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  1. Playing through Watch Dogs on PS4. I love the way Aiden takes all these countermeasures to keep his identity as the vigilante secret, but, a lot of the time you enter a car and over the radio you'll hear "Police are still looking for vigilante, Aiden Pearce" or random bystanders will be like "Hey, that's the vigilante" and pull out their phone and take a picture and Aiden has no reaction to it, whatsoever.

  2. Hey, thank for the add and sorry for the wait, I haven't been on here in awhile :)

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    2. Shatteredspine6


      Nice to meet you too! How are you?

    3. PureLuxiix


      Awesome to have you on psn! Thanks ;)

    4. Shatteredspine6


      Haha, awesome to have you too. Thanks :D

  3. Thief - Plat #10 - That Finders Keepers trophy was evil, took forever.

    1. itzzh3lixx


      i take it as you won't get thief from ps plus this month then huh? :D

    2. Shatteredspine6


      Lol, god no! I won't ever be playing this game again.

  4. Did you ever get around to playing Yakuza? I still haven't bought it or Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, I'm so cheap when it comes to buying games lol.

    1. Bucknerd


      I did but in all honesty... I moved on but I will return to finish it. It's a great game

    2. Shatteredspine6


      Oh ok, I'll definitely have to get it at some point. Want to also get Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires as well.

  5. Hey, hope you don't mind the add :)

    1. Kyomi-Okami


      Hi , yeah no worries :)

  6. You changed your name on here and I was momentarily confused as to who you were, a bit of a derp moment lol. I still haven't got around to buying Dynasty Warriors 7, stupid Christmas :P it sucks as I really want to play it.

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    2. Shatteredspine6


      Awesome, well I hope you enjoy it ^^ Have you ever watched Bleach? A couple of people have recommended that to me, but eh, I don't know lol.

    3. Mai Valentine

      Mai Valentine

      I have watched like 6 or 7 episodes and it bored me xD Bleach just wasn't for me :P

    4. Shatteredspine6


      Lol oh ok, I checked out the first two episodes last night, it wasn't to bad. I'll see if I still feel the same way the further I get in.

  7. Holy hell, forum posting-fest much, you cover like half the page lol.

  8. Thinking about buying Way of the Samurai 3 & 4, for anyone who's played them, are they any good? I've never played any game in the series before.

  9. Mini Ninjas - Plat #6, Enjoyed this one, great little game.

    1. Dr_Mayus


      I agree, underrated gem :)

    2. ShadowGandalf


      I liked it too. Didn't love it, but I enjoyed my time with it. Just not something I'd be likely to play again. I only bought it originally because it was on sale on PS store. (£7.99 if I recall correctly)

    3. Shatteredspine6


      It definitely is underrated. I doubt I'll play it again either, I think I got my copy for about £2 lol. I'd really like a sequel though, if/when it happens.