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  1. It's not well stated in the OP if reading it quickly, but the plats must be unique to count for Praetorian. So achieving that rank is still at 9 platinums until the new PS5 game releases. You can choose any combination of PS3 or Vita versions for the first 3 Ratchet games as long as you get at least one plat in each of the 3 games. The stacks of the first 3 games are needed for the extra Elite medal which you get if you manage to do the stacks, PS move heroes (* idk about the JP stack), and both PSASBR stacks (* PSASBR now unobtainable if online trophies not finished).
  2. Banned for not just giving him 2 quarters.
  3. Bump me up to Fortune Hunter rank please, I got the uncharted 4 and lost legacy plats finally done!
  4. Woah bud, I did read your post carefully as I don't like to make meh posts. That kind of reply back is the attitude. OP was stated any direction keys reads as the D-pad selection, not opening the crafting menus. I had no issues with the D-pad menus equipping anything, check can also be used as a synonym for equip weapons if you were trying to view ammo counts. I want to say I pressed touchpad a couple times in the 15 odd times I continued my Grounded run, didn't really find pressing it pertinent since the encounter was not going to be played anyways. As previously stated I had no game issues. I made my previous post to explain to those reading that the OP experience is not 100% indicative of what is going to happen in a reader's game based on my experience, in less words as I did not think typing this all out would be necessary. Apparently with this kind of reply I was wrong to presume that. Before calling people bad vibes, pull the plank out of your eye first. That kind of attitude in a reply back is where the bad vibes are located, a simple 'hey bud that's not what happened for me!' would suffice.
  5. Um, this thread is complete BS. I equipped pistol (right dpad) every time when doing an encounter to activate tweaks before continuing Grounded. never had any issues in the 15 or so sittings it took me to finish Grounded.
  6. I'm fairly certain the "Insane Survivor" trophy is actually impossible to obtain, and I would go as far to say if anyone 100% the trophies this game the trophies should be flagged for cheating. This is because of the last part of just the first level: You are locked into a boss battle using only stationary turrets, but a few key gameplay decisions hamper the boss experience: - Boss keeps moving. - There is no defense to any barrages of projectiles. - The boss can go off screen and still shoot you. - You cannot exit the turret. By the time the boss battle is done you will have rebooted twice (reboot = lose the 3 lives you had. Game does not explain this.) and cannot do anything about it as you simply do not have enough firepower to down the boss before he downs you - remember trophy also requires you to play solo. Therefore it is impossible to not reboot at all in this game and get the Insane Survivor trophy. first unobtainable list on this account. sad cause marketing had billed Yorbie as next Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One style game to me when the game came out, which is why I (sadly) gladly bought and played Yorbie. No, it is not R&C, not even close. This is one of the most regrettable indie games I've played, and the reason why I use a different account to test new games on now.
  7. Yup servers are still up plat is still obtainable. The trick is getting into a 8 player lobby for the win a 8 player match trophy, then either finding someone to do 119 races with you or idling on a cops and robbers lobby to finish up 119 matches.
  8. Option A but with retcon of Dr. Nefarious which completely craps over the backstories of UYA and IMO ruins the game, as Drek was an awesome villain in first game but now he is reduced to a puppet. If you've seen the movie you've played the game, story wise it's bad. Gameplay wise it was a lot of fun, although enemies do not respawn on subsequent planet visits just like ItN.
