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  1. Hello @Agent_Renegade22 I remember we used to boost together on bf1 dlc trophy.. Perhaps you could follow my psnprofiles account I'll follow yours thx :)

    1. Agent_Renegade22


      Yea I remember, sure thing mate :)

  2. This sounds familiar... Oh yea, it's the same shit that happened to me and many others with the PS3 version damn Rockstar
  3. TLoU Part 2 (or Battlefield 3, in case you're saving TLoU for a milestone spot or whatever)
  4. So basically a lot of trophies have had the requirements/description/name changed during the years, oddly enough this remained the same since game's launch in 2008 Nice!
  5. Aah the good old days when games like Hanna Montana or Terminator Salvation were considered like a shame lol But now? Ghost of Tsushima has almost the same rarity percentage of Terminator, so what? Is GoT as easy as Terminator? Honestly I don't think so not mentioning the fact that GoT surely takes quite some hours to plat/complete while Terminator is easily doable in few hours. We should redefine the concept of "easy plats" by today standards, and by that, I would say that graphic novels, point and click games, Ratalaikas etc are undoubtedly easy plats. Well, I would really say they have a "non-existing difficulty" otherwise even games like Dead Space 1, GoW 1 and Dante's Inferno would be considered as very hard...
  6. This is true, our attackers played very poorly during last games. Immobile suddenly became a ghost and Belotti has dropped his performance for 2 years now. That early goal from Shaw was a cold shower for the team, but England played really bad during the second half, I really felt no danger at all until few chances during ET, but Italy had some too. I was sure Bonucci-Chiellini would've took care of Kane exactly like they did with Lukaku, guess which was the only match where Italy really suffered this year? Against Spain because Luis Enrique had the clever move to keep Morata out so our defence suffered Dani Olmo-Torres-Oyarzabal trio, not mentioning Spain's midfield. Southgate should've subbed Kane out maybe, this may sound crazy for you, it's your captain, but considering the amount of talented players you have in your team (Foden for example could've been very dangerous) playing with a different scheme could've changed something. Also putting young players like Sancho and Rashford, 30 seconds before the end of the game just to let them take the penalties was a risky move. I don't understand why some managers do that, I mean leaving a crucial penalty to a player that haven't touched the ball at all is crazy and I've noticed that many times this leads to a fail, indeed. Why taking off Henderson? I can't believe Hendo doesn't have the personality to take an important penalty he's the captain of Liverpool and he won both UCL and EPL with the Reds. Jorginho had a fantastic year but I don't know if they will give the prize to him, even though this year is very difficult to find a good candidate. I mean there is no player that played soo good compared to others to say "He definitely deserves it", I was going to say Kanté but France failed so early and that will exclude Mbappé as well. Cristiano? Amazing season for a 36 yo boy like him but he didn't win nothing special this year, Messi won Copa America but Lewandowski had another great season he's just unlucky to be playing for Poland, good potential but they waste a lot. It will surely be interesting to watch Ballon d'Or award ceremony this year!
  7. Please dude don't even try, Italian fans are in no way comparable to English fans. You literally start riots and shit like that everywhere you go, in Russia for 2018 WC, in Porto for 2021 UCL Final, even at your own home at Wembley and we could go on for hours if we talk about previous competitions, after all England teams were banned from all UEFA competitions because of hooligans in 1985, weren't they? Everybody here in Italy was so tired of listening to your arrogance here and there, rather it was from current/ex players, TV stars or fans, and from what I've seen Italians weren't the only ones to think that, so... I agree there are also disgraceful fans amongst Italians (and every other teams/nations), but trust me Italian fans are in no possible way arrogant, we literally thought we couldn't compete against teams like Belgium or France, and even when we proved to be a solid team absolutely nobody said openly that we were going to win, obviously we hoped for that in our hearts but we only celebrate when the game is over so what are you exactly talking about? And nobody here in Italy asked for a bank holiday in case of victory lol What I don't really like about English fans is that instead of condemning what you've done so far during these EUROs you all are just defending that saying "uh also others do that".
