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  1. After maxing my items, the trophy popped. Must be a glitch or typo as trophy states just the weapons.
  2. Just finished the Labyrinth part of the game and managed to max all weapons, yet the trophy hasn’t popped. Any ideas or solutions? Edit: Trophy popped after maxing items. Thanks
  3. Very much appreciated, thank you.
  4. Appreciate the reply. Might seem a dumb question but if I buy the European or Japanese version off of Play Asia, will there be the option to set the game to English? Yes I know England is in Europe but didn’t know if it would be tied to a specific country or not. Thanks again
  5. Does anyone know where I can buy a new copy of Persona 5? Really interested in playing it, I don’t really want the digital version, and it seems to be out of stock everywhere I look 😞
  6. Was going to set up a share play gaming session for some help on ranking A+ on 2 levels, however I didn't know if it is even possible as some games don't support it.
  7. People seem to forget that in TLoU, you have to pay real money for the best weapons and perks...
  8. Just to confirm it can.
  9. Much appreciated. Im on a fluctuating wifi but hopefully it can hold out for two missions. I'll add you, no mic so send me a message if it works or not if you don't mind.
  10. Definitely, i remember most of my S ranks coming from the time bonus. I just finished missions as quick as possible. For stealth your looking for the no traces bonus and i know which i'd prefer to do. ☺️
  11. Everything in The Raid 2 >
  12. any idea if possible to drop weapons on local co op over share play?
  13. Heard that it is possible to swap weapons if your playing local co-op. I'm desperate for a 12 slot weapon as it's the only trophy i need for the platinum and I've played 50+ hours without seeing one. Would using shareplay work as well in this regard?
  14. farming is also a lot easier without the patch
  15. Scaling a tallneck is essentially the "climb tower to unlock part of the map" you see in 90% of open world games these days
  16. I have the same problem. Got thirteen in a couple of hours. 5 hours or so later and im on 13
  17. Would anyone mind boosting vertebra shackles with me?
  18. Would somebody mind dropping me all the rings for the trophy? Extras such as armor/weapons etc would also be much appreciated.
  19. Might as well wait for the GOTY edition, that is out soon. Definitely get it on current gen though, from what I've heard, it's pretty poor on last gen.
  20. So i recently found out that to unlock this outfit you need to complete 10 challenge towers. For anyone who doesn't know, they are the randomly generated towers that you complete then send a friend. If anybody would like to help a fellow out by adding me and sending me 10 challenge towers to complete, i would very much appreciate it. This process would also net me, and possibly yourself, a few trophies as well. If anyone is up for it, send me a friend request with a related message and we can get straight to it. Oh and due to region lock, it'd make life easier if you live in Europe!
  21. Awesome! Thanks for the replies, if anyone does want the trophies however, feel free to add me
  22. Does it still count if you just play your own? And i haven't played MP yet, not had the game too long so i daren't haha.
  23. I think you can change your personal settings though so the uploaded picture can b seen by anyone, not 100% sure though.
  24. If you have the PlayStation app you can simply upload your own
  25. Exactly what i was thinking!