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  1. Trophies are a good way to handle gaming time as a hobby, instead of simply playing to end you push the game to its full potential. It does become a waste, though, when the trophy requirement is "abusive" to the playing experience. Most of the time this abusive is in the form of a extended grind that leads the player into a meaningless farm. In other words, it's as much of a waste as one would consider playing a game, but is definitely a waste of time when the player isn't having fun in doing so.
  2. Defective units at launch prevent me from getting it early, but I'm going with most people and say that if it is full retrocompatible, then I'm taking the risk. I still have a huge backlog of PS3 to play, and had no money to do the PS4, yeah, suits me. The thing is that I firmly believe the PS5 will have full BC, but just like the PS3 in the earlier days, it will be just at launch, then maybe just PS4 compatible. I see the full BC would be a major selling point worth to implement on the PS5 to give it a boost in sales, but after a year, tops, I'm sure they'll focus on the games and stop making retrocompatible hardware. So, if possible, I'll try to buy a couple PS5s at launch, since they'll surely become rare and really expensive a set of years. Well, that's just a theory, a Gaaaaaming industry theory. Thanks for reading.
  3. Got back into ghosting PSNP's forum for a day, after something like a 6-month hiatus (that'll probably extend for more 6 months, fml), just to find out that Roughdawg4, former number 1 in these fine leaderboards, (up until he yeeted himself from it after being accused of cheating Twisted Metal), was back!

    And I say "was" because as soon as I found that out, he then yeeted himself from LB AGAIN for being caught cheating [generic Pinball game].(*)

    And, SAME DAY, just one dispute topic below, nmxwzy (awesome ID btw, I usually read it as "AnyEmmyWeeze" makes sense in PT-BR), former #2 on the LB (up until I yeeted myself from gaming), a known team account (that always had me like "how the fuck have those guys been avoiding conflicting timestamps this long) , was caught (*) cheating (*) The Last of Us, and also got yeeted from LB!

    Also, now I finally see two brazilian fellows highlighted in a Top #50 list that is NOT related to violence or illiteracy 
    (well... not directly, at least...)(...that's a joke...)(...of course is directly related!)

    But no sign of our former national pride, (don't remember the ID, I think is was [something]santos... any huebr to help another minion out?) Hopefully, not a cheating related ban...

    Finally, I hope Roughdawg4 and AnyEmmyWeeze don't take it bad, I'm not trying to offend them, call them out as cheaters or demean them in any way (Well, maybe IDshaming the later), It's just that seeing the number 1(hey!) and number 2 in LB disputing cheated trophies(*) in the same day, almost at the same hour, after 6 months absent from the site totally caught me off guard, and I thought of sharing the mindblowing streak of plot twists.

    Not that I really think the Newbie Ranked, 6-digit-positioned in LB scrub's thoughts on the matter is relevant to anyone, but taking a laugh out of someone else's misery is naturally conceived as arrogant and insensitive... it's not the case, I was just amused by the coincidence of events.


    Jesus Christ, 7 lines to say "pls dont ban me"

    Hoo-wee, what a shitpost, the 6 month hibernation went from a nuisance to a necessity. See y'all on PS5 launch.

    (*) = Allegedly, btw, dispute's not closed yet.

    1. panikooooos



      "Also, now I finally see two brazilian fellows highlighted in a Top #50 list that is NOT related to violence or illiteracy"

      😂😂😂 You need to make more "shitposts" like this 😁

  4. Thanks a lot for the reply, @Shadiochao, for some reason I haven't noticed the notification popping up on it, so i just thought there were no answer. In any way, now that I'm done with the online portion of the game, I felt like sharing some of what I learned with the online pass: 1. I talked with EA support, and they told me that my code wouldn't work on my local account, because of region issues(good call, Shadiochao!), so they suggested me creating an US account. Didn't sound very ethical by the time, but it worked! Redeemed the code with the US acc, on a different in-system profile, and it counted for all profiles, including my main account. 2. I guarantee the Online Pass is needed to get the online mode done, for "The Gold Spender" requires the player to accumulate 1m Online Credits, and that requires the pass.
  5. Hey everyone, I've bought this game quite recently, and went through a lot of trouble to get a brand-new factory sealed copy in the city I live in, just because I knew that I'd need a unused Online Pass. Turns out, even though I took so much care, I'm still getting and "code is invalid" message. I'm not sure why that is happening, and I'm going to try and talk to EA support, but that's not the help I'm looking for here. I'd like to know if I can buy an Online Pass on the US store(or any other store, really, the Brazilian one doesn't have it available), and if I buy it with an US account, can I use it on my main account, somehow? Thanks in advance.
  6. (Another text that I'll try to translate accurately to english someday)

    Recentemente, eu platinei IL-2: Sturmovik e Battlefield 3, um atrás do outro.