  8. I know many players do that, I watch a lot of football indeed, but it remains so unclassy to do imo. Go watch the medal awards ceremony at EURO 2012 and almost no Italian player took his silver medal off that time. So you're saying you weren't confident on winning this EURO? Please go check Rio Ferdinand's statement he literally said that England was going to beat Denmark easily and they didn't even care about the other semi-final because England was superior compared to both Italy and Spain, similar statement from Gary Neville etc. You guys were super confident this time, maybe too much but we usually don't celebrate before the end of the game. Anyway good luck for Qatar 2022, I really think you have a great team and young talented players and a good coach (he actually praised Italy and other opponents), but English supporters...
  9. Well if pretty much everyone else was backing hard against you it's just because you really acted in a disgraceful way during these Euros. Spain totally deserved to win against us, but that's football and they acted really gracious with us especially their manager Luis Enrique. What about you? You literally made fun and even insulted a young German child calling her as Nazi slut, you booed every other national anthems (this alone is a good reason for hating you tbh, you just can't do that to others national anthems it's so disrespectful and I don't care if you say that was a little minority that was booing, you guys still did that), and deffo you acted in an arrogant way like there was no reason for other teams to play because the victory was already yours, like Denmark wasn't playing a semifinal and like it didn't matter if Italy was in the final because it was already yours. Not to mention almost all England players immediately took off their medals. Oh yea and I was forgetting the disgusting insults at your black players, the riots, etc. So yea, at the end of the day for me it's not about hate really, it's more like karma striking back and a deserved win because Italy played with passion and humility, and maybe you will learn to be more humble too the next time.
  10. Beating England at Wembley, in front of 67k supporters (and it was so unfair Italy had just 7-8k supporters at a fucking tournament final), after they booed the national anthem, after they were stepping on and even burning Italian flags before the match, after 1 full month of that ridiculous "It's coming home" chant and other arrogant statements from various English journalists & ex players like Rio Ferdinand or Gary Neville... It just feels so good and they got what they were asking for, never ever talk so early. Karma is so beautiful and Italy as European Champions is even better, I really think the whole Europe was by our side this time! Forza Azzurri 🇮🇹🏆
  11. Thanks for the tips, glad there's this workaround.
  12. No way! This is an in-game glitch and these are really encouraged here. For example, a lot of players here have Warlord trophy (rank 30) on Far Cry 2 as the first online trophy because it's super easy with the glitch, not mentioning the fact that almost 100% of Warlord owners have used that glitch otherwise that dumb trophy requires 300/400+ hours of playing probably, and who knows how many other games have similar situations with in-game glitches/cheats that make trophies way easier.
  13. Yes, go get it while you can guys. I don't understand why some people are complaining about this one, legit in-game glitches, in-game cheats that don't disable trophies, boosting etc is perfectly allowed here and this is no different from "Warlord glitch" on FC2 after all. The rarity will go up? Well, in all honesty the rarity for so many trophies is already "manipulated" at this point (GTA IV's Wanted trophy using the DLC glitch, Warlord trophy for FC2 in fact, and many more), what's different with this one? 😅 I'm kind of thinking the devs did this on purpose otherwise I don't understand how only "Infallible" trophy does unlock in custom lobbies...
  14. This guy bought my bronze and worthless players for thousands of coins in FIFA 16 last year, thus helping me to finally earn that annoying draft trophy and the plat, and he didn't ask anything back in return! Trust this guy, I'm still thankful to him 🙌🏻
  15. Didn't know about this. Anyway, I have a suspicion that trophies do auto-sync for games when you're playing online (or if you are playing games with online functionalities of some type). I finally finished my first playthrough on CoD Classic few days ago and trophies didn't auto-sync this time, even though I was constantly checking every 10 or so minutes on the App, while it synced pretty quickly with Ghosts while playing online this time I had to do a manual sync for the trophies of CoD Classic to show up on the App and here on PSNprofiles.