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  1. Mafia 1 is a remake
  2. How long do we think till a patch comes in?
  3. I bought this and started playing it but realise now it’s bugged to hell. Gonna stop as only on chapter 2 and pick up again when it’s patched! I loved Mafia 2 so hope patch is soon
  4. Any big game like this is worth £3.99. I bought it
  5. Game ran perfectly for me! I need to get on with BioShock 2 and Infinite at some point
  6. Sometimes they won’t pop after fulfilling the criteria. Just have to keep doing what it asks until they do. It happened to me when I was getting the platinum.
  7. Is FF14 still worth getting this late on? Can get the complete collection for £22
  8. Not too bad of a list and it has a platinum
  9. Thanks for making a Dragon Quest Builders 2 trophy guide! 

    1. GamingWithAbyss1


      You're Welcome 👍

  10. One has been made! Rejoice!
  11. I cant post an image for some reason. Latest game is Shadow of the Tomh Raider. Got it as part of the summer sale
  12. Rocket League PS4 community is 99% toxic - Every game you get some racist or homophobic attack either from opposite team or your own teammates. It is disgusting.
  13. Johnny Marr - Armatopia
  14. Madden nfl 20 - making a trophy guide currently