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  1. Actually I'm working both on Tomb Raider and Saints Row The Third. These should come quite easy
  2. Oh well, recently I bought R&C: Deadlocked HD on sale for €5,99. I really wanted it but €14-15? Too much, so I thought €6 was ok... Then I realized that Deadlocked was also "included" in the digital version R&C Full Frontal Assault for the same price. LOL Fortunately it's not that bad but I made a mistake anyway
  3. I got the platinum of GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption so I would love to get also the platinum for GTA V. I know it would take a huge amount of time for level 100 online and for the moment I have to complete a lot of games, but one day...
  4. So sad to notice that for a single dumb trophy this platinum is still unobtainable. I really enjoyed the first Darksiders (I played and platinum it on an old account, btw i hope to complete it again on this account soon) and I would like to buy Darksiders II for PS3 but I hate when developers don't care about their own game and players. Shame, shame, shame!
  5. Thank you guys, I decided to buy it. It costs just like 2 coffees here and I hope to have some fun with it!
  6. How is this game? I'm not familiar with Soul Calibur franchise, and to be honest I hated the free to play Lost Swords, but now SC II HD is on sale for only 2€ in Europe. What about servers and multiplayer? Is it still played?
  7. Mine is Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker for PSP, and of course Pokemon games on gameboy/ds..
  8. I was playing it on PS3 but it was impossible to play, frequent crashes and bugs while connected on PSN. As suggested by Mustafa, the solution is simply to disconnect from internet after the game reaches a server... It looks 'weird' (never had something similar with other games before) but that's the only solution I found and fortunately it works
  9. I downloaded this game some days ago and I noticed is quite impossible to play it. It always freezes after a while and I can't buy items and magics on the store... Someone else got these problems?