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  1. This whole thread is great. Keep it up, Smevz! 👍
  2. Yo Soy Dani Rojas
  3. Is it True you get 10 hours for each?
  4. Not a bad list!
  5. Trophy list is fine 😂
  6. Seems that way when looking at it! Excited to get back to Mass Effect once I have finished with Resi 8
  7. It's been updated to just say Mass Effect
  8. Oooo the legendary SnowNinjaRaccoon! Epic pog that you got the platinum already. Excited for this game.
  9. Just bought it on the PS Store UK/EU. Still no trophy list?
  10. So happy this will have a platinum which I will probably fail to obtain 😂
  11. managed to get boxtop finished off in a public lobby of mayhem - utilise the side slam as much as you can, it does help! platinum finally obtained for that game
  12. I’ll have to try and get a boosting session sorted asap
  13. 3 character trophies left. Fuego, Ruta and Boxtop. Focusing on Boxtop first as out of the three, it should be easier to get that first. Will probably look at a boosting session for Fuego and Ruta.
  14. I am over halfway on the trophies. Just grinding out the AllStar character ability trophies. Latest one I just got was for Harmony. Anyone have any tips for these or just RNG luck?
  15. This is so impressive. I’m not very good at Nioh games so thanks for the video. Might need to get a coop partner for this game.