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  1. Played and enjoyed some of them, mostly for Vita since I have really few games for it and I don't use it so often. Games like Blasting Agent and Daggerhood were ok, probably in the future I'll add other like I am the Hero and Devious Dungeons since I think they look pretty cool, but I don't go with PS4 stacks only for a couple more platinums. To be honest I kinda hate platform/region stacks (even though for Remastereds/Remakes are ok of course) and I would like every game had only 1 trophy list, but hey I know software houses and players like them because more platinums = more money so it's a win-win situation for so many I guess...
  2. I have had Guacamelee on my backlog for a long time now and I could go for it soon. So is the Vita version any good? I was so undecided if playing it on PS3 or Vita until now my worries were mostly about game controls on Vita, if trophies were harder to earn there etc...
  3. I'll follow this thread because I'm pretty much on the same situation, bought a used Vita last year but I still need to add some good games for that. All can I say is good games should be Sony exclusives like Uncharted, Resistance and Killzone but also Gravity Rush etc. CoD Black Ops Declassified is an exclusive to Vita as well while games like AC Liberation and Batman Origins Blackgate are now available on PS3/PS4 but were exclusives before. I'm not an expert of JRPG but I'll pay attention to others here maybe I can discover some good gem
  4. The Last of Us on PS3... That is a good one but unfortunately servers are off.
  5. "Platinum Thief" from Daggerhood on Vita, and I'm really feeling like a thief right now lol. So easy and the game was pretty after all, it's a shame you don't even need to complete the game for that
  6. I completed the mp trophies like 10 days ago and I've received that message many times while boosting it, even if everything was fine again after restarting the game/console. Hope it's just temporary I know the struggle about that garbage multiplayer.
  7. It depends, but I would say mostly YES because so many games out there don't even deserve to have a platinum (Ratalaika's for example *cough cough*) while others like Rayman 3 HD etc would deserve it for sure IMHO. At this point it would be cool that every game has its own platinum, it would be such a... "unique" thing.
  8. I've just done it recently with 2 reliable players. If you really want to go for it just do it asap because everything is so glitchy and servers look really weak. It took us like 90 hours but fortunately they weren't 90 hours of "active" playing because we took turns for kills/revives and to be honest I guess most of time I was simply doing my stuffs letting the console running on its own while my buddies were doing kills/revives so it's still definitely doable.
  9. The situation with "Run Like the Wind" is even more grotesque imho, because of this particularly reasons: 1) It's true that you "need" a hacker that put a bounty on you but you still need to fulfill the requirement for that trophy because as far as I know the trophy doesn't simply autopop, you still need to survive those 50 minutes for the trophy to pop so it's kinda legit after all; 2) To be honest that trophy seems to be still possible to earn legit if for some reason you left the game with a bounty on you and never played it again. And ok, I agree the second has little chances, but for example, if you look at my trophy list I earned my first mp trophy on GTA V on September 2014 and the last was one month later and I've never touched the game again (seriously I didn't even do singleplayer) until I found out bounties were disabled from Rockstar and I still kept not playing it for that reason. This really sucks, I'm not sure if I left the game with a bounty because it has been 6 years now but even if it is a little chance for that imagine how many players can be in that situation. Anyway how can you prove that? This is just crazy. I was pretty doubtful about "Big Leagues", but c'mon let's be honest, a lot of games that were shut down or with disabled functions are still possible to do with exploits, glitches, mode menus etc... I've recently did Warlord Glitch on FC2 and I don't even feel completely "clean" tbh, why these things are allowed and trophies like RLTW and Big Leagues no? The "you use an in-game glitch/exploit not a ""hacking"" " reason just makes me laugh because FC2 would be a super ultra rare platinum doing it truly LEGIT and so a lot of games.
  10. I recently completed 100% on RDR (I had the platinum since 2017 but I only needed dlcs trophies), and I can tell you is still possible to speed up the process to rank 50 because some of my boosting buddies entered accidentally in hacked sessions more than once and were able to do the glitch again.
