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  1. Personally I haven't noticed people intentionally concentrating on those challenges, I don't remember the XP pay out to be worth the time investment to intentionally do them, especially if solo boosting the XP as many of these require other people. Most people boosting just want the match wins to be over with and then think about XP grind later, so don't go out of your way to hold up a session just to get a few extra challenges each round. Then when the XP grind comes up the usual strategy is to go for the most time efficient routes, which may not involve doing the feats. From what I've seen of gameplay though the feats/setbacks are structured enough to come up a lot naturally in gameplay. Some higher XP feats naturally pop up during play with the grenades boosting, as by killing each other you get feats like "Archenemy" (24) "Blow Out" (111) "Double Trouble" (521) "Enough" (24) "nemesis" (36) "revenge" (485) "booted" (501) "farmed" (35) over and over again - by getting some of these is how the grenades is faster than the solo grind (number in () is how many I got on my save that I had done grenade boost on). So I would say doing the feats is dependent on your scenario - if it is worth the time investment / efficiency, difficulty of feat, possibility if soloing, will it disrupt boost session flow / getting other scenario trophies for you or others in session, etc.
  2. Thanks for the kind words Lil-Gocee, I'm glad to help the community where I can! Yea the grenades was quite hilarious. I did it with @cr1s and it was quite a fun way to play together even if the end goal of getting a grindy trophy was not as fun as the journey to obtain it. @flash, cool! Good to hear the quit trick is more useful lately than it was for me.
  3. I've had mixed success with the quit trick working or not, hence why it's not mentioned. If I recall right quitting out only worked for PS3 as well, been a while since any of my sessions players tried this.
  4. Thanks for you comment on the details and amount of time this guide took to put together, much appreciated! The MP is relatively easy with a good boost group, but the XP grind was completely unnecessary - thanks devs for wasting my trophy hunting time. At least they had the heart to cut the XP grind in half versus if you did this at launch by not requiring the prestige character any longer. but yea such a boring XP grind - which is why I included the idle boost method lol.
  5. (v 1.1) I've been helping with boosting the multiplayer for the 2013 Tomb Raider for a few years now, figure it's time to share a few tips and tricks that aren't immediately obvious to new players. This is compiled from my various Discord posts so I think I covered everything here. Commenters: To help with thread readability please do not quote the entirety of this post when posting a reply! Version Notes: The game has both a PS3 and PS4 release. The gameplay is the same for both the original PS3 release and PS4 "Definitive Edition" versions of the game. There are 2 trophy lists, one for PS3, one for PS4. The lists are identical yet separate trophy lists. There is no cross-save or cross-play so all players will need to be on the same system. There is NO trophy auto-pops from play on another system so to obtain the other trophy stack requires full duplication of effort. Trophy Notes: The list of trophies that require online is as follows: (for reference: every trophy in the list after chatterbox) Adventurer ( Complete a match in all multiplayer modes.) Obtained on the way to "I'm All That!". Artilleryman ( Kill 20 enemy players in multiplayer using a turret. ) Certain maps have fixed turrets, such as Beach. Simple, get 20 turret kills over any amount of matches. Down Boy! ( Kill a zip-lining enemy player in multiplayer. ) This trophy requires some setup and as so is usually not something encountered in normal play. It's best to weaken your boost partner to 1 hit left before they slide down the rope as slides are too quick for full health downing, and slider must still be sliding on rope when killed. Entrapment ( Catch a player in a snare trap in multiplayer. ) Certain maps have ropes on the ground you can interact with, such as Beach. Interact with one to set it, then wait for another player to walk over it. Escapist ( Survive 10 explosions in multiplayer. ) This can be tricky as the distance window between "oops I died" and "oh I didn't even go down" is quite small. Recommend to boost this on your own using grenades thrown at some object and stand a good distance away that is good enough to just be downed, then find more salvage to refill grenade ammo before trying again. The best method I've found was aiming grenade at