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  1. How does that work? Do I need to be a certain rank in order to access these missions, or are they available from the beginning? Is it possible to level up solo or better with a group? And how many XPs/RPs do those missions pay? 3 days to reach rank 100 don't sound too bad (probably it is as you said you played those missions all over again)...
  2. This is a screenshot of what B1rvine (CRT moderator) said about RLTW trophy: And this is the actual thread where he said that: Also other mods are saying they won't flag for RLTW like grimydawg__ : I would say this should be enough on the RLTW situation once and for all I also regret having stopped playing GTA V when I could have easily got RLTW and rank trophies with no major issues but it was a time I had really little time and motivation to play games in general, it is what it is now... As I said my biggest fear is joining a free roam lobby and getting instant rank trophies as I'm not sure there are easy/quick methods to rank up on private lobbies, if there are methods for ranking up in a reasonable time on private lobbies I would certainly think about playing online again.
  3. I haven't played GTA V online for more than 6 years now so I can't really confirm anything myself, but looking at multiple reports here and there, yes it seems possible to move to a private lobby as soon as you get a bounty on you. About autopopping I don't know if hackers can do that for you but I have the doubt they can't really do that (as with WaW or BO2) unless they drop/give to you a ridiculous amount of money/RP that will instantly get you to LVL 100+, that means trophies for LVL 25, 50 and 100 will all pop after few seconds, unless you already got them. That was my biggest concern these days honestly, although, I must say that pretty much nobody is being flagged for this as well (I was monitoring GTA V situation very carefully over the months and I checked so many profiles with either RLTW or rank 25-50-100 trophies and none of them was flagged/removed to leaderboard), so yes the situation about this game is pretty tricky but I'm kinda sure they won't flag for RLTW anymore, and in all honesty, as you mentioned RDR pretty much everybody used MacFarlane's Ranch glitch to get to level 50 quickly, and even though they say R* fixed this when I last boosted RDR for remaining dlc trophies last year some of my boosting mates joined frequently hacked lobbies with the glitch and other stuff still running and also GTA IV has hacked lobbies.
  4. Exactly, I also stopped playing it in 2014 lol. Anyway they are no longer flagging for it (one of the CRT moderators also affirmed this either here or in another of the RLTW threads, I have the screenshot somewhere, not mentioning the fact it has been several months the last achievers are still in the leaderboard with no issues at all...), and as @hcmode stated, there's no reason to flag for this trophy because we're not talking about a trophy that autopop instantly as soon as a hacker put the bounty on you, in fact this is an extreme case where: 1) You still have to fulfill the requirement for the trophy, survive for around 50 minutes after the bounty is set on you in order to unlock the trophy (and it doesn't matter if you do so in public game or you rather move to a private one); 2) If for some reason you die with the bounty, you can't earn the trophy unless somebody puts a bounty on you again.
  5. Correctly played BF3 online today, got trophies, I was even able to buy a rented server for 1 day. Right now boosting Bad Company 2 and multiplayer is working just fine so only having issues regarding trophy synchronization on PS3. I really wonder what's happening since some games are still working fine, others are down and other services like cloud and trophy sync aren't working at all.
  6. My buddies and I were just able to play BF3 online and getting trophies (I also had to buy 1 day of rented server and no issues at all), the only problem we met was regarding sync the trophies. This is a pretty odd situation, if PSN has issues, pretty much everything won't work like the store, multiplayer on games and sync system too... Hopefully is nothing serious and most of those issues will get fixed by Sony soon
  7. The game is still very popular, I got all trophies like 2 months ago and never really had issues at finding lobbies. You don't even need to boost anything at all, the trophies are easy and 100% risk missions are nothing to worry about because the game has plenty of easy tasks you can save for those missions (like get 2-4-6-... revives, get 3-6-... kills, get 2-4-... downs). With the "play 1 match - skip 2 matches" you can get all trophies in 1 week with no stress.
  8. The beginning of the game is actually not bad but it becomes so repetitive and boring shortly afterwards, the rubberbanding here is just ridiculous and frustrating, not mentioning the pure shitty level up system for cars. Trophy wise is not difficult, there is some grinding stuff like getting 3 stars on a lot of events of the game, some collectibles and miscellaneous stuff, but because of the things I mentioned before I need to find the strength to jump back on it and finally getting this plat, perhaps by playing the dlc in between will make it a bit funnier (even if I'm not so optimistic about that...) Good luck if you decide to go for this game lol
  9. I think is a different story leaving the match as soon as it starts because the game is still very populated so someone would join after few seconds, but using that exploit is cancer. And yes I agree that boosting can ruin others' experience as well but generally most of the games requires like 2-3-4 people to boost so it's also pretty useless and unfunny to stay in those servers imo
  10. Dude are you serious? I just went through this shit of multiplayer and those glitches totally ruined my experience I just wanted to earn the trophies and never play the mp ever again, and you are basically inciting others to play that way? Anyway the trophies are fairly easy and you can skip 2 matches each match you actually play, so what's the point?
  11. Well, if you are a completionist just play it and work hard for the 100%. I think that's how you complete games, isn't it?
  12. Seriously how can 36% say "Play through the issues"? How can somebody play it right now, assuming most of the copies are being played on PS4/Pro because of the limited availability of PS5? This is not a type of game that deserves to be played in a such a bad state imo, and surely it doesn't deserve it's 60-70 $|€ at the moment. If you bought this just go for a refund until it's possible and grab it again half the price after some months when they'll (hopefully) fix it, or just wait for the PS5 version... I don't usually buy games at Day One and luckily I didn't buy it despite the big hype but if I did so I would have asked for a refund 100%.
  13. FC2 is one of the most bugged games I played so far, pretty much everything in the game is a mess. I don't think getting more than 1500 xp was the issue though, simply because me and my buddies when boosted this for field manuals always ended up our games at more than 3000 xp since we just focused on getting as many kills as we could. Getting extra xps is not a problem since they will be discarded once you restart the game/server, and that way we all unlocked level 5, 10 and 20 trophies. Most likely this is simply a bug, I would just go ahead doing other trophies and keep an eye if they unlock as they should (like rank 20), and if they do you can possibly go for rank 5 again while you perform the Warlord Glitch because you will get de-ranked continuosly.
  14. Broken Age, only 1 trophy left and since you would need to complete the game in less than 1h it shouldn't take that long 😁
  15. Time to move to Veteran I guess 😁 New plats earned: -AC Liberation HD (PS3) -AC 4 Black Flag (PS3) -AC Rogue (PS3) -AC Unity (PS4) -AC Syndicate (PS4) Previous plats: -AC II (PS3) -AC Brotherhood (PS3) -AC Revelations (PS3) -AC III (PS3) Total platinums now: 9