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  1. Just got my platinum on this today
  2. The tail tag games need to be removed. They ruin the game.
  3. I did it legitimately. The game is fun. Enjoyed my time with it but platinum has been obtained now. I’d love a remake of this game.
  4. There is a specific reason why they didn’t give TLOU2 a trophy linked to difficulty
  5. Not a bad list for a VR game IMO
  6. If you didn’t play the game through in its entirety, you can’t have a proper opinion on it. Get a grip. It’s fiction. It’s not real.
  7. Need to get a grip. Laughable petition
  8. Predator Hunting Grounds
  9. It’s happening! Everyone get ready to get the platinum
  10. I’m playing coop with a friend and we both got full 3 stars on all World 1 levels and I got the trophy for it. However, it didn’t pop for my coop partner. Any one have reasons why and how to fix this?
  11. I’ve not touched the game since 27/05 and still no update for this bug or any comms that a patch is coming. Hilarious
  12. Just got this game so if anyone wants to add me for some games/trophies let me know! Just seen the Dutch pack is £5.79 as well, pricey.
  13. Just keep checking the trophy unlock percentage, as soon as it’s not on 0% anymore it’s been fixed
  14. Just recently got P5R and I’ve not played Persona since P4G but that was a long while ago. Any tips for me starting out on this adventure?