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  1. Mine was Burnout Paradise with a gap of 3 years and 8 months. Yep, over 3 years to get a shi**y PSeye lol Btw if I'm not wrong there is another site that has the slowest platinum in the milestone so why not, this add would be "funny"
  2. I got platinums of AC 2, ACB, ACR and AC3 so I guess I am a disciple for the moment Hope to become a veteran soon 😈
  3. Yeah but it's a different thing, I also bought the remasters for Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank cause I loved them so much, and now I have on my backlog Devil May Cry Collection, Hitman, Zone of the Enders etc. But buying the same game on the same platform multiple times is nonsense. Recently I plated Burnout Paradise after a long time and if I had a PS4 probably in the near future I'd have bought the Remaster too because it was so funny especially the online, but why to buy it twice on PS4? Just for one more platinum? Honestly I respect Okami HD and other games that share the same trophy list (unless for some reason a different trophy list is needed)
  4. Wait what? Waste of time? Oh no it's not a waste of time if you really love a game, I've played Uncharted 2 6 times, and plated it only twice, here and on an alt account, in GTA IV I finished the campaign several times, and so on for other games... If you really loved a game you don't need trophies to enjoy it again. Basically it seems that most of you are ready to buy different versions for the same game just for trophies while playing the version already plated/completed just to enjoy it again is a waste of time. What is so special about having many platinums for the same game?
  5. @KamakuraHero In my eyes that's an excuse, if you want to play again the same game you can easily delete your old save file or create anew. That's simple and it always worked that way on PS1 PS2 and also on PS3. I mean instead of buying the same game and "support" the already supported developer you can discover some good gems and support talented but unknown developers, or just buy other games. But hey, this is just my opinion and you are free to do whatever you want if you are happy so
  6. I don't want to judge anyone but this is going to be quite pathetic honestly, I really don't understand why someone would buy the SAME game multiple times just for trophies. Remastered/remakes are another thing but buying the same game on the same platform but different regions (EU, NA, AS, JP, HK...) just for 2 or 3+ platinums... No thanks!
  7. This is an interesting idea and it could be a nice feature!
  8. Thanks for the giveaway! Fingers crossed! 😁
  9. I kinda agree, I mean I still don't know if I'll play GTA Online again but I see peeps still using the dead body glitch in RDR to reach level 50 quickly and no one is being flagged, the same seems to be for GTA IV... "Run Like the Wind" is such a dumb trophy and actually even if you obtain it through a hacked session it doesn't change the requirements to get it. Tbh I'm just worried to occur in a hacked session and get level 100 instantly, yeah that would be very unfair to players who spent a huge amount of time to reach it legit and the flag is guaranteed for that.
  10. My goal is to reach at least 50 platinums by the end of the year and tbh I can do it quietly since in my backlog I got God of War I-II-III-Ascension, Infamous 1 & 2, Darksiders, Hitman Trilogy and Absolution, Life is Strange, Duke Nukem, Resistance 3, AC Liberation HD and Rogue, and so on... The main problem is that I don't have so much time to play this days but I'll try anyway
  11. Guys the game itself, the skill points and the trophies are pretty glitchy, for example I was going to complete the game again and I only needed "Ace in the hole" (at the Dreadzone Battledome) skill point, when I defeated Ace Hardlight I received both "Ace gets clubbed" and "Maaaaaaaad Skills!" trophies for completing all 165 skill points but I didn't receive "Dome-mination" for completing every skill point at the Dreadzone Battledome even if "Ace in the hole" was the last skill point I needed, so I had to start and fastrun again (thanks to the Harbinger Lv99 who made me reach Ace Hardlight in 2 hours) the whole game, fortunately when I beat Ace Hardlight again without getting hit the "Dome-mination" trophy finally popped along with the platinum. My advice is to keep multiple saves (unfortunately I didn't know the game was so glitchy and I played with a single save) so if you don't receive skill points or trophies after many attempts you should load the game so you won't need to restart a new game. If it still doesn't work, probably the best way is to delete the save file and start a new game.
  12. "Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic" and "Wanted" trophies of GTA IV were a real pain in the a$$, one full month and over +100hrs of grinding and boosting, but I was very happy when o heard those beautiful "ding" sounds. I would say also ACB "Download Complete" and "Abstergo employee of the month" were tough but with boosting sessions are easily doable
  13. Guys I left GTA V on my backlog for a long long time and now that I wanted to take it back and complete it, I noticed RLTW trophy is unobtainable/glitched... How is the situation for the other trophies at least? Is the mp playable? I'm afraid to run into random hacked session(s), there is a way to avoid it?
  14. I've just heard the platinum for GTA V is unobtainable for a single trophy, what a shame I already got plats for GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption and GTA V would have been in the list soon... I can't believe this happened to a game of Rockstar Sadly I would put it in the list along with FIFA 16, I only need "The Invincibles" trophy but it's quite hard and if you lose a match you have to pay 15000 credits again and again, too boring and frustrating
  15. Actually I'm working both on Tomb Raider and Saints Row The Third. These should come quite easy