  9. To throw a wrench into your guide... I had a different experience than what you state. I boosted with @cr1s this game recently for the 4 player game trophy. I had 2 PS3s on my same network. NAT2, UPnP was all I had open as per any other PS3 titles I've played. I was on the US PSN version of the game while Cr1s was on EU version, PSN version I'm fairly sure. We got both my PS3s connected to cr1s's PS3s first try, and got the trophy without issue. It was so fast i even uploaded the capture footage out of shock (minus inputting my PSN password lol):
  10. Wait, @cr1s was in town and didn't tell me? How did you find my town? That looks like the nearby backroads. Too many tumbleweeds out here. :think: we got to meetup sometime. Thank you all for the warm welcome once again! I see your continuing the stacking of one of my favorite PS3 games, Burnout Paradise😮 But the PS4 version trophy icons are terrible! we must look at the PS3 version much better. I've done all the events before for the Burnout Elite license, and it was super boring. It took me months to slowly work at it. Where the game shines as far as fun is the online mode - if you don't get stuck with a noob, which happens far too often. Playing challenges with others is a lot of fun, so much so that now the PS3 servers shut down I probably will never play the PS3 version again. I miss it... but yea the whole aesthetic of Burnout was really cool, and something I've never seen done properly since. Like every quarter to half mile in Paradise there is a new road you can turn onto - really useful in evading in marked man, road rage, Cops and Robbers, etc. Compare that to the Most Wanted reboot (paradise's spiritual successor) where you can be stuck on the same road for a good couple miles. ...Yea.. I loved the option to switch roads on a whim in Paradise simply cause there were so many densely packed in. 🤔 Fortunately for us TROPHY hunters and not "Cheevo" hunters (i.e. Xbox hooligans) the PS3 list (and subsequently the PS4 list) was dumbed down from the original achievements list first premiered on Xbox 360 (and now Xbox One). On Xbox platforms to 100% the achievements you must play 250 online Freeburn Challenges, get the Elite license, along with various other annoying and/or hard challenges that weren't present on the PS3 list. The 250 challenges and Elite license alone drives completion time up by ~30 more hours compared to PS3/4. a cuss word !!! Metrico! nice to see someone enjoying the game. I tried it on Vita and couldn't even get the game to get past the first level cause the puzzle did not provide me enough of a clue as to what the expected puzzle answer is supposed to be. deleted game, deleted trophies. Sad to hear a trophy glitch. @cr1s was quite despairful having to retry that one no restart trophy all over again. I got to hear this all live while it happened, it was quite the show! (er, with that being said Yes folks, it is happening! The Ultimate RadioStream Podcast featuring @cr1s and sometimes guest starring @Monokuma is in beta testing!! not sure if i can announce this yet or if this is really a thing, idk too early sorry i spilled the beans. once viable you can subscribe to the show for 9,999 MonoCoins/month!!!) lf I have to hear that song one more time..... oops. foreshadowing. Thanks all for having me, and we shall see you again next week!
  11. That was despairful for a moment, but now that the "Kuma" part was eaten finally I have been freed of the influences of Monokuma, and whatever this fake version was. I think it was a MonoKub? Not sure of what all this, just a poor soul who wandered in here and ... yea. Onto the reactions. You guys are quite welcome. I'm glad to be able to help! Yea, I found I always started 6th and had to race the way to the front. The problem is the AI would *always* take the best line which ends up punting me out of the way, so it was a challenge to even finish 5th after numerous spin outs at the hands of the other drivers. And .... to setup all the MooStations I had to play this race a total of 5 times, so I'm kinda familiar with it by now, lol. Great update, glad to see you making progress in your Danganronpa marathon, and that Monokuma has not really been enough of a nuisance to stop your progress! That is a progress breaker.... or rather it's a sly way to break up the monotony of Monokuma's despair infliction!! Yes, I wonder? We got to get this boost done soon as I only have a couple more free weekends before I settle in to play my own How did that get in there? no no no no I can't be roped into Monokuma's trap of shinyness!!! *upupu* NOOOOOO this can't be happening!!!! I'll, um... phase to you guys in the next week's update... uh, Bye for now. somebody help, too hot chick. Maybe I'll play the PS3 version instead for decreased graphical fidelity.. Oh who am I kidding send help
  12. I don't mind people following me as its a useless feature anyways, but in doing so my trophies I earn get posted on their Activity Feeds. One reason I haven't seen posted here is one I keep experiencing, and I think this answers why people on this thread here want to force an unfollow: Some people think when you the trophy hunter see a like on a trophy you the hunter earned it will inspire you to keep up earning and hunting trophies, so in an effort to 'keep up your spirit' they will randomly like any and/or all trophies posted on their Activity Feed. What I the trophy hunter see on my end... is every like generates a notification from PS App and a PS4 notification "Someone liked your Activity." So my phone dings again, usually while I'm at work. I stop to check it once at a stopping point (i.e. while on break) ...and "Someone liked your Activity." It's another trophy like. Please. Just. Stop. I don't mind a like every once in a while or on a hard plat, but also liking nearly every single bronze in said list along the way is ridiculous. Yes I know you are watching my feed, gtfo. I have at least 3 followers on my followers list who subscribe to this way of thought, and at least one of them I only friended (and then unfriended afterwards) for a boosting session on PS3.... As someone with a busy life it is frustrating to get spam. I had to message them that I understand what they are trying to do, but instead all I see is spam and to please scale back to only liking Platinums. (I figure that is a good compromise if you must like trophies) TL;DR: Would want unfollow capability to avoid activity like spammers, especially since most spammers are acquired via friending only for a boost session(s).
