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  1. Usually I always see something on the list that interests me but not this time, I'll still download them though but whether they get played or not is another matter 😂
  2. #53 Chip Off the Old Block Earned all Trophies Love the Tell Tale games! It took me a little while to get into this but I enjoyed the story and am currently working on the extra episodes now
  3. #49 The Wolf Among Us Full Moon Earned every Trophy in every episode of The Wolf Among Us. Second time I've played this, tried to pick different options this time
  4. Like many of you, I would like to see some Halloween/spooky/horror themed games. Or just anything that I don't already have
  5. #48 LEGO Batman 2 Complete Hero Collected all of the Trophies I really struggled with this first time I was playing it, found it really difficult to find gold bricks/red bricks etc. Decided to give it another go as I was missing so many easy looking trophies... yeah then I realised there was a map to help me hahahaha!
  6. The (Expert) Bicycle Thief Jack 20 bicycles.
  7. I think I'm on track for total trophies and platinums but no way am I going to get 50%. I can't resist starting new games!!! LEGO hmmm not sure I will complete any but will start work on them again soon.
  8. Bully (or Canis Canem Edit as it is named in the UK), I had this for the PS2 and found it fun but I think I'm enjoying it more this time around.
  9. Rocket League!!! At last!!! Getting an item to veteran status was such hard work but I did it! I'm sure more DLCs will be added but they have never been as difficult as the trophies related to the certified items. Also, Level 22, really cute game
  10. Walking Dead Season 2. It totally should have had one! The rest of the Telltale games do 😔
  11. Platinum Unlock every Trophy. Another hidden object game which i love! need more of these!
  12. Watch Your Step Trip 25 people with marbles. I forgot how fun this game was! Loved it on the PS2 but I think I'm enjoying it more this time around.
  13. I just started playing this game last night (got it on PS Plus whichever month it was free) and so far I think it's ok! Graphics aren't the best and tbh there are quite a lot of races to go through but I don't mind.
  14. A lot of it is you're waiting for something to happen, it's a really creepy atmosphere. A lot of the jumps are just from little things rather than monsters chasing you. Still scared me though! Probably would say 6/10. (I still haven't started The Last of Us, I see mentions of it in this topic, I feel I might have some sort of breakdown playing it haha.)
  15. I would recommend to anyone to play through it first without using a guide, it's easy enough to go back and replay and pick different options.