    Fiz isso porque queria manipular as Trophy Milestones, considerando que as minhas milestones são tenebrosas, acho que são algumas das mais feias daqui do PSNProfiles.


    Então, peguei os troféus mais difíceis online, os mais difíceis offline, e guardei para o IL-2 o troféu "Real Feeling" e para o BF3 o troféu "You can be my Wingman", este que, por sinal, não era nem de longe tão fácil assim, tive que refazer algumas vezes pra acertar, e rever aquela cutscene fodida do piloto do avião conversando alguma coisa que até hoje eu não me importei o suficiente pra saber.

    Fato é que voltei para pegar os dois platinas, subindo minha contagem de 22 para 24 no mesmo dia, já contando que conseguiria pegar o platina de Okami HD como o meu 25º platina, marcando minha milestone com um dos platinas mais bonitos e interessantes que tem por aí, de um dos mais belos jogos que já experimentei.
    (Acontece que, aparentemente, não tem essa milestone do 25º platina não, ou seja, o troféu do Okami só vai ficar lá até eu pegar o próximo platina... minha lista está condenada a ser eternamente feia)

    Não deu certo, mas mesmo que tivesse dado, não acho que faria de novo.
    Já vi por aí que alguns trophy hunters fazem exatamente isso: acumulam platinas a um troféu fácil de distância para pegar tudo num dia só, certamente de forma a manipular as estatísticas e milestones, e tudo bem, é a forma deles de fazer sua coleção, mas eu não achei a experiência interessante.


    Completar tanto o modo online quanto o offline de Il-2 Sturmovik foi bastante complicado, eu lembro que a missão "They shall not pass" quase me leva para um hospício de tão puto que fiquei, a missão parecia impossível. Acabei pegando o troféu, mas reservando o platina. Quando finalmente fui pegar o troféu final, não me senti tão recompensando quanto eu sinto que poderia ter sentido se tivesse pego na hora. O mesmo vale para o BF 3 e o troféu "Bullseye".


    Então, não é minha intenção ofender quem o faz, nem desestimular quem quiser fazer, apenas contar da minha experiência: O platina conseguido na hora tem mais significado quando ele representa o resultado do seu esforço para conquistá-lo, mesmo que deixe sua milestone feia. Qualquer coisa, ainda tem o Level History que talvez seja mais legal.

    1. Shinobi


      "recently platted IL-2: Sturmovik and Battlefield 3, one after the other.


      I did this because I wanted to manipulate the Trophy Milestones, considering that my milestones are tenebrous, I think they are some of the ugliest ones here on PSNProfiles.


      So I got the hardest trophies online, the hardest offline, and I saved the "Real Feeling" trophy for IL-2 and for the BF3 trophy "You can be my Wingman", which, by the way, was neither so easy, so far, I had to redo it a few times to get it right, and review that fucking scene from the plane pilot talking about something that I did not care enough to know to this day. 

      The fact is that I came back to get the two platinum, raising my count from 22 to 24 the same day, already counting that I could get the platinum of Okami HD as my 25th platinum, marking my milestone with one of the most beautiful and interesting platinums that are out there. One of the most beautiful games I have ever experienced.
      (It turns out that apparently it does not have this 25th platinum milestone, not that Okami's trophy will only stay there until I get the next platinum ... my list is doomed to be eternally ugly) 

      It did not work, but even I did not think I would do it again. 
      I've already seen that some trophy hunters do just that: they accumulate platinum to an easy trophy away to get it all on a single day, certainly in order to manipulate statistics and milestones, and that's fine, it's their way of making their collection, but I did not find the experience interesting.


      Completing both online and offline mode of Il-2 Sturmovik was quite complicated, I remember that the mission "They shall not pass" almost takes me to a hospice of so pissed that I stayed, the mission seemed impossible. I ended up getting the trophy, but reserving the platinum. When I finally went to get the final trophy, I did not feel as rewarding as I feel I could have made sense if I had it on the spot. The same goes for the BF 3 and the "Bullseye" trophy.


