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  1. Love this thread as I myself have multiple PS3 games on my backlog and I'd like to add more in the future, possibly with offline trophies as the servers are getting decimated these days (obviously). I think you can also add Resistance 3 to the list because technically it has a full offline platinum as the 2 coop trophies can be done while playing offline coop and even solo with 2 controllers.
  2. Batman Arkham Asylum [PS4]
  3. Yea, apparently missed it for 7-10 days... Bad luck as always, hopefully they will feature it again soon since they're doing it with Sweet Thieves mode.
  4. Are there any of the upcoming modes good to farm Race wins? I'm doing quite good with episode wins playing with a couple friends, but races seem to be very difficult now only have 4 race wins so far.
  5. They literally said that. Now there's just 2 possibilities here: 1) They indeed don't give a shit about trophies and are unfamiliar with this; 2) They can delete the list. Now, once again, why do you guys see trophy lists as something permanent? I don't know how it works within PSN but it's just a bit of coding at the end of the day. The question imo is: "Is it actually possible for developers to do so?" Of course no devs would do that in other situations, like Naughty Dog wouldn't remove Uncharted or TLoU PS3 lists because those games are now unattainable but many players have completed them. In this case the whole game is transferring to this new launcher and I don't see why they couldn't just remove the old list and leaving the option to autopop to everyone, if they have this intention? From what I know Mediatonic have unlocked trophies for some players (even with no video proof) so it means the capability of what developers can do with their own lists are various!?
  6. I don't know what to do now, they specifically said there was no need to rush for difficult trophies as the old launcher AND trophy list will get REMOVED. Probably they're just unfamiliar with trophies, but who knows maybe that is possible for real.
  7. Is theoretically possible to remove a trophy list from PSN database? This haven't happened so far, but could it be done by the developers? I don't think it's impossible but hey I'm no expert on coding and stuff like that so who knows, but it would be good to have a definitive answer to this situation, if that was the case I (and many others) wouldn't need to waste dozens of hours right now for this, without the certainty to get the plat because of the RNG nature of the game especially for legendary items...
  8. Download and installed the update this morning around 11:45am (GMT +1) and played a couple hours of Fall Guys with no issues I even got a trophy as it can be seen from my profile. Had lunch afterwards, launched Fall Guys again and now it's not working. GG Sony
  9. Congrats on new milestone! I will say a totally random 56 days - 14 hours lol
  10. I mean who cares for trophies if Microsoft continues to buy all existing studios and publishers we will be heading there soon and as far as I know there's no autopopping, multiple stacks of shitty easy games etc. Fair enough
  11. Since I was kid I always tried to complete games at a 100% especially on PS2, so becoming a trophy hunter was a natural thing for me. Unfortunately I've made the wrong decision to start over 3 times on PS3 so this made me lose a lot of precious time and forced me to plat several games multiple times, not to mention all the time I took breaks in between (I'm currently on another full month of break since my last trophy). Anyway I still keep playing games for fun, most of times I play blindly my first run and come back later for trophies, or I play unobtainable games on alt accounts. Right now I'm already mostly "retired" though, which means that I plan to clean up (most of) my PS3 and PS4 backlog eventually and as soon as I put my hands on a PS5 I will just play for fun 90% of the games while still getting trophies for few games I just love (R&C Rift Apart, GoW 2 and few more). I have very little time to play now and gaming isn't my only hobby, besides I hate the fact trophies got so much devaluation over time because of stupid autopop, multiple stacks for shit cheap "games" etc, so I'm not even that much motivated to play dozens of hours for a good plat while others are getting dozens of platinums each day with little to no effort. To each their own I guess.
  13. It's quite confusing at first but it becomes doable once you get used to it. There's a good guide on a website of achievements hunting with every type of puzzles and the related videos though.
  14. Hello @Agent_Renegade22 I remember we used to boost together on bf1 dlc trophy.. Perhaps you could follow my psnprofiles account I'll follow yours thx :)

    1. Agent_Renegade22


      Yea I remember, sure thing mate :)

  15. This sounds familiar... Oh yea, it's the same shit that happened to me and many others with the PS3 version damn Rockstar