some various scraps near a spawn exit in Underground then grabbing the salvage immediately nearby. I've posted a video on exactly where to aim here: Good Samaritan ( Revive a teammate in a multiplayer match. ) 3 or more players required, Rescue game mode. 2 players on Survivor team, 1 on other team. Be near your downed teammate and press the button when they are down to revive them. You may have to move around the downed teammate for the prompt to appear. If the rest of your Survivor team is also down (automatic if only 3 players in match) you'll have gotten Sole Survivor as well. I'm all that! ( Win a ranked match in every multiplayer mode. ) The only trophy to require ranked matches. Simple enough, the trick is getting a boost session together and trying to avoid any randoms to reduce risk of losing matches (In my experience there is always 1 random hanging in lobby when you least want 'em). While doing the matches needed for this trophy many other scenario related trophies can be done. Sole Survivor ( In multiplayer, be the only player on your team that isn't dead or downed. ) 3 or more players required, Rescue game mode. 2 players on Survivor team, 1 on other team. If you are the last person still alive on your team while a Survivor on Rescue game mode this trophy is yours. ... Now go revive your teammate(s) for Good Samaritan! Lights Out ( Kill 10 multiplayer enemies using your melee attack. ) Typical Melee kills trophy, get total of 10 Melee kills over any amount of matches. Master Blaster ( Kill 2 multiplayer enemies with a single explosive. ) 3 or more players required, 2 on opposing team. Recommend doing this during a free for all match using a survivor character (so as to have grenades in default loadout) as there is no teams in FFA. Monkey Around ( In multiplayer, escape death 3 times by using the rope ascender. ) This trophy requires some setup and as so is usually not something encountered in normal play. Survivors do not have access to the rope ascender iirc. Have someone at the bottom hit you until near death then quickly use the ascender. Might take a few tries to get the timing down. Narcissistic ( Purchase a new multiplayer character. ) Obtained on the way to "Shopaholic". On My Way Up ( Reach level 10 in multiplayer. ) Obtained on the way to "True Commitment". Shopaholic ( Buy every upgrade and character in multiplayer. ) To buy things you need salvage which is collected by breaking yellow junk boxes strewn about the map. During your XP grind be on the lookout for these boxes until you have enough to buy all characters. Note that the trophy is beneficially glitched, so do not buy upgrades; just buy characters! prestige character not required. True Commitment ( Reach level 60 in multiplayer. ) The titular MP XP grind trophy hunters love to hate. There are 2 main stages to the online trophies: Stage 1: Ranked Matches for I'm All That trophy - and during said matches required for I'm All That! trophy finish other various scenario related MP trophies. Stage 2: The XP and Salvage Grind. - You need lots of XP to get to level 60 for True Commitment. - Salvage is the game's MP currency and is earned by opening yellow junk boxes that spawn around the map. You need to buy all characters for Shopaholic. (don't bother with buying upgrades, beneficial glitch) Roadmap: Stage 1: Ranked Matches For I'm all That you will need to win a ranked match in each of the 4 game modes. It's recommended while you are in these matches to also do requirements for other various trophies while you get your needed match wins. You need at least 4 players in lobby to be able to start ranked matches. The roadmap below is setup with the assumption that the team that is going for I'm All That is the team that goes after all trophies, while the other team is only a support role and is not to obtain any trophies. If all players in session need the wins and other situational MP trophies, then multiple matches for each game mode with switching which team wins each match/earns trophies and which team is the support role team is recommended. Each player can switch which team he is on while in the lobby. Before the match starts take a moment to verify your players are in the correct teams for the match! Ranked Match 1 - Rescue - Recommend I'm all That Trophy earner(s) to be on SURVIVOR team. This allows the other team to down teammates, and Survivor team can do revives for Sole Survivor and Good Samaritan - If playing a map with a turret (such as Beach), trophy earner should start killing with turret! [Artilleryman - 20 turret kills] ------ Ranked Match 2 - Team Deathmatch (TDM) - Once again I'm All That Trophy earner team wins. I'm All That Trophy earner(s) needs to: - Set a trap and get a enemy team