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  1. I did read in another thread that someone had the same trouble. Looks like if you let your ps plus expire and then renew it, all PS3 and ps vita will be gone. Let's hope that Sony fix it.
  2. I think they'll probably selling all those games (PS3, PSP and PS Vita) for PS5 system.
  3. There's two trophy list. One for blu-ray and the other one for digital copy. I think DG version is the digital.
  4. I'm in for Champion of the Gods. I have: God of War PS3 God of War II PS3 God of War III PS3 God of War: Ascension God of War: Chains of Olympus God of War: Ghost of Sparta God of War (PS4)
  5. PS Vita is the best console ever made. I buy my on 2014. I have player more on Vita than any other console. This year I buyed a slim model to complete my collection. I just love it.
  6. So It shouln'd have trophy too. Like you said it's a party game.
  7. A big contradiction. Infallible trophy shouln'd be on trophies list. I think that this one will be a platinum broken. I'm really enjoing this game, bit this trophy one frustating. Everything else is not that hard, bit you can't know where you are because we don't have a STATS page. I ask: they don't want players stressing out or don't want more work?
  8. Does anyone else miss a stats section/page on this game?
  9. I was playing around 5 hour ago and having a lot of trouble. Game freezy, blue screen, server disconnect...
  10. Foul play 5.54%. I don't think that it'll be a ultra rare.
  11. That's my words too. I don't like online. I'm playing games since atari and prefer single play. Today there's so much games that I'm skiping games that I can't get platinum.
  12. I don't know any of those, but I realy enjoy visual novel.
  13. Guitar hero 3. The best soundtrack on a game that I ever see.
  14. Thank you for the reply. I've played a little more and now I'm understanding how it works. It's frustating getting all those things done and after some minutes you lost everything again. I think that it could be lost like once on week. But the way it works is realy frustrating.
  15. Hey guys, I've just get to tier 1 "world" and all my map and missions, side quest are red. I got 2 or 3 control point (I don't know if that's the correct name). The area become green but aftes some time it become red again. My question is: Can I clear those red area or they will always be in red? If it's possible to clear, How do I do that? Thank you.