  13. Some content of this Post has been Edited to better meet our Ultimate Guest Community Guidelines. - @Monokuma. Yes, the real one. 1) You're not FeliKuma's spokesperson. 2) I already said last week that people could check out my profile to find out what the next FeliKuma game would be. 3) I don't have to platinum any of the games that FeliKuma decide to make me play - merely complete their online trophies. After all: I am the self-inflicted Offifcial Spkespoerson of the Ultimate Despiar Battle featuring FeliKuma and Sponsored by our host, @Monokuma As such it is by the power vested upon me to supervise that @cr1s shall platinum Burnout Paradise, Need For Speed: shit 2 Unleashed, and now, for the spread of false misinformation about our venerable trustworthy host @CypherNova139, @cr1s must also platinum Jak X: Combat Racing!!!!! With many Exclamation marks!!!!!! ...upupupupupupupupupu. Phew. I have finished the upupu battle victorious! Take that you asshole bear. NO ONE UPUPUS ME!!!!! *upupu* Damn you @Monokuma Whatever. Seriously I don't understand this guy, he thinks he runs this show. It is now time for this week's MooFarm Update from @CypherNova139 Moo Moo Moooooo MooMoo. Moo x5!!!! Moo MOOOOOOOO Mooo Mo0 MooMoo. Moo Moo Moo mooo moooooooo Mooo Moo Moo Mooooooo. A bunch of "moo" sounds? That must mean @CypherNova139 has been infected by my new patent-pending MonoCow disease! He can only say "Moo" now! This is Despair-ful! And very enjoyable.. But now I'm bored of this Despair. See you next time!
  14. What an update, glad to see @cr1s is making it through Gal*Gun marathon! But I have my own update to share *upupu*. *upupu*? That's MY line you egotistical buffoon! Much against @cr1s's wishes, FeliKuma has asked me to announce the next DESPAIR FILLED victory robbing move: @cr1s must platinum Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed. *upupu* I enjoy when people help me tarnish @cr1s's marathons!!!!! mhmm, Yea. While we all would love to see @Monokuma's victory dance again, I have a strong suspicion that @cr1s will finish this challenge on-time and unharmed. @Monokuma has also inflicted another round of Despair for our Ultimate Guest @CypherNova139 as he has been contractually obligated to lend his farm of PS3s to the effort. And @CypherNova139 gets another dose of Despair. That's what he gets for never playing my beloved Danganronpa series, available in stores now for 59,999 MonoCoins upupuahhhh-hahahaha Take me down to the MonoPrice City Where I Take your Money And you cry like, um, um, yea Bitches upupupupupupupupupu Weird lyric rendition. Wow, @Monokuma is really wanting me to play Dangaropa, but 59,999 Monocoins is too much money for ... You say WHAT? You will say no such treachery in these hallowed halls. Say something like that again and you will be platinuming a game of my choice... Wait, but I always pronounced it Dangaropa? I guess that is how you pronounc.... No! It's Danganronpa you filthy noob!! Cypher is a TERRIBLE Utlimate Guest!!!!! He is no longer Ultimate Guesting here, *upupupupupu* I Demand it. Oh, you can't get rid of me that easily @Monokuma. I'll be back when you least expect it. Take me down to the MonoPrice city.... Where i hack his game and the coins flow to mee Oh won't you please take me hooooome Hmm.... good business proposition?
  15. Ah yes, the PSNP notification area that sends me notifications on a new episode airing. not sure what the inbox thing @Monokuma wants to advertise. Hawx was quite interesting to boost and babysit, and yes @Monokumatried his best to ruin the grind, such as this moment: Yea this was weird. I've played though much of the rest of the game on this stack, and some text just doesn't trigger as well as the original stack does. It's weird. fortunately they all count properly even if the text takes 3 tries to display. I think @cr1s has played through the rest of the game now as well. Enough said, @Monokuma. You are certainly the Bear of Despair. That and I bought and utilized the Pro Power and Pro Handling DLC bundles as well. Laugh all you want, I don't care. I didn't want to spend any more time on this game than necessary, and if buying DLC cars meant I could save some unnecessary frustration and time, so be it. And even @cr1s and @Honor_Hand agrees. Quite simply put, no. @Honor_Hand's review was way more well written. Anyways was glad to help @cr1s and @Honor_Hand with the 8 player trophy and the rest of the online trophies they both needed to finally platinum the game! ☺️ Check out the platinum winning run here with Cypher's new Dual Screen setup! *reads onwards* Ah this has been a refreshing update to see @cr1s's progress and the new show format, I wonder what will be up next in this series... U... pu... pu... boobies ... i can't watch.... help damn you @Monokuma why did you have to do this to me? I'm a virgin! you are a naughty bear 😡 *ignores monokuma, sees new update* Oh no, not another week's update posted already. How can I be a week behind? I can't, I just can't. The Despair has been too great. Now your jokes aren't even funny @Monokuma That's it, I'll be back later in the series after you calm down. what a bear.