      So, it is not my intention to offend anyone who does it, nor discourage anyone who wants to do it, just to tell from my experience: The platinum achieved at the time has more meaning when it represents the result of your effort to conquer it, even if you leave your ugly milestone. Anything, there's still Level History that might be cooler."

  7. Wouldn't expect less from ND, the multiplayer mode of the first game was absolutely amazing, very focused on strategy and would allow players to try tons of different approaches(stealth,melee,range, even support). The settings were also great, as well as the voice acting(I use a lot of that "Nice!" and "Burn asshole!" IRL). I'd only change some balacing, mostly nerfing the Hunter Rifle, the modded 2x4 and including a craftable mask to avid being stunned by smoke bombs(heck, they had a mask on the campaign, no idea why couldn't they put it on MP). Anyway, definitely the best MP mode I've played, really unique, and I'm sure Naughty Dog will only upgrade the experience
  8. Thanks for the help,guys! I'm trying to get every MP trophy possible done ASAP, so it's good to know which aren't technically MP only, but factually MP only...
  9. Could you tell me which trophies are related to the wave survival?
  10. Hey everyone! Reading through the trophy guide of this game I understood there's only one mandatory online trophy " With A Little Help " Thing is that it isn't too clear to me if the trophies related to get gold on FTE mission should also be done in Co-op, are they much easier, maybe only doable with other human players?
  11. Thanks for the reply!
  12. Can anyone confirm for sure if Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, the ps3 versions of both, do or don't require internet connection to get the online trophies?
  13. Meu inglês é horrível. Já tentei fazer esse texto 3 vezes, e consegui.


    Vou escrever em português mesmo, talvez um dia eu reavalie minhas ideias e seja capaz de escrever isso em inglês.


    Anyway, vamos lá:


    Recentemente, peguei todos os troféus da parte online de Starhawk.

    Eu tinha jogado a muito tempo atrás, antes de virar trophy hunter, não entendi como funciona e achei o gameplay ridículo e quebrado. Indo atrás desses troféus foi que descobri como as mecânicas eram divertidas, especificamente jogando o modo designado para aproveitar ao máximo o gameplay: O Prospector Mode.

    Haviam 3 troféus relacionados ao modo: que exigiam que se conseguisse 1 vitória, 1 vitória sem morrer e mais 49 vitórias.

    Para mim este foi um dos piores designs de troféu que já tive que encarar, uma oportunidade perdida("Ooh, ele falou o título"). Um troféu de grind sobre um modo que exigia habilidade e manejo do jogo por parte do jogador. Enquanto corria atrás das 50 vitórias, devo ter tentando o modo mais difícil, o Mercenary, umas 4 míseras vezes. Eu queria verdadeiramente ganhar nesse modo, mas eu não estava praticando verdadeiramente, estava só entrando esporadicamente para ver se quebrava a rotina dos modos Easy e Normal. Além disso, cada vez que perdia era um tempo jogado fora, para os parâmetros do Prospector Veteran trophy.


    Devo ter acabado o jogo com mais de 30 partidas no Easy no Ballard's Crossing, poucas outras no modo Normal, e outras Easy no Maw of Despair.


    Francamente, o único troféu aproveitável é o Perfect Harvest. Do jeito que está é aceitável, mesmo não colocando limitações de dificuldade. É um desafio à parte, apesar de que bastante fazível, bastando aplicar a estratégia comum do Ballard's Crossing.


    Em síntese, se eu tivesse feito os troféus do jogo, seriam 4: Uma vitória no Hard, Uma vitória no Mercenary, Uma vitória sem morrer e uma vitória em qualquer modo, mas com a sala cheia.

    Isso teria sido realmente desafiador e não simplesmente um grind chatíssimo. Até que se cheasse ao ponto de vencer no modo Mercenary, a pessoa tem que jogar pelo menos umas dez vezes para entender o que fazer, e seria um troféu verdadeiramente divertido de se caçar. Vale dizer, o mesmo símbolo que aparece quando se completa o modo in-game, seria o símbolo do troféu. E seria lindo.


    P.S.: Eu não peguei o Mercenary em nenhum mapa, mas cheguei confortável no 5 round do Orbital Lift Complex, até que desceram a merda dos Outcasts com vulture e grinder, aí até larguei o controle, esses não dá pra vencer não.