member caught in it (depends on map) [Entrapment] - Get 20 Turret kills (map dependent again) [Artilleryman] - Get 10 Melee kills [Lights out] ------ Ranked Match 3 - Cry For Help - Once again I'm All That Trophy earner team wins. I'm All That Trophy earner(s) needs to concentrate on same type of kills as before in Team Deathmatch. ------ Ranked Match 4 - Free For All - I'm All That Trophy earner gets the most kills. If there is more than one person who needs I'm All That multiple FFA matches will need to be played, one for each trophy earner. - No teams in FFA, so all other players gather up for Master Blaster. I'm All That Trophy earner needs to be a Survivor to have a grenade in default loadout, and blow at least 2 other grouped players up while they stand together. Trophy award: I'm all That, Adventurer At this point 4 players are not required any longer as the 4 player boosting (I'm all that) is complete. ----- Clean up Private matches on Beach and Underground for missing trophies Down Boy! (kill zip-lining player) Escapist (survive 10 explosions in MP) Monkey Around (escape death 3 different times using rope ascender) ...and any other kill trophies still unearned. Stage 2: XP and Salvage Grind By the time you have boosted I'm All That you should be around level 15 in XP; you need to get to level 60. ouch Fortunately all trophies are obtainable in Private matches so time to pick a favorite boosting method and get to work! During this stage you also need to grab as much salvage as you need to buy all the characters for Shopaholic! Solo boost method Objective: Capture as much supplies (and salvage) as possible. Map: Beach or Underground (i.e. a map wherever you can 1) memorize supply spawns 2) spawns stay relatively close or same level) Game mode: Private Rescue. Pick Survivor team. SET MATCH SETTINGS to 20 captures, 10 minutes - Capture all supplies, over and over again. Note that you get more XP if you drop the supplies mid-route and then pick them back up. Try to get at least a Long and Medium carry each time. - Grab salvage boxes along the way! Quit the match after first round completes (Press Circle in results menu) - Reset Private match, and keep going (this way you can re-select the same map and survivor team). Most effective XP per hour boost method "Grenades" Objective: Each booster simultaneously blows up the other booster using grenades. 2+ people required. Requires at least 2 people. Recommend a good booster friend with voice chat as you can have a very hilarious time with friends playing together if done right. Game mode: Private FFA. SET MATCH SETTINGS to 100 kills, max time limit (20 minutes) Map: I did Underground BOTH players must be on Survivor team to have grenade as part of default loadout (Press Dpad Up after each respawn to equip) Each player simultaneously grenades each other, then respawn and meet up back in the center of the map, rinse repeat... - While running to meet your friend in map center grab any salvage boxes along the way! - You'll earn a few feats/setbacks naturally here, such as "Blow Out" (kill 5 enemies with explosions, 500 XP) "Double Trouble" (kill opponent at same time he kills you, 400 XP), "Enough" (kill enemy that killed you 5 times, 700 XP), etc. This is a lot of what helps this method be faster than solo captures. Longest but least mentally taxing boost method "Idle XP boosting" Objective: Do nothing, get XP from "Winning" a non-team based match. (Takes 50 or more hours with this method. Extra hardware required.) Use a turbo controller on the Start button to keep pausing and unpausing the game, and to start matches in the menus. Recommended to tone the turbo feature down to only press the Start button every few seconds. Game mode: Private FFA, solo SET MATCH SETTINGS to match time 5 minutes. Start match, and turn the turbo controller feature on the Start button. Leave the console to get 3000XP every 5 minutes while you do other more important gaming and life tasks. Note that this method will not help you in getting any salvage so this idle method is only recommended once you have enough salvage to buy all characters (around level 35-40 or so if you were smart about collecting salvage). If you have a CronusMax / Zen I have a script with a setup for this: Setup script to use the Start button (hold Select + L2 and press X, then hold Select and press Start). General Notes: All trophies, except for obvious ranked ones (I'm all That) are obtainable in private matches. Private matches can also start fine with only yourself in the match. PS3 players: DO NOT have MP MAP DLCs enabled/installed. When the game picks a new map for the next match it chooses from available maps from the lobby host and does not always give a map override option. The