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  1. Thanks for the roadmap, made the platinum much easier!
  2. That would explain why it hasn't popped yet if the companion quests don't count 😀
  3. In step 3 it says to not complete the side quest In The Name of Science, but in step 16 you talk about not completing In The Name of Science - The Trial. Is that the same side quest or can I complete In The Name of Science to get the Trial quest after? And another question, in step 16 you also say to become friendly with two factions (Theleme & Natives). Is it a problem if you're also friendly with other factions for certain story trophies or doesn't it matter?
  4. You have to complete 20 side quests for this trophy. I've already completed over 23 side quests but still no trophy... Is it glitched or does it unlock later or do you have to complete more side quests?
  5. Greedfall for me
  6. It was hard choosing between Dragon's Crown and Dragon's Dogma but I'll go with DD
  7. Yes it's the one that boosts scores. The higher your score the more experience you get. Some equipment also have score boosting effects Playing on Hard also gives more score than on Normal
  8. If I remember correctly, you can pray at the church in town to get more experience but I'm assuming you already did this? I played online and I got lucky that some high level players joined my game (which I were able to use later in my team offline after collecting some bones and reviving them)
  9. The Technomancer, currently at 3.57%. Completed it in 1 week & 2 days.
  10. How can you review the game if you haven't even finished 1 boss battle? And how can you write a good guide if you haven't played the game long enough?
  11. Bought Akiba's Trip U&U for Vita. Game looked fun and it was only €4 Also bought Ys VIII for Vita (haven't played an Ys game yet but I'm a huge Tales fan and it looks pretty similar to me) Was doubting about Adventures of Mana & Ys Origin but I don't think I'll buy them after watching some reviews.
  12. I failed 😱 🙁 Got it in 4min22s No consolation prize? 😝
  13. Bought the $1 tier, looks like three fun games and easy platinums too
  14. My favorite memory is watching Home Alone with my family every year
  15. Haven't gotten a single network error and I am currently level 65 so I opened 60+ gearboxes