    1. hpknight


      Took the liberty to Google translate this so i'll post it here for those who don't understand.


      My English is horrible. I've tried doing this text 3 times, and I did it. I'll write in Portuguese myself, maybe one day I will reevaluate my ideas and be able to write this in English.   Anyway, come on:


      I recently got all the trophies from the Starhawk online part. I had played a long time ago, before turning trophy hunter, I did not understand how it works and found the gameplay ridiculous and broken. Going after these trophies was that I discovered how the mechanics were fun, specifically playing the designated mode to make the most of the gameplay: Prospector Mode.


      There were 3 trophies related to the mode: they demanded that they win 1 victory, 1 victory without dying and 49 more victories.


      For me this was one of the worst trophy designs I ever had to face, a missed opportunity ("Ooh, he said the title"). A grind trophy on a mode that required skill and handling of the game by the player. While running after the 50 wins, I must have been trying the hardest way, the Mercenary, four miserable times. I really wanted to win in this mode, but I was not really practicing, I was just coming in sporadically to see if I would break the routine of the Easy and Normal modes. Also, every time I lost was a time thrown away for the parameters of the Prospector Veteran trophy.  


      I must have finished the game with more than 30 matches in Easy in Ballard's Crossing, few others in Normal mode, and other Easy in the Maw of Despair.   Frankly, the only trophy that can be used is Perfect Harvest. The way it is is acceptable, not even putting limitations of difficulty. It is a challenge apart, although quite feasible, simply applying the common strategy of Ballard's Crossing.  


      In short, if I had made the trophies of the game, they would be 4: A victory in the Hard, A victory in Mercenary, A victory without dying and a victory in any way, but with the full room. That would have been really challenging and not just a very grindy grind. Until you get to the point of winning in Mercenary mode, you have to play at least a dozen times to figure out what to do, and it would be a truly fun trophy to hunt. That is to say, the same symbol that appears when completing the in-game mode, would be the symbol of the trophy. And it would be beautiful. P.S .:


      I did not get the Mercenary on any map, but I got comfortable in the 5 round of the Orbital Lift Complex, until they got the fucking Outcasts with vulture and grinder, then I dropped the control, those can not beat no.

    2. ForgerX


      Bem, muito obrigado pelo seu tempo lol

      I did thought about throwing the whole text in Google Translate, but I thought it wouldn't be precise enough, and would sound terribly misleading. Didn't even bother.
      Must admit, I'm very impressed with the final product.

      I intend to rewrite it in English someday, to get some stuff that got lost in translation, but the main text seems ok.
      Thanks again!

    3. MilanYildirim
  14. You: "Hey did you like playing IL-2 Sturmovik?"
    Me: "Oh, sure. It's a very historically accurate game, it's also a great flight simulator"

    You: "Nice, so, why are you streaming yourself mashing the CD with a hammer and threatening the developers?"
    Me: " Oh,ST is fine too."


    So, I pretty much finished taking this game's trophies, but I won't get the plat now. I'm thinking if I should give it a place on my trophy milestone.


    Now,the only trophy I need to get 100% is "Real feeling" and I think this trophy's title is so inspiring and fits so much the experience I had with IL-2: I really felt PISSED amazed by the amount of effort and affection the developers dedicated to it.


    Also, I believe this is the only trophy that requires the player to use the real cockpit view,the most immersive way to play, to finish a very hectic mission, full of enemies and friends battling and the player completely lost in the mess.


    And, yeah, it seemed easy enough in case I take too long to come back for it.


    Someday I'll write about how was the experience of going for the plat.

  15. First status on my forum profile because I can't believe I finally got the TK's Favorite Trophy and completed the online portion of Dead Rising 2.

    Finally after a thousand of years.jpg
    your hear you lose

    I went through 3 or 4 groups of good boosters, but somehow I never managed to get the TK's Favorite.

    I've been playing DR2 since 2011(damn, I'm old), so i didn't really have the events I needed for completion in mind.

    In the end I just needed Headache, which I got out of luck, but wouldn't be able to find the players if it wasn't for the last group I joined.

    Thanks to everyone involved.

    As always, I won't rush for its plat right now, I'll just focus on the other online modes.




    1. NullRay85


      Great job! as much as I love DR2, that trophy and the online portion were a pain.