game does NOT check if all players have access to the map and once the match start countdown ends the game will cheerfully load the chosen map. As the map assets are included in the DLC download if a DLC map loads those without the required map DLC get kicked to main menu or get a frozen PS3; those with DLC will go in match and just see that some players in group disconnected for no reason. Since DLC attach rate for the PS3 version is extremely low your boost players will likely only be running the base game. Therefore it is best to avoid DLC maps coming up in rotation - Either turn off the DLC maps or do not install map DLCs. - If you do have Map DLCs installed you can turn off matchmaking for each DLC beforehand in Options -> Matchmaking. - This DLC problem does not apply to PS4 as the Definitive Edition includes all map DLCs. - There are no DLC trophies in the game. There is no party feature where host could move partied players to different game modes or something. - To switch game modes all players need to find the new lobby and/or be invited by other players in lobby. There is a idle kick function, but host can't kick players iirc. Idle kick can be easily defeated by pressing a button every 20 seconds. 4 players required to start a ranked match. Private matches can be done solo. Only certain default loadouts have grenades (usually survivors), so if you need a trophy involving grenades or explosives watch out what you have equipped. Revives are only possible as a Survivor team in Rescue game mode. I've watched many boosters over the years attempt to revive in whatever match and team they happen to be in only to be confused at insta-death. Again, downing happens if you and downed team mate are on Survivor team and playing on Rescue game mode!! Shopaholic There is a beneficial glitch: If you buy all the characters, the next time you start the game the Shopoholic trophy pops. So collect as much salvage from the yellow boxes as you can (Underground is a good map for this) and you should have more than enough salvage to buy all the characters. For this glitch DO NOT buy upgrades, only buy characters. Once you buy Lara at level 60 quit the game. Next time you start the game the trophy should pop once you get to the main menu. Also there is a character that requires prestiging to unlock. Don't fret, this character has been patched out of the trophy requirements. The highest level character you will need nowdays is Lara unlocked at level 60. There is a old trick for this MP: If all players not needing the trophy quit out of the match those left get the win counted without having to play the whole match. Personally I have seen these matches not count more times than count so..... I'm also fairly certain it only worked on PS3, but others comment it works on 4 as well. Again if you do decide to get your wins this way use at your own risk. - Check Feats and Setbacks -> Press next page R2 or R1 -> Press Right to get to Trophies, check I'm all That to make sure the game mode you just tried is checked. The game features varying XP rewards for various gameplay actions, called Feats and Setbacks. Each time you perform the action required by that Feat or Setback you get the XP assigned to that, and it can be earned as many times as you like. These are well structured enough for a good chunk to pop up a lot naturally in gameplay, but for boosting please don't disrupt a session to chase after these extra XP rewards. Searching through my savedata I got half of these rewards most during grenade boosting, the other half - mostly harder ones - went unearned. If you want to try for these challenges during your XP grinds its up to you, just be wary of time efficiency, feat difficulty, or if even possible because you are soloing the grind. - There are also "trials" that take much longer to complete and only award once but seem to offer a good chunk of XP if completed. Looking at ones I completed most either had to do with existing XP grind methods anyways (captures, copious amount of grenade kills). Again same rules apply, don't disrupt boost session flow or don't do challenges that end up being too time inefficient - you don't want to draw out your XP grind now do ya? - To check on what feats / setbacks / trials / trophy progress you have look under Multiplayer -> Feats and Setbacks
  6. As I said these profile stats as shown are really buggy and please do not rely on those stats. you got 69 races to go. if you have four systems & copies of the game you are pretty dedicated for a crappy MP lol. although I can one up you and say I have 7 consoles with the game lol. If you need extras let me know. Also could you not quote a huge OP just to say thanks? Idk why but huge quotes for a comment drive me nuts.