  11. Mine is CoD Black Ops at 68%, just need the last 4 base zombie trophies... I'll try to do them eventually but for the moment zombie mode stopped me. Never been a great fan of that or other survivals type modes honestly. And it's just crazy the percentage on that is actually higher than some of the games where I've achieved the platinum, like MW3 at 63% or Borderlands with 57%. DLCs really make the percentage to drop significantly
  12. I don't really know what's the situation on Black Ops 2 honestly, but "Big Leagues" trophy now should be possible to earn ONLY by autopop from a hacker AFAIK. But once again I think these are two different scenarios, because you automatically get "Big Leagues" by not doing the requirements to earn it, while I think RLTW trophy, and other trophies like that, if exist, should be ok because it's true that you need a "hacker" to bring back that modes/options but you still need to "work" on it and fully satisfy the requirements to unlock that trophy. You're not actually forcing the trophy to unlock without doing anything... It isn't nobody fault ok, but it just sucks when developers don't care enough to their own games so if you can bring back those modes/options in another way I don't see it like hacking when you actually need to unlock the trophies the right way, speaking about trophies obviously. And do you know what sucks the most about RLTW? That you can still get the trophy "legit", but how can you prove that? This is one of the reasons I've not played online anymore, and I think other players can be in my situation as well, and that's why a many things should be "fixed" or at least explained once and for all on this site because as I said in my previous post I don't see anybody being flagged/removed anymore at all from the leaderboard even if some players started playing GTA V online after April 2017...
  13. This is why this trophy is a pure bs and a lot of people here just can't understand or don't want to understand that well. He actually got the trophy "legitimately" because he fulfilled the requirements to get the trophy, that's it! He didn't get that trophy by auto-popping from hackers or stuff like that because when a hacker put that stupid bounty you still need to survive for those ~50 minutes and get it, no matter if you do that in public session or just go in private. I guess that's more than legit! There's no sense on flagging for that, and I can see nobody is being flagged anymore so maybe things are changing at least (I mean I still see last players that earned "Run Like the Wind" are in the leaderboard...). We all agree that hacking trophies sucks, REALLY sucks, and it's more than right to ban those people from the leaderboard, but honestly, if for some reason some people can bring back multiplayer servers/options that were previously closed by developers and you can still get those trophies by the way they were meant to be earned, that's just great... Just a couple of examples; Bulletstorm servers were OFFICIALLY shut down and they never came back, buy you still can access servers in other ways. What about Saints Row 3 and 4? The option to earn those trophies is officially unaccessible, but you can still get those trophies by changing IP options and stuff like that on your PC. Why would this be so different after all? It's not about """hacking""", you are still getting those trophies even if you officially couldn't do that. At this point I might feel a bit angry because I got "Jumped In" in SR3 legitimately back in the days while now a lot of people are earning it even if they couldn't do it. But I don't care and honestly I'll use that exploit too for SR4 Yeah I'm just happy a lot of people can still earn that stupid trophy. As long as you can earn a trophy legitimately by fulfilling its requirement, that would be ok imho but I just think this is so incoherent, closing an eye for games like Bulletstorm and SR that once again would be with OFFICIALLY unobtainable platinums and condemning GTA V for RLTW. That being said, you know why I would blame him? I'd do that only because he got lvl 50 and 100 trophies at the same time, and that's clearly hacking/auto-popping. As I said before that sucks.
  14. Thanks for this amazing giveaway! Voted for TLoU 2
  15. Of course CoD games are full of hackers but the point of the thread was about them auto-popping trophies. This seems not to be the case of MW2 and MW3 games and I've never heard of hackers auto-popping trophies for CoD Black Ops 1, Ghosts etc, so I'd rather say MOST of CoD games on PS3 are "safe" except of course WaW and BO2 which are universally known to be highly risky about trophies. Still I'm not 100% sure on this and it would be just awesome if someone that plays/played them regularly could tell us if BO1 and other games are safe. The fact there are hackers who ruin your games doing crazy stuffs, levelling you up etc is a whole different story but that really sucks too, of course.