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  1. I could use some help getting trophies for Minecraft PS3 - please add me SolidJD Need a world with end portal please
  2. I just want to finish off the main game trophies - please help
  3. This game is dreadful.
  4. What annoys me most about this, it isn't the price increase, it is the fact they aren't explaining why they are doing it. I don't mind paying it as people just see PS+ for the free games but there are other benefits. I use the cloud saves a lot and also the auto downloads so using the majority of the features. Would just be nice to know why being increased.
  5. We had any further updates on this DLC of when it is coming? I really wanna get back on Resi 7 and this DLC I am excited for
  6. PS5 and the next Xbox console will be announced in the next 2 years. Guaranteed. Scorpio is not enough to go up against the next Playstation so Microsoft will already be looking at the next console.
  7. Am I too late to jump into this game? I've been thinking of jumping into this but it's 34.99 for the whole collection and don't wanna make the purchase if it pointless.
  8. No platinum on another indie game that deserves one. I got this on Nintendo Switch so probably won't be picking this up on PS4
  9. Congrats on your 3 years since 4000 trophies
  10. Paid for Samurai Warriors 4 last night... That's it now. No more games from this sale for me.
  11. Just paid 29.99 for disc version of Yakuza 0. Now unsure whether should return it and get digital 🤔
  12. PS4 Trophies on YouTube has a guide for 100% walkthrough of Crash Bandicoot
  13. Just got this with all DLC on the PSN store for £34.99. Will be starting a new game with a Necromancer. If anyone wants to add me for coop now and then, go for it 👌
  14. You can't earn trophies on share play.