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  1. Haven’t played this game in a year. Last part i was on was i beat the spider queen. Now im confused as hell where to go. I think i need to go to taka pass as it says on gamefaqs but I cant figure it out with the map. Spent 40 mins aimless trying to figure out where to go. If anyone would like to help id appreciate it. If not Im probably not gonna play this game again as the map is pissing me off.
  2. My whole point is that activist democrats are trying to change video gaming in multiple ways. Whether it be the how gaming regulations need to be implemented for climate reasons or how gamers need to learn what morals they should have in what they play. It’s much more connected than you might think.
  3. Social Justice Warrior comments are 100% on the money. Like Greta some think this is a noble cause, and that its a sacrifice worth taking. That phrase is a putdown because we are mocking how SJWs think they are always saving something for society like a warrior when it reality they just mess shit up. Far leftists who are pushing “BLM” in all aspects of society/culture up to the point where we get BLM propaganda messages in Cod MW are many of the same ones pushing for crazy regulations for global warming. Consumers for in multiple US states are being punished now for “environmental progress”. The whatabout arguments are legit because at the end of the day the richest will not change their ways while we will have to. Companies will still massively pollute in China but Americans limiting pc use is necessary. Its hypocrisy and the largest polluters will still do what they do. Also the Daily Mail is definitely sketch but that how most news is nowadays. Everything is very slanted whatever the source is. Look at games journalism even that has become wildly divisive.
  4. nope it worked for me. maybe redownload the game and try again.
  5. For me the hardest game iv'e platted would be Modern Warfare 2 because of the spec ops missions, and some of the veteran mode is bs. My rarest is Mortal Kombat X, but that wasn't hard just grindy. I should probably start going after more harder plats.
  6. Looks much easier than Bo4 or Bo3, however a tad harder than MW. Entamaphobia seems like it might be a bit hard, and there is a grind on some of the multiplayer trophies but the list should be a 5/10 at worst.
  7. Late response but Ryuko Episode 5 Part B. I get A's for everything except offense. I keep going after the last Nu with the purple blade like the guide says to as the special condition, and use special moves. I am really stumped on it, and have tried almost everything.
  8. Got any tips for getting all of the S ranks with ryuoko?
  9. Thanks just completed it. To anyone who wants the platinum get this out of the way as soon as possible before May 28. If they don't do another rewards event it will be a crazy grind. I never even went for the zeni grind. I played DBZ Fighterz alot then gave up on the plat. Now that i saw it I got one trophy left.
  10. Modern Warfare 2 on the Ps3. I did the spec ops mode with my brother way back when. It took forever to do, and one of the juggernaut missions on veteran was almost impossible. After I got it I remember being sold on hunting for plats.
  11. Im 42-19 right now with 120k BP, and I'm not even that good. Just rematch people who are bad, and practice chaining supers with air combos. Also learn to punish super dashes. If you can pop someone off of their super dash you can combo the hell out of them.
  12. I was looking at the leaderboards to see what people have over 530,000 BP, and you don't need to be super perfect at the game but you need to have a shit ton of wins. One guy in the top 20 had a 56 percent win ratio but he won around 200 matches, so I think you just need to play a lot.
  13. Nier Automata is the best Ps4 game i have played this year.