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  1. Yes, go get it while you can guys. I don't understand why some people are complaining about this one, legit in-game glitches, in-game cheats that don't disable trophies, boosting etc is perfectly allowed here and this is no different from "Warlord glitch" on FC2 after all. The rarity will go up? Well, in all honesty the rarity for so many trophies is already "manipulated" at this point (GTA IV's Wanted trophy using the DLC glitch, Warlord trophy for FC2 in fact, and many more), what's different with this one? 😅 I'm kind of thinking the devs did this on purpose otherwise I don't understand how only "Infallible" trophy does unlock in custom lobbies...
  2. This guy bought my bronze and worthless players for thousands of coins in FIFA 16 last year, thus helping me to finally earn that annoying draft trophy and the plat, and he didn't ask anything back in return! Trust this guy, I'm still thankful to him 🙌🏻
  3. Didn't know about this. Anyway, I have a suspicion that trophies do auto-sync for games when you're playing online (or if you are playing games with online functionalities of some type). I finally finished my first playthrough on CoD Classic few days ago and trophies didn't auto-sync this time, even though I was constantly checking every 10 or so minutes on the App, while it synced pretty quickly with Ghosts while playing online this time I had to do a manual sync for the trophies of CoD Classic to show up on the App and here on PSNprofiles.
  4. Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, it's been over 6 years according to the gap time from your first earned trophy to the last one. Probably it's time to clean it up for good
  5. Onrush. Killzone 2 or Resistance 2?
  6. Look, I think this trophy falls in a particular and unique situation you will hardly find another similar case in other games. The trophy was BS for real and as far as I'm aware even NPCs had the ability to give you a bounty for whatever stupid reason like stealing a car or killing other NPCs. Luckily this trophy doesn't autopop from hackers so we can say It's still earned legit somehow and has nothing to do with similar games where hackers instantly autopop trophies for you (CoD WaW, BO2) and even if Rockstar disabled that function years ago I wonder how can hackers/modders still access the bounty feature, maybe it is still present in the code of the game or something like that (I'm not an computer programmer expert so I have no clue how they can do that + all the other crazy stuff)? Ironically I think (but this is just a personal opinion) RLTW is ten times more "legit" than platting Subnautica in 30 minutes using the dev menu (I used that myself) rather than playing the actual game for 30/40+ hours and it's not so different than using in-game cheats/glitches to make trophies easier for you. I do really think that CRT made the right decision on this one, some may agree, others may not. Period.
  7. If you get Run Like the Wind trophy you won't get flagged anymore as some CRT members made it clear they won't flag for that, it's not an autopop trophy. I'm afraid you will get reported for the rank trophies though so if you don't have the trophies sync'ed on your profile yet you should delete the user and ask Rockstar to put back to your original level, then try to get those trophies in private lobbies (that will take quite some time).
  8. Federated - Platinum trophy of CoD Ghosts (PS3) It took me almost 1 year to pick this game back and complete the remaining Extinction trophies but I have to say it has been way more funny than I thought. Most likely I'll work for the 100% soon.
  9. I wanted to try this way, in fact, it just sucks I'll have to delete the full game (which is over 100 GB I think) and have to download it all over again so a different option for the PS+ library would've been appreciated in this case, but it is what it is I guess the most important thing is to secure it with PS+. I will probably be done with BFV before my EA subscription expires but I have friends that still play it from time to time so better keeping it secure on the library.
  10. Same here, got BF V via EA Access few months ago and now I cannot add it on my PS+ library because it's already "purchased". Sony once again proves itself to be a pain when it comes to digital services because it's crazy the PSN doesn't give you the option to select the same game among the different options/services available (PS+ and EA Access in this case).
  11. I just got another trophy on CoD Ghosts and instantly opened PS App without pressing anything else on my joypad. This time even after 2 minutes after my trophy popped, the PS App didn't show the new trophy even if I was constantly reloading/refreshing the trophy section on the app. At this point I pressed PS button without exiting the game and trophy still didn't sync on PS App despite refreshing it. As soon as I closed the game the trophy synced on the PS App. Now this leads me to believe that closing an application and reaching the XMB makes the trophies to auto-sync, indeed, but if I think about the first time I noticed this I'm 100% sure I didn't exit the game, neither pressed PS button and such, nevertheless the trophies auto-synced so probably there's a very small timeframe before the trophies to correctly auto-sync to the PSN. This is relieving to know in certain way because turning off both the console and internet access would/should be enough to erase the user in case of hacked auto-popped trophies and such. Anyway this wouldn't work in the case of my friend when he tried Blur as he got few trophies first and after several minutes he tested the glitched trophy (that proved to be glitched, indeed), because of that short timeframe from the time a trophy unlocks to the time the PS3 auto-syncs new trophies earned.
