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  1. Finally got the update, went from 39 to 496!
  2. Still waiting for the update to happen on my account, seems around half or more on my friends list has been updated so hopefully not too much longer to wait!
  3. Thanks for sharing this! Love the LEGO games but never picked this one up! 👍
  4. Starting to go through my old PS3 games I've barely played James Bond 007: Bloodstone No Valet Required Destroy all the cars in the Yacht Club car park in Athens
  5. Always had this one. Just went for my name and location, pretty boring! But pleased I didn't choose something weird like I have done with various social media accounts in the past. 😂
  6. MotorStorm RC As Good as New Finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a Festival Race event without colliding into a competitor or barrier
  7. I'm looking forward to trying out these two games, it's a good month to me but I can understand that these sort of games aren't for everyone!
  8. Since I have been a PS Plus member I have "purchased" every game that has been available across all platforms, I haven't played them all but it's good for when I'm a bit bored and looking for something new. I just started playing Child of Light the other day and am really enjoying it. I have loads of PS3 games acquired though PS Plus still to go through, so going to start making use of the time stuck in the house to play them!
  9. Level 38 Snuffed Out Kill 7 enemies with silent takedowns
  10. I will always keep the same account, don't see the point in switching!
  11. Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Really enjoyed it, action throughout, and the Titans are amazing!
  12. I just received this email today (I'm in the UK) however when I click on the link and enter my email address it says I'm not eligible!
  13. Hi, it seems like a totally straight forward trophy but every time I try and send a gift it fails. Does anyone know the exact conditions to unlock this? Thanks in advance!
  14. This year my goals are: Reach 7500 trophies, 70 platinum and 50% completion. Last year my goal was reach 6000 trophies, 50 platinum and 50% completion. First two I achieved fine but still not made it to 50%. Each year I say it and I do get nearer but I tend to start a lot of new games so always fail, didn't want to be too ambitious this year but I do think 50% can be done at last haha! Going to play loads of my old games, even if I just earn a few trophies, that will help my completion a bit and also make me finally play games I barely even started!!!
  15. #60 LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 (PS4) True Wizard Collect all the bronze, silver and gold trophies