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  1. The way I got it was play as the regular roster Cardinals, run the first regular season game but sim it until the end, then sim the season and Kyler Murray won ROTY. Got it first try
  2. Overall Plat #61 This one is pretty special for me, only 2 other people in the world have it right now and I had to grind like crazy for the "100 Miles and (Live) Running" Trophy. This is an online trophy that forces you to play with other people and gain 3,000,000 points on your way to Level 20 while only giving you 10k points for a 5 on 5 win or 3k points for a 3 on 3 win. And if you lost, you basically do not get any points. This game only has a handful of people even playing it so getting the plat was pretty cool.
  3. On the main menu, click on "edit player". It will give you the option of deleting created players or making new ones
  4. Seems we are having another year of glitched trophies. Is anyone else noticing some trophies just arent popping? Specifically Clutch and Take em Down? Sucks because this year's game is actually pretty enjoyable so far.
  5. I finally got clutch, thanks for the help. Not sure what to say about World Domination, that was one that I got early on so I guess I was lucky too. This live run trophy is already proving to be a bitch....I was almost on level 17 and got an error code that messed my system settings up going back a week so I lost a week's worth of XP which was close to 100k. Went from halfway through level 16 to all the way back at the beginning of 16. So to anyone reading this, make sure you are uploading your saves to the onlijne storage at least once a day
  6. I wanna try and boost it in live make a private lobby with one other person then make it public and start it before anyone else can join. You down @ the goaler? Or anyone else that reads this and wants to try it, add me on ps4 and leave a message. same name Edit. Need at least 3 people in the public lobby. So any other 2 people that wanna run a 3 on 3 and boost this, let me know
  7. So clutch can only be achieved in streets world tour now?
  8. Yea Clutch still isnt working for me either. Deleted the game, reinstalled it, did the trophy correctly and still nothing. Not sure how someone got it yesterday.
  9. There were problems with last years trophy set and people didnt first plat until January if I remember correctly. It's crazy because they literally are updating the live events everyday it seems but they just dont give 2 shits about the achievements
  10. That means January lol. Maybe by then, I'll have the 3 million live run points smh. Thanks for the update
  11. Is that the same for the other two trophies? 3 million points is excessive and gonna take forever.
  12. I reinstalled my digital copy and no new trophies. So I'm guessing it will be like last year's version where it will take an update for alot of us to get them. What did you do for "Kidding Around"? I went the same route as I did for Live 18 but no trophy yet and I see only 4 people have that one. Also how did you get "Superhero"? Did you have to make a second created player or will I be able to do follow a 3rd icon with my one created player?
  13. So basically all 3 of these trophies are gonna take a considerable amount of grinding because they all seem to be set up the same way. I dont mind the single player grinds but these live runs are just bogus. It would be tolerable if they gave more points for losses but at 300 mininum per game, you're likely to be playing that for at least a month if not more. Guess I will be getting the plat for this sometime in 2020.
  14. I have the digital version too, i'm gonna back up my created player and redownload it to see if anything pops for me. Yea that live run trophy is gonna be ridiculous. I'm on level 12 and its a clear 80k points until level 13 basically making you have to string together wins in order to level up and thats virtually impossible playing with some of these idiots. They play no defense, dont pass the ball. It's so frustrating
  15. Yea I saw that. He got it almost a week ago but its just showing up now. Super glitched. If you wanna add me and run sometime to level up that live running trophy, feel free. Im on verizon fios so always pretty good connection
  16. Dude even when they fix these trophies, I still may not have that 100 miles and live running trophy. That is the worst trophy ever. They keep pairing me with ball hogs, guys that think they are steph curry and shooting from half court. That's gonna take me forever.
  17. Literally came to say the same thing. It's like EA is basically throwing 2 middle fingers at everyone this year. Damn near the same list on back to back maddens. It's fucking ridiculous at this point. Why should we even think this isnt the same exact game from last year with a roster update?
  18. I actually was able to do it again while chasing that stupid trophy where you have to win games with all 32 teams. I did it while playing with the regular Raiders and rushing with Khalil Mack, his first move can get by just about any O-lineman. Theres a video from last year on youtube by a guy named M-Easy that details what I described in a previous post with the punter trick.
  19. Yea try to do it at the same time. It's hard with both controllers but its doable.
  20. I did it the same way as last year, put your defense in prevent, and zone your d-line so you are the only person going after the ball, then put your 2nd controller in a fake punt pass play and hit the punter. They definitely nerfed the hit stick because even with fumbles on 0, I couldn't get the punter to fumble. So what I did to get the trophy was try stripping the ball (R1) while the punter was trying to throw it and that worked after the 5th try. Also make sure your controller is set to rookie and the 2nd to all madden and pull the punter away from the O-line enough to where they don't come close to recovering the fumble when it happens and try to use a 99 over roster where everyone has 99 tackle on the defense. Hope this helps
  21. For anyone still having trouble with these 2 trophies, as of May 7, 2018: Shooters Touch can get achieved in shootaround (Got this with Lebron) Kidding Around can be achieved in 5v5 scrimmage (Did everything with Kyrie and can confirm baskets do not need to be good)
  22. I see some people have gotten Kidding Around. Is there a certain guideline to follow? I thought I did all the passes but no trophy. And is Shooter's Touch still glitchy? Tried that but no trophy pop either
  23. where are the 3 pages of drills? Im in shootaround and all I see is a half court and the player.
  24. Yea I think the most frustrating part is that there is no in game checklist to see if what you did counted. You just have to hope you did it right. I dont understand the need to add a trophy if there is no way to know if you're close to getting it