  12. I'll take a look to that Ethernet adapter, thank you. As for the first part I'm pretty sure I didn't exit the game and I didn't press PS button either, just finished a random game of Extinction and had a couple trophies popped for that, then took a break but left the game on the Extinction menu. After a couple minutes I took my phone and opened the PS app to check messages etc but got surprised to see trophies for CoD Ghosts sync'ed on their own. This might be worth a try, thanks. I'm not 100% sure but I believe I didn't press anything just left the game on the main Extinction mode menu while taking a break the first time I realized of this. Nevertheless I earned another trophy the next day, quickly launched PS App (probably just 1 minute later after the trophy popped) and new trophy was sync'ed too without doing anything else.
  13. I see, unfortunately I must play via WiFi as my router is located in the upper floor of the house and connecting the PS3 with an ethernet cable would be kind of a mess for a series of reason rather than a solution, and obviously that method is not 100% secure anyway. It's crazy I've never heard of this before and found out randomly, I guess the only thing to do is trying to be super careful from now on. My PS4 was off when I realized of this so that certainly isn't the issue. A couple months ago I enabled auto-updates and saved almost all my savefiles to PS+ cloud as my PS3 is almost 11 years old now and it would suck to lose all of my progresses up to now if my console decides is time to die. I'm just wondering if the auto-sync function for trophies happened long before that and I never realized it or from the moment I've put my hands to the PS+ settings, but considering auto-sync is running again even after I disabled all auto settings I believe it was a thing for months now, at least from the moment I subscribed again to PS+ last summer.
  14. Hello to everyone, I'm sorry if this topic has been already discussed elsewhere (couldn't find anything about it here), but I've just noticed that after playing a bit of CoD Ghosts I got some Extinction trophies and they auto-synced on PS3 without me doing the manual sync (I verified this by randomly browsing on PS App and was kinda surprised) as I always do before turning off the console. Now this could be a good thing considering the fact manual sync is pretty long on PS3 with common errors from time to time but on the other side of the coin you can't delete your user anymore because of that since your trophies will be already synced and no point on deleting the user in the first place, so if you start a game popping trophies and for whatever reason you regret playing it, or even worse if you end up in random hacked lobbies that could get you autopop trophies (I'm only aware of CoD WaW, BO2 and GTA V that suffer this thing but this doesn't mean there aren't/there won't be other games in the future with this issue) then it will be forever on your account without the possibility to get rid of it. Now from what I've understood this is not a recent thing but it was introduced many years ago with a PS3 firmware update and I think it's linked with PS Plus, especially with the auto-update option and cloud saves. I tried to disable all auto-update options from my console, I've also selected "Offline mode" at my trophies settings but this just isn't working as I got other auto-syncs after that. Is there a real solution to "fix" this? I'm luckily almost done with all my games with multiplayer trophies on PS3 and the only "dangerous" games I have left are CoD WaW (this shouldn't be a problem as private mode works fine and there's really no reason to play Zombie mode with randoms on public lobbies) and GTA V as I've heard the game can kick you from private lobbies and send you to public lobbies instead. Besides, this also sucks because I found out a friend of mine recently had this issue too as he started Blur but the game glitched on him for that infamous leaderboard trophy, so now he had to hide the game instead of deleting the user. I'd say for these reasons the auto-sync function on PS3 is really not necessary and if there's a way to avoid the scenarios I mentioned, better be safe than sorry.
  15. You should actually be very thankful this is one of the easiest (it not the easiest) BF games out there, multiplayer trophies aren't hard/long to achieve and there are no DLCs trophies either. This is not like CoDs that have enjoyable campaigns and coop modes and BF generally sucks at single-player while it's full focused on multiplayer. Take it or leave it.