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  1. Sign me up, I've got 4 platinums so I guess as a Spartan - God of War - God of War II - God of War III - God of War: Ascension
  2. Yep I guess that would be VERY useful.
  3. 2 months and 3 hours grinding per day? Wooah
  4. Hey guys, I recently bought a cheap PS Vita and I wanted to get some games for It. I was wondering about Battle of Z, how Is the Vita version compared to the PS3 version? Is the multiplayer still active (this looks like a pretty good UR platinum!)? I thought It could have been funny playing with Goku and Co. on a portable device, also I already have Xenoverse for PS3 (guess I will start It soon) so I was really thinking on getting BoZ on Vita...
  5. At the moment I'm playing God of War Ascension and I'm enjoying It a lot (it received many critics and of course the third was an incredible game, but Ascension Is definitely not bad too). I'm playing It on normal difficulty without worrying for a single trophy, I'll just focus on the platinum on the second playthrough!
  6. Probably a tough one, but hey guns were invented to replace swords 😂
  7. Yup but nobody earned them this month... I hope they're still up
  8. Are the servers still active? The game is on sale and I wanted to give it a shot...
  9. I'm glad Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic didn't glitch on me. Now i'm doing The DaVinci DLC for ACB and I hope Il Principe won't glitch even if every trophy i'm earning from it is unlocking after several seconds from when I met the requirement, so i'm a little afraid the glitch may happen. The only negative glitch I experienced so far was for Ratchet Deadlocked, I only needed Ace in the Hole Skill Point to unlock 3 trophies + platinum but I only got the trophies for Ace the Hole and Maaaaaad Skill (earning all of the 165 skill points) but the trophy for competing all the Skill points in the Battledome didn't pop... I was very frustrated because I had to complete again the whole story... well I did it in about 2 hours going straight with the Harbinger but still annoying. Apart from Ratchet Deadlocked I really never had problems with other trophies and i'm glad for this
  10. I'm pretty young so mine was just the first PlayStation Thanks for the giveaway, good luck to everyone!
  11. This is crazy and the DLCs for Revelations are free too...
  12. Woah thanks for this giveaway! #Agent_Renegade22 LVL 15 Thanks again and good luck to everyone!
  13. Yep in the past I had a couple of accounts that were pretty embarassing so I ended up creating this one as one of the main. Fun fact: Originally I planned to name it like "Agent_Zero" or something like that beacuse Agent Zero was a gladiator who appeared constantly in the Dreadzone ranking of Ratchet: Deadlocked and I really liked the name, he was one of the few to never die lol (but he also was a character of Spyro 2 if i'm correct). Of course that nick was already taken and I didn't want to create odd combination of numbers and letters for it so I choosed Renegade instead.
  14. It's very easy, all you have to do is advance a little bit in Festival Mode, then you'll unlock many tracks in the Timed Special Events (they are far more than 25). All you need to do now is to complete a lap in 25 different tracks without crashing, no matter the time. Just drive slow and carefully and that's it!
  15. Well I got 6/8 trophies in 25-30 minutes, and the other 2 trophies were easy too (although you need to play a contract created by a friend for 1 trophy, if you don't have any friends who got the game you can use an alt account). The longest trophy is Set for Life where you have to collect $1,000,000 from contracts, it's doable in roughly 10-12 contracts that pay you 80,000 - 120,000 dollars. When I started Hitman Absolution I played a few story missions then I left it in the backlog and it was the first Hitman game I ever played so don't worry about it.