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  1. It's very easy, all you have to do is advance a little bit in Festival Mode, then you'll unlock many tracks in the Timed Special Events (they are far more than 25). All you need to do now is to complete a lap in 25 different tracks without crashing, no matter the time. Just drive slow and carefully and that's it!
  2. Well I got 6/8 trophies in 25-30 minutes, and the other 2 trophies were easy too (although you need to play a contract created by a friend for 1 trophy, if you don't have any friends who got the game you can use an alt account). The longest trophy is Set for Life where you have to collect $1,000,000 from contracts, it's doable in roughly 10-12 contracts that pay you 80,000 - 120,000 dollars. When I started Hitman Absolution I played a few story missions then I left it in the backlog and it was the first Hitman game I ever played so don't worry about it.
  3. Yep €13 for a physical brand new game is not that bad Now good luck with the online trophies!
  4. €20 is pretty much honestly I literally bought it second handed 4 years ago at Game in Birmingham (UK) for £2,99, and even at Gamestops here in Italy I saw it €5-10 If you can find it for less than €10 is okay and the trophies are really easy
  5. Oh I see, thanks for explanation! Let's just hope it won't affect other games, at least Hitman Absolution's online part is a piece of cake, but with more difficult and grindy games 10 days wouldn't be enough...
  6. Why are the servers for Hitman Absolution going down? What exactly is GDPR and could it happen to other games as well? By the way I picked back H:Absolution and I was surprised how the online trophies were easy, in roughly 30-40 minutes I've done them all except the 1,000,000 $ trophy but I guess I'll do it in another pair of games/contracts
  7. I go with option B, the winner will be Italy! That song is amazing! Good luck to every country anyway I'd prefer a PSN giftcard (€)
  8. That was what I meant, I'm not saying not to buy/play "crappy games" for easy plat because some of them could be funny too, but it's nonsense the majority of these games have multiple trophy lists.
  9. I hate the fact that MANY games have different trophy lists per region, like EU, US, JP etc. There are a lot of crappy games out there that nobody wouldn't care if it wasn't for easy plat + separate lists. On PS3 this was very rare...
  10. Mine was Burnout Paradise with a gap of 3 years and 8 months. Yep, over 3 years to get a shi**y PSeye lol Btw if I'm not wrong there is another site that has the slowest platinum in the milestone so why not, this add would be "funny"
  11. I got platinums of AC 2, ACB, ACR and AC3 so I guess I am a disciple for the moment Hope to become a veteran soon 😈
  12. Yeah but it's a different thing, I also bought the remasters for Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank cause I loved them so much, and now I have on my backlog Devil May Cry Collection, Hitman, Zone of the Enders etc. But buying the same game on the same platform multiple times is nonsense. Recently I plated Burnout Paradise after a long time and if I had a PS4 probably in the near future I'd have bought the Remaster too because it was so funny especially the online, but why to buy it twice on PS4? Just for one more platinum? Honestly I respect Okami HD and other games that share the same trophy list (unless for some reason a different trophy list is needed)
  13. Wait what? Waste of time? Oh no it's not a waste of time if you really love a game, I've played Uncharted 2 6 times, and plated it only twice, here and on an alt account, in GTA IV I finished the campaign several times, and so on for other games... If you really loved a game you don't need trophies to enjoy it again. Basically it seems that most of you are ready to buy different versions for the same game just for trophies while playing the version already plated/completed just to enjoy it again is a waste of time. What is so special about having many platinums for the same game?
  14. @KamakuraHero In my eyes that's an excuse, if you want to play again the same game you can easily delete your old save file or create anew. That's simple and it always worked that way on PS1 PS2 and also on PS3. I mean instead of buying the same game and "support" the already supported developer you can discover some good gems and support talented but unknown developers, or just buy other games. But hey, this is just my opinion and you are free to do whatever you want if you are happy so
  15. I don't want to judge anyone but this is going to be quite pathetic honestly, I really don't understand why someone would buy the SAME game multiple times just for trophies. Remastered/remakes are another thing but buying the same game on the same platform but different regions (EU, NA, AS, JP, HK...) just for 2 or 3+ platinums... No thanks!