fortunately it all looked abandoned. With this being my first good username idea in years, no way was I giving up a good idea so I decided to add "random" numbers to the end of CypherNova to differentiate myself from whoever had this YouTube channel. Needing a 3 digit number combination, I was at a loss to choose a random group of numbers, so the numbers chosen weren't exactly random: they were (at the time) part of my computer logon password at work. (don't worry IT: the password containing the "139" numbers was changed and "139" is not in the password sequence anymore) Thus the CypherNova139 account was made, with me creating the account on Sony's website while on morning break at work.
  9. I got 100% everything in one save and had over 10 challenge tokens leftover, and a bunch of research tokens, backpack, landmark, crime tokens left over as well. (Some of that was because of pre-order bonus giving you 3 suits you normally have to unlock, but I still think I have enough tokens to purchase all suits had I not used the pre-order bonus) . I 3 stared all the stealth and combat challenges, which was relatively easy once you know the challenge level layout, 2 stared the rest as couldn't be bothered enough. Easy, you don't need to do a different save unless you despise the taskmaster challenges.
  10. I used the Burst pistol at first, but with laggy internet the Enforcer was more reliable for making sure the game would correctly see I shot first.
  11. The add-ons are for multiplayer only. The only paid DLC I use is the Enforcer. Best pistol IMO. Otherwise you don't need all the cosmetic crap. wait for an outbreak day sale (Sep 26th) or don't bother.
  12. If you miss a toolbox the game will spawn another one in a conspicuous (if you search for collectibles) location that doesn't normally have one to make sure you get a chance to get it again. At least this is what I've heard, as I always got the toolboxes.
  13. No that's cross-save. cross-play is online multiplayer - one petson can be on system #1 and play with someone on system #2
  14. Nice so the trilogies are cross buy in your region but NA region I had to purchase the trilogies separately. That sucks, I want mai money back Sony!
  15. Please check your facts before posting bad information. The only Cross-buy titles of the 3 series are Full Frontal Assault and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Also Deadlocked in NA region is given for free when FFA is redeemed. Also Quest for Booty comes with Into the Nexus. (working code required if disc version purchased)