  7. After years of boosting NFS Undercover's Online trophies I've found a few various tips over the years that aren't immediately obvious to new players that can help out the boosting experience, so here is a short guide and list of tips and tricks. This is a compilation / remix of posts I've made around Discord over the years so apologies if same info is mentioned more than once. Online Introduction: Undercover has 2 online gameplay modes: Races, and Cops and Robbers. Both modes can be played with up to 8 players. Races are as the title says. race other players, win or lose the race, etc. (*DNF finishes may cause the race to not count for anyone) Cops and Robbers is a 4 player or more match with what amounts to "Capture the Flag" gameplay if you are used to more FPS style games. Each round lasts 3 minutes. "Money" (a floating "$" sign) randomly spawns in the map. - Robbers drive to the money and then with the money icon active drive back to their base (a randomly spawned "Home" icon in the map) within ~30 seconds to capture the money. - Cops must bust the Robber with the money by being nearby the robber for a few seconds. The team is awarded 150 points per money capture, 50 points per bust. On each new round the Cops and Robbers roles switch teams. Match ends after 2 rounds, the team with the most points wins the match. Please remember a round win does not count for 25 wins, you need to win the match, so don't trade round wins! Just trade match wins. Please note that the wording of the trophy descriptions as seen in your trophy list have some misspoken points. I've addressed a lot of this in the sections below! In general when the trophy list mentions a ranked match it just means a match that isn't in private mode, both Races and C&R counts here. (Personally I think C&R mode was an afterthought after watching how the game plays the mode (i.e. initial HUD when C&R match loads displays race position data instead), which explains some of the trophy descriptions favoring races in their wording) Online Trophies and Trophy Notes: The list of trophies that require online play and certain notes about obtaining each trophy are as follows: The following trophies can be obtained in both Races and/or Cops and Robbers: Active Community Member ( Participated in any Community Day. Visit for more info. ) The description might sound like you needed to be online during the game's heyday and have attended a special "Community Day" event. Don't fret!! Every day is a "Community Day" now as EA patched the servers; this trophy will unlock after completing your first MP event. First! ( Won a Multiplayer Ranked Game ) Simple, either come in 1st in a race, or be on the winning C&R team. First of Many ( Win a Ranked Multiplayer event against 7 human players ) You might notice the description says win an "Event" with 8 players, not a race. The trophy is doable in Races (obviously you'll need to win the race) and Cops and Robbers. You can get the trophy in C&R mode or a race, but in C&R the entire winning team gets the trophy, useful when many session players need the trophy. Notorious ( Finish 119 Multiplayer Races in any position ) The trophy description says "Finish 119 races". The trophy does count matches played in Cops and Robbers. Races are NOT required. A better trophy description would be "Play 119 matches". Among the Best ( Won 25 Ranked Multiplayer events ) - The guide is poorly written for this trophy and seems to insinuate just 5 wins are needed. That guide is written badly. 25 match wins are required for the trophy. - Certain languages translation (if I remember right it was Spanish or Portugese) have stated "equal races" in the trophy description. That is a mistranslation, for a match to count for this trophy the player count and/or team size or inequality (meaning 2v3, 3v4, etc) does not matter. What matters is who wins the race (Races) or which team wins the match (Cops and Robbers). Next, these following trophies requires play in Cops and Robbers mode only: Cat and Mouse Virus ( Infected with the Cops N' Robbers virus by another player in a Cops and Robbers event. ) Viral trophy. All you need is someone with the trophy to hit you in a C&R match! Nearly everyone who still plays online has this trophy, but if you can't find anyone I'm sure this fine forum has kind souls that can hop on and help. Remember: you need 4 players to start a C&R match. Crossing the Line ( Win a Ranked Multiplayer Cops N' Robbers event ) Simply be on the winning C&R team. Additionally these following trophies require online access but do not involve playing online with others: Community Member ( Create or use an existing account to sign into EA Nation ) Obtained by logging into EA account in-game, required to login to access online play. Freeze! Hold it right there! ( Take a Photo and upload it to ) One of the first incarnations of a photo mode trophy on PSN, This trophy is all up to you to complete it. Photo mode is inaccessible during online play. Asking for this trophy to be done in a boosting session might provide you with some weird looks from the other boosters. In single player, press Start, Photo Mode, take a photo. You won't be able to access your uploaded photo as 1) NFS website has been redesigned since this game's heyday, 2) photo does not save to the PS3. Somehow the upload still works and you should get the trophy. You should only need to concentrate on these 3 main trophies: First of Many (Win a 8 player match) Among the Best (Have 25 wins) Notorious (Play 119 matches) On average once you have achieved Notorious, you should have all the online trophies. General Notes and FAQ - Most trophies unlock at the match end screen, don't fret if a trophy does not unlock immediately. - There is NO match joining in progress and once there is enough players in lobby to start the match, it auto starts within 2 minutes. To find a lobby please only search when current match players indicate to do so as they are waiting in lobby. (The point at which a match can now be found is when the "You Win" / "You Lost!" / "You Tied!" scoreboard screen appears; and lobby locks 10 seconds before the map for the next match loads.) - in the Lobby, Press Square to vote to "Race now". If a majority successfully votes the normal 2 minutes match start countdown is skipped to lobby locking processes at "T-" 18 seconds of countdown. - The MP code (meh the whole game...) is buggy. If the screen is stuck on "Loading..." a player's PS3 has frozen and has locked the lobby from progressing into the match.The fix is the affected player must shutdown their PS3 and then rejoin next time the group is in the lobby.. Races: - A completed Race may not count for anyone if there is a DNF by any player. Do not idle or DNF races as you will likely waste time. Cops and Robbers: - ALL trophies count in Cops and Robbers game mode even though a trophy description clearly says "races". - In C&R wins count for the entire team. This is useful for mass boosting First of Many as an entire team can get the titular 8p win trophy at once, rather than 4 separate race wins. - It does not matter who scored more points, just that your team has more points than the other team. Again, the entire team wins if said team has more points than the other team at the match end. - C&R teams are determined purely by lobby join order. - A round win does not count for the 25 wins (Among the Best), you need to win the match. So if both teams need wins don't trade round wins! Just trade match wins. - Resetting Cops and Robbers Teams is helpful sometimes depending on randoms and where trophy earners are currently situated. Top 4 players in lobby = Team 1. Bottom 4 players = Team 2. If you need to move players from Team 1 to Team 2 just have the affected Team 1 player(s) reconnect to the lobby. If you need to move a player from Team 2 to Team 1... all of Team 2 will need to reconnect. Q. Do Ties count as Wins? A. As I see it, NO. However in nearly every session I've held this has been very much debated. I've personally seen ties not count; however several other boosters report that their ties counted. To be sure make sure to win. Q. Can I check how many wins and matches completed? A. There is profile stats but it is buggy and likely won't display the correct stats. Please don't rely on or announce said stats in your boosting session as you will only cause confusion. Those who finish Notorious (119 matches complete) usually see "500+" matches complete in their profile stats. The trophy counter does track properly and Notorious unlocks after match #119 / Among the Best unlocks after win #25. If playing C&R the entire time, Notorious will take 18 hours. Q. Can I idle? A. The game has no idle kick function. However, you can only safely completely idle in Cops and Robbers, Races may not count if there is a DNF. Q. How do I connect online? Do I have to complete a tutorial to go online? A. - To access Online go into the Pause menu, Online, Find Match. If you are being chased by cops you cannot access online. - If this is the first time loading the game Undercover will install ~800MB of data to the HDD which takes a few minutes, then the tutorial is literally a scripted 2 mile driving sequence followed by a unskippable 2 minute cutscene. As soon as you gain control of the blue Nissan 240SX car the tutorial is complete and you can now play online. If you have not loaded the game yet and are joining a boost session, please do your boosters a favor and have the game ready to connect a day before your session so your boost team isn't waiting on your tutorial session. Recommended Strategy: All Multiplayer trophies are obtainable in Cops and Robbers mode (C&R) even though some of the trophy descriptions state "races". C&R matches operates on a timer so no one has to actually compete in the match as the match will end on its own after 6 or so minutes. 4 players are required to start a C&R match. In C&R wins count for the entire team! While it takes longer than races, idle on a Cops and Robbers match and let the matches and wins come to you :smile: Remember each C&R match consist of 2 rounds, so don't confuse a round win with a match win. It only matters who wins the match. Note that Notorious when done start to finish via C&R matches takes 18 hours (about 9.5 minutes per match+lobby wait time) Now if idling in C&R for hours is not your thing races work just as well and is faster to complete than C&R (~4-5 minutes a race+lobby time), just all players must finish the race to ensure the finish counted. Also, keep an eye on your the status of each of your boosters. Some ISPs have been more unstable at this game than others: some boosters have been able to stay for only a handful of matches before disconnecting, others make it through a entire session idling without issue, others still have their PS3s reliably crash after a hour or two which holds up the session until they turn off their PS3 or finally get dropped.
  8. If there is a physical cart go with that, anything else would be tricking the system into submission due to Vita being a one account system.
  9. It's not well stated in the OP if reading it quickly, but the plats must be unique to count for Praetorian. So achieving that rank is still at 9 platinums until the new PS5 game releases. You can choose any combination of PS3 or Vita versions for the first 3 Ratchet games as long as you get at least one plat in each of the 3 games. The stacks of the first 3 games are needed for the extra Elite medal which you get if you manage to do the stacks, PS move heroes (* idk about the JP stack), and both PSASBR stacks (* PSASBR now unobtainable if online trophies not finished).
  10. Banned for not just giving him 2 quarters.
  11. Bump me up to Fortune Hunter rank please, I got the uncharted 4 and lost legacy plats finally done!
  12. Woah bud, I did read your post carefully as I don't like to make meh posts. That kind of reply back is the attitude. OP was stated any direction keys reads as the D-pad selection, not opening the crafting menus. I had no issues with the D-pad menus equipping anything, check can also be used as a synonym for equip weapons if you were trying to view ammo counts. I want to say I pressed touchpad a couple times in the 15 odd times I continued my Grounded run, didn't really find pressing it pertinent since the encounter was not going to be played anyways. As previously stated I had no game issues. I made my previous post to explain to those reading that the OP experience is not 100% indicative of what is going to happen in a reader's game based on my experience, in less words as I did not think typing this all out would be necessary. Apparently with this kind of reply I was wrong to presume that. Before calling people bad vibes, pull the plank out of your eye first. That kind of attitude in a reply back is where the bad vibes are located, a simple 'hey bud that's not what happened for me!' would suffice.
  13. Um, this thread is complete BS. I equipped pistol (right dpad) every time when doing an encounter to activate tweaks before continuing Grounded. never had any issues in the 15 or so sittings it took me to finish Grounded.
  14. I'm fairly certain the "Insane Survivor" trophy is actually impossible to obtain, and I would go as far to say if anyone 100% the trophies this game the trophies should be flagged for cheating. This is because of the last part of just the first level: You are locked into a boss battle using only stationary turrets, but a few key gameplay decisions hamper the boss experience: - Boss keeps moving. - There is no defense to any barrages of projectiles. - The boss can go off screen and still shoot you. - You cannot exit the turret. By the time the boss battle is done you will have rebooted twice (reboot = lose the 3 lives you had. Game does not explain this.) and cannot do anything about it as you simply do not have enough firepower to down the boss before he downs you - remember trophy also requires you to play solo. Therefore it is impossible to not reboot at all in this game and get the Insane Survivor trophy. first unobtainable list on this account. sad cause marketing had billed Yorbie as next Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One style game to me when the game came out, which is why I (sadly) gladly bought and played Yorbie. No, it is not R&C, not even close. This is one of the most regrettable indie games I've played, and the reason why I use a different account to test new games on now.
  15. Yup servers are still up plat is still obtainable. The trick is getting into a 8 player lobby for the win a 8 player match trophy, then either finding someone to do 119 races with you or idling on a cops and robbers lobby to